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William James Stillman (born June 1, 1828, Schenectady, New York – died July 6, 1901, Frimely Green, Surrey, England) was an American journalist, diplomat, author, historian, and photographer. Educated as an artist, Stillman subsequently converted to the profession of journalism, working primarily as a war correspondent in Crete and the Balkans, where he served as his own photographer. For a time, he also served as United States consul in Rome, and afterward in Crete during the Cretan insurrections. He helped to train the young Arthur Evans as a war correspondent in the Balkans, and remained a lifelong friend and confidant of Evans. Later in life, he seriously considered taking over the excavation at Knossos from Minos Kalokairinos, who had been stopped from further excavation by the Cretan Assembly; he was, however, prevented from pursuing that goal further by a failure to obtain a firman, or permission, to excavate. Stillman wrote several books, one of which, his Autobiography of a Journalist, suggests that he viewed himself primarily as a writer.

In 1871 he married artist Marie Spartali, a second generation Pre-Raphaelite painter, and a daughter of the Greek consul-general Michael Spartali, although without his permission.

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United States
Crete, Greece
Scotland, United Kingdom
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Birth 1828-06-01

Death 1901-07-06

Birth 1828

Death 1901




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