Torrey, John

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referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 60: Meteorological Project, 1849 1875.
referencedIn United States Military Academy Library. [Contact repository for more information].
referencedIn National Academy Of Sciences, Archives. Deceased Members.
referencedIn James Henry Coffin Papers, 1848-1884 Smithsonian Institution Archives
referencedIn American Philosophical Society. Charles Wilkins Short Papers.
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 305: U.S. National Museum Accession Records.
referencedIn Duke University Libraries, Rare Book, Ms., & Spec. Coll. Lib. Charles Wilkes Papers.
referencedIn Harvard, Gray Herbarium. [Contact repository for more information].
referencedIn National Archives And Records Administration. Trent Collection.
referencedIn U.S. Congress, House Documents. House Executive Documents.
referencedIn Library Of Congress, Manuscript Division. Personal Papers Miscellany.
referencedIn Harvard, Houghton Library. Benjamin Peirce Papers.
referencedIn SIA RU000026, Smithsonian Institution Office of the Secretary, Correspondence, 1863-1879 Smithsonian Institution Archives
referencedIn University Of North Carolina, Univ. Libraries, Ms. Dept.. Southern Historical Coll.: Charles Wilkins Short.
referencedIn American Philosophical Society. Aps Archives.
referencedIn American Philosophical Society. John Torrey Collection.
referencedIn Records of the U.S. Coast Guard. 1785-2005.
referencedIn New York Historical Society. William Darlington Papers.
referencedIn National Archives And Records Administration. Rg 112: Surgeon General's Office.
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 52: Assistant Secretary, Incoming Correspondenc.
referencedIn Boston Museum Of Science. Jacob Whitman Bailey Papers.
referencedIn Houghton Library printed book provenance file, R-Z, and unidentified. Houghton Library
referencedIn John Torrey Papers, 1788-1871 (bulk 1806-1871) New York Botanical Garden, The LuEsther T. Mertz Library
referencedIn Library Of Congress, Manuscript Division. Gardiner Collection.
referencedIn Iowa State University. [Contact repository for more information].
referencedIn National Archives And Records Administration. Rg 27: Weather Bureau.
referencedIn Harvard, Houghton Library. Dorothea L. Dix Papers.
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referencedIn Princeton University Library, Dept. Of Rare Books & Mss., Ms. Hodge Collection.
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referencedIn Harvard, Gray Herbarium. Historic Letters.
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referencedIn Princeton Alumni Weekly. [Contact repository for more information].
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referencedIn U.S. Congress, Office Of The Architect Of The Capitol. Letterbook 2: Capitol Extension, Letters Sent,.
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referencedIn Albany Institute Of History And Art, Library. Correspondence, 1795 1830.
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. William Jones Rhees Collection.
referencedIn Letter Book of the College of California, 1849-1867 The Bancroft Library. University Archives.
referencedIn National Library Of Medicine, History Of Medicine Div.. John Shaw Billings Papers?.
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 33: Office Of The Secretary, Outgoing Corres..
referencedIn U.S. Congress, Office Of The Architect Of The Capitol. Letterbook 7: Capitol Extension, Letters Sent 1859.
referencedIn Rolla Kent Beattie Papers, 1899-1956 Washington State University Libraries: Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
referencedIn Harvard University. Harvard University Archives Photograph Collection: Portraits. ca.1852-ca.2004. Harvard University Archives.
referencedIn Library Of Congress, Manuscript Division. Alexander Dallas Bache Papers.
referencedIn Princeton University Library, Dept. Of Rare Books & Mss., Ms. John R. Buhler Diary (My Microscope).
referencedIn Huntington Library. William Jones Rhees Collection.
referencedIn University Of Massachusetts At Amherst. [Contact repository for more information].
referencedIn Rodgers, John Torrey. [Contact repository for more information].
