Holten, Samuel, 1738-1816

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Delegate to the U.S. Continental Congress from and U.S. representative of Massachusetts, jurist, and physician.

From the description of Papers of Samuel Holten, 1757-1774. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71069538

From the description of Papers of Samuel Holten, 1630-1843 (bulk 1744-1843). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71060964

Biographical Note

  • 1738, June 9: Born, Salem Village, later Danvers, Mass.
  • circa 1756: Practiced medicine, Gloucester, Mass.
  • 1758: Married Mary Warner Returned to medical practice, Danvers, Mass.
  • 1768 - 1776 : Member, Massachusetts General Court
  • 1774: Represented Danvers in Essex County, Mass., convention
  • 1775: Represented Essex County, Mass., in Provincial Congress; appointed to Committee of Safety
  • 1778 - 1780 : Massachusetts delegate, Continental Congress
  • 1781: Signer, Articles of Confederation Incorporator, Massachusetts Medical Society
  • 1782 - 1787 : Massachusetts delegate, Continental Congress
  • 1785: Joined with Elbridge Gerry and Rufus King in refusing to present to Congress the Massachusetts Resolves requesting revision of the Articles of Confederation
  • 1788: Anti-federalist delegate to Massachusetts convention on the Constitution
  • 1793 - 1795 : Member, United States House of Representatives
  • 1796 - 1815 : Judge of probate, Essex County, Mass.
  • 1812 - 1813 : One of early founders of temperance movement in Massachusetts
  • 1816, Jan. 2: Died, Danvers, Mass.

From the guide to the Samuel Holten Papers, 1630-1843, (bulk 1744-1843), (Manuscript Division Library of Congress)

Archival Resources
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Role Title Holding Repository
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correspondedWith Sullivan, James, 1744-1808. person
associatedWith Sully, Thomas, 1783-1872 person
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associatedWith Treadwell, John Dexter, 1768-1833. person
associatedWith United States. Congress. House. corporateBody
associatedWith United States. Continental Congress. corporateBody
associatedWith Wadsworth, Benjamin, 1750-1826. person
associatedWith Wallcut, Thomas, 1758-1840. person
associatedWith Warren, James, 1726-1808. person
associatedWith Waterton, Charles, 1782-1865 person
associatedWith Wayne, Anthony person
correspondedWith Whipple, Joseph, 1738-1816. person
associatedWith Wood, Aaron. person
Place Name Admin Code Country
United States
Massachusetts--Essex County
United States
United States
Danvers (Mass.)
Essex County (Mass.)
Danvers (Mass.)
Danvers (Mass.)
Delegates, U.S. Continental Congress--Massachusetts
Representatives U.S. Congress--Massachusetts


Birth 1738-06-09

Death 1816-01-02


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