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The Alaska Public Works Program was authorized during the 81st Congress through the Alaska Public Works Act, Public Law 264. The Act authorized the General Services Administration to construct public works in Alaska, at a total cost of $70 million, then to sell them to the Territory of Alaska or other public bodies in Alaska at a purchase price that would recover approximately 50% of the total estimated cost. The authority, set to expire June 30, 1955, was extended to June 30, 1959. The program expenditure totaled over $69 million dollars. The original office was located in Juneau from Nov. 21, 1949 until Dec. 31, 1961. Field offices were established in Fairbanks, Anchorage and Ketchikan. Approximately 46% of the Public Works expenditures went to schools. Fifty-four projects modernized or created new structures throughout the state except north of the Arctic Circle (under the jurisdiction of BIA). New water supply systems were constructed in almost every incorporated community in Alaska. Street improvements, hospitals and health care centers, municipal buildings (fire, equipment storage, a library, and state office buildings) were also constructed and the University of Alaska was expanded. Small boat harbors were provided at Haines and Skagway. The collection was made from a notebook created in 1961, providing a photographic documentation of each construction project, organized by community. Also included is a complete history and outline of the project, a table of expenditures by location, a table of expenditures by type of project (schools, streets, etc.), a numerical summary of the projects may be found in the collection that includes facilities by type of project, location, pictorial reviews, each completed project, typical construction, Architectural and Engineering. Locations and subjects are listed on the next page.

From the description of Alaska Public Works Program, Nome to Ketchikan, 1961 [graphic]. (Alaska State Library). WorldCat record id: 297452949

Established by the Department of the Interior Act, 1849. Supervises the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, National Park Service, U.S. Geological Survey, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation & Enforcement, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Minerals Management Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Bureau of Reclamation and, through the Office for Territorial & International Affairs, exercises departmental jurisdiction over U.S. dependencies. Supervised the U.S. Bureau of Mines and its predecessor, the Bureau of Mines, 1910-25 and 1934-96. Supervised the National Biological Service (NBS) and its predecessor, the National Biological Survey, 1993-96, when the NBS was transferred to U.S. Geological Survey and redesignated Biological Resources Division. Departmental responsibility for the Census Bureau transferred to the Department of Commerce & Labor, 1903; for superintending the U.S. Capitol building & grounds to the Architect of the Capitol, 1921; for the Patent Office to the Department of Commerce, 1925; for military pensions to the Veterans Administration, 1930; for the Office of Education to the Federal Security Agency, 1939; and for St. Elizabeths Hospital, Freedmen's Hospital, Howard University, & Columbia Institution for the Deaf (Gallaudet University) to the Federal Security Agency, 1940.

From the description of Records of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior relating to wagon roads [microform], 1857-1881 : journals and field books relating to the Eastern and Central Divisions of the Fort Kearney, South Pass, and Honey Lake Wagon Road, 1857-1859. (Kansas State Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 56116265

The Miscellaneous Division was estalished in 1889 to be responsible to trade with the Indians and for office supplies, duties formerly assigned to the Office of the Assistant Commissioner and, before 1886, the Office of the Chief Clerk. Additional duties were assigned concerning the Bureau library, procurement and distribution of publications, preparations of the ANNUAL REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONER OF INDIANS AFFAIRS, expositions and exhibitions, office personnel, activities of field matrons, and other matters not assigned to any other division. It was abolished in 1907, and it duties not allocated to one of the other divisions were assigned to the Office of the Chief Clerk.

From the description of Records of the Miscellaneous Division. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122572586


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  • Montana--Crow Indian Reservation (as recorded)
  • Fort Kearney, South Pass, and Honey Lake Wagon Road (as recorded)
  • Alaska Range (Alaska) (as recorded)
  • Alaska Range (Alaska) (as recorded)
  • Colorado--Rocky Mountain National Park (as recorded)
  • West (U.S.) (as recorded)
  • Ninilchik (Alaska) (as recorded)
  • Alaska--Cantwell (as recorded)
  • Mexico (as recorded)
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  • United States (as recorded)
  • Cheyenne River (Wyo. and S.D.) (as recorded)
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  • Alaska--Chulitna River Watershed (as recorded)
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