Guide to the Tamiment Library Newspapers, 1873-2014


Guide to the Tamiment Library Newspapers, 1873-2014


The collection contains some 523 titles to date (September 2018). They were published by international and local labor unions in the United States and Canada, radical political parties (Anarchist, Communist, Maoist, Socialist, Trotskyist), the New Left, and by organizations representing civil rights movements (African-Americans, prisoners, etc.), peace movements, protest against the war in Vietnam (including titles published by American soldiers), activity in support of national liberation movements, student and youth activism, the counterculture, feminism and gay liberation, and other activism. While most of the titles are from the U.S., and of these about one fourth are from New York State, there are also some foreign titles, most from Western Europe, primarily Great Britain, France, Italy and Spain. The holdings continue to grow through donations and subscriptions. While the majority of the titles lack catalog records in BobCat, NYU's electronic library catalog, retrospective cataloging is taking place. An unpublished guide available in the library shows holdings information for each title.

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American Federation of Government Employees (corporateBody)

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is an American labor union representing employees of the federal government. It is affiliated with the AFL–CIO. AFGE was founded on October 17, 1932, by local unions loyal to the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and left the National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) when that union became independent of the AFL (NFFE in 1998 became part of the IAMAW, which is affiliated with the AFL–CIO)....

Southern Conference Educational Fund (corporateBody)

The Southern Conference for Human Welfare (SCHW) was formally organized in Birmingham, Alabama in the fall of 1938. It was inspired by the findings of the National Emergency Council's Report on Economic Conditions in the South and by the philosophies of the Southern Policy Conference, a group of Southern intellectuals. Its structure was based on representation from the thirteen Southern states (non-Southerners were welcomed as non-voting members) and the District of Columbia and New York (the la...

Students for a Democratic Society (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) is a radical student group that descended from the Intercollegiate Socialist Society (ISS) which was founded in 1905. The ISS changed its name in 1921 to the League for Industrial Democracy (LID), a social-democratic educational and organizational group. Its student branch, the Student League for Industrial Democracy (SLID), merged with National Student League in 1935 to form American Student Union (ASU) but soon split over ASUs alleged communist affiliati...

Black Panther Party (corporateBody)

The Black Panther Party was founded in October 1966 by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale as an organization dedicated to protecting and uplifting the Black population of Oakland. As the organization grew this focus spread to the rest of the United States and even abroad. The armed militancy and Marxist rhetoric employed by the Black Panthers, along with their philosophy of Black self-government caught the attention of both local law enforcement authorities and the FBI. As a result, many in the Pant...

Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (corporateBody)

The Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, the most significant union representing workers in the men's clothing industry, was founded in New York City in 1914 as a breakaway movement from the United Garment Workers. Radical and immigrant workers in the tailors’ and cutters’ locals were the core of the seceding group, which advocated industrial unionism and economic strikes in opposition to the UGW’s craft organization, which they saw as conservative and timid. Their diverging vie...

Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (corporateBody)

English. From the description of ACWA's Sidney Hillman Foundation Records. 1955-1974. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 520925303 From the description of ACTWU's National Textile Recruitment and Training Program Records. 1975-1981. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 520924922 Sidney Hillman, labor organizer, leader, and president, Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America. Sidney Hillman was born in Russian-contr...

France (corporateBody)

In 1782 the Continental Congress directed Benjamin Franklin, the American minister to France, to negotiate a convention concerning the exchange of consuls. The convention was signed by Franklin and the French foreign minister, the comte de Vergennes, on 29 July 1784, but rejected by Congress because it did not adhere to the scheme Congress had established. Congress directed Franklin's successor, Thomas Jefferson, to renegotiate, and on 14 November 1788 he and Vergennes's successor, the comte de ...

International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (corporateBody)

The ILGWU Archives were established in 1973 and transferred to the Kheel Center in 1987. From the description of ILGWU. Charles Zimmerman Collection of Radical Pamphlets, 1898-1978. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 748341343 The Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, the most significant union representing workers in the men's clothing industry, was founded in New York City in 1914 as a breakaway movement from the United Garment Workers. Radic...

New York American (corporateBody)

National Maritime Union (corporateBody)

The National Maritime Union (NMU) was an American labor union founded in May 1937 representing workers in the merchant marine. It affiliated with the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) in July 1937. After a failed merger with a different maritime group in 1988, the union merged with the Seafarers International Union of North America in 2001....