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 7189: William Dunlop Brackenridge Papers.
referencedIn Historical Society Of Pennsylvania. Gratz Collection.
referencedIn National Archives And Records Administration. Rg 92: Quartermaster General.
referencedIn Yale University, Beinecke Library. Emory Papers.
referencedIn Missouri Botanical Garden Library. George Engelmann Papers.
referencedIn National Academy Of Sciences, Archives. Rg 192: Commissary General Of Subsistence.
referencedIn Private Collection. [Contact repository for more information].
referencedIn Duke University Medical Center Library. Trent Collection.
referencedIn Smithsonian Archives. Ru 7001 (Henry) Or Ru 7053 (Bache) Per Author.
referencedIn Princeton University Library, Dept. Of Rare Books & Mss., Ms. Benedict Jaeger Papers.
referencedIn Nathanael Greene Papers, 1777-1780 American Philosophical Society
referencedIn University Of Pennsylvania, Rare Book And Manuscript Librar. General Manuscripts Collection.
referencedIn Princeton University Library, Mudd Ms. Lib, Univ. Archives. Trustees' Minutes (Rough).
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Relation Name
associatedWith Acton, Mr. person
associatedWith Agassiz, Louis person
correspondedWith Alexander, Florian person
correspondedWith Alexander, Stephen person
associatedWith American Colonization Society corporateBody
associatedWith American Society For The Diffusion Of Useful Knowledge corporateBody
correspondedWith Antisell, Thomas person
associatedWith Atwood, Captain person
correspondedWith Bache, Alexander Dallas person
associatedWith Bache, Nancy (Mrs. A. D.) person
correspondedWith Bailey, Jacob Whitman person
correspondedWith Baird, Spencer F. person
associatedWith Bancroft, George person
correspondedWith Barbey, William person
associatedWith Barker, George G. person
correspondedWith Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter person
associatedWith Barrett, James person
associatedWith Bartlett, W. H. C. person
associatedWith Beattie, R. Kent (Rolla Kent), b. 1875 person
associatedWith Beck, Lewis C. person
associatedWith Benton, Thomas Hart person
associatedWith Berlandier, Jean Louis person
associatedWith Bernard, Dr. person
associatedWith Berzelius, J. J. person
associatedWith Bigelow, Dr. person
correspondedWith Bigelow, John Milton person
associatedWith Billings, John S. person
associatedWith Bishop, Wm. D. (Hon.) person
associatedWith Bogenhard, C. person
correspondedWith Bond, Thomas person
associatedWith Bond, William C. person
associatedWith Boutwell, George S. person
correspondedWith Brackenridge, W. D. person
associatedWith Browne, Daniel Jay person
correspondedWith Brush, George Jarvis person
correspondedWith Buhler, John R. person
associatedWith Butterworth, Samuel F. person
associatedWith Capron, Horace (General) person
associatedWith Capron, Mrs. Horace person
associatedWith Carnahan, James person
associatedWith Carpenter, George W. person
associatedWith Caswell, Alexis person
associatedWith Chadwick, A. G. person
associatedWith Chase, Salmon Portland person
associatedWith Chevalier, Nicholas person
correspondedWith Chilton, James person
correspondedWith Christy, William, Jr. person
associatedWith Clayton, John M. person
associatedWith Cobb, Howell person
associatedWith College of California corporateBody
associatedWith Columbia College corporateBody
associatedWith Cook, O. William, Colonel person
correspondedWith Cooper, James G. person
associatedWith Crooke corporateBody
correspondedWith Cummings, A. I. person
correspondedWith Curtis, Edward person
associatedWith Cuyler, Theodore person
correspondedWith Dana, James Dwight person
associatedWith Dana, James F. person
associatedWith Darlington, William person
correspondedWith Davis, E. H. person
associatedWith Davis, Isaac person
associatedWith Davis, Jefferson person
associatedWith De Candolla, A. (Prof.) person
correspondedWith Deck, Isaiah person
correspondedWith Denham, Z. W. person
correspondedWith Dickerson, E. N. person
correspondedWith Dickerson, Mahlon person
correspondedWith Dix, Dorothea Lynde person
associatedWith Dod, Albert Baldwin person
associatedWith Doubleday, Edward person
associatedWith Downing, Andrew J. person
correspondedWith Down & Merrifield corporateBody
associatedWith Draper, John W. person
correspondedWith Drowne, Henry T. person
