Storey, Moorfield, 1845-1929

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Author, civil rights leader, and lawyer.

From the description of Papers of Moorfield Storey, 1876-1929. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79899439

American lawyer, author, publicist.

From the description of Letter to H.O. Houghton & Company, 1882 July 8. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 53807486

Moorfield Storey received his A.B. from Harvard in 1866.

From the description of Composition : [for English?] , c. 1865. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 77072892

Biographical Note

  • 1845, Mar. 19: Born, Roxbury, Mass.
  • 1866: A.B., Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass.
  • 1866 - 1867 : Attended Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Mass.
  • 1867 - 1869 : Secretary to Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner
  • 1869: A.M., Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass. Admitted to Massachusetts bar
  • 1870: Married Gertrude Cutts
  • 1871: Entered private law practice, Boston, Mass.
  • 1873 - 1879 : Editor, American Law Review
  • 1877 - 1910 : Member, Board of Overseers, Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass. (Served 1877-1878 and 1892-1910)
  • 1896: President, American Bar Association
  • 1898 - 1901 : President, Massachusetts Reform Club
  • 1905: Vice president, National Civil Service Reform Association President, Anti-Imperialist League
  • 1909 - 1913 : President, Bar Association of the City of Boston, Mass.
  • 1910 - 1929 : President, NAACP
  • 1913 - 1914 : President, Massachusetts Bar Association
  • 1926: Coauthored with Marcial P. Lichauco, The Conquest of the Philippines by the United States, 1898-1925. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1926
  • 1929, Oct. 24: Died, Lincoln, Mass.

From the guide to the Moorfield Storey Papers, 1876-1929, (Manuscript Division Library of Congress)

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associatedWith Adams, Charles Francis, 1835-1915. person
correspondedWith Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, 1836-1907 person
associatedWith Anti-Imperialist League (Boston, Mass.) corporateBody
associatedWith Borah, William Edgar, 1865-1940. person
associatedWith Bradford, Gamaliel, 1831-1911. person
associatedWith Brookline Whist Club (Brookline, Mass.). person
associatedWith Burlingham, Charles Culp, 1858-1959 person
associatedWith Chandler, F. W. (Francis Ward), 1844-1926. person
associatedWith Channing family. family
correspondedWith Chapman, John Jay, 1862-1933 person
associatedWith Chase, Philip Putnam, 1878-1978. person
associatedWith Concord (Mass.). Ralph Waldo Emerson Statue Committee. corporateBody
associatedWith Dodge, Henry Nehemiah, 1843-1937. person
associatedWith Emerson family. family
associatedWith Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882. person
associatedWith Forbes, John Murray, 1813-1898 person
correspondedWith Forbes, W. Cameron (William Cameron), 1870-1959 person
correspondedWith Foulke, William Dudley, 1848-1935. person
associatedWith Game Club (Boston, Mass.) corporateBody
correspondedWith Gannett, Lewis, 1891-1966 person
correspondedWith Grant, Robert, 1852-1940 person
associatedWith Gray, John Chipman, 1839-1915 person
associatedWith Harvard University. corporateBody
associatedWith Higginson, Henry Lee, 1834-1919 person
associatedWith H.O. Houghton & Company, corporateBody
correspondedWith Houghton, Henry Oscar, 1823-1895 person
associatedWith Houghton Library. person
correspondedWith Houghton Mifflin Company. corporateBody
correspondedWith Howe, M. A. De Wolfe (Mark Antony De Wolfe), 1864-1960 person
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correspondedWith James, William, 1842-1910 person
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associatedWith Morse, John Torrey, 1840-1937. person
associatedWith National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. corporateBody
associatedWith Norton, Charles Eliot, 1827-1908 person
correspondedWith Norton, Elizabeth Gaskell, 1866- person
correspondedWith Norton family, recipient. family
associatedWith Ordway, Edward Warren, 1864- person
associatedWith Ovington, Mary White, 1865-1951. person
associatedWith Patterson, Thomas G. person
associatedWith Pound, Roscoe, 1870-1964. person
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associatedWith Taft, William H. (William Howard), 1857-1930. person
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correspondedWith Wendell family. family
associatedWith White, Walter Francis, 1893-1955. person
associatedWith Wickersham, George W. (George Woodward), 1858-1936. person
associatedWith Williams, George Fred, 1852-1932. person
correspondedWith Wilson, James Harrison, 1837-1925. person
associatedWith Winslow, Erving, 1839-1922. person
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United States
United States
Civil rights
Anti-imperialist movements
Civil rights leaders


Birth 1845-03-19

Death 1929-10-24





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