Leidy, Joseph Paul

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referencedIn American Philosophical Society. [Contact repository for more information].
referencedIn Louisiana State University Libraries. Joseph Jones Papers.
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 26: Office Of The Secretary, Incoming Corres..
referencedIn American Philosophical Society. Jacob Stauffer Papers.
referencedIn Boston Museum Of Science. Jacob Whitman Bailey Papers.
referencedIn National Archives And Records Administration. David Bailie Warden Papers.
referencedIn Huntington Library. William Jones Rhees Collection.
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Spencer F. Baird Papers (Mc 2000.11).
referencedIn American Philosophical Society. John Fries Frazer Papers.
referencedIn National Archives And Records Administration. Rg 27: Weather Bureau.
referencedIn Academy Of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. Correspondence, 1831 1840.
referencedIn Missouri Botanical Garden Library. George Engelmann Papers.
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 60: Meteorological Project, 1849 1875.
referencedIn American Philosophical Society. Letters Of Scientists.
referencedIn College Of Physicians Of Philadelphia. Joseph Leidy Papers.
referencedIn Mccornack, Condon. [Contact repository for more information].
referencedIn University Of Alabama, Reynolds Historical Library. [Contact repository for more information].
referencedIn National Academy Of Sciences, Archives. Deceased Members.
referencedIn Princeton University Library, Dept. Of Rare Books & Mss., Ms. Rush Family Papers.
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 33: Office Of The Secretary, Outgoing Corres..
referencedIn University Of Oregon. [Contact repository for more information].
creatorOf Ward, Lester Frank, 1841-1913. Correspondence, 1865-1913, "King" to "Marcon." Brown University, John Hay Library
referencedIn Johns Hopkins University, Institute Of History Of Medicine. Jacobs Collection.
referencedIn Harvard, Museum Of Comparative Zoology, Library, Archives. Agassiz Letterpress Books.
referencedIn American Philosophical Society. John Peter Lesley Papers.
referencedIn New York State Library. [Contact repository for more information].
referencedIn Academy Of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. Joseph Leidy Collection.
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 52: Assistant Secretary, Incoming Correspondenc.
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 305: U.S. National Museum Accession Records.
referencedIn New York Historical Society. Miscellaneous Manuscripts H.
referencedIn James Henry Coffin Papers, 1848-1884 Smithsonian Institution Archives
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 7062: Fielding B. Meek Papers.
referencedIn State Historical Society Of Iowa, Des Moines Center. Charles A. White Papers.
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associatedWith Academy Of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia corporateBody
correspondedWith Agassiz, Alexander person
correspondedWith Agassiz, Louis person
associatedWith Arny, W. F. M. person
associatedWith Atwood, Captain person
associatedWith Bache, Alexander Dallas person
correspondedWith Baird, Spencer F. person
associatedWith Barry, Redmond (Sir) person
associatedWith Berthoud, E. L. person
correspondedWith Bossange, Hector person
correspondedWith Butcher, H. B. person
associatedWith Carpenter, Philip Pearsall person
associatedWith Cassin, John person
associatedWith Centennial Exhibition (Philadelphia, 1876) corporateBody
correspondedWith Chamberlain, L. A. person
associatedWith Chamberlin, Dr. person
associatedWith Chapman, Henry C. person
correspondedWith Clapp, Almon M. person
correspondedWith Collins, T. K. person
associatedWith Condie, Dr. person
associatedWith Condon, Mr. person
correspondedWith Condon, Thomas, Rev. person
associatedWith Condron, George M. person
associatedWith Conrad, T. A. person
correspondedWith Cooke, Jay & Co. corporateBody
correspondedWith Cooke, M. person
correspondedWith Cope, Edward D. person
associatedWith Cresson, John C. person
correspondedWith Cruger, Kortright person
correspondedWith Curtis, Moses Ashley person
associatedWith Debeust, Robert person
associatedWith De Beust, William corporateBody