International brotherhood of teamsters, chauffeurs, stablemen, and helpers of America (corporateBody)

Labor organization formed in 1903 as International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), the result of a merger between members of the Team Drivers' International Union (TDIU) and the Teamsters' National Union of America (TNU). Known from 1909 to 1992 as International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Stablemen and Helpers. Reverted to its pre-1909 name in October 1992. From the description of International Brotherhood of Teamsters records, 1989-1992. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 709...

Communist Party of the United States of America (corporateBody)

The Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA), a Marxist-Leninist party aligned with the Soviet Union, was founded in 1919 in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution by the left wing members of the Socialist Party USA. These split into two groups, with each holding founding conventions in Chicago in September 1919: one which established the Communist Labor Party, and a second which established the Communist Party of America. In a 1920 Joint Unity Convention, a minority faction of t...

United Federation of College Teachers (corporateBody)

Teamsters for a Democratic Union (corporateBody)

Organization of rank and file members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America who sought to reform the structures and practices of the union leadership, especially in relation to the handling of union pension funds. The TDU supports candidates for local union offices and also works to prevent sweetheart deals with employers that could be detrimental to the rank and file membership. Originally organized in Cleveland, Ohio, much of the early l...

United States. Department of Defense (corporateBody)

Proposals to coordinate the activities of the military services were initially considered by U.S. Congress in 1944. Specific plans were put forth in 1945 by the Army, the Navy, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff . In a special message to U.S. Congress on December 19, 1945, President Harry Truman proposed creation of a unified Department of National Defense. A proposal reached Congress in April 1946, but was held up by the Naval Affairs Committee held hearings in July 1946 due to objections to the con...

Wayne State University (corporateBody)

Columbia University (corporateBody)

The Columbia University community and administration mobilized to the fullest extent in answer to the entry of the United States into World War I. Summed up by President Nicholas Murray Butler in the 1918 Annual Report, the effects of the war on the University were far-reaching: "Students by the hundred and prospective students by the thousand entered the military, naval, or civil service of the United States; teachers and administrative officers to the number of nearly four hundred...

Communications Workers of America, Local 9421 (corporateBody)

Philadelphia-TWU Local 234 (corporateBody)

Local 1-FLM, United Food & Commercial Workers International Union (corporateBody)

District Three Union IUE-AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Masses Publishing Co. (corporateBody)

Radical Therapist, Inc. (corporateBody)

Supporters of Silkwood (corporateBody)

Auto-Free New York Committee of Transportation Alternatives (corporateBody)

L.A.-Student-Worker Action Committee (corporateBody)

New York Ace (corporateBody)

District Council of Carpenters (corporateBody)

Tucker, St. John Irwin (corporateBody)

Sons of Light INC. (corporateBody)

Chicago Area Military Project (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Resistance (corporateBody)

Puerto Rican Revolutionary Workers Organization (corporateBody)

Transport Workers Union (corporateBody)

The Transport Workers Union (TWU) was founded in 1934. It represents workers in several different transportation and service industries. The TWU is affilliated with the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF). The TWU is organized on the international, industrial and local levels. The Association of Flight Attendants (AFL-CIO) began as the Airline Stewardesses Association on August 22, 1943. After severa...

United Public Workers (corporateBody)

National Association of Government Employees (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Government and Civic Employees Organizing Committee (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Teamsters Joint Council 82 (N.D.) (corporateBody)

Ergo (Musical group) (corporateBody)

Mass Party Organizing Committee. (corporateBody)

New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam (corporateBody)

Known informally as the "New Mobe", the New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam was the successor to the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam. The group's primary activity was organizing and staging massive demonstrations against United States participation in the Vietnam War. During 1970, the committee was reborn as the People's Coalition for Peace and Justice. From the description of Collection, 1969-1970. (Swarthmore College, Peace Collection). Wo...

Hospital and Medical Employees Union, Local 444, UPW (corporateBody)

Center for Black Development (corporateBody)

International Socialist Publishing Company (corporateBody)

Frente Libertario (corporateBody)

Japanese American Committee for Democracy. (corporateBody)

Furriers' Joint Council of New York. (corporateBody)

American League Against War and Fascism (corporateBody)

Asian Week Pub. Co. (corporateBody)

Canadian Union of Public Employees (corporateBody)

Washington, Spring, 1971 (corporateBody)

Los Angeles Catholic Worker (corporateBody)

New Orleans Movement for a Democratic Society (corporateBody)

University of California, San Diego (corporateBody)

Administrative History The Chancellor acts as head of administration and has general authority over the campus. He is responsible for setting up the administrative structure and insuring that the various units function properly. He has specific delegated authority to sign employment contracts of faculty and staff and to represent the University in public forums. Herbert F. York was appointed first Chancellor of the University of C...

