William Hastie papers


William Hastie papers


The papers of William Henry Hastie relate to hisprofessional career, mainly starting with 1937, until his death in1976; to his interest in and championship of civic causes; and to hisefforts in behalf of anti-discrimination. There are small groups ofdrafts of speeches and of biographical material, the latter relatingto his various appointments, and to academic and civichonors.

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Industrial Union of Marine and Shipbuilding Workers of America

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Founded in 1934 to unite all shipyard workers, irrespective of their particular trade or level. Merged, in 1988, with the International Association of Machinists. From the description of Industrial Union of Marine and Shipbuilding Workers of America (IUMSWA) archives, 1934-1970. (University of Maryland Libraries). WorldCat record id: 22233191 Prior to the 1930s, shipyard workers had been organized into a number of craft unions affil...

International brotherhood of teamsters, chauffeurs, stablemen, and helpers of America

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Labor organization formed in 1903 as International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), the result of a merger between members of the Team Drivers' International Union (TDIU) and the Teamsters' National Union of America (TNU). Known from 1909 to 1992 as International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Stablemen and Helpers. Reverted to its pre-1909 name in October 1992. From the description of International Brotherhood of Teamsters records, 1989-1992. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 709...

Esso Standard Oil Company

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Haley, Alex, 1921-1992

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Alexander Murray Palmer Haley (August 11, 1921 – February 10, 1992) was an American writer and the author of the 1976 book Roots: The Saga of an American Family. ABC adapted the book as a television miniseries of the same name and aired it in 1977 to a record-breaking audience of 130 million viewers. In the United States, the book and miniseries raised the public awareness of black American history and inspired a broad interest in genealogy and family history. Haley's first book was The Auto...

Edwin L. Wiegand Co.

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Bethune, Mary McLeod, 1875-1955

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Mary Jane McLeod Bethune (born Mary Jane McLeod; July 10, 1875 – May 18, 1955) was an American educator, stateswoman, philanthropist, humanitarian, womanist, and civil rights activist. Bethune founded the National Council for Negro Women in 1935, established the organization's flagship journal Aframerican Women's Journal, and resided as president or leader for myriad African American women's organizations including the National Association for Colored Women and the National Youth Administration'...

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

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The American Academy of Arts and Sciences was chartered by the legislature of Massachusetts in 1780 and is the second oldest learned society in the U.S. Among its incorporators were James Bowdoin, John Adams, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock. From the description of Records of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1775-1800 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 122413111 ...

Harvard University

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Harvard College was founded by a vote of the Great and General Court of Massachusetts on October 28, 1636 that allocated “400£ towards a schoale or colledge.” Subsequent legislative acts established the Board of Overseers, but it was the Charter of 1650 that created the Harvard Corporation as the College's primary governing board and defined its composition and authority. The College Charter became a contentious target for College officials, the Massachusetts Governor and General C...

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 1809-1894

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Holmes (Harvard, M.D. 1836) was Parkman Professor of Anatomy at Harvard Medical School from 1847 to 1882, dean of the Medical School from 1847 to 1853, and a noted essayist and poet. A paper on the contagiousness of puerperal fever, presented at an 1843 meeting of the Boston Society for Medical Improvement, was his most famous contribution to medicine. His indictment of physicians for their role in causing and spreading the fever was one of the most controversial treatises of the time...

Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962

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Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was the longest-serving First Lady throughout her husband President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four terms in office (1933-1945). She was an American politician, diplomat, and activist who later served as a United Nations spokeswoman. A shy, awkward child, starved for recognition and love, Eleanor Roosevelt grew into a woman with great sensitivity to the underprivileged of all creeds, races, and nations. Her constant work to improve their lot made her one of the most loved–...

United States. Department of State

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The Department of Foreign Affairs was established by an act of July 27, 1789 (1 Stat. 28) and redesignated the Department of State by an act of September 15, 1789 (1 Stat. 68). It was the agency of the United States created by law to assist the President in the formulation and execution of the Nation's foreign policy, and in the conduct of foreign affairs and of certain domestic affairs. The Department made plans for peace and security among all nations, participated in the United Nations and o...

Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66793pq (person)

Lyndon Baines Johnson, also known as LBJ, was born on August 27, 1908 at Stonewall, Texas. He was the first child of Sam Ealy Johnson, Jr., and Rebekah Baines Johnson, and had three sisters and a brother: Rebekah, Josefa, Sam Houston, and Lucia. In 1913, the Johnson family moved to nearby Johnson City, named for Lyndon''s forebears, and Lyndon entered first grade. On May 24, 1924 he graduated from Johnson City High School. He decided to forego higher education and moved to California with a few ...

Rockefeller, Nelson A. (Nelson Aldrich), 1908-1979

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6998xfr (person)

Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (July 8, 1908 – January 26, 1979) was an American businessman and politician who served as the 41st vice president of the United States from 1974 to 1977, and previously as the 49th governor of New York from 1959 to 1973. He also served as assistant secretary of State for American Republic Affairs for Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman (1944–1945) as well as under secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1953 to 1954....

Humphrey, Hubert H. (Hubert Horatio), 1911-1978

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Hubert Horatio Humphrey Jr. (May 27, 1911 – January 13, 1978) was an American politician who served as the 38th vice president of the United States from 1965 to 1969. He twice served in the United States Senate, representing Minnesota from 1949 to 1964 and 1971 to 1978. He was the Democratic Party's nominee in the 1968 presidential election, losing to Republican nominee Richard Nixon. Born in Wallace, South Dakota, Humphrey attended the University of Minnesota. At one point he helped run his ...

Freund, Paul Abraham, 1908-1992

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s28rs3 (person)

Paul Abraham Freund, 1908-1992, was a preeminent legal scholar. Under the guidance of Professor Thomas Reed Powell, Felix Frankfurter and others, Freund became a standout student at Harvard Law School, and was elected as President of the Harvard Law Review from 1930-1931. After receiving his S.J.D. magna cum laude in 1932, Freund spent a year as clerk to Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis. He remained in Washington for the rest of the decade, working as a government...

Pound, Nathan Roscoe, 1870-1964

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sz73h7 (person)

Nathan Roscoe Pound (October 27, 1870 – June 30, 1964) was an American legal scholar and educator. He served as Dean of the University of Nebraska College of Law from 1903 to 1911 and Dean of Harvard Law School from 1916 to 1936. He was a member of the faculty at UCLA School of Law in the school's early years, from 1949 to 1952. The Journal of Legal Studies has identified Pound as one of the most cited legal scholars of the 20th century. ...

Hampton Institute

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rs2ngg (corporateBody)

Normal school chartered in 1870 in Hampton, Va. From the description of Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute ephemera, 1882-1903 and undated. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 639344721 The Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute was chartered in 1870 in Hampton, Virginia. From the guide to the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute ephemera, 1882-1903 and undated, (David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University) ...

Harry S. Truman Library

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Chafee, Zechariah, 1885-1957

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hn5zn1 (person)

Chafee was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and graduated from Brown University, where he was a member of Alpha Delta Phi, in 1907. Later, he received a law degree from Harvard University, completing his LL.B. in 1913. He was influenced by the theories of sociological Jurisprudence presented by Roscoe Pound and others at Harvard. He met Harold J. Laski, a political scientist and later a leader of the United Kingdom's Labour Party, who became a lifelong friend, there. He practiced at the law fir...

Folger Shakespeare Library

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The Folger Shakespeare Library is the world’s largest Shakespeare collection. In addition to being the world's largest Shakespeare collection, the Folger is home to major collections of other rare Renaissance books, manuscripts, and works of art. Located a block from the US Capitol, the Folger serves a wide audience of scholars, visitors, teachers, students, families, and theater- and concert-goers. The Folger opened in 1932, as a gift to the American people from founders Henry and Emily Folger....

Amherst College

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Founded in 1821, Amherst College developed out of the secondary school Amherst Academy. The college was originally suggested as an alternative to Williams College, which was struggling to stay open. Although Williams survived, Amherst was formed and diverged into its own institution....

American Philosophical Society

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Benjamin Franklin founded the American Philosophical Society in 1743 in Philadelphia, patterning it after the Royal Society of London. It's purpose was the promotion of the study of science and the practical arts of agriculture, engineering trades, and manufactures. Subjects of today's "philosophy" were generally excluded from the societies of the 17th and 18th centuries and the word "philosophy" meant to them "love of knowledge," and was essentially the equivalent of today's "science." Interest...

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62w35cj (corporateBody)

Organizational History and List of Officers Organizational History 1909 Issued the “Call,” a statement calling for a conference to protest discrimination and violence against African Americans Convened the National Negro Conference on May 31 and June 1, New York, N.Y. E...

Columbia University

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r0313j (corporateBody)

The Columbia University community and administration mobilized to the fullest extent in answer to the entry of the United States into World War I. Summed up by President Nicholas Murray Butler in the 1918 Annual Report, the effects of the war on the University were far-reaching: "Students by the hundred and prospective students by the thousand entered the military, naval, or civil service of the United States; teachers and administrative officers to the number of nearly four hundred...

Burger, Warren E., 1907-1995

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vv2gb7 (person)

Chief justice of the United States Supreme Court; d. 1995. From the description of Papers, 1976. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 34149469 Chief justice of the United States Supreme Court; died 1995. From the description of Warren E. Burger introduction, 1976. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70983627 ...

Sociolegal Club

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Standard Car Co.

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Pennsylvania Smelting & Refining Co.

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Albert Einstein Medical Center

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University of Southern California. Library

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68954qc (corporateBody)

Biography/History Saida Gerrard: b. April 9, 1923, Toronto, Canada. d. May 4, 2005, Los Angeles, California. Saida Gerrard was a performer, choreographer, student and teacher of modern dance. She grew up in Toronto, Canada in a family of Russian Jewish immigrants. Her parents were amateur musicians who exposed her to music and dance at an early age. As a child, she studied music and dance at the Hambourg Conservatory of Music in T...

Tidewater Grain Co.

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Litton Systems, Inc.

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National Transport Corp.

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Strand of Atlantic City, Inc.

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S. Frieder & Sons Co.

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Eazor Express, inc.