associatedWith Ellis, J. B. person
correspondedWith Endlich, Frederic M. (Dr.) person
associatedWith Esmark, L. (Prof.) person
associatedWith Evans, John person
correspondedWith Fetterman, T. M. person
associatedWith Flugel, Felix person
correspondedWith Foreman, Edward (Dr.) person
associatedWith Geismar, Jacob person
associatedWith General Land Office corporateBody
correspondedWith Gill, Theodore Nicholas person
associatedWith Girard, Charles person
correspondedWith Girard, Charles Frederick person
associatedWith Gould, A. A. person
associatedWith Gray, Asa person
correspondedWith Haldeman, Samuel Stehman person
correspondedWith Hall, James person
associatedWith Hallowell, Edward person
associatedWith Harper & Bros. corporateBody
associatedWith Hawkins, Waterhouse person
correspondedWith Hayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer person
associatedWith Henry, John B. person
correspondedWith Henry, Joseph, 1797-1878 person
correspondedWith Horner, W. E. person
associatedWith Hunt, Thomas Sterry person
associatedWith Huxley, Thomas Henry person
associatedWith Jackson, Samuel person
associatedWith Jewett, Charles Coffin person
correspondedWith Jones, Joseph (Dr.) person
associatedWith Kennicott, Robert person
associatedWith King, Clarence person
correspondedWith Kirley, A. H. person
correspondedWith Lartet, Ed. person
associatedWith Lea, Isaac person
correspondedWith Leconte, John Lawrence person
correspondedWith Leech, Daniel person
correspondedWith Lesley, J. Peter person
associatedWith Leydig, Franz (Dr.) person
correspondedWith Ludlow, J. L. person
correspondedWith Machier, William L. person
associatedWith Mcquillen, J. H. (Dr.) person
associatedWith Meacham, James person
correspondedWith Mitchell, S. W. person
associatedWith Morris, John Gottlieb person
associatedWith Moss, Theodore F. person
correspondedWith Munger, H. (Dr.) person
correspondedWith Nolan, Edward J. person
correspondedWith O'neill, J. Warren person
correspondedWith O'neill, Thomas W. person
correspondedWith Owen, David Dale person
associatedWith Owen, Dr. person
correspondedWith Packard, A. S. person
correspondedWith Packard, A. S., Jr. person
correspondedWith Perkins, H. C. person
correspondedWith Perry, John B. (Rev.) person
associatedWith Potter, Alonzo person
associatedWith Radcliff, Dr. person
correspondedWith Rhees, William J. person
correspondedWith Rhoade, B. H. person
associatedWith Rhymer, R. person
associatedWith Robertson, R. S. person
correspondedWith Robeson, George Maxwell person
correspondedWith Rothrock, J. T. person
correspondedWith Rush, Richard person
associatedWith Salisbury, Dr. person
correspondedWith Schmidt, H. D. person
associatedWith Schmidt, H. P. person
correspondedWith Sherwood, Andrew person
associatedWith Sinclair, Thomas, & Son corporateBody
correspondedWith Smithsonian Institution corporateBody
correspondedWith Sonrel, Antoine person
correspondedWith Spera, W. H. person
correspondedWith Sternberg, George Miller person
associatedWith Tenth Congress Of Italian Savants corporateBody
associatedWith Upham, C. W. person
correspondedWith Van Santvood, J. person
correspondedWith Vaux, William S. person
correspondedWith Veatch, Charles person
associatedWith Voss, Leopold person
associatedWith Ward, Lester Frank, 1841-1913. person
correspondedWith Warren, Gouverneur Kemble person
associatedWith West Indies corporateBody
associatedWith Wheeler, George Montague person
associatedWith Whittlesey, Charles person
associatedWith Witte, W. H. person
correspondedWith Wood, Horatio C., Jr. person
associatedWith Wyman, Jeffries person
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Surveys And Explorations, General
Science In America
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Ethnology Archaeology Anthropology
Academy Of Natural Sciences In Philadelphia
University of Pennsylvania
Smithsonian Exchange
Smithsonian Institution
Smithsonian Library
Scientific publications
Natural history
Smithsonian Building
Smithsonian Board Of Regents
Economics (Economic Conditions)
Princeton (College Of New Jersey)
National Academy of Sciences
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District of columbia
Wilkes Expedition
Civil war
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Active 1865

Active 1913


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