Coffin, James Henry.

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referencedIn Russian Academy Of Sciences, Archives, St. Petersburg Branc. [Contact repository for more information].
referencedIn University Of Michigan, Bentley Historical Library. A. Winchell Papers.
referencedIn Historical Society Of Princeton, N.J.. Arnold Guyot Papers.
referencedIn Wisconsin Historical Society. Increase A. Lapham Papers.
referencedIn Smithsonian Institution. Office of the Secretary. Correspondence, 1863-1879 Smithsonian Institution Archives
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. William Jones Rhees Collection.
referencedIn Benjamin Peirce Papers. Houghton Library
referencedIn National Archives And Records Administration. Rg 78: Naval Observatory.
referencedIn Presbyterian Historical Society. [Contact repository for more information].
referencedIn Rhees, William Jones, 1830-1907. William Jones Rhees Papers, 1744-1907 The Huntington Library
creatorOf Henry Family. Joseph Henry Collection, 1808, 1825-1878, and related papers to circa 1903. Smithsonian Institution Archives
referencedIn Coffin, James H. (James Henry), 1806-1873. James Henry Coffin Papers, 1848-1884 Smithsonian Institution Archives
referencedIn Smithsonian Institution. Office of the Secretary. Correspondence, 1865-1891 Smithsonian Institution Archives
referencedIn University Of Virginia Library, Special Collections. George Bancroft Collection.
referencedIn Bache, A. D. (Alexander Dallas), 1806-1867. Alexander Dallas Bache Papers, 1821-1869 Smithsonian Institution Archives
referencedIn Yale University, Beinecke Library. Loomis Papers.
referencedIn Environment Canada. [Contact repository for more information].
referencedIn Weather Bureau National Archives at College Park
referencedIn Franklin Institute. [Contact repository for more information].
referencedIn Harvard University Archives. Records Of The Harvard Observatory.
referencedIn National Archives And Records Administration. Rg 233: House Of Representatives.
referencedIn Yale University, Beinecke Library. Letters To Redfield.
referencedIn Duke University Libraries, Rare Book, Ms., & Spec. Coll. Lib. Charles Wilkes Papers.
referencedIn National Archives And Records Administration. Rg 112: Surgeon General's Office.
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 52: Assistant Secretary, Incoming Correspondenc.
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 60: Meteorological Project, 1849 1875.
referencedIn Library Of Congress, Manuscript Division. Cleveland Abbe Papers.
referencedIn Clyde, Life Of James H. Coffin. [Contact repository for more information].
Role Title Holding Repository
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associatedWith Alden, Joseph person
associatedWith Alexander, Stephen person
associatedWith American Medical Association corporateBody
correspondedWith Andrews, W. V. person
associatedWith Archer, Lt. person
associatedWith Bache, Alexander Dallas person
associatedWith Bache, Nancy (Mrs. A. D.) person
associatedWith Baer, William person
correspondedWith Baird, Spencer F. person
correspondedWith Bancroft, George person
correspondedWith Bannister, Henry person
correspondedWith Bannister, H. M. person
correspondedWith Barnes, J. K. person
associatedWith Barton, Dr. person
associatedWith Bassnett, Thomas person
correspondedWith Beck, T. Romeyn person
associatedWith Beecher, Charles (Rev.) person
correspondedWith Bell, S. N. person
associatedWith Berlandier, Jean Louis person
associatedWith Bidwell, E. C. person
correspondedWith Bishop, Wm. D. (Hon.) person
correspondedWith Blodget, Lorin person
associatedWith Bossange, Gustave person
associatedWith Brocklesby, Jonathan person
associatedWith Browne, Daniel Jay person
