Gibbes, Lewis Reeves, 1810-1894

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Mathematician and naturalist.

From the description of Lewis Reeves Gibbes papers, 1793-1894 (bulk 1838-1894). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70979906

From the description of Papers, 1834-1898. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 81360202

Professor (1838-1892) of mathematics, astronomy, and chemistry at the College of Charleston (Charleston, S.C.). Gibbes studied medicine in the United States and in Paris (1836-1837). Gibbes was the author of numerous articles on astronomy, natural history, and related subjects. He studied the classification of chemical elements, invented scientific instruments, and served as an officer of the Elliott Society of Natural History for thirty years.

From the description of Lewis R. Gibbes papers, 1834-1901. (College of Charleston). WorldCat record id: 31738064

Biographical Note

  • 1810, Aug. 4: Born, Charleston, S.C.
  • 1829: Graduated, South Carolina College, Columbia, S.C.
  • 1831 - 1834 : Tutor in math, South Carolina College, Columbia, S.C.
  • 1834 - 1835 : Acting professor of mathematics, South Carolina College, Charleston, S.C.
  • circa 1835: Studied at the Sorbonne and the Jardin des Plantes, Paris, France
  • 1836: M.D., Medical College of South Carolina, Charleston, S.C.
  • 1838 - 1892 : Professor of mathematics, astronomy, and physics, College of Charleston, Charleston, S.C.
  • 1848: Married Anna Barnwell Constructed Charleston Observatory, Charleston, S.C.
  • 1854: Published "Path of the Storm of Eighth of Sept. 1854," Charleston Evening News
  • 1856: Published "Monograph of Genus of Cryptopodia," Proceedings of Elliott Society of Natural History
  • 1858: Published "Discovery of New Species of Fir in Mountains of North Carolina, Allied to Abies Canadensis. Proposed to call it Ab. Carolinensis," Proceedings of Elliott Society of Natural History
  • 1860: Published "Remarkable Flight of Thousands of Butterflies of Genus Callidryas Across Charleston Harbor," Canadian Entomologist, vol. 12, p. 60
  • 1887: Published "Observations Made upon the Earthquake of Thirty-first of Aug.," Proceedings of Elliott Society of Natural History
  • 1892 - 1894 : Professor emeritus, College of Charleston, Charleston, S.C.
  • 1894, Nov. 21: Died, Charleston, S.C.

From the guide to the Lewis Reeves Gibbes Papers, 1793-1894, (bulk 1838-1894), (Manuscript Division Library of Congress)

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correspondedWith Alexander, Stephen person
correspondedWith Alexander, Stephen, 1806-1883 person
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associatedWith Elliott Society of Science and Art (Charleston, S.C.) corporateBody
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Death 1894





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