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Robert Owen (1771-1858) was born at Newtown, Wales to a working family, his father being employed as the local postmaster. From an early age Owen was encouraged to read and debate, and using this knowledge he was able to mentor the younger children at his school. Aged just 10 he left school and was apprenticed to a Mr James McGuffog, a linen draper from Stamford, Lincolnshire, and, according to his Autobiography, he was independent from his parents from this point onwards.

By 1784 Owen had moved to London and was employed at Flint and Palmers, a busy store on London Bridge where prices were both fixed and cheap. However, after just a year Owen moved on to Manchester to begin work for a Mr Sattersfield, whose ran a business whose custom was mainly drawn from the upper middle class clients. This move proved crucial to the development of Owen's experiences and ideas. In 1785 Manchester was the epicenter of the Industrial Revolution, and also a hot bed of intellectual and philanthropic discourse and Owen was often present at the meetings of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society where he was able to expand his knowledge on a number of subjects.

In 1789 Owen set up a spinning business with a man named Jones, with capital borrowed from an elder brother of Owen's. They were an unlikely pairing; Jones having no knowledge of business and Owen having none of machinery, and in 1790 the partnership was dissolved. However, both continued spinning with their share of the machinery and by 1791 Owen had turned a profit.

Owen was clearly a man not lacking in confidence, and on hearing of an opportunity arising in 1791 to manage a fine-spinning mill owned by a rich merchant named Drinkwater, Owen decided to apply. Drinkwater agreed, hiring Owen at a salary of £300 a year with Owen soon proving successful; by 1793 the mill had doubled the fineness of its cotton and also become one of the first mills to use "American Sea Island" cotton from the United States.

Owen left in 1794 and became a partner of a new venture named the Chorlton Twist Company. Whilst in Glasgow on business trip for this company, Owen met Miss Caroline Dale who was the daughter of David Dale, owner of New Lanark Mills. Miss Dale offered to show Owen her father's mill, an offer Owen was happy to accept. Owen was highly impressed with the mills, writing in his Autobiography, "I should prefer this [place] in which to try an experiment [in an ideal community] I have long contemplated".

In 1789 David Dale agreed to both the engagement of his daughter Caroline to Owen, and to sell his New Lanark mills for £60,000 (Owen's valuation) to Owen and partners of the Chorlton Twist Company. Owen took over the management of the New Lanark mills in 1790, aiming to create a model factory and community. The provision of education was considered by Owen as a vital if the lives of his workers were to be improved and in 1809 he proposed the building of schools, playgrounds and lecture halls at Lanark. Additionally, Owen made the radical suggestion that all children under the age of ten should not work, but these proposals did not sit to well with his partners who were of the opinion that business exists to make profit, and baulked against any investment in intangibles such as education. Arguments followed, and eventually a new set of partners was found which included Jeremy Bentham and several wealthy Quakers, all of whom were more acceptable to Owen educational proposals.

During his time at New Lanark Owen was essentially testing his theories, which he subsequently called the "New View of Society". The premise was relatively simple, a man's character was formed by the environment in which he existed, therefore if this environment was built on co-operation, forbearance and understanding the result would be harmony, well-being and ultimately the attainment of the ideal universe. Society was to be planned not on oppression but on mutual co-operation.

In 1824 Owen was pushed out of New Lanark by his partners largely as a result of his atheism. This led Owen to purchase land in Posey County, Indiana, USA, in 1825 on which he would establish a community called New Harmony. Owen advertised for tradesmen of all kinds to join him in his venture, and set sail for America along with his sons (his wife and daughters remaining in Scotland). After just 3 years the community had failed and Owen returned to Britain.

On his return to England in 1829 Owen found that his ideas had achieved popularity with the masses. It was a time when the working classes were attempting to assert themselves and in Owen's ideas saw opportunities to improve their circumstances. Owen appreciated the collective strength of the working classes, but had little time for their small schemes and instead set about trying to organize them in line with his own plans. In 1831 he was present when the First Co-operative Congress was held Manchester, at which delegates from co-operative societies gathered to resolve the best way of furthering the co-operative movement; in 1832 he help found the National Equitable Labour Exchange in London, which was established with the purpose of providing the producer co-operatives with an outlet to trade the goods they produced at a price which equated to their value expressed in labour notes. A further exchange was established in London, and a provincial one in Birmingham, but by 1834 they had failed.