associatedWith Brown, Mr. person
associatedWith Bullions, P. person
associatedWith Butler, Judge person
associatedWith Canada corporateBody
associatedWith Capen, Aaron, Jr. person
correspondedWith Carlton, Charles person
correspondedWith Caswell, Alexis person
associatedWith Caswell, Professor person
associatedWith Cattell, Prof. person
correspondedWith Cattell, W. C., Rev. person
correspondedWith Chappelsmith, Jonathan person
correspondedWith Clevenger, S. V. person
associatedWith Cobb, Henry N. person
correspondedWith Coffin, James Henry person
correspondedWith Coffin, Seldon J. person
correspondedWith Collins, T. K. person
associatedWith Cooledge, Dr. person
correspondedWith Courtenay, Edward H. person
associatedWith Craft, David person
correspondedWith Davidson, H. M. person
correspondedWith Davis, Charles Henry person
associatedWith Davis, Dr. person
correspondedWith Dean, D. person
correspondedWith Dennis, William C. person
correspondedWith Diebitsch, H. person
associatedWith Disturnell corporateBody
associatedWith Dobson, Mr. person
associatedWith Dove, Heinrich Wilhelm person
associatedWith Dudley Observatory Board Of Trustees corporateBody
associatedWith Easter, Dr. person
correspondedWith Espy, James P. person
associatedWith Fairchild, J. H. person
associatedWith Fairchild, Professor person
correspondedWith Faulkner, Charles J. person
associatedWith Faulkner, Mr. person
associatedWith Ferguson, Mr. person
associatedWith Ferrell, Mr. person
associatedWith Ferrel, William person
associatedWith Fietsche, Palladius (Dr.) person
associatedWith Force, Peter person
correspondedWith Force, William Q. (Peter Force's Son) person
correspondedWith Foreman, Edward (Dr.) person
correspondedWith Fuller, Robert M. person
correspondedWith Gantt, W. H. person
associatedWith Gill, Theodore Nicholas person
correspondedWith Gould, Benjamin Apthorp person
correspondedWith Graphic Company corporateBody
correspondedWith Gregory, S. O. person
associatedWith Guyot, Arnold person
associatedWith Hahn, H. C. (Dr.) person
correspondedWith Hall, A., Dr. person
correspondedWith Hall, Joel person
associatedWith Hall, Joseph L. person
associatedWith Hann, J. (Dr.) person
associatedWith Harkness, William person
correspondedWith H., A. T. person
associatedWith Hayes, Isaac Israel person
correspondedWith Helt, Charles W. person
associatedWith Henry Family. family
associatedWith Henry, Harriet Alexander (Henry's Wife) person
associatedWith Henry, Helen Louisa (Henry's Daughter) person
correspondedWith Henry, Joseph, 1797-1878 person
associatedWith Henry, William Alexander (Henry's Son) person
associatedWith Holyoke, Dr. person
associatedWith Hopkins corporateBody
correspondedWith Hotchkiss, Jedediah person
associatedWith Hough, Franklin B. person
associatedWith Houghton, Mr. person
correspondedWith Howard, Thomas T. person
correspondedWith Howell, Robert person
correspondedWith Huff, J. W. person
associatedWith Humboldt, F. W. H. Alexander Von person
associatedWith Hunter, W. T. person
correspondedWith Ingram, John person
associatedWith Jenkins, Thornton A. person
correspondedWith Jewett, Charles Coffin person
associatedWith Kahanikoff, Mr. person
associatedWith Kane, Elisha Kent person
associatedWith Kennedy, Joseph C. G. person
correspondedWith Kingston, G. T. person
associatedWith Lafayette College corporateBody
correspondedWith Lapham, Increase Allen person
correspondedWith Leech, Daniel person
correspondedWith Leffingwell, E. D. person
associatedWith Lefroy, J. H. person
correspondedWith Leggett, M. D. person
associatedWith Library Of Congress corporateBody
associatedWith Little, C. person
associatedWith Logan, Mr. person
associatedWith London Industrial Exhibition corporateBody
correspondedWith Loomis, Elias person