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A/B Svenska Amerika Linien

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McKee Scholarship Committee

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Lansdowne Paper Mill, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63c9914 (corporateBody)

Eastern Express Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b93qkg (corporateBody)

Delaware Valley Apartment House Owners Ass'n

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bd759t (corporateBody)

Constitution Life Insurance Co.

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Vulcanized Rubber & Plastics Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h2662t (corporateBody)

Philco Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bh5zgv (corporateBody)

U. of Pa. Law School.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j520h0 (corporateBody)

Phoenix Assurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fs31gm (corporateBody)

Zurich Insurance Co.

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Bucyrus-Erie Co.

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Lamb Enterprises, Inc.

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Westinghouse Broadcasting Co.

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Consumers Union of United States, Inc.

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Duquesne Slag Products Co.

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City Welding & Manufacturing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64s103q (corporateBody)

Farrell Lines, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6091fjv (corporateBody)

Acheson Manufacturing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gc597q (corporateBody)

Morgenstern Chemical Co., Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67n3hrr (corporateBody)

United States Overseas Airlines, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wn4jw7 (corporateBody)

Consumers Union of the United States

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hn0wq6 (corporateBody)

Studies in Justice, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gp1ccx (corporateBody)

Haverford Group of MARC.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cd44h8 (corporateBody)

Lewis, Sinclair, 1885-1951

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xt6jc9 (person)

Sinclair Lewis (b. Feb. 7, 1885, Sauk Centre, MN–d. January 10, 1951, Rome, Italy) was an American novelist, short-story writer, and playwright. He was the first American to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1930. ...

Jacobson, Alan D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ds6c1r (person)

Joachim Hendrik Fisser

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x7gc0 (person)

The Commission of Inquiry into the Black Panthers and Law Enforcement.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h83q93 (corporateBody)

Free library of Philadelphia

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66h86xg (corporateBody)

This is a collection of manuscripts obtained by the Free Library of Philadelphia from various donations. The majority of the collection was donated by Philadelphia book collectors, Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Gimbel and William McIntire Elkins. The collection has an even mix of American and European authors. Although the majority of the authors are represented with only a few pieces of work, eight authors are better represented. These include: American authors James Branch Cabell (1879-1958), Ezra P...

Tidewater Mill & Elevator Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pm3m7z (corporateBody)

Barry, Joseph

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w522kt (person)

Philadelphia Moving Picture Machine Operators' Union

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k20803 (corporateBody)

The Service Bureau Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bh5twk (corporateBody)

Virgin Isle Hotel, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qs8384 (corporateBody)

Houston, Charles Hamilton, 1895-1950

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qj7n62 (person)

African American attorney, educator, and advocate of civil rights and educational desegregation; vice-dean, Howard University School of Law (1929-1935). From the description of Papers, 1857-1950 ; (bulk 1922-1950). (Moorland-Spingarn Resource Center). WorldCat record id: 70941394 Biographical Note William LePre Houston 1870, May 14 ...

The Virgin Island Hotel, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c09g3s (corporateBody)

McClosky & Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sc7cm1 (corporateBody)

Trufit Screw Products Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mj1060 (corporateBody)

Perry, Eleanor Lee

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65577w9 (person)

Mrs. William Henry)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h27gvt (person)

J.C. Penney Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tf4pph (corporateBody)

Bok, Derek Curtis

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61w7t14 (person)

Wilkins,Roy, 1901-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67m8xxh (person)

Construction, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s59zmr (corporateBody)

Greenberg, Jack, 1924-....

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xw4hq9 (person)

Lawyer. From the description of Oral history interview with Jack Greenberg, 1975. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309731484 ...

New York State Education Department

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b61b66 (corporateBody)

CURRENT FUNCTIONS. The State Education Department is responsible for general supervision of all educational institutions in the State, for operating certain educational and cultural institutions, and for certifying and licensing teachers and practicioners of specific professions. The department's supervisory activities include chartering all educational institutions in the State, including schools, libraries, and historical societies; developing and approving school curr...

Birdsboro Steel Foundery & Machine Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6458vzq (corporateBody)

Council on Legal Education for Professional Responsibility (U.S.)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dw4v62 (corporateBody)

Bangor Mills, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6972prx (corporateBody)

American society for legal history

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65b869c (corporateBody)

Weinstein, Harris

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64x5pjq (person)

Bluebeard's Castle, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62p8725 (corporateBody)

L'Aiglon Apparel, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c58j3z (corporateBody)

Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sc7ggg (corporateBody)

Bankers Securities Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64v9p45 (corporateBody)

The Central Railroad of New Jersey

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x482k2 (corporateBody)

Ervin, Sam J. (Sam James), 1896-1985

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jh3tsb (person)

Ervin was a North Carolina member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. From the description of TLS, 1968 October 8, Washington, D.C. to Bishop Earl G. Hunt / Sam J. Ervin, Jr. (Haverford College Library). WorldCat record id: 43052717 Samuel James Ervin, Jr., was a Burke County, N.C., attorney, North Carolina legislator, judge, U.S. senator, and long-time champion of civil liberties. Ervin was first appointed to the N.C. General Assembly in 1923, where he also served in 1925 an...

Mack Trucks, inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61029mp (corporateBody)

Alco Products, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dh01m6 (corporateBody)

Sterling Drug

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fz1m3p (corporateBody)

Burlington County (PA) Bridge Commission

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q6606c (corporateBody)

Allen Haywood

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vv60ss (person)

Gateway Coal Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p68xc7 (corporateBody)

Radio corporation of America

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61g4fxz (corporateBody)

Havighurst, Bruce J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6196kb1 (person)

Dr. V. K. R. V. Rao of Univ. of Delhi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69x4dk1 (person)

United States. Law Enforcement Assistance Administration

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pk5zdr (corporateBody)

Sunbury Wire Rope Manufacturing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zq7dgn (corporateBody)

Standard Accident Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63w2rn3 (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60137zr (corporateBody)

Robert L. Merwin & Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jz1n31 (corporateBody)

Sylvan Seal Milk, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61q1698 (corporateBody)

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sg602z (corporateBody)

Philco Television Broadcasting Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68n0j1x (corporateBody)

Samuel Marcus and Milmar Estate, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w672194k (corporateBody)

Spector Freight System, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hr75hh (corporateBody)

Brotherhood of Railway & Steamship Clerks

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60t2v6w (corporateBody)

Berkeley Building Associates

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ds61gf (corporateBody)

Chicago Bridge & Iron Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zq0dtg (corporateBody)

Grant Paper Box Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cm1njv (corporateBody)

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m950gp (corporateBody)

M-A Tool & Manufacturing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jn5h0f (corporateBody)

Secretary of State Dean Rusk

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61d5w9z (person)

Thor Corporation

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65z5jz3 (corporateBody)

Keystone Metal Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ds64mg (corporateBody)

Folger Shakespeare Library: Self-Study Committee

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mm9mz1 (corporateBody)

Bell, Derrick A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67227jh (person)

C. Howard Hunt Pen Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rg91t2 (corporateBody)

Atlantic Hotel Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67n3dfg (corporateBody)

Yale and Towne Mfg. Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vg07mc (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh-Duquesne Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6390hgb (corporateBody)

Crane Operating Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kj3z8x (corporateBody)

Texas Instruments Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bt0z51 (corporateBody)

Penn Central Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6361qd8 (corporateBody)

U.S. Supreme Court.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64s116g (corporateBody)

Biddle, Oliver C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x771m (person)

Margaret Mead

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64z9drz (person)

Union Stevedoring Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jf82p3 (corporateBody)

Commonwealth & Southern Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61d546h (corporateBody)

General Accident Fire & Life Assurance Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69b1ctr (corporateBody)

Robertson, William R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xj4024 (person)

Howard University

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6934p1w (corporateBody)

S. Frieder

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v26mhq (person)

Marathon Oil Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66n6ctt (corporateBody)

Greater Delaware Valley Federal Savings and Loan Ass'n

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dd19kd (corporateBody)

Atlantic & Gulf Stevedores, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65272z3 (corporateBody)

North American Light & Power Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tp0h7h (corporateBody)

Chelsea Towers, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xn1qxx (corporateBody)

Erie Sand and Gravel Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fz5rk4 (corporateBody)

Evans, T.M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61m2tp0 (person)

Lehigh Portland Cement Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60m5dpv (corporateBody)

Central Southern Motor Freight Tariff Ass'n

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6915bpz (corporateBody)

Board's Law Committee

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63k6pm7 (corporateBody)

W.J. Dillner Transfer Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k77r25 (corporateBody)

United Mine Workers

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60d85j7 (corporateBody)

Southern Pacific Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v25bbs (corporateBody)

Ottley, Roi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64p2qw2 (person)

Heli-Coil Corporation

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t573fq (corporateBody)

Harbison-Walker Refractories Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61w8pds (corporateBody)

Westinghouse Electric Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ph51dw (corporateBody)

S.W. Farber, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mj0v8v (corporateBody)

Consumer's Oil Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sw0wcm (corporateBody)

Dugan & McNamara, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68b4d98 (corporateBody)

Chambersburg Engineering Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6390fgh (corporateBody)

Devex Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c95j9w (corporateBody)

New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6672k9x (corporateBody)

Railroad founded in 1881 to connect Buffalo and Chicago via Cleveland. It was nicknamed the Nickel Plate Road. After it failed it was taken over by the newly organized New York, Chicago, and St. Louis Railroad in 1887. It merged into the Norfolk and Western Railroad in 1964. From the description of Records 1846-1961. (Rhinelander District Library). WorldCat record id: 17725622 Nickel Plate Road on Oct. 16, 1964 was absorbed via merger by the N & W, or Norfolk and Western...

Ter-A-Tom Associates, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rw3v20 (corporateBody)

Distillers Factors Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65z5kg7 (corporateBody)

Treadwell Construction Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bq39dd (corporateBody)

Philip Murray Memorial Foundation

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tg32nk (corporateBody)

Practicing Law Institute

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6293d6b (corporateBody)

American bar association

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qr91mt (corporateBody)

BIOGHIST REQUIRED In 1971 the American Bar Association formed a committee to prepare a study "...on the respective powers under the Constitution of the President and of the Congress to enter into and conduct war." The committee was chaired by Lyman M. Tondel, Jr. and the project was funded by the Association's Fund for Public Education which in turn contracted with Columbia University to carry out the study. The staff included Abraham D. Sofaer, Project Director and Adjunct Professor of Law at C...