In 1834 Owen became the Grand Master of the Grand National Consolidated Trades Union, and within just a few weeks over half a million members were said to have enrolled causing alarm to spread amongst the propertied classes. However, the Grand National power was fleeting having been rendered ineffective following its failure to overturn the sentence passed on the six Tolpuddle labourers for being members of a Union.

Despite his recent setbacks Owen was not a man to quit, and in May 1835 he founded the Association of All Classes of All Nations and in 1837 at the Manchester Congress the National Community Friendly Society. From 1839 the two societies were united and formed into the Universal Community Society of Rational Religionists, which aimed to establish a community run on Owen"s ideals. To this end missionaries were appointed to visit the branches of the Society to encourage them to subscribe money to a Community Fund. Eventually enough money was raised to secure property at East Tytherley, Hampshire which was named Harmony (or Queenwood). The community at Harmony began in 1839 and at first progressed well. However, problems with administration and finance, and a lack of agreement at the purpose of the community soon beset the project and by 1845 the experiment was coming to an end.

Owen lived out the last years of his life at Sevenoaks in Kent. With both his eyesight and hearing failing, he relied on close associate James Rigby to carry out tasks in his behalf in London and Rigby would write to Owen on a weekly basis and send him newspapers and journals to keep him updated on world events.

Owen died in 1858 in Newtown, Wales having been an inspiration to many.

From the guide to the Robert Owen Collection, 1805-1858, (National Co-operative Archive)

Robert Owen was a socialist and philanthropist.

From the description of Correspondence, 1821-1858. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 122440388

Epithet: Reverend; author

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000566.0x00009b

Epithet: Dean of Jesus College, Oxford

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000566.0x000096

Epithet: of Add MS 37188

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000566.0x000099

Robert Owen was born in Newtown, Wales in 1771. He was apprenticed to a draper in Stamford, Northamptonshire at the age of 10, and continued his working education in London from the ages of 13 to 16. In 1787 Owen moved to Manchester, where he set up a small cotton-spinning establishment, and also produced spinning mules for the textile industry. Following this success, he became a manager for several large mills and factories in Manchester. In 1794 he formed the Chorlton Twist Company with several partners, and in the course of business met the Scots businessman David Dale. In 1799, Owen and his partners purchased Dale's mills in New Lanark, and Owen married Dale's daughter. At New Lanark, Owen began to act out his belief that individuals were formed by the effects of their environment by drastically improving the working conditions of the mill employees. This included preventing the employment of children and building schools and educational establishments. Owen set out his ideas for model communities in speeches and pamphlets, and attempted to spread his message by converting prominent members of British society. His detailed proposals were considered by Parliament in the framing of the Factories Act of 1819. Disillusioned with Britain, Owen purchased a settlement in Indiana in 1825, naming it New Harmony and attempting to create a society based upon his socialist ideas. Though several members of his family remained in America, the community had failed by 1828. Owen returned to England, and spent the remainder of his life and fortune helping various reform groups, most notably those attempting to form trade unions. He played a role in the establishment of the Grand National Consolidated Trade Union, 1834, and the Association of All Classes and All Nations, 1835. Owen died in 1858.

From the guide to the Manuscript draft of parts II and III of Robert Owen's report to the county of Lanark of a plan for relieving public distress, c1818-c1820, (Senate House Library, University of London)

Robert Owen was a key British industrialist and social theorist. He applied innovative management techniques to his New Lanark mills and achieved unprecedented results, rising from obscurity to make a fortune, earning the respect of his colleagues, the loyalty of his workers, and envy of his competitors. He became a key figure in Britain's industrial revolution, and his theories were admired throughout Europe and the United States. His belief in the importance of the environment on character led to his career as social theorist, as he argued for charity, justice, and tolerance. His unconventional religious stances and the failure of the New Harmony community in southern Indiana tarnished his reputation, but he remains a landmark figure as both an industrialist and socialist.