associatedWith Dudley Observatory Scientific Council corporateBody
associatedWith Easter, Dr. person
associatedWith Eaton corporateBody
correspondedWith Eaton, Amos person
correspondedWith Eaton, Daniel C. person
correspondedWith Edwards, L. A. person
associatedWith Egypt corporateBody
associatedWith Ellet, W. H. person
correspondedWith Emory, Major person
correspondedWith Emory, William Hemsley person
correspondedWith Endicott Co. corporateBody
correspondedWith Engelmann, George person
associatedWith Engleman, E. person
correspondedWith Evans, Thomas H. person
associatedWith Ewbank, Thomas person
associatedWith Faraday, Michael person
correspondedWith Farnum, Joseph W. person
associatedWith Felton, C. C. person
correspondedWith Fessenden, William Pitt person
correspondedWith Field, Richard person
correspondedWith Foreman, Edward (Dr.) person
associatedWith Fremont, John Charles person
associatedWith Frost, James person
correspondedWith Gale, Leonard D. person
correspondedWith Garfield, James A. (General) person
associatedWith Gibbes, Robert Wilson person
correspondedWith Gibbs, Wolcott person
correspondedWith Goddard, C. person
associatedWith Goodrich, C. B. person
correspondedWith Grant, S. Hastings person
associatedWith Grant, Ulysses S. person
correspondedWith Gray, Asa person
associatedWith Gray, Dr. person
associatedWith Gray, Jane L. person
associatedWith Greene, Nathanael, 1742-1786 person
associatedWith Green, Jacob person
associatedWith Guyot, Arnold person
associatedWith Habel, Dr. person
associatedWith Hackley, Philo M. person
correspondedWith Hall, James person
correspondedWith Hampton, W. C. person
correspondedWith Harris, William person
associatedWith Harvey, Thomas W. person
correspondedWith Harvey, William Henry person
associatedWith Hawkins, Waterhouse person
associatedWith Hayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer person
correspondedWith Hayward, Henry person
correspondedWith Hedrick, B. S. person
associatedWith Henry, Harriet Alexander (Henry's Wife) person
associatedWith Henry, James (Henry's Brother) person
correspondedWith Henry, Joseph, 1797-1878 person
associatedWith Henry, Mary Anna (Henry's Daughter) person
associatedWith Henry, William Alexander (Henry's Son) person
correspondedWith Hillier, George person
associatedWith Hitchcock, Edward person
correspondedWith Hodge, Charles person
correspondedWith Hodge, William L. person
associatedWith Hogg, James person
associatedWith Holton, David P. person
associatedWith Holton, I. F. person
associatedWith Hopkins, William Rogers person
associatedWith Horsford, Eben N. person
associatedWith Houghton Library. person
associatedWith Howell, M. A. person
associatedWith Humphreys, A. A. (General) person
correspondedWith Hunter, John Morrison person
correspondedWith Jaeger, Benedict person
associatedWith Jewett, Charles Coffin person
associatedWith Johnson, Andrew person
associatedWith Johnson, Samuel William person
correspondedWith Johnson, Walter R. person
associatedWith Johnston, J. F. W. person
associatedWith Kennicott, Robert person
associatedWith Kent, Edward N. person
associatedWith King, Clarence person
correspondedWith Lapham, Increase Allen person
associatedWith Leconte, John person
associatedWith Leconte, John Lawrence person
associatedWith Leconte, Joseph person
associatedWith Lederer, Baron person
correspondedWith Leech, Daniel person
correspondedWith Leeds, Albert R. person
associatedWith Le Roy, Mr. person
associatedWith Library Of Congress corporateBody
associatedWith Lincoln, Abraham person
associatedWith Locke, John person
associatedWith Loomis, Elias person
associatedWith Lyell, Mr. person
associatedWith Lynch, John A. person
correspondedWith Maccrellish, Fred K. person
correspondedWith Maclean, John (1800 1886) person
associatedWith March, Alden (Dr.) person
associatedWith Marcy, William L. person
associatedWith Mason, Charles person
correspondedWith Maximous, C. J. person
correspondedWith Mcculloch, Hugh person
associatedWith Mcculloch, Prof. person
associatedWith Mcculloh, Richard Sears person
correspondedWith Meigs, Montgomery Cunningham person
associatedWith Mexican Boundary Survey corporateBody
associatedWith Meyer, H. M. person
correspondedWith Morse, Samuel F. B. person
correspondedWith Myers, Henry M. person
correspondedWith National Academy Of Sciences corporateBody
correspondedWith National Academy Of Sciences Council corporateBody