U. of N.C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sw0vwx (corporateBody)

New Hope Business Association

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66n6cm4 (corporateBody)

Tenneco Manufacturing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k491jg (corporateBody)

Riker Delaware Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x76tcr (corporateBody)

Proctor & Schwartz, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60h6s8c (corporateBody)

Stanley Cassidy

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fk5w3q (person)

Gulf Oil Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62d230k (corporateBody)

Tolan Machinery Co., Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kt9wrd (corporateBody)

Prattis, Lawrence

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60m69g9 (person)

National Advisory Council of the P.L.I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68f311s (corporateBody)

United Dairy Farmers

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t570q2 (corporateBody)

Telicon Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6943zz8 (corporateBody)

Burnup & Sims, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61t0118 (corporateBody)

Commission on White House Fellowships

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t572h6 (corporateBody)

Consolidation Coal Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dd1b3j (corporateBody)

Stocker Manufacturing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj5tww (corporateBody)

Utah Dredging Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61w8mk6 (corporateBody)

Defender Association of Philadelphia

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gg43g1 (corporateBody)

General Mills, inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vt5rrq (corporateBody)

Minneapolis, MN. From the description of Pamphlet and handbill, ca.1930. (College of Physicians of Philadelphia). WorldCat record id: 122364952 In 1893 the Washburn-Crosby Company of Minneapolis opened a Buffalo office from which to distribute its flour throughout the East. A Buffalo flour mill followed in 1904, and in 1928 General Mills was organized with Washburn-Crosby as its nucleus. Washburn-Crosby was dissolved in 1937. General Mills Buffalo operations include a cereal...

Hartz Mountain Corporation

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60d84d1 (corporateBody)

Mohawk Petroleum Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xx7rsk (corporateBody)

U.S. District Court of the Virgin Islands.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68t80w8 (corporateBody)

Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r6317d (corporateBody)

Board's President, James Alan Montgomery, Jr.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60b0jwj (person)

Mellon-Stuart Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66c0cwp (corporateBody)

Ganey, J. Cullen

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x77gf (person)

Continental Can Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dk8n26 (corporateBody)

H.S.T.L. Institute

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xf45mb (corporateBody)

Mellon, Thomas E., Jr.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c686zc (person)

Glyco Products Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bx0s0r (corporateBody)

Stevenson-Chislett, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69h8rqb (corporateBody)

Rochez Bros., Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s3194w (corporateBody)

Mississippi River Fuel Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tg322z (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k208bk (corporateBody)

Common Pleas Court

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66f8zfm (corporateBody)

Howard University Law School

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x76vsj (corporateBody)

Goldstein, William M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6197b01 (person)

Bunche, Ralph J. (Ralph Johnson), 1904-1971

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6251n9f (person)

Ralph Bunche was Secretary of United Nations. From the description of Letter (typewritten) to Abraham Stavsky, 1967, February 28. (Regent University). WorldCat record id: 49291995 Ralph Johnson Bunche b 1904; educated at University of California, Los Angeles (AB), Harvard University (AM, PhD); Chairman, Dept of Political Science, Howard University, Washington DC, 1928-1950; Director, Trusteeship Department, Unted Nations, 1946-1954; acting UN Mediator on Palestine, 1948-1949...

United States Steel Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zm8nb3 (corporateBody)

Bucyrus-Erie Company

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q00jqc (corporateBody)

Boeing Airplane Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kj3ww5 (corporateBody)

Hydrocarbon Chemicals, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x76svm (corporateBody)

Kaybel, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d92jhr (corporateBody)

Common Pleas Court at Philadelphia

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s316hk (corporateBody)

Port-Wide Container Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62p8bmk (corporateBody)

Ohio River Company

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xn1kx8 (corporateBody)

Lana Lobell, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ss255z (corporateBody)

Cities Service Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vv4x2s (corporateBody)

Old Forge Coal Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dg9vx7 (corporateBody)

Bishop National Bank of Hawaii

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67b7c2j (corporateBody)

Transamerica Life Insurance and Annuity Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n4337m (corporateBody)

Babcock & Wilcox Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fs32wd (corporateBody)

Rolle Manufacturing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6110cx4 (corporateBody)

Truck Drivers and Helpers, Local 676, International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wn4k8k (corporateBody)

Burlington Industries, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67t35w4 (corporateBody)

Burlington Industries, Inc., founded by James Spencer Love (1896-1962), opened its first cotton manufacturing plant in 1924 in Burlington, N.C., with 200 employees. (An early name was Burlington Mills Corporation; the name was changed to Burlington Industries, Inc. in 1955.) The company grew quickly by switching to rayon manufacturing. During the 1920s and 1930s, Burlington added plants, a New York City sales office, and, in 1935, moved its corporate headquarters from Burlington to Greensboro, N...

G. and W.H. Corson, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61s9zx5 (corporateBody)

City Welding & Mfg. Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6070m6c (corporateBody)

Red Star Towing and Transportation Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67n3dmq (corporateBody)

Thor Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61q177s (corporateBody)

T.M.T. Trailer Ferry, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64k3nnf (corporateBody)

Francis I. duPont & Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bx0pk4 (corporateBody)

International Association of Bridge, Structural, and Ornamental Iron Workers

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g19trq (corporateBody)

Established in 1896. From the description of Tennessee Valley and Vicinity District Council records, 1959-1995. (Georgia State University). WorldCat record id: 51484339 ...

U.S. Naval Hospital

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pm3mhj (corporateBody)

Justice Hugo L. Black

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mb4h2g (person)

Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6972rfq (corporateBody)

Children's Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zh9wxz (corporateBody)

U.S. Department of the Interior

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r27cw6 (corporateBody)

Atlantic Refining Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g57wqq (corporateBody)

Laws Advisory Group.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65k0mjv (corporateBody)

Latrobe Die Casting Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t289xt (corporateBody)

Seatrain Lines, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f60vzt (corporateBody)

Commonwealth Mutual Fire Ins. Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60d81t5 (corporateBody)

Burndy Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sk4qm3 (corporateBody)

Western electric company

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cr9nwr (corporateBody)

The Western Electric Company was a subsidiary of the American Telephone & Telegraph Company. The firm manufactured a wide variety of telephone equipment at its Hawthorne Works in Chicago, Illinois. A notable series of worker efficiency experiments known as the Hawthorne Studies were staged at the plant between 1924 and 1933. From the description of Photograph album, 1925. (Harvard Business School). WorldCat record id: 52815587 From the description of Western Electric Com...

Service Employees' International Union

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60w26p0 (corporateBody)

Crain Brothers

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kf53cn (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania Smelting Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hg14p9 (corporateBody)

National Association of Government Employees (U.S.)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65q9xx9 (corporateBody)

Red Cross Manufacturing Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s6zzs (corporateBody)

Basin, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65k0rf5 (corporateBody)

Brand, Andrew J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sp4qdf (person)

McDonnell Douglas Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p97mjd (corporateBody)

Howard University's

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63049qd (corporateBody)

Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6778qr0 (corporateBody)

King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qs5m3z (person)

Martin Luther King, Jr. (b. January 15, 1929, Atlanta, Georgia –d. April 4, 1968, Memphis, Tennessee) was an American Baptist minister and activist who was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience. King helped to organize the 1963 March on Washington, where he delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. In 1964, King received the Nobel Peace Prize and in 1965, he helped to organize the Selma to M...

Hartford Accident & Indemnity Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x19fr6 (corporateBody)

Main Line Theatres, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ds62w7 (corporateBody)

Beale, Joseph Henry, 1861-1943

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mw2h7g (person)

Joseph Henry Beale was a professor of law at Harvard Law School, and served as Acting Dean of the Faculty (1929-1930). From the description of Letters to Edmund Morris Morgan, February 1930. (Harvard Law School Library). WorldCat record id: 234342658 ...

Stahl, David

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sp4708 (person)

Baldwin County Electic Membership Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x6kv4 (corporateBody)

Judge Hastie, O. T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60q5j85 (person)

U. S. Attorney General, J. Howard McGrath

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6624c0f (person)

Zion Baptist Church

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63k6m27 (corporateBody)

Baltimore & Pittsburgh Motor Express Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dh01qj (corporateBody)

Heli-Coil Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d06cnw (corporateBody)

National Legal Aid and Defender Association

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z07fn2 (corporateBody)

Whitney National Bank of New Orleans

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z457n6 (corporateBody)

Caribbean Advisory Committee

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j80r87 (corporateBody)

Reynolds Metals Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6749znw (corporateBody)

Bailey Aldrich.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nt4jqj (person)

Royal Indemnity Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r05jp4 (corporateBody)

Federal Energy Administration

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qh22sd (corporateBody)

The Barristers' Club

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d354vb (corporateBody)

Armco Steel Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61390tb (corporateBody)

John McKee Scholarship Committee

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ss2873 (corporateBody)

Waterman Steamship Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64z8fnn (corporateBody)

U. of Ill.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m462fq (corporateBody)

Fort Dix Apartments Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k77rc6 (corporateBody)

Goldberg, Arthur J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zp4g15 (person)

Arthur Joseph Goldberg was born August 8, 1908, in Chicago, Illinois, the youngest of eight children of Russian immigrants. His father, a produce peddler, died in 1916, forcing his siblings to quit school and go to work to support the family. As the youngest child, he was allowed to continue school, graduating from high school at age 16. He received a Bachelor of Science in Law from Northwestern, magna cum laude, at age 19 in 1929. He became the editor-in-chief of the ¿Illinois Law Review,¿ the ...

