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Epithet: of Croydon

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000565.0x0002d7

Parker Cleaveland worked as a mineralogist and geologist.

From the guide to the Parker Cleaveland papers, [ca. 1806]-1844, Circa 1806-1844, (American Philosophical Society)

Epithet: Clerk of the Crown in Ireland

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000565.0x0002d6

Jared Sparks was a clergyman, editor, historian, and president of Harvard College; he became an American Philosophical Society member in 1837.

From the guide to the Jared Sparks selected papers, 1819-1863 Franklin Bache S. D. Bradford William Duane Peter S. Du Ponceau J. Francis Fisher George Gibbs Henry D. Gilpin Edward D. Ingraham James Mease William B. Reed Henry Stevens, Sr. Henry Stevens, Jr. Benjamin Vaughan Petty Vaughan William Vaughan There are also extracts from Sparks's journal, 1831-1841, relating to his Franklin researches. Table of contents (11 pp.). (Film 570), 1819-1863, (American Philosophical Society)

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correspondedWith Abbot, Henry Larcom person
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correspondedWith Astwood, John T. person
associatedWith Bache, Alexander Dallas person
associatedWith Bache, Franklin, 1792-1864 person
correspondedWith Baird, Spencer F. person
correspondedWith Barnes, J. K. person
associatedWith Barrell, Theodore person
correspondedWith Bartlett, Jonathan R. person
associatedWith Beattie, R. Kent (Rolla Kent), b. 1875 person
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correspondedWith Campbell, Archibald person
associatedWith Capitol Building corporateBody
correspondedWith Carey, A. B. person
correspondedWith Carleton, James H. person
correspondedWith Century Company corporateBody
associatedWith Cleaveland, Parker, 1780-1858 person
correspondedWith Collins, T. K. person
associatedWith Columbus, Christopher person
associatedWith Commissioner Of Agriculture person
associatedWith Cooper, Thomas, 1759-1839 person
correspondedWith Coues, Elliot person
associatedWith Coxe, John Redman, 1773-1864 person
associatedWith Cremony, John C. (Major) person
associatedWith Custer, Gen. person
associatedWith Custer, Henry person
associatedWith Daddun, Gen. person
associatedWith Dall, William Healey person
correspondedWith Davis, E. H. person
associatedWith Davis, Wirt (Major) person
correspondedWith Dellenbaugh, Frederick Samuel, 1853-1935 person
associatedWith Department Of Agriculture corporateBody
associatedWith Department Of The Interior corporateBody
associatedWith Dole, Mr. person
correspondedWith Dole, W. P. person
correspondedWith Donaldson, J. L. person
correspondedWith Doolittle, J. R. person
correspondedWith Dorsey, J. Owen person
correspondedWith Drowne, Henry T. person
associatedWith Duane, William, 1760-1835 person
correspondedWith Dubois, P. C. person
associatedWith Du Ponceau, Peter Stephen, 1760-1844 person
associatedWith Eaton, Amos, 1776-1842 person
associatedWith Elliott, Dr. person
correspondedWith Emmons, S. F. person
correspondedWith Ennis, J. H. person
associatedWith Evans, Elwood person
associatedWith Fillebrown, Henry C. person
associatedWith Fisher, J. Francis, (Joshua Francis), 1807-1873 person
associatedWith Fish, Hamilton person
associatedWith Flachenecker, Edward person
associatedWith Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790 person
associatedWith Fuertes, E. A. person
associatedWith Gabb, William M. person
associatedWith Gallatin, A. person
associatedWith Geisdorff, Dr. person
associatedWith Geographical Society Of Mexico corporateBody
correspondedWith Gibbs, George J. person
correspondedWith Gibbs, L. W. person
correspondedWith Gibbs, Wolcott person
correspondedWith Gill, Theodore Nicholas person
associatedWith Gilmor, Robert person
associatedWith Gilpin, Henry D. (Henry Dilworth), 1801-1860 person
associatedWith Gleason, Father person
correspondedWith Goldschmidt, Albert person
correspondedWith Gould, Benjamin Apthorp person
correspondedWith Green, William Henry person
associatedWith Grover, C. (Gen.) person
associatedWith Guyot, Arnold person