Citizen Soldier (corporateBody)

Coalition for a Good Contract, UAW (corporateBody)

Clark for President Committee (corporateBody)

Columbia Tenants Union (corporateBody)

Committee Against Academic Repression (corporateBody)

Washington State Penitentiary (corporateBody)

Nuclear Free America (corporateBody)

Awareness Project of Monroe Prison (corporateBody)

F. Eher Nachf. (corporateBody)

Seccion Mexicana de la IV Internacional (corporateBody)

AFSCME (corporateBody)

Charter granted 1936; full name: American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees. From the description of Office of the president collection, 1927-1962. (Wayne State University). WorldCat record id: 28419205 From the description of Office of the secretary-treasurer collection, 1926-1968. (Wayne State University). WorldCat record id: 28419214 ...

Prosperity Pub. Co. (corporateBody)

Iniziativa Anarchica (corporateBody)

Fédération des Étudiants Révolutionnaires (corporateBody)

Committee for a Labor Party (corporateBody)

Fort Devens United Front (corporateBody)

American Student Movement (Anti-Imperialist) (corporateBody)

Omega House (corporateBody)

Wild Raspberry (corporateBody)

Oil, Chemical, Atomic Workers International Union (corporateBody)

Anti-apartheid Movement (corporateBody)

We the People 200, Inc. (corporateBody)

Citizens Party of Northern California (corporateBody)

Detroit Youth Against War and Fascism (corporateBody)

Workers League (corporateBody)

American Federation of Labor (corporateBody)

Labor organization. From the description of American Federation of Labor records, 1883-1925. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70980267 ...

Prism Pub. (corporateBody)

Corson Pub. (corporateBody)

Black Workers for Justice (corporateBody)

Internationalist Group, Section of the League for the Fourth International (corporateBody)

Graphic Arts International Union (corporateBody)

The Cleveland Local No. 24-P of the Graphic Arts International Union was founded in 1900 as a part of the International Typographical Union; at this time, the local had nineteen members. In 1903, the International Photoengravers Union of North American and the International Typographical Union agreed to the transfer of all photoengraving locals to the jurisdiction of the photoengravers union. The process of photo-engraving, although no longer done completely by hand, consists of mak...

Comite Central del Partido Popular Socialista (corporateBody)

The Gold Flower Collective (corporateBody)

United Steelworkers (2005-) (corporateBody)

The United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union, more commonly called United Steelworkers (USW) is a general trade union with members across North America. USW was established May 22, 1942 in Cleveland, OH with Philip Murray as founder and first president. Between 1944 and 2004, ten other unions would join USW: the Aluminum Workers of America (June 1944); the International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers (1...

N.Y. S.D.S. Labor Committee (corporateBody)

Organizing Committee for a National Workers Organization (corporateBody)

Alternative to Alienation (corporateBody)

Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam (corporateBody)

Founded in 1966 as the Student Mobilization Committee, the organization expanded its name in 1968, reflecting the focus on antiwar activities. Branches existed on many campuses nationwide during the period of the Vietnam War. From the description of Collection, 1966-1975. (Swarthmore College, Peace Collection). WorldCat record id: 29401055 ...

New Majority Pub. Co. (corporateBody)

United Steelworkers of America (corporateBody)

The United Steelworkers of America (USWA) was established 22 May 1942, by a convention of representatives from the Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel, and Tin Workers (AAISTW) and the Steel Workers Organizing Committee (SWOC) after an intensive organizing initiative by the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) in the 1930s. After mergers in 2005, it was renamed United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union (USW...

Sea-Land Service, Inc. (corporateBody)

Amazon Collective (corporateBody)

Canadian Labor Congress (corporateBody)

Newsletter (corporateBody)

Committee of Interns and Residents (corporateBody)

AFL International Longshoremen's Association (corporateBody)

C. Petroni (corporateBody)

Local Union 1245, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (corporateBody)

G.I.s at Fort Campbell (corporateBody)

National Lawyers Guild. New York City Chapter (corporateBody)

Unemployed Teachers Association (corporateBody)

Black Students for Black Action at Lake Forest College (corporateBody)

Confederation Nationale du Travail (corporateBody)

College Voice (corporateBody)

North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office (corporateBody)

Spartacist Pub. Co. (corporateBody)

WW Publishers (corporateBody)

WREE (corporateBody)

SF Bay Area Independent Media Center (corporateBody)

Alameda County Branch, Bay Area Local, of Social Democrats, USA (corporateBody)

Massachusetts Fair Share. (corporateBody)

Humanity and Justice (corporateBody)

National Treasury Employees Union (corporateBody)

Red Sticks News Co-op (corporateBody)

C.N.T. (corporateBody)

YPSL (corporateBody)

Young People's Socialist League (corporateBody)

The Young People’s Socialist League (YPSL) has been the name of the youth section of the Socialist Party USA (SP). It originated in New York City in 1907 as the Young People's Socialist Federation, however, by 1918 it became known as the YPSL (members were often referred to as Yipsels). In the 1930s, the majority of the YPSL membership sided with the Militant faction within the Socialist Party, led by Norman Thomas, against the more moderate "Old Guard" linked to the garment industry unions, the...