Cafritz Foundation of Washington, D.C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g297gf (corporateBody)

McCree, Wade H. (Wade Hampton), 1920-1987

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60g54kt (person)

Lillian L. Brown's

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p98km8 (person)

Kozol, Lee H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pt1874 (person)

Westinghouse Broadcasting Co., Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wz0p6h (corporateBody)

Blaw-Knox Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66x3dfx (corporateBody)

Ariel Melchior

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jr58tb (person)

Central Iron Mfg. Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gz7g8v (corporateBody)

Island Construction Corporation

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66r56z6 (corporateBody)

Tilley Lamp Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6846z2f (corporateBody)

American Ice Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63k6jxm (corporateBody)

The Lawyers' Club of Philadelphia

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t28915 (corporateBody)

Wellington Fund, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p405h6 (corporateBody)

New York State Natural Gas Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vr66qb (corporateBody)

Smith, William F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d05tqs (person)

United Glass and Ceramic Workers

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65n9ffj (corporateBody)

Wilson Freight Forwarding Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60m5dbc (corporateBody)

Acme Market, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60136wf (corporateBody)

Anglo-American Caribbean Commission

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j450fw (corporateBody)

Ohio River Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sp3g8c (corporateBody)

Thompson, Robert (Robert S.)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61k94bj (person)

Epithet: of Trory, county Fermanagh British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001344.0x000120 Epithet: of Add MS 4293 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001344.0x00011c Epithet: ship - broker British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001344.0x000121 Epithet: of Add...

Toll, Gilbert

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tk23c2 (person)

Council for Advancement of Public Interest Law

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qm0t48 (corporateBody)

Ferguson, Clarence Clyde, 1924-1983

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j38w86 (person)

On November 4, 1924, Clarence Clyde Ferguson was born to Clarence Clyde and Georgeva (Owens) Ferguson. From 1942-1946, he served in the United States Army and was decorated with a Bronze Star. In 1948, he earned an A.B. from Ohio State University and in 1951 earned an LL.B. from Harvard University. In 1951 he also earned admission to the Bar of Massachusetts. From 1951- 1952, Ferguson was a Teaching Fellow at Harvard Law School and Harvard College. Additionally, he was a U.S. representativ...

Service Bureau Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pd68rm (corporateBody)

Rockefeller Public Service

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63p5c5b (corporateBody)

Cine-Com Theatres Eastern States, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj5zj2 (corporateBody)

Kingston Cake Co., Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m464cn (corporateBody)

Ohio Wesleyan University

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vq7s6p (corporateBody)

University located in Delaware, Ohio. From the description of An act to incorporate the Trustees of the Ohio Wesleyan University 1910. (Bowling Green State University). WorldCat record id: 41972346 ...

Atlas Powder Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m74vd2 (corporateBody)

Reading Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jv30jq (corporateBody)

Study Group on the Colonial Problem.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hr77rg (corporateBody)

Ciba Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nt41v4 (corporateBody)

Moore, Charles Alexander, 1901-1967

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69w2smx (person)

Spencer Gifts, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gp1c4s (corporateBody)

Wheeling Stamping Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ss27cg (corporateBody)

Pan American Airways

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qw6rxs (corporateBody)

Center for Research and Education in American Liberties

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nh817g (corporateBody)

Newark Stereotypers' Union

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63p58kg (corporateBody)

Harriman Ripley & Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wb8kzz (corporateBody)

Seidman, Marshall J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wn5kw1 (person)

Radio Corp. of America

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jn5h3s (corporateBody)

Telechron, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f03dhp (corporateBody)

Haywood, Allan S., 1888-1953

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66q2bfn (person)

Francis Biddle

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r63kx0 (person)

Garnet Elementary School

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kt9wgt (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Youth Conservation Commission

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64s132h (corporateBody)

Wechsler, Herbert, 1909-2000

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6960338 (person)

Law professor. From the description of Reminiscences of Herbert Wechsler : oral history, 1982. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309735556 Born in 1909, Herbert Wechsler entered the City College of New York at 16 and later attended Columbia Law School where he was editor-in-chief of the Law Review. Wechsler graduated at the top of his class in 1931 and went on to serve as a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harlan F. Stone. After w...

Board of Directors of the United Nations Ass'n of the U.S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sc79sf (corporateBody)

Reuben, Allen H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zf1g96 (person)

Honeybrook Mines, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fc882w (corporateBody)

Girard Trust Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63s3xtr (corporateBody)

General Crushed Stone Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b69rt8 (corporateBody)

Amalgamated Association of Street, Electric Railway and Motor Coach Employees

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h54wdv (corporateBody)

Jos. L. Muscarelle, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xr0brs (corporateBody)

Briggs & Stratton Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qm0ps4 (corporateBody)

Department of Transportation

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qm0jtx (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Council for Community Advancement.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61g948m (corporateBody)

Gardiner Cox

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hr8bp6 (person)

Harriman, W. Averell (William Averell), 1891-1986

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nc607x (person)

Elie Abel (1920- ) was Dean of Journalism, Columbia University. (M.S., 1942). From the description of William Averell Harriman papers on Special Envoy to Churchill and Stalin, 1941-1946, 1941-1974. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 460880054 Diplomat, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and politician. From the description of Papers of W. Averell Harriman, 1869-1988 (bulk 1895-1986). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71071710 Gove...

Gilbert J. Helwig.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w697380g (person)

Philadelphia Branch, NAACP

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hj9vq5 (corporateBody)

Howard, John A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qs8s2q (person)

Corcoran, Thomas G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69k5x84 (person)

Lawyer. Full name: Thomas Gardiner Corcoran. Born 1900; died 1981. From the description of Thomas G. Corcoran papers, 1792-1982 (bulk 1965-1980). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70982893 Biographical Note 1900, Dec. 29 Born, Pawtucket, R.I. 1922 A.B. and A.M., Brown University, Providence, R.I. ...

United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61p1v2n (corporateBody)

District 7 of the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America (UE) consisted of locals throughout Ohio and are now part of the UE's Eastern Region. From the description of UE National Office records relating to District 7 and District 7 locals, 1936-1990s. (University of Pittsburgh). WorldCat record id: 767644242 District 5 of the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America (UE) consisted of locals throughout Canada. From the description...

Orianna Metal Products, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pw9rrc (corporateBody)

Home Indemnity Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t85n7x (corporateBody)

Gibson, Clinton S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pt1d2j (person)

ABKCO Industries Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xr09fb (corporateBody)

National Screen Service

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66f92w2 (corporateBody)

Francis I. du Pont & Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fs34gv (corporateBody)

Air Master Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nh80cv (corporateBody)

Commission on White House Fellows

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6361qs6 (corporateBody)

Loew's, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6196h5z (corporateBody)

Temple University

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60s3d19 (corporateBody)

In 1961, Temple University awarded Carl Zigrosser an honorary Doctorate of Letters. From the description of Correspondence with Carl Zigrosser, 1961. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155899492 ...

National Lawyers Guild

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sv1p41 (corporateBody)

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) was founded in 1937 as an association of progressive lawyers and jurists who believed that lawyers had a major role to play in reconstructing legal values by emphasizing human rights over property rights. From its inception, the Guild welcomed into its ranks all members of the profession without regard to race, gender or ethnic identity; it was the first national legal professional association to do so. Since its founding, the Guild has been instrumental in leadi...

Samson United Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61q1787 (corporateBody)

Hastie, Beryl Lockhart

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ph5sn4 (person)

Mesta Machine Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62d268d (corporateBody)

R.M. Palmer Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n71wwx (corporateBody)

White, Walter Francis, 1893-1955

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m61pnn (person)

Executive secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. From the description of Correspondence with Johan Thorsten Sellin, 1935. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 243854199 Walter Francis White (1893-1955), was an African American civil rights activist and leader of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) from 1931-1955. Walter White married Leah Gladys Powell (1893-1979) in 1922, and they ...

Metropolitan Offset Printers, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bm4jjf (corporateBody)

American Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p403n5 (corporateBody)

Publicker Industries

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jh9fjx (corporateBody)

Bethel Markets, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63p5b6c (corporateBody)

The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fp4gdf (corporateBody)

Mason-Dixon Lines, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c88520 (corporateBody)

Good Brothers, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hr78g9 (corporateBody)

Food Fair Stores, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gr2p4k (corporateBody)

Shakow, David J., 1945-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6430wv2 (person)

Matthews Associates

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65v6rt4 (corporateBody)

Interior Board of Mine Operations

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bd76qm (corporateBody)

Air Reduction Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67n3j09 (corporateBody)

May Department Store Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6361rxd (corporateBody)

New Amsterdam Casualty Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nb0g2v (corporateBody)

Honus Wagner Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r91q6h (corporateBody)

Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jh78d9 (corporateBody)

Proctor Hydro-Set Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qd37t8 (corporateBody)

U. of Ill. College of Law.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mt71rm (corporateBody)

Dravo Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zt61vp (corporateBody)

Texas Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xr0d7w (corporateBody)

Business Finance Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hn8f47 (corporateBody)

Motion Picture Assn.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gk2s60 (corporateBody)

United Steelworkers of America

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c863vq (corporateBody)

The United Steelworkers of America (USWA) was established 22 May 1942, by a convention of representatives from the Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel, and Tin Workers (AAISTW) and the Steel Workers Organizing Committee (SWOC) after an intensive organizing initiative by the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) in the 1930s. After mergers in 2005, it was renamed United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union (USW...

Providence Washington Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63g7vtb (corporateBody)

Amsler Morton Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mf26nn (corporateBody)

Dash, Samuel.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sr1ntj (person)

Lawyer, educator, and author. Born 1925; died 2004. From the description of Samuel Dash papers, 1748-2004 (bulk 1965-2002). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71132906 Biographical Note 1925, Feb. 27 Born, Camden, N.J. 1943 1945 Pilot, United Sta...

ADM Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t288gk (corporateBody)

Skouras Theatres Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mt7205 (corporateBody)

Transamerica Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r05j6v (corporateBody)

Central Railroad of New Jersey

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ff8j6p (corporateBody)

Park-In Theatres Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zb2hpw (corporateBody)

James D. Morrissey, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wb8g8r (corporateBody)

Union Carbide Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c95j4n (corporateBody)

Bowles, Chester, 1901-1986

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69h69wf (person)

United States ambassador to India, 1951-1953 and 1963-1969. From the description of The Indo-American development program : the problems and opportunities : mimeograph, 1952. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754867525 Chester Bowles was born on April 5, 1901, in Springfield, Massachusetts. He graduated from Yale University in 1924 (B.S.) and established the advertising firm of Benton and Bowles, with William Benton, in 1929. Bowles served in the Office of Price Administration ...

Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67d72vt (corporateBody)

Board of Trustees of Temple University

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xx7vfb (corporateBody)

Bricklayers, Masons, and Plasterers International Union.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x985ds (corporateBody)

Howard Law School

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dg9w84 (corporateBody)

Wolkin, Paul A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65q7frh (person)

Shipley Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q08fpq (corporateBody)

Seitz, Collins J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j23nw4 (person)

McCloskey & Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62h0vx2 (corporateBody)

American Bemberg Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j239sn (corporateBody)

Lady Nelson Ltd.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sk4rz0 (corporateBody)

Edward Graham

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62m0wds (person)

Air Products and Chemicals, inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fn64f5 (corporateBody)

Rosen, James

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vr5twn (person)

Pennsylvania Railroad

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68d3k0m (corporateBody)

The Pennsylvania Railroad Company was the largest railroad in the United States in terms of corporate assets and traffic from the last quarter of the nineteenth century until the decline of the northeast's and midwest's dominance of manufacturing, caused by the evolution of the interstate highway system and the advancements in air transportation. Originally created by Philadelphia merchants in 1846, it sought to build a trunk route from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh via the Allegheny Mountains to c...

Frankfurter, Felix, 1882-1965

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cd1psb (person)

Felix Frankfurter (November 15, 1882 – February 22, 1965) was an American lawyer, professor, and jurist who served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Frankfurter served on the Supreme Court from 1939 to 1962 and was a noted advocate of judicial restraint in the judgments of the Court. Frankfurter was born in Vienna, Austria, and immigrated to New York City at the age of 12. After graduating from Harvard Law School, Frankfurter worked for Secretary of War Henry ...

Cunningham Construction Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s59z88 (corporateBody)

U. S. Senator Clifford P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60q4hs3 (person)

C.A. Swanson & Sons.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gc59ch (corporateBody)

Crowley's Milk Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69x3k6s (corporateBody)

Swan-Finch Gas Development Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65n9fms (corporateBody)

Presidential Nominating Committee

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h83q1h (corporateBody)

Safeway Trails, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62k9ndz (corporateBody)

A. Duie Pyle, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gc5dps (corporateBody)

Konney, Paul E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rd1f3w (person)

International Commission of Jurists (1952- )

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sb925w (corporateBody)

Military Publications, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tv7w7f (corporateBody)

Baldwin, Roger N. (Roger Nash), 1884-1981

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d799qh (person)

Political reformer. From the description of Reminiscences of Roger Nash Baldwin : oral history, 1975. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309721453 From the description of Reminiscences of Roger Nash Baldwin : oral history, 1974. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309721472 From the description of Reminiscences of Roger Nash Baldwin : oral history, 1965. (Columbia University In the City of New York). Wor...

Buckley & Co., Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60t306x (corporateBody)

Shapiro, E. Donald

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j81mbv (person)

Windham Creamery, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6264pr5 (corporateBody)

McLouth Steel Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wr3bn8 (corporateBody)

Allen-Bradley Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p40387 (corporateBody)

Winfield Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65n99gb (corporateBody)

Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s02njr (corporateBody)

Harbeson, Hough, Livingston and Larson

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c66tz2 (corporateBody)

General Armature and Manufacturing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6390j9h (corporateBody)

Provident Trust Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kx8rw6 (corporateBody)

Norfolk Mills, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sg64wc (corporateBody)

May, Stern and Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s6wnx (corporateBody)

Western Michigan university

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bc85rp (corporateBody)

United Aircraft Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zq7bph (corporateBody)

Highland Tank & Manufacturing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63s3xv6 (corporateBody)

Miller Brewing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61q16ww (corporateBody)

Puritan Sportswear Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t85scc (corporateBody)

The May Department Store Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x48766 (corporateBody)

Spingarn Medal Award Committee

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nd96pq (corporateBody)

Public Advisory Board of the Foundation

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63330wk (corporateBody)

Smith, William

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60w82pm (person)

Epithet: of Add MS 32490 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001304.0x000022 Epithet: Lieutenant British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001304.0x000011 Epithet: of Banham county Norfolk British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001304.0x000035 Epithet: at Lisbon ...

Byse, Clark

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62246fz (person)

Committee on Territories and Insular Affairs

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61d54wg (corporateBody)

Correale Mining Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v82tj6 (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Electric Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p97hpz (corporateBody)

Judge Arthur Lederle

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6721xww (person)

American Law Institute

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rk2z8f (corporateBody)

The American Law Institute (ALI) was founded in 1923 in response to a perceived uncertainty and complexity in American law. Former Penn Law Dean William Draper Lewis was the Institute's first director, running the organization's operations out of his campus office. The ALI was conceived as a representative gathering of the American Bar (including Judges, Lawyers, and Law Professors) for the stated mission "to promote the clarification and simplification of the law and its better adaptation to so...

Wolfman, Bernard, 1924-2011

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vh7z3b (person)

Penn Jersey Welding Company

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69157hg (corporateBody)

University's Board of Trustees.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68t7v11 (corporateBody)

Illinois Mid-Continent Life Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b69sv4 (corporateBody)

American Houses, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66245ng (corporateBody)

Phoenix Steel Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fw1vsv (corporateBody)

Mary Ellen Gale.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w23tk8 (person)

Butcher, Goler T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60b0qfs (person)

U.S. Courts of Appeal

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6972t32 (corporateBody)

Joseph (Lionel A.)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w230g0 (person)

Lexington Electric Products Co., Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sk4rjm (corporateBody)

Transamercia Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63w2rtb (corporateBody)

Greater Delaware Valley Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wn4pp6 (corporateBody)

United Brotherhood of Carpenters

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s02hx1 (corporateBody)

Brown, Lillian L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d074wh (person)

Merwin Lighterage Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jr46k0 (corporateBody)

Bendix-Westinghouse Automotive Air Brake Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69b1bvs (corporateBody)

Burlington County Bridge Commission

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w79vkp (corporateBody)

Minnotte Manufacturing Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6875nss (corporateBody)

Philip Murray School of Economics at National University

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xb5n29 (corporateBody)

May Department Stores Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wv20sk (corporateBody)

Construction Industry Stabilization Committee

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x486bk (corporateBody)

Lea River Lines, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dk8pcn (corporateBody)

United Negro College

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wz0rjt (corporateBody)

Crown Cork & Seal Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kx8kxk (corporateBody)

Carson, Loftus C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zj1995 (person)

Dell Publishing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m74rnz (corporateBody)

United mine workers of America

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jq4rxr (corporateBody)

Plumber's Local Union

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sz9nct (corporateBody)

Swartz & Funston, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bh5xqk (corporateBody)

H.J. Heinz Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cm1q0h (corporateBody)

University of Pennsylvania.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w41pg6 (corporateBody)

In 1919 Edward Bushnell was appointed publicity agent for the University of Pennsylvania. His appointment began a long and expanding effort at public relations at the University. In 1954 the Department of Public Relations expanded its work to include two new units, Motion Picture Services and the Office of Radio and Television. These two offices operated until 1975 when they were phased out of a stream-lined department. From the description of University Film Collection, 1915-1989. (...

United Gas Improvement Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vr68wd (corporateBody)

Glen Falls Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69h8vhw (corporateBody)

Chemical Tank Lines, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qw6w7g (corporateBody)

Junior Baseball Federation, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vj8zpp (corporateBody)

E. B. Prettyman

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fp4v5v (person)

Middle Atlantic Stud Welding Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v543hs (corporateBody)

Virgin Islands Bar Association

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wf74cm (corporateBody)

Egan (Joques)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t86x65 (person)

Smith, Elaine D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d359p5 (person)

Thompson, Gordon

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cs85xc (person)

Frank C. Varney Co., Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qm0qsj (corporateBody)

C-O-Two Fire Equipment Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69w5gns (corporateBody)

International Brotherhood of Paper Makers

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65t8088 (corporateBody)

Valdes Compania Naviera

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rp6h2x (corporateBody)

Vice Dean Livingston Hall.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64s1vcn (person)

Metropolitan Applied Research Center, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64k3jwb (corporateBody)

Rose Enterprises Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6304fb4 (corporateBody)

Rose, Dolores Mae Green

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kr2kw4 (person)

Sutherland Paper Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z16jhg (corporateBody)

Phillips Petroleum Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sv39f8 (corporateBody)

Rayonier, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zh2qp3 (corporateBody)

Association of Westinghouse Salaried Employees

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sz9pdp (corporateBody)

Presidential Search Committee

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f32409 (corporateBody)

American Concrete Construction Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qh239j (corporateBody)

International Association of Machinists.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62r7k89 (corporateBody)

The International Association of Machinists is a trade union that was formed in 1888 by nineteen machinists in Atlanta, Georgia. From the description of International Association of Machinists records, 1947. (Georgia Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 308473936 History The International Association of Machinists (IAM) Lodge #68 is one of the oldest of the Bay Area Metal working unions and has a long and interesting ...

Citizen's Committee Against Segregation in Recreation

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63s40m8 (corporateBody)

AMP Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d06cf6 (corporateBody)

Eastern Airlines Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dr81xp (corporateBody)

Joy Manufacturing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f03g17 (corporateBody)

Otto Haas Charitable Trust

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r91kp4 (corporateBody)

International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67h9n3s (corporateBody)

In 1937 a group known as the Players of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union wrote, produced and starred in Pins and Needles, a "witty and tuneful" musical revue satirizing organized labor in general and the ILGWU in particular. Numbers include "Sing us a song with social significance," Doin' the reactionary," and "One big union for two." The play was so successful that it was given a regular run at the Labor Stage in New York, with new skits and songs added periodically to keep the ...

Mojonnier Bros. Co., Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kr18w1 (corporateBody)

Dexter Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q377j3 (corporateBody)

Bendix Aviation Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f325tg (corporateBody)

U. S Circuit Court of Appeals

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69158m7 (corporateBody)

Gibbons, Susan Jane

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gv9xw1 (person)

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w79sm9 (corporateBody)

Manufacturers Light and Heat Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mf26dh (corporateBody)

Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6191r32 (corporateBody)

Jones & Laughlin Steel was established in 1853 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as a result of several interlocking partnerships between members of the Jones and Laughlin families. The partnerships consolidated in 1902 to become the Jones & Laughlin Steel Company, then the nation’s second largest producer of steel. The company incorporated in 1923 as the Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation. Jones & Laughlin had major steel manufacturing works at Pittsburgh; Aliquippa, Pennsylvania; Cl...