From the description of Robert Owen letters, 1822-1854. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 62171662

English socialist and reformer.

From the description of Autograph letter signed, [n.d.]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270610577

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associatedWith Co-operative Association of London corporateBody
associatedWith Co-operative Emigration Society, 1845 corporateBody
associatedWith Co-operative League corporateBody
associatedWith Co-operative Society of the North of England corporateBody
associatedWith Co-operative Union corporateBody
associatedWith Cooperators School, Salford corporateBody
associatedWith Cooper, George., 1821-1876 person
associatedWith Cooper, Robert person
associatedWith Cooper, Robert., 1819-1868 person
associatedWith Cooper, Thomas., 1805-1892 person
associatedWith Cooper, William person
associatedWith Corbon, Claude Anthime., b1808 person
associatedWith Corbon, Claude-Anthime., b 1808 person
associatedWith Core, James person
associatedWith Corss, Robert person
associatedWith Corss, Robert. fl 1850 person
associatedWith Corvaja, Guiseppe. Baron, 1785-1860 person
associatedWith Council of the Bolton Social Institution corporateBody
associatedWith Cowan, James person
associatedWith Cox, Thomas person
associatedWith Craig, Edward Thomas., 1804-1894 person
associatedWith Curzon-Howe, Richard., 1796-1870 1st Earl Howe courtier person
associatedWith Cuvier, Georges Chrétien Léopold Dagobert., 1769-1832 person
associatedWith Daft, Thomas B. ( fl 1850s) person
associatedWith Daguerre, Louis., 1787-1851 person
associatedWith Dale, David., 1739-1806 person
associatedWith Darwin, Erasmus., 1731-1802 person
associatedWith Davis, A. J. person
associatedWith Dawon, George., 1821-1896 person
associatedWith de Burgh, Ulick., 1802-1874 1st Marquess of Clanricarde person
associatedWith de Burgh, Ulick., 1802-1874 1st Marquess of Clanricarde Whig politician person
associatedWith Deflotte, french minister person
associatedWith de Girardin, Emile., 1802-1881 person
associatedWith Delane, John Thadeus., 1817-1879 person
associatedWith de Mier y Teran, Manuel person
associatedWith Democratic Co-operative Society corporateBody
associatedWith Detrosier, Rowland., c1800-1834 person
associatedWith D. G. person
associatedWith Dickens, Charles John Huffam., 1812-1870 person
associatedWith Discharged Prisoners Aid Society corporateBody
associatedWith Doherty, Thomas person
associatedWith d'Orléans family. family
associatedWith Douglas Hume, Daniel person
associatedWith Douglas, Thomas., 1771-1820 5th Earl of Selkirk person
associatedWith Dublin Statistical Society corporateBody
associatedWith Duncombe, Thomas Slingsby., 1796-1861 person
associatedWith Dundas, Robert., 1771-1851 2nd Viscount Melville person
associatedWith Edward, 1767-1820 person
associatedWith Edward VII, 1841-1910 person
associatedWith Ellis, Sir. Henry, 1777-1869 person
associatedWith Emigration and Colonization Company corporateBody
associatedWith Equitable Labour Exchange (London, England) corporateBody
associatedWith Evans, Frederick William., 1808-1893 person
associatedWith Evans, William person
associatedWith Fallati, John person
associatedWith Fielden, John., 1784-1849 person
associatedWith Fillmore, Millard., 1800-1874 person
associatedWith Finch and Willey corporateBody
associatedWith Finch, Edward. ( fl 1850s) person
associatedWith Finch, John person
associatedWith Finch, John., 1783-1857 person
associatedWith Finch, John. ( fl 1840s) person
associatedWith Finch, Joseph person
associatedWith FitzGerald, Augustus Frederick., 1791-1874 3rd Duke of Leinster person
associatedWith Fitzgerald, Augustus Frederick., 1791-1874 3rd Duke of Leinster Irish Peer person