correspondedWith New York Lyceum corporateBody
correspondedWith Nicol, William person
associatedWith Nott, Eliphalet person
correspondedWith Olney, Stephen T. person
associatedWith Orton, James person
associatedWith Ostensacken, C. R. Von (Baron) person
associatedWith Owen, David Dale person
associatedWith Owen, Robert Dale person
associatedWith Owens corporateBody
associatedWith Packard, A. S., Jr. person
associatedWith Page, Charles Grafton person
associatedWith Palmer, Dr. person
associatedWith Palmer, Edward (Dr.) person
associatedWith Panama Canal corporateBody
correspondedWith Parry, Charles C. person
associatedWith Parry, Dr. person
associatedWith Patterson, Joseph person
correspondedWith Patterson, Robert M. person
associatedWith Peabody, Andrew Preston person
associatedWith Peabody Museum corporateBody
associatedWith Peale, Titian Ramsay person
correspondedWith Pearce, James Alfred (Sen.) person
associatedWith Pickering, Edward C. person
correspondedWith Poe, O. M. (General) person
associatedWith Pope, John person
correspondedWith Pratt, H. D. J. person
associatedWith Prestele, Joseph person
associatedWith Prince Of Siam corporateBody
correspondedWith Princeton University corporateBody
associatedWith Prosch, George W. person
correspondedWith Rau, Charles person
associatedWith Renwick, James, Jr. person
associatedWith Renwick, James, Sr. person
correspondedWith Rhees, William J. person
associatedWith Rice, Mrs. person
associatedWith Riddell, John Leonard person
correspondedWith Riise, A. H. person
associatedWith Rogers, James B. person
associatedWith Rogers, William Barton person
correspondedWith Rood, O. N. person
correspondedWith Rothrock, J. T. person
associatedWith Russian America corporateBody
associatedWith Saxton, Joseph person
correspondedWith Schaeffer, George C. person
associatedWith Schaeffer, Mr. person
correspondedWith Schott, Arthur person
associatedWith Schott, Charles Anthony person
correspondedWith Schultz, Carl person
associatedWith Scoresby, William person
associatedWith Sherwood, Dr. person
correspondedWith Short, Charles W. person
correspondedWith Silliman, Benjamin, Jr. person
correspondedWith Silliman, Benjamin, Sr. person
correspondedWith Smith, J. Bryant person
associatedWith Smith, Oliver person
correspondedWith Smithsonian Institution corporateBody
associatedWith Smithson, James person
correspondedWith Sparrow, Thomas J. person
correspondedWith Spofford, Ainsworth Rand person
associatedWith Sprague, William Buell person
associatedWith Stewart, A. T. person
associatedWith St. Petersburg Botanical Garden corporateBody
correspondedWith Stuart, Fred B. person
correspondedWith Stuart, Frederick D. person
associatedWith Suckley, George person
correspondedWith Taylor, Alexander C. person
correspondedWith Taylor, Robert W. person
correspondedWith Taylor, William B. person
associatedWith Ten Eyck, Phillip person
correspondedWith Thurber, George person
associatedWith Torrey, Eliza person
associatedWith Torrey, Herbert person
associatedWith Torrey, John, Mrs. person
associatedWith Torrey, Margaret person
correspondedWith Torrey, William A. (Nephew Of John) person
associatedWith Turnbull, John person
associatedWith Union Pacific Railroad Co. corporateBody
correspondedWith United States Botanic Garden corporateBody
associatedWith University Of California corporateBody
associatedWith University Of Virginia corporateBody
correspondedWith Vaughan, John person
associatedWith Walker, R. J. person
correspondedWith Ward, James W. person
associatedWith Warren, Gouverneur Kemble person
associatedWith Washington Navy Yard corporateBody
correspondedWith Watson, James C. person
correspondedWith Watson, Sereno person
associatedWith Watts, Frederick person
associatedWith Webster, John White person
associatedWith Webster, Matthew Henry person
associatedWith Wells, Fargo And Co. corporateBody
correspondedWith West, W. H., Hon. person
associatedWith Whipple, Mr. person
associatedWith Whitney, Josiah Dwight person
correspondedWith Wiggins, William person
associatedWith Wilkes, Charles person
correspondedWith Willis, O. R. person
associatedWith Woodhouse, E. A. person
correspondedWith Woodruff, Lewis person
correspondedWith Wright, Charles person
correspondedWith Wurtz, Henry person
associatedWith Wyman, Jeffries person
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