associatedWith Hale, Horatio person
associatedWith Hall, Frederick, 1813-1837 person
associatedWith Hayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer person
correspondedWith Henry, Joseph, 1797-1878 person
correspondedWith Higby, William person
associatedWith Higgins, Mr. person
associatedWith Hilgard, Julius Erasmus person
associatedWith Hill, Mr. person
associatedWith Hitchcock, Edward, 1793-1864 person
associatedWith Hough, George Washington person
correspondedWith Huff, Mr. person
associatedWith Ingraham, Edward D., (Edward Duncan), 1793-1854 person
associatedWith Jenney, Walter P. person
associatedWith Jones, J. B. person
correspondedWith Kennicott, Robert person
correspondedWith Knipe, C. (Rev.) person
correspondedWith Knortz, Carl person
associatedWith Laudre, Edward person
correspondedWith Leech, Daniel person
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associatedWith Loew, Dr. person
associatedWith Macfarlane, Robert person
associatedWith Maclure, William, 1763-1840 person
associatedWith Maguire, J. C. person
associatedWith Manning, Mr. person
correspondedWith Mcelderry, Henry M. person
associatedWith Mcmasters, Mr. person
associatedWith Mease, James, 1771-1846 person
correspondedWith Mengarini, Father Gregory person
associatedWith Mexico corporateBody
correspondedWith Munday, J. W. person
associatedWith Myer, Albert James person
associatedWith Nicholson, Mr. person
correspondedWith Nicholson, W. L. person
associatedWith Notson, William M. (Dr.) person
associatedWith O'beirne, R. F. person
associatedWith Pacheco, Jose Ramon person
associatedWith Palmer, Edward (Dr.) person
associatedWith Palmer, James person
correspondedWith Palmer, J. W. person
correspondedWith Parker, Ely Samuel (Colonel) person
correspondedWith Peters, Thomas M. person
correspondedWith Petitot, E. person
associatedWith Pettrick, Ferdinand person
associatedWith Pumpelly, Raphael person
associatedWith Ramirez, Fernando person
correspondedWith Rau, Charles person
associatedWith Reed, William B., (William Bradford), 1806-1876 person
correspondedWith Rhees, William J. person
correspondedWith Roehrig, F. L. O. person
correspondedWith Roman, A. & Co. corporateBody
correspondedWith Ross, Bernard Rogan person
associatedWith Russian America corporateBody
associatedWith Seward, William Henry person
correspondedWith Shea, John G. person
associatedWith Shea, Mr. person
associatedWith Silliman, Benjamin, Sr., 1779-1864 person
associatedWith Simpson, Col. person
associatedWith Smart, Charles, Captain person
associatedWith Smith, Buckingham person
correspondedWith Smithsonian Institution corporateBody
associatedWith Smithson, James person
associatedWith Sparks, Jared, 1789-1866 person
associatedWith Spofford, Ainsworth Rand person
associatedWith Squier, Ephraim George person
associatedWith Stanton, Edwin Mcmasters person
associatedWith Stevens, Henry person
correspondedWith Stryker, William S. person
associatedWith Suckley, George person
correspondedWith Swan, James G. person
correspondedWith Taylor, Alex S. person
associatedWith Taylor, A. S. person
associatedWith Taylor, D. B. person
associatedWith Tolmie, William F. (Dr.) person
associatedWith Toner, Joseph Meredith (Dr.) person
associatedWith Torrey, John, 1796-1873 person
associatedWith Totten, Joseph Gilbert person
associatedWith Trumbull, James Hammond person
associatedWith Tuckerman, L. person
associatedWith Turner, W. W. person
correspondedWith Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor corporateBody
associatedWith Vaughan, Benjamin, 1751-1835 person
associatedWith Vaughan, Petty, 1788-1854 person
associatedWith Vaughan, William person
correspondedWith Walker, F. A. person
correspondedWith Walker, T. A. person
associatedWith Washington, R. A. person
correspondedWith White, J. W. (Capt.) person
correspondedWith Whitney, Josiah Dwight person
associatedWith Whitney, Professor person
correspondedWith Whitney, William Dwight person
correspondedWith Wyman, J. person
associatedWith Wyman, Jeffries person
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Ireland, Europe
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