associatedWith FitzGerald, William Vesey-FitzGerald and Vesey., 1783-1843 2nd Baron Irish statesman person
associatedWith Fitzmaurice, Henry Petty-., 1816-1866 4th Marquess of Lansdowne politician person
associatedWith Fitzpatrick, William John., 1830-1895 person
associatedWith Fleetwood, Peter. Hesketh-, 1801-1866 1st Baronet landowner person
associatedWith Fleming, George person
associatedWith Fleming, George Alexander., 1808-1878 person
associatedWith Fleming, George Alexander., c1808-1878 person
associatedWith Fleming, George Alexander., d 1878 person
associatedWith Fleming, George Alexander. journalist person
associatedWith Fleming, George., c1808-1878 person
associatedWith Fleming, George., fl 1835-1858 person
associatedWith Fletcher, Grace person
associatedWith Foreign Office corporateBody
associatedWith Fourier, Charles, 1772-1837. person
associatedWith Fourier, Charles., 1772-1837 person
associatedWith Fox, William Johnson., 1786-1864 person
associatedWith Foye, Martin Wilson. ( fl 1840s) person
associatedWith Franklin House Hotel corporateBody
associatedWith Fraser, Thomas Alexander., 1802-1875 12 Lord Lovat person
associatedWith Frederick William, 1831-1888 person
associatedWith Fretageot, Marie Duclos., 1783-1833 person
associatedWith Friendly Community Society corporateBody
associatedWith Friendly Union of Mechanics corporateBody
associatedWith Frost, John., 1784-1877 person
associatedWith Gales and Seaton corporateBody
associatedWith Galpin, William. Banker person
associatedWith Galpin, William. ( fl 1840s) person
associatedWith Galpin, William. General Secretary of the Rational Society, 1842 person
associatedWith Gamond, Isabelle Gatti de., 1939-1905 person
associatedWith Gardner, H F. Spiritualist lecturer, fl. 1856 person
associatedWith Gay, Jeanne Desiree Veret., 1810-c1891 person
associatedWith Gay, Jules., 1809-1873 person
associatedWith Gay, Jules., 1809-1883 person
associatedWith Gay, Jules Leopold., 1809-1883 person
associatedWith Gay, Julius Leopold., 1809-1883 person
associatedWith George Jacob Holyoake person
associatedWith Giraud, Stephen person
associatedWith Gladstone, William Ewart., 1809-1898 person
associatedWith Glasgow Philalethean Society 19th century corporateBody
associatedWith Glasgow Socialists 19th century corporateBody
associatedWith Godwin, William., 1756-1836 person
associatedWith Goldsmid, Sir. Isaac Lyon, 1778-1859 1st Baronet financier person
associatedWith Goldsmidt, Anna Maria., 1805-1889 person
associatedWith Gordon, George Hamilton., 1784-1860 4th Earl of Aberdeen statesman person
associatedWith Gothic Hall Labour Bank corporateBody
associatedWith Gouger, Robert., 1802-1846 person
associatedWith Goulburn, Henry., 1784-1856 person
associatedWith Goupy, M person
associatedWith Goupy, M. ( fl 1840s) person
associatedWith Gourock Ropeworks Co Ltd (rope makers and textile manufacturers : 1903- : Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire) corporateBody
associatedWith Government of Mexico corporateBody
associatedWith Gower, Granville George Leveson., 1815- 1891 2nd Earl Granville statesman person
associatedWith Graham, Sir. James Robert George, 1792-1861 person
associatedWith Grand Lodge of Operative Tailors corporateBody
associatedWith Grand National Consolidated Trades Union corporateBody
associatedWith Grant, Charles., 1778-1866 person
associatedWith Gray, John., 1799-1883 person
associatedWith Greaves, Dorothy., 1931-2010 person
associatedWith Greaves, James Pierrepont., 1777-1842 person
associatedWith Greeley, Horace., 1811-1872 person
associatedWith Greeley, Mary Cheney., d1872 person
associatedWith Green, Charles person
associatedWith Green, Charles Frederick. Socialist missionary, Butcher person
associatedWith Green, Charles Frederick. Socialsit missionary, Butcher person