associatedWith Lovering, Joseph person
correspondedWith Maack, Mr. (Russia) person
associatedWith Madrid Observatory corporateBody
associatedWith Marsh, George Perkins person
correspondedWith Marsh, Roswell person
associatedWith Martin, W. A. P. (Rev.) person
associatedWith Maury, Lt. person
associatedWith Maury, Matthew F. person
correspondedWith Mccrady, John person
associatedWith Mccrady, Professor person
associatedWith Mcculloh, Richard Sears person
associatedWith Meacham, James person
associatedWith Meidel, Baron person
associatedWith Moody, Enoch person
correspondedWith Nassau, Charles W. person
associatedWith National Academy Of Sciences corporateBody
associatedWith Nautical Almanac corporateBody
associatedWith Newcomb, Simon person
correspondedWith Newton, H. A. person
associatedWith New York Times corporateBody
associatedWith New York University corporateBody
correspondedWith Orton, James person
associatedWith Owen, Robert Dale person
correspondedWith Parsons, S. H. person
associatedWith Patrick, Capt. person
correspondedWith Patrick, D. S. (Prof.) person
associatedWith Payne, John W. person
associatedWith Peirce, Benjamin person
associatedWith Pennsylvania corporateBody
associatedWith Perry, Commodore person
associatedWith Poisson, M. person
associatedWith Posey, Dr. person
associatedWith Quintand, James person
correspondedWith Radloff, Wilhelm (Dr.) person
associatedWith Raymond, Mr. person
correspondedWith Raymond, William A. person
correspondedWith Redfield, William C. person
correspondedWith Rhees, William J. person
correspondedWith Rhode, Samuel W. person
associatedWith Say, Thomas person
correspondedWith Schott, Charles Anthony person
correspondedWith Sheerar, H. M. person
correspondedWith Shriver, Howard person
associatedWith Smallwood, Charles (Dr.) person
associatedWith Smith, Dr. person
associatedWith Smith, Dr. (Arkansas) person
correspondedWith Smithsonian Institution corporateBody
associatedWith Stem, B. F. person
associatedWith Stephens, John A. person
correspondedWith Streng, L. H. person
correspondedWith Surgeon General's Office corporateBody
correspondedWith Swift, Paul, M. D. person
correspondedWith Taylor, Lewest B. person
associatedWith Thomas, Philip F. person
associatedWith Toronto Observatory corporateBody
associatedWith Torrey, John person
associatedWith Totten, Joseph Gilbert person
correspondedWith Trowbridge, David person
correspondedWith Truman, George S. person
associatedWith University Of The State Of New York Board Of Regents corporateBody
correspondedWith Van Nostrand, D. person
associatedWith Wilkes, Charles person
associatedWith Willard, J. T. person
correspondedWith Williamson, R. S., Major person
correspondedWith Wilson, Lavalette person
associatedWith Witte, W. H. person
correspondedWith Woeikoff, A., Dr. person
associatedWith Yeatman corporateBody
correspondedWith Young, C. B. person
Place Name Admin Code Country
Henry, Joseph, Teaching
Henry, Joseph, Personality, Etc
Light House Board
Scientific publications
Natural history
Smithsonian Weather Service
Naval Observatory
Smithsonian Building
Smithsonian Publications
President Of United States
Magnetism, Terrestrial
National Academy of Sciences
Smithsonian Institution
Exchanges Of Publications
Civil war
Dudley Observatory
American Assoc. For The Advancement Of Science (+ Aagn Etc.)
Smithsonian Exchange
Recommendations For Positions
Ethnology Archaeology Anthropology
Lectures, Popular
Smithsonian Endowment
Wilkes Expedition
Smithsonian Board Of Regents
Princeton (College Of New Jersey)
District of columbia
American Journal Of Science (Silliman's)
Henry Family
Smithsonian Library
Patent Office
Franklin Institute
National Museum


Active 1808

Active 1903

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