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James Laughlin (1914-1997) began his publishing career as the literary editor of New Democracy, a magazine devoted to the economic theory Social Credit. Here Laughlin published Modern writers such as Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein, and William Carlos Williams in a section of the magazine entitled "New Directions." In 1936, while in his Junior year at Harvard University, Laughlin gathered the best of these pieces and put them together in the first annual anthology, New Directions in Prose and Poetry. Thus marked the beginning of the New Directions Publishing Company.

New Directions' publishing program focused on poetry, experimental writing, and quality translations of foreign literature, as well as bringing classics back into print. They are the main publisher for Ezra Pound, Tennessee Williams, and William Carlos Williams. Other authors whose work they have published include: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Henry Miller, Thomas Merton, Kenneth Patchen, Kenneth Rexroth, Delmore Schwartz, and Dylan Thomas. The company was incorporated in 1964 as the New Directions Publishing Corporation and continues to operate from New York City.

From the guide to the New Directions Publishing Corp. records, ca. 1933-1997., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University)

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correspondedWith Ali, Ahmed. person
associatedWith Ali, Ahmed, 1910-1994 person
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correspondedWith Anchor Books. corporateBody
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correspondedWith Angleton, James, 1917-1987 person
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correspondedWith Arnoldo Mondadori editore. corporateBody
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correspondedWith Asch, Barbara. person
correspondedWith Ashbery, John. person
correspondedWith Ashton, E. B., 1909- person
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correspondedWith Barzun, 1881-1973 person
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associatedWith Baumbach, Jonathan person
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associatedWith Bichette Révay person
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correspondedWith Bishop, Elizabeth, 1911-1979 person
correspondedWith Bishop, John Peale, 1892-1944 person
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correspondedWith Blue Ridge Mountain Press. corporateBody
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correspondedWith Blum, Ralph, 1932- person
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associatedWith Bob Woods person
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correspondedWith Bocock, Maclin, 1920. person
correspondedWith Bodleian Library. person
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correspondedWith Bogan, Louise, 1897-1970 person
associatedWith Boker, Marie. person
correspondedWith Bollingen Foundation. corporateBody
correspondedWith Bompiani, Valentino, 1898- person
correspondedWith Bonazzi, Robert. person
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