associatedWith Gregory, Charles William. ( fl 1850s) person
associatedWith Gresham, Dr. person
associatedWith Grey, Sir George., 1799-1882 2nd Baronet British Whig politician person
associatedWith Hadfield, Richard person
associatedWith Hall, Charles., 1740-1825 person
associatedWith Halliday and Co. corporateBody
associatedWith Hall, Joseph person
associatedWith Hall of Science corporateBody
associatedWith Hall of Science Building Association, Manchester corporateBody
associatedWith Hall, Sir. Benjamin, 1802-1867 1st Baron Llanover politician person
associatedWith Hamilton, Archibald Hamilton., 1751-1834 person
associatedWith Hamilton, Archibald James., 1793-1834 person
associatedWith Hamilton, William., 1788-1856 9th Baronet Scottish metaphysician person
associatedWith Hankey, Thomson., 1805-1893 person
associatedWith Hansom, Joseph Aloysius., 1803-1882 person
associatedWith Hardie, John person
associatedWith Hards, George person
associatedWith Hardy, Thomas person
associatedWith Hare, John person
associatedWith Harmer, James., 1777-1853 person
associatedWith Harmer, William person
associatedWith Harmony Hall corporateBody
associatedWith Harris, James Howard., 1807-1889 3rd Earl of Malmesbury Statesman person
associatedWith Harris, Thomas person
associatedWith Harrott, Charles person
associatedWith Hartlepool Dock and Railway Company corporateBody
associatedWith Haslam, Charles Junius., b1811 person
associatedWith Hastings, George Woodyatt . ( 25 Sep 1825 - 21 Oct 1917) politician person
associatedWith Haug, Ernest person
associatedWith Hawkes family. family
associatedWith Hawkes, Sidney Milner. chartist person
associatedWith Hawkes, William person
associatedWith Hayden, H person
associatedWith Hayden, Maria., fl 1850-1860 person
associatedWith Hays, Matilda Mary., 1820-1897 person
associatedWith Hayward, John person
associatedWith Hayward, Sophia person
associatedWith Hedgcoxe, Henry Oliver. ( fl 1840s) lawyer person
associatedWith Helsham, A person
associatedWith Helvitic Society for Natural Science corporateBody
associatedWith Henderson, James person
associatedWith Henderson, John person
associatedWith Hennell, E. R. person
associatedWith Hennell, G. R. person
associatedWith Henry, John person
associatedWith Herbert, Sidney. 1st Baron Lea Statesman, 1810-1861 person
associatedWith Herring, R. W. person
associatedWith Herzen, Alexander Ivanovich., 1812-1870 person
associatedWith Hetherington, Henry., 1792-1849 person
associatedWith Hetherington, Henry. ( 17 Jun 1792 - 23 Aug 1849) chartist person
associatedWith Heywood, Abel. ( 25 February 1810 - 19 August 1893) publisher, politician person
associatedWith Hibbert, Julian. publisher, chartist person
associatedWith Hibernian Philanthropic Society, 1823-1828 corporateBody
associatedWith Hilger and Company corporateBody
associatedWith Hill, Caroline Southwood., 1809-1902 person
associatedWith Hill, Edwin. engineer, ( 25 November 1793 - 6 November 1876) person
associatedWith Hill, Ellen J. person
associatedWith Hill family. Bruce Castle family
associatedWith Hill, Frederic. prison inspector, reformer, 1803-1896 person
associatedWith Hill, James. ( 1800s) corn merchant, banker person
associatedWith Hill, James. ( 1830s) Corn merchant person
associatedWith Hill, James., c1800-1871 person
associatedWith Hill, James. ( fl 1830s) corn merchant person
associatedWith Hill, James. Merchant person
associatedWith Hillman, Anthony person
associatedWith Hill, Rowland. Sir, 1795-1879 person
associatedWith Hill, Rowland. Sir ( 3 Dec 1795 - 27 Aug 1879) person
associatedWith Hill, S. Thomas person
associatedWith Hindle, John person
associatedWith Hirth, C. person
associatedWith Hobhouse, John Cam., 1786-1869 person
associatedWith Hobson, Joshua., 1810-1876 person