Mueller, Melva L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6042f9c (person)

District of Columbia CCA.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62w5n4z (corporateBody)

Turbo Machine Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b98j14 (corporateBody)

Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qk869r (person)

Harry S. Truman was born in Lamar, Missouri, on May 8, 1884, the son of John Anderson Truman and Martha Ellen (Young) Truman. The family, which soon included another boy, Vivian, and a girl, Mary Jane moved several times during Truman''s childhood and youth - first, in 1887, to a farm near Grandview, then, in 1890, to Independence, and finally, in 1902, to Kansas City. He attended public schools in Independence, graduating from high school in 1901. After leaving school, he worked briefly as a ti...

Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qp9g47 (corporateBody)

Pennsylvnia Railroad

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ch30cg (corporateBody)

Interim Advisory Committee on Judicial Activities.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fg0rv0 (corporateBody)

North Carolina. Utilities Commission

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65k0ndg (corporateBody)

American Concrete and Construction Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60h6vrg (corporateBody)

Yale Law School

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60g7mxv (corporateBody)

In the first decade of the nineteenth century, Seth P. Staples (Yale 1797) opened a school for law students in New Haven. In 1824 the school became affiliated with Yale College. The college conferred its first law degrees in 1843. The course of study originally extended for two years, and in 1896 it was lengthened to three years. Subsequently a college degree became a prerequisite for the Bachelor of Laws degree. Graduate courses leading to advanced degrees began in 1876. In 1926 honors courses ...

Joseph L. Rauh's

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Belships Co.

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Louis H. Pollak of Yale Law School.

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Farris Engineering Corp.

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U.S. Courthouse

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Thomas, John

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Epithet: sculptor and architectural draughtsman British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000976.0x0002e7 Epithet: of Add MS 14878 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001241.0x000381 Epithet: Lieutenant-Colonel British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001241.0x00037f ...

Frelin Construction Co.

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Helena Rubenstein Co.

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Jay-El Beverages, Inc.

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United Gas Pipe Line Co.

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Griswold, Erwin N. (Erwin Nathaniel), 1904-1994

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Erwin N. Griswold was born in Cleveland in 1904. He graduated in 1925 from Oberlin College with the A.B. in mathematics and the A.M. in political science. He received the LL. B. degree from Harvard University Law School in 1928 and the S.J.D. degree in 1929. From 1929 to 1934, he served in the Office of Solicitor General, returning to Cambridge in 1934. He taught on the Law Faculty of Harvard Law School from 1934 to 1967 and was Dean from 1946 to 1967. From 1967 to 1973, he was U.S. Solicitor Ge...

Committee on Education

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The Commonwealth & Southern Corp.

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Mene Grande Oil Co.

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Weston, Linda Mervel

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McLaughlin, J.

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Thomas (Emmett)

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Consolidated Mutual Insurance Co.

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Oliver, Solomon, Jr.

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Universal C.I.T. Credit Corp.

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Kroger Co.

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Drug & Hospital Union.

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Mayflower Industries, Inc.

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Jefferson, Arthur M.

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Murray, Philip, 1940-

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Epithet: Dr of Sligo British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001035.0x0001f2 ...

Valvoline Oil Co.

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Mack Warehouse Corp.

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Potamkin Chevrolet Co.

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Siembieda, Matthew J.

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Health and Welfare Council

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Atlantic Wool Combing Co.

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International Telephone and Telegraph Corp.

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United Transportation Union

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International Union of Operating Engineers

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National Lawyers Club, Inc.

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Philadelphia Transportation Co.

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Giant Eagle Markets

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Calvert Magruder.

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B.J. Lucarelli and Co., Inc.

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Jefferson-Travis, Inc.

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U.S. Distr. Ct.

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Bargaintown U.S.A., Inc.

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A. Garcia y Cia., Ltda.

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Washington University School of Law

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Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co.

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Thompson, Theodore Q.

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Harvard Law School Association of Philadelphia

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Baldwin Brothers

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Peter Woodbury.

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Pope & Talbot, Inc.

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Anaconda Co.

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T. Hogan Corp.

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Central Railroad

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McClellan, Frank M.

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U.S. District Court for the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania

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Philadelphia Committee of Foreign Relations

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G. & H.W. Corson, Inc.

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Larchwood Gardens

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Young, Whitney M.

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Tidewater Mile & Elevator Co.

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Flexton Corp.

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General Trading Corp.

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Pennsylvania Greyhound Lines, Inc.

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Jarka Corp.

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Administrative Office

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Pacific Atlantic Steamship Co.

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Supreme Court Justice Harold H. Burton.

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Nancy Corp.

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Betty Jenkins

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Philadelphia Bar Association

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U.S. Circ. Ct.

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Pittsburgh National Bank

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Eastern Gas & Fuel Associates

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Greenwood Press Inc.

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Nelson's Kiddie City, Newtown Square, Inc.

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Luscombe Engineering Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f03h1n (corporateBody)

Fort Pitt Brewing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6138zg2 (corporateBody)

Council on Foreign Relations, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68j1qnd (corporateBody)

Peoples Cab Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69442bt (corporateBody)

Board of Trustees of The Free Library of Philadelphia

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Feuchtwanger Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s71k2 (corporateBody)

Teachers College

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b98h42 (corporateBody)

Dunbar High School

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6110bpk (corporateBody)

Time, inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hb3mw5 (corporateBody)

Roy E. Larsen, whose copies these dispatches were, was President of Time, Inc., 1939-1960 and Chairman of the Executive Commitee, 1960-1969. From the description of Dispatches from Time magazine correspondents: second series, 1956-1968. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 79093630 Roy E. Larsen (1899-1979) was the circulation manager of Time Magazine at its foundation in 1922 and he became the chief business manager of the company under Henry R. Luce. He w...

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

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R&D Engineering Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v82pmf (corporateBody)

Clark, Tom C. (Tom Campbell), 1899-1977

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cf9r41 (person)

Tom C. Clark (b. September 23, 1899) was the Attorney General of the United States from 1945 to 1949, and Associated Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1949 to 1967. Clark died on June 13, 1977. From the description of Clark, Tom C. (Tom Campbell), 1899-1977 (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration). naId: 10569044 Tom C. Clark served as Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court from 1949 to 1967, and was the first Texan to serve on the Court. Born in Dallas,...

M.V. Shuttler, Inc.

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Commager, Henry Steele, 1902-1998

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mc91fv (person)

Historian. From the description of Reminiscences of Henry Steele Commager : oral history, [196-?]. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122619921 From the description of Reminiscences of Henry Steele Commager : oral history, 1979. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309728956 American historian. From the description of The price of Eire's neutrality : printed, 1943. (Unknown). WorldCat record i...

International Longshoremen's Ass'n

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Barondess, Janiss

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61t12sx (person)

Plymouth Mutual Life Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6207dzm (corporateBody)

Marshall, Thurgood, 1908-1993

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w658224h (person)

Thurgood Marshall (b. July 2, 1908, Baltimore, Maryland – d. January 24, 1993, Washington, D.C.) was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, serving from October 1967 until October 1991. Marshall was the Court's 96th justice and its first African-American justice. Before becoming a judge, Marshall was a lawyer who was best known for his high success rate in arguing before the Supreme Court and for the victory in Brown v. Board of Education, a 1954 decision that ruled t...

Kenrich Corp.

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Smith, LeRoy Edward

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Albert M. Greenfield Center for Human Relations

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vn0bgj (corporateBody)

Freedman, Abraham L. (Abraham Lincoln), 1904-1971

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zb3q34 (person)

William A. Jarvis Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64g50s3 (corporateBody)

E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xn1p63 (corporateBody)

F.W. Woolworth Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67v0z1n (corporateBody)

Harvard College (1780- )

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Special students were those who took courses in Harvard College but were not degree candidates; they had not gone through the standard admissions process completed by AB degree candidates. From the description of Records of special students, 1876-1907. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 77064523 It is unclear whether F.C. Fabel ever attended Harvard College. F.C. Fabel may be Frederick Charles Fabel, who received an AB from the University of Rochester in 1893. ...

Rosenn, Max, 1910-2006.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66z327f (person)

ABA Special Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c66vnf (corporateBody)

Frank C. Varney Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s59xwx (corporateBody)

Creole Petroleum Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64g50n9 (corporateBody)

American Civil Liberties Union

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65x61pb (corporateBody)

Founded in 1920 in New York City by Roger Baldwin and others; the ACLU was an outgrowth of the American Union Against Militarism's National Civil Liberties Bureau, which in 1920 changed its name to the American Civil Liberties Union. From the description of Collection, 1917- (Swarthmore College, Peace Collection). WorldCat record id: 42740878 The Southern Women's Rights Project (SWRP) located in Richmond is affiliated with the American Civil Liberties Union. The project deal...

Lehigh Valley Railroad.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jq9nf4 (corporateBody)

Thiokol Chemical Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67v0t7p (corporateBody)

Fire Association of Philadelphia

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mq1vf6 (corporateBody)

Kellet Aircraft Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r347zn (corporateBody)

Republic Oil Refining Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tg35h1 (corporateBody)

Fay, Jacquelin

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g87vpw (person)

American Paper & Pulp Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zb2mvc (corporateBody)

Stafford, Donald F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c100w7 (person)

Singer Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k20bg6 (corporateBody)

League of Voluntary Hospitals and Homes of New York.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6287fxb (corporateBody)

President John F. Kennedy's

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61h40fn (person)

Anderson, Marian

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66n58jm (person)

Kennedy, John F., 1942-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hg183b (person)

Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63p58rq (corporateBody)

Harvard Board of Overseers

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65z5dmz (corporateBody)

Lake Hiawatha Federal Credit Union

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66j7t51 (corporateBody)

118 East 60th Owners, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6458vx8 (corporateBody)

American Dredging Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tz5k0v (corporateBody)

Egan, S. F. (S. Frank), -1977

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sw2btk (person)

H. J. Heinz

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6402snv (person)

Penn Central Transportation

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pd6922 (corporateBody)

Erie Avenue Warehouse Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6167qh8 (corporateBody)

Jaworski, Leon

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g85gsx (person)

Brown, William J., 1938-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6429wkj (person)

Prior, H. David

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fc904v (person)

Peggs Run Coal Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rg9215 (corporateBody)

Schenley Industries

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61317r9 (corporateBody)

Harvard Law School. Association (1886-)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61888r3 (corporateBody)

Membership in the Association, founded in 1886, was open to all graduates, former members, and present second and third year students of the Harvard Law School. The objects of the Association were to "advance the cause of legal education, to promote the interests and increase the usefulness of the Harvard Law School, and to promote mutual acquaintance and good fellowship among all members of the Association." From the description of Records of the Harvard Law School Association, 1886...

