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George Engelmann was a botanist and physician in St. Louis, Missouri and was chief scientific advisor to Henry Shaw on the development of the Missouri Botanical Garden. He bought the Bernhardi herbarium and the first books for the library on a trip to Europe for Henry Shaw in 1857-1858. His herbarium was given to the Garden by his son after his death.

From the description of George Engelmann papers, 1831-1914. (Missouri Botanical Garden). WorldCat record id: 61772595

Botanist and professor at Washington University.

From the description of Letter, 1843, Nov. 30 : St. Louis, to S.B. Buckley, Esq., New York state. (Duke University). WorldCat record id: 35061246

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correspondedWith Baird, Spencer F. person
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Birth 1809-02-02

Death 1884-02-04






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