associatedWith Hockley, Frederick., 1809-1885 person
associatedWith Hodgson, Christopher person
associatedWith Hodson, John person
associatedWith Hodson, William person
associatedWith Hodson, William., b1819 person
associatedWith Hodson, William., c1808-1841 person
associatedWith Hodson, William., fl 1830-1841 person
associatedWith Hodson, William. socialist person
associatedWith Hogan, H. B. person
associatedWith Hohler, Harriet., 1803- person
associatedWith Hole, James., 1820-1895 person
associatedWith Holliday, Read., 1809-1889 person
associatedWith Holmes, George person
associatedWith Holmes, William person
associatedWith Holyoake, Austin., 1826-1874 person
associatedWith Holyoake, George Jacob., 1807-1906 person
associatedWith Holyoake, George Jacob., 1817-1906 person
associatedWith Home, Daniel Douglas., 1833-1886 person
associatedWith Horne, Rciahrd Henry., 1802-1884 person
associatedWith Horsfield, R. W. person
associatedWith Houghton Library. person
associatedWith House of Commons corporateBody
associatedWith House of Lords corporateBody
associatedWith House of Representatives corporateBody
associatedWith Houses of Parliament corporateBody
associatedWith Howard, George., 1802-1864 7th Earl Carlisle politician person
associatedWith Howarth, Charles., 1814-1868 person
associatedWith Howe, J. R. person
associatedWith Howes, George person
associatedWith Howie, George person
associatedWith Hughes, Henry. Reverend person
associatedWith Hughes, John person
associatedWith Huish, Maria person
associatedWith Hume, Joseph person
associatedWith Hume, Joseph., 1777-1885 person
associatedWith Hunter, Daniel person
associatedWith Hunter, Elizabeth person
associatedWith Hunter, John person
associatedWith Hunter, John Dunn., 1798-1827 person
associatedWith Hunter, Rowland person
associatedWith Hunt, Leigh person
associatedWith Hunt, Thomas person
associatedWith Hunt, Thornton Leigh., 1810-1873 person
associatedWith Hurst, Thomas R. person
associatedWith Hutchinson, James person
associatedWith Hutton, J. Howard. Church of England minister person
associatedWith Hutton, Thomas person
associatedWith Industrial and Provident Moral, Scientific and Educational Association corporateBody
associatedWith Inglis, Agnes, 1870-1952. person
associatedWith Institution of the Industrious Classes corporateBody
associatedWith Irish Engineering Company corporateBody
associatedWith Ironside, Isaac., 1808-1870 person
associatedWith Isham, Charles Edmund., 1819-1903 10th Baronet rural improver and gardener person
associatedWith Jackson, Andrew., 1767-1845 person
associatedWith Jacob, Joshua., c1805-1872 person
associatedWith Johnson, Julia., d1856 person
associatedWith Johnston, Rebeccca ., 1826-1919 person
associatedWith John Street Institute corporateBody
associatedWith John Street Institution corporateBody
associatedWith John Street Literary and Scientific Institution corporateBody
associatedWith Jones, Ernest Charles., 1819-1869 person
associatedWith Jones, Patrick Lloyd., 1811-1886 person
associatedWith Jones, William., 1809-1873 person
associatedWith Joseph Clayton and Son corporateBody
associatedWith Joseph I, Franz., 1830-1916 person
associatedWith Joseph, Jennings person
associatedWith Jules Gay, 1809-1883 person
associatedWith Kashnor, Leon. person
associatedWith Kent family. Duke of family
associatedWith King, Charles M.. , fl 1830 person
associatedWith King, William., 1786-1865 person
associatedWith Knight, Charles., 1791-1873 person
associatedWith Kossuth, Lajos., 1802-1894 person
associatedWith Krause, Charles F.. Doctor person
associatedWith Labouchere, Henry. 1st Baron Taunton politician person
associatedWith Labour League corporateBody
associatedWith Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert Du Motier, marquis de, 1757-1834.