Fireman's Fund Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n4225x (corporateBody)

Henkels & McCoy, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cw7t51 (corporateBody)

Paramount Film Distributing Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66r537j (corporateBody)

Gibbons, John J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6721d4t (person)

Cyril Bath Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q08fs2 (corporateBody)

Roberts, Owen J. (Owen Josephus), 1875-1955

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r2368j (person)

Roberts, an American jurist, taught law at the University of Pennsylvania (1898-1918). He served as special counsel for the U.S. in prosecuting "oil cases" (1924), and as associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1930-1945). From the description of Letter to Eldon James, 2 October 1930. (Harvard Law School Library). WorldCat record id: 234339786 ...

Milton Marks Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gz7k66 (corporateBody)

United Farm Workers Organizing Committee

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w679819k (corporateBody)

The Independent Workers Association was organized by Eugene Nelson in the Rio Grande Valley in 1966. It affiliated that year with the National Farm Workers Association which then merged soon after with the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee to form the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee. Though represented heavily with Mexican-Americans the migrant farm workers movement also included white and black farm workers. From the guide to the Migrant Farm Workers Organizing Move...

Interstate Maintenance Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mx5pj2 (corporateBody)

United Electric, Radio and Machine Workers

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mj0zcf (corporateBody)

Matson Navigation Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qw6w27 (corporateBody)

John Marshall

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61h47tg (person)

Pusey, Nathan M. (Nathan Marsh), 1907-2001

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fr02vg (person)

Nathan Marsh Pusey (1907-2001) was the twenty-fourth president of Harvard University from 1953 to 1971. He was also president of Lawrence College (1944-1953), president of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (1971-1975), and president of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia (1978-1983). Pusey's tenure as president was defined by new building construction, greater fundraising, and struggles with student protestors. From the description of Papers of Nathan Marsh Pusey, 1...

Biggs, John Steven, 1940-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s60s5s (person)

Fresh Foods Company

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fp4cg3 (corporateBody)

Kerotest Manufacturing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62c3qkp (corporateBody)

Universal CIT Credit Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n71rvt (corporateBody)

Exxon Ltd

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61d53h4 (corporateBody)

Sylvester Johnson

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tv98vt (person)

McCloskey and Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6847133 (corporateBody)

Schering Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69q65sh (corporateBody)

Fidelity & Casualty Co. of N.Y.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fg70kz (corporateBody)

Philip Murray

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pm4dz8 (person)

New Amsterdam Casualty Company.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jx6w5c (corporateBody)

Consorto Construction Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69t4wtx (corporateBody)

Cream Wipt Food Products Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xb5hwd (corporateBody)

Lukens Steel Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gk2px5 (corporateBody)

Joseph, Peter

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nx461g (person)

Baldwin County Electric Membership Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p11dkb (corporateBody)

Delaware Steel Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62w5p3x (corporateBody)

Princeton University

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63z1x39 (corporateBody)

The collection documents the physical expansion of the University from its earliest period through the acquisition of large tracts of land in the 20th century, including the properties around Carnegie Lake and numerous farms. Early records document transactions with such Princeton University notables as Nathaniel Fitz Randolph, John Witherspoon, Walter Minto, John and Richard Stockton, and John Maclean. For the most part, the papers consist of standard legal documents with detailed descriptions ...

Greater Delaware Valley Federal Savings and Loan Association

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61h3t28 (corporateBody)

Alabama-Tennessee Natural Gas Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xr0cp9 (corporateBody)

University of Birmingham. Institute of Judicial Administration

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vj8wg5 (corporateBody)

Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-1989

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61n80n7 (person)

Robert Penn Warren (1905-1989), first poet laureate of the United States, was a poet, writer of fiction, and co-author with Cleanth Brooks of influential textbooks on literature. He won Pulitzer Prizes for All the King's Men (1946) and for volumes of poetry, Promises (1958) and Now and Then (1979). From the description of Robert Penn Warren papers, 1906-1989. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702132948 Robert Penn Warren served on the faculty of Louisiana State University, Dept...

International Brotherhood of Boilermakers

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qw6rmr (corporateBody)

New Jersey Commission of Investigation

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gk2q82 (corporateBody)

Mass Retailing Institute

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62k9h8h (corporateBody)

Texas Plastics, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x48499 (corporateBody)

Marine Division, International Union of Operating Engineers

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q94j3x (corporateBody)

Manheim Discount Center, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tr96cp (corporateBody)

Crescent Truck Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pw9qht (corporateBody)

Oswald, Stanton

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66v4c7h (person)

Hoffman, Louis

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68j2r88 (person)

International telephone and telegraph corporation

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69s5fkf (corporateBody)

Central Iron Mgf. Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rp6fgg (corporateBody)

McLaughlin, Gerald

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nx3v49 (person)

Concord Park Homes

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w694444z (corporateBody)

H.L.S. Visiting Committee

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qw6wmd (corporateBody)

North Jersey Newspaper Guild

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kv01qj (corporateBody)

Wayne Title and Trust Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nx2sjg (corporateBody)

U.S. Court of Appeals

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p68s9p (corporateBody)

Silver, Jonathan

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bd7vsc (person)

Sacks, Albert M. (Albert Martin), 1920-1991

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d221w2 (person)

American bar foundation

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b620jx (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania Association of Township Commissioners

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q65x5q (corporateBody)

Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61s7dgz (person)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882, in Hyde Park, New York. He was the son of James (lawyer, financier) and Sara (Delano) Roosevelt. He married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt on March 17, 1905, and had six children: Anna, James, Franklin, Elliott, Franklin Jr., John. He received his B.A. from Harvard in 1904 and later attended Columbia University Law School. Roosevelt was admitted to the Bar in 1907 and worked for the Carter, Ledyard, and Milburn firm in New York City from 1907 to 19...

General Motors Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6361swc (corporateBody)

Montgomery Engineering Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6487hfh (corporateBody)

Swygert, H. Patrick

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bz6zcc (person)

Newark Morning Ledger Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60m5j3w (corporateBody)

Amalgamated Ass'n of Street, Electric Railway ... Employees

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68t7zq7 (corporateBody)

Toro Sales Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63k6jb0 (corporateBody)

Daniels Motor Freight, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6099d43 (corporateBody)

Solar Manufacturing Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ph4wn0 (corporateBody)

Duquesne Light Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s31bz2 (corporateBody)

Maryland Coal and Coke Company

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66246sp (corporateBody)

Evans, Stephen

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xj06c4 (person)

Gold Fuel Service, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m17d1t (corporateBody)

Flintkote Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g580m0 (corporateBody)

Milk Control Commission

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c66vqb (corporateBody)

Susan Phillis.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xt9m5k (person)

Girard College

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63z1zr7 (corporateBody)

U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xj30zd (corporateBody)

Oil Transport Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w613912w (corporateBody)

F. B. Wiener

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65g34x3 (person)

Pittsburgh-Duquesne Development Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69158hw (corporateBody)

Conemaugh & Black Lick Railroad

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d63v03 (corporateBody)

Uptegrove Lumber Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wz0qqn (corporateBody)

Calmar Steamship Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zx4rdt (corporateBody)

Luden's, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nt44r1 (corporateBody)

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rp6h01 (corporateBody)

National Judiciary Advisory Council of the Practicing Law Institute

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62h0x7x (corporateBody)

The National Advisory Council

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h55166 (corporateBody)

Churchill Meat Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x19d38 (corporateBody)

Allegheny Contracting Industries, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qh1z65 (corporateBody)

Bankers International Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64g4vkc (corporateBody)

Public Constructors, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69h8t0r (corporateBody)

Bok, Curtis, 1897-1962

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6br8s76 (person)

Born in Wyncote, Pennsylvania, Curtis Bok became a common pleas court judge in Pennsylvania in 1937 and was elected as a justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 1958. He published a number of books dealing with aspects of law. From the guide to the Curtis Bok Collection, 1941-1948, (Princeton University. Library. Dept. of Rare Books and Special Collections) Curtis Bok, born in 1897 as William Curtis, was Edward and Mary Louise Curtis Bok⁰́₉s oldest son. He attended Have...

Mervin Lighterage Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6070qqb (corporateBody)

Hartford Fire Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d354hv (corporateBody)

Metals Disintegrating Co., Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ph4wf9 (corporateBody)

Union Railroad

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qp9f92 (corporateBody)

Herculite Protective Fabrics Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zq7gp5 (corporateBody)

United States information service

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h7592d (corporateBody)

John B. Kelly, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r05kb2 (corporateBody)

E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c95fff (corporateBody)

Fellowship House

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t52f04 (corporateBody)

Harvard Law School

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tq9snz (corporateBody)

Law clubs were established to provide students an opportunity to practice preparing and arguing law cases as realistically as possible. Law clubs began to be founded at Harvard in the 19th century; one of the earliest was the Marshall Club, founded in 1825. In 1910, the Board of Student Advisers was formed, and the more formal Ames Competition in Appellate Brief Writing and Advocacy was established. From the description of General information by and about Harvard Law School clubs, 18...

Kenneth Brown

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qs8gwr (person)

Peace, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g57x5z (corporateBody)

United States Air Conditioning Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q375j8 (corporateBody)

Diamond State Telephone Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h83mg3 (corporateBody)

International Longshoremen's Association. President

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68w776h (corporateBody)

Murphy's Motor Freight, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k77r7d (corporateBody)

Judges Calvert Magruder

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fk5wgn (person)

Fuller Brush Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cm1msk (corporateBody)

American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tr99tr (corporateBody)

U. of Pa.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63w2r85 (corporateBody)

Rockefeller, John D., III (John Davison), 1906-1978

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66972dn (person)

Philanthropist. From the description of Reminiscences of John Davison Rockefeller 3d : oral history, 1967. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309724157 From the description of Reminiscences of John Davison Rockefeller 3d : oral history, 1963. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309723979 ...

Martin Marine Transportation Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ds631f (corporateBody)

John L. F. Silver

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hn97kz (person)

Kingston Cake Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gv8v22 (corporateBody)

Selden Society

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64799w8 (corporateBody)

The Selden Society was formed in 1887 by Members of the Bar and other interested persons 'to encourage the study and advance of the knowledge of the history of English law'. Its main function was to publish scholarly editions of legal texts of historical interest. From the guide to the Selden Society: Minutes, Correspondence and Papers, 1887-1996, (Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives) ...

Justice Harry A. Blackmun

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6071rpp (person)

Lawrence Warehouse Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tg32c0 (corporateBody)

United States. Immigration and naturalization service

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kq20wr (corporateBody)

A federal act of 1882 established procedures for recording immigrants arriving in the United States. The records maintained by federal immigration officials were often called immigration passenger lists of manifests. From the description of Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Savannah, Ga., 1906-1945. (Georgia Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 174142611 Ellis Island, an island in Upper New York Bay, is named for Samuel Ellis, who acquired land on the i...

First Bank & Trust Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67b7c87 (corporateBody)

the NAACP's Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d06f1n (corporateBody)

Ideal Farms, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gc57rm (corporateBody)

Imperial '400' National, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cm1p1j (corporateBody)

U.S. Temporary Emergency Court of Appeals

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cw7r8j (corporateBody)

Juniata Packing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60q4748 (corporateBody)

Glass Bottle Blowers Ass'n

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t85n34 (corporateBody)

Virgin Islands Company

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62h0tk5 (corporateBody)

Delaware Realty Investment Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hj9sg6 (corporateBody)

Eastern Air Lines, inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jb016b (corporateBody)

Founded in 1927 as Pitcairn Aviation, this company changed its name in 1930 to Eastern Air Transport, and ca. 1934, to Eastern Air Lines, underwhich it was known until the company ceased operations in 1991; Dexter C. Martin (1897-1982) was an aviation pioneer and public official, of South Carolina. Eugene Earle Stone (fl. 1976) served as President of the Florence Ice and Fuel Company, Chairman of the Florence Airport Commission, and Chairman of the South Carolina Dairy Association. F...

Virgin Islands Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64z8gk5 (corporateBody)

Black Law Students Association.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mm4z9r (corporateBody)

Harry C. Steigman Equipment Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gs02nf (corporateBody)

Jessup, Philip C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jq14nk (person)

Calpa Products Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gp1f8d (corporateBody)

Hon. John W. Murphy

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64g5ktk (person)

U.S. Board of Parole

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66v3v6g (corporateBody)

Williams, John R. (John Reynold), 1942-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j79zkt (person)

Lucy Applegate (1830-1910) was the daughter of Charles Applegate and the niece of Jesse Applegate who helped establish the Applegate Trail in Oregon. John L. Williams was believed to be a dear friend of Lucy Applegate. From the guide to the John R. Williams letters to Lucy Applegate, undated, (Special Collections and University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries) ...

Christians and Jews, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6778nc7 (corporateBody)

Donruss Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj604g (corporateBody)

Texaco, inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fj68rt (corporateBody)

Bureau of Municipal Research

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fc8cnr (corporateBody)

Leonard Marcus Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v82v3s (corporateBody)

Patti Iiyama

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tk33rc (person)

Lee, Bettie

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w623744k (person)

Senate Judiciary Subcommittee

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mm8jp7 (corporateBody)

People's First National Bank and Trust Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68n0kj2 (corporateBody)

Cherry Valley Homes, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64k3ph2 (corporateBody)

Thalia E. Graff Smith

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x7mvx (person)

Alco Kar Kurb, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bd747h (corporateBody)

General Trading Corporation

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nb0kc4 (corporateBody)

A. Garcia y Cia.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pm3q6r (corporateBody)

Paterson Parchment Paper Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jb9fqf (corporateBody)

New York Life Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h54wz1 (corporateBody)

College of the Virgin Islands

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64n3wpg (corporateBody)

Joint Committee on National Recovery.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68984kq (corporateBody)

Dean Rusk

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c390b5 (person)

Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65f736f (corporateBody)

Kinetac Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63p59gj (corporateBody)

International Ass'n of Machinists

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g00j9t (corporateBody)

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bw4c73 (corporateBody)

Building & Construction Trades Council

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tp0kbp (corporateBody)

Miller, David W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68f3bfw (person)

Reliance Universal

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gp1h13 (corporateBody)

State Board of Law Examiners

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69f051m (corporateBody)

Hastie, W. (William), 1842-1903

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b2983p (person)

Philosopher. From the description of Autograph letters signed (8) : to Prof. Knight, 1893-1896. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270476476 1904, Nov. 17 Born, Knoxville, Tennessee. Son of William Henry and Roberta (Child) Hastie 1921 Graduated from Dunbar High School, Washington, D.C. 1925 ...

United States Lines Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p11g2f (corporateBody)

Goodman, Frank

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sg73b5 (person)

National Foundation for Brotherhood, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xn1nzj (corporateBody)

Murray, Pauli, 1910-1985

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68m804b (person)

Pauli Murray (1910-1985) was a lawyer, scholar, writer, educator, administrator, religious leader, civil rights and women's rights activist. She was a co-founder of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and the first black woman to be ordained as an Episcopal minister. She spent much of her life in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C. From the description of Proud shoes : the story of an American family : typescript, 1956 / by Pauli Murray. (New York Public Library)....

Two Guys from Harrison-Allentown, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6167p78 (corporateBody)

Virgin Islands Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66245bf (corporateBody)

Ellerman Lines

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d92k9g (corporateBody)

Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66v3v0s (corporateBody)

Phi Sigma Delta was founded at Columbia University on November 10, 1909. It was organized to foster and nurture the comradeship of its founders. The fraternity then merged with Phi Alpha on April 6, 1959. Phi Sigma Delta disappeared as a national fraternity in 1969 when it merged with Zeta Beta Tau, Its total membership, as of May of 1967, was 19,500, including forty-nine active and twenty-two inactive chapters. The Mu chapter was based in Chicago. From the guide to the University of...

Goodrich, Herbert F. (Herbert Funk), 1889-1962

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pv6wpn (person)

Dean of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and judge for the United States Court of Appeals (3rd Circuit). From the description of Correspondence with Johan Thorsten Sellin, 1935-1962. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 236170574 ...

Pioneer Sample Book Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jf860s (corporateBody)

New York Telephone Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fg6zph (corporateBody)

U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66f9157 (corporateBody)

Atlantic City Hospital

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p404nk (corporateBody)

Helmsley-Spear, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68f33ks (corporateBody)

Manhattan Life Insurance Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xt90mz (corporateBody)

Mursor Builders, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63334vs (corporateBody)

U. S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s59xkw (corporateBody)

National American Bank of New Orleans

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w694436f (corporateBody)

Professional Men's Investment, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v258xk (corporateBody)

American Barge Line Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nb0ht4 (corporateBody)

Piasecki Aircraft Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rs53fj (corporateBody)

Commonwealth Financial Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67f62dz (corporateBody)

O.V. Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tk1xcm (corporateBody)

Tasty Baking Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gp1h9p (corporateBody)

Committee on Honorary Degrees

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zb2msg (corporateBody)

Wistar Association

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r24v8s (corporateBody)

Packaged Programs, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kj3x1c (corporateBody)

Hugh H. Wilson Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q375c1 (corporateBody)

International Union

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63k6ns2 (corporateBody)

R.D. Wood Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k490ct (corporateBody)

Garrett, James Y.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t57ffv (person)

International Labour Organisation

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x96b2m (corporateBody)

The International Labour Organization was established in Geneva in 1919 at the end of the First World War, during the Peace Conference that convened at Paris and Versailles. Its aim was to promote the welfare of workers. From the description of Collection, 1919-1941, 1998. (Swarthmore College, Peace Collection). WorldCat record id: 70875785 ...

Baum, David C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63b9d11 (person)

Professor of law, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (earlier name: University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign campus)). From the description of Papers, 1959-1973. (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign). WorldCat record id: 28419665 ...

American Airlines, inc

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cc4t9h (corporateBody)

Madison Fund, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6818cm9 (corporateBody)

Taylor, Lane Jr.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fc978j (person)

Venable, Gilbert T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fw3825 (person)

Association of Professional Engineering Personnel

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fk5mj7 (corporateBody)

National Bar Association

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w42nd8 (corporateBody)

Royal Petroleum Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wz0p8d (corporateBody)

Department of the Navy.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6032kck (corporateBody)

Morgenstern Chemical Company, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wv2008 (corporateBody)

Justice William O. Douglas

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6361xqs (person)

Court Administration Committee

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61m2g71 (corporateBody)

Virgin Islands Labor Union

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r91qtk (corporateBody)

Judicial Council of the NBA.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60d82s4 (corporateBody)

Cherry, Richard M. (Staff law clerk)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xx8qvf (person)

First National Bank of Emlenton, Pennsylvania

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fk5ptn (corporateBody)

Lily-Penn Food Stores, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n14chv (corporateBody)

State Correctional Institution

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65g1x2n (corporateBody)

Chase Manhattan Bank

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64j46z4 (corporateBody)

United States. Federal Home Loan Bank Board

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c8768q (corporateBody)

Federal Services Finance Corp.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g86pgr (corporateBody)

Cincinnati Milacron, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67r2830 (corporateBody)

E.L. DuPont de Nemours and Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vc1drk (corporateBody)

Penn Central Transportation Co.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r91ndc (corporateBody)

Yellow Cab Co. of Philadelphia

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6778kqw (corporateBody)

Crown Mountain Apartment Associates

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mf27t9 (corporateBody)

Fenestra, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6264rj9 (corporateBody)

Paramount Pictures, inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vf160x (corporateBody)

V.A. McCarthy, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65g2128 (corporateBody)

Schiavo Brothers, Inc.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gv8x4s (corporateBody)

Wilner, Thomas B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hr7gt8 (person)

Stevens, Lewis Miller, 1898-1963

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j46m6k (person)