Columbia Students for a Democratic Society (corporateBody)

National Federation of Social Service Employees (corporateBody)

Auto Workers United to Fight in 76 (corporateBody)

General Executive Bord sic of the Industrial Workers of the World (corporateBody)

Local 1, Long Lines Division 10, CWA-CIO (corporateBody)

League for the Revolutionary Party (corporateBody)

Third World Women's Alliance (U.S.) (corporateBody)

The Third World Women's Alliance (TWWA) operated from 1968-1980. It originated in New York as the Black Women's Liberation Committee (BWLC), which was a caucus of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and was created to address the issue of male chauvinism within the movement against racism. From there the BWLC evolved into the Black Woman's Alliance (BWA), independent from SNCC but maintaining close political ties with it. In 1970 the group's common work and dialogu...

New England Resistance. (corporateBody)

National Moratorium on Prison Construction (corporateBody)

The Socialist Workshop (corporateBody)

Red Family, People Press (corporateBody)

Communist Labor Party. (corporateBody)

Legislative Conference of the City University of New York. (corporateBody)

Center for United Labor Action (corporateBody)

New Alliance Publications, Inc. (corporateBody)

Constantino Zonchello (corporateBody)

League of Revolutionary Black Workers (corporateBody)

Mary Washington college (corporateBody)

National Democratic Party of Alabama (corporateBody)

Rank & File Committee (corporateBody)

International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Graphic Communications International Union (corporateBody)

The GCIU was created in 1983 from the merger of the Graphic Arts International Union (GAIU) with the International Printing and Graphic Communications Union (IPGCU). In 2005, the GCIU merged with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), to establish the Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (GCC/IBT). From the description of Graphic Communications International Union records, 1946-1998. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). Worl...

Actor's Equity Association. (corporateBody)

Bell Publications (corporateBody)

Everything for Everybody (corporateBody)

Her-self (corporateBody)

New Unionists (corporateBody)

Vietnam Moratorium Committee. (corporateBody)

Chutzpah Collective (corporateBody)

Black Panther Newspaper Committee (corporateBody)

Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) (corporateBody)

Irish Republican Movement (corporateBody)

International Marxist Group (corporateBody)

The International Marxist Group is a British Trotskyite revolutionary group affiliated to the Fourth International. Its broad aims are the overthrow of imperialist capitalism followed be the setting up of a government based on direct democratic control by the people. From the guide to the International Marxist Group, 1969-1988, (British Library of Political and Economic Science) The International Marxist Group, the official Trotskyist section of the Fourth Inter...

Winston Leyland (corporateBody)

Village Voice (corporateBody)

Le Chronic, Inc. (corporateBody)

Union WAGE (Organization) (corporateBody)

History Union Women's Alliance to Gain Equality (Union W.A.G.E.) was founded on International Women's Day, March 8, 1971, at an educational conference sponsored by the National Organization for Women (NOW), at the University of California, Berkeley. Union W.A.G.E. was a politically non-partisan, non-profit organization for "working women" which included housewives, unemployed, retired, and welfare women. The organization's purpose was to achi...

Labor Publications (corporateBody)

Chicago Flower Journal and Fire Enterprises, Inc. (corporateBody)

Peace Action Council (PCPJ) (corporateBody)

Anarchist-Communist Federation of North-America (corporateBody)

National Student Coalition Against Racism. (corporateBody)

Ampersand Publishing Company (corporateBody)

Internationalist Workers Party (Fourth International) (corporateBody)

Auto Workers United to Fight (corporateBody)

National Organization for Women, Inc., in New York (corporateBody)

Change-Links (corporateBody)

Groupe marxiste révolutionnaire (corporateBody)

Citizens Committee for Constitutional Liberties (corporateBody)

PDS (corporateBody)

Rank and File Movement in Local 100 (corporateBody)

International Molders' and Allied Workers' Union (corporateBody)

Northern California Alliance (corporateBody)

Socialist organization founded in January 1976 and committed to building "a revolutionary movement rooted in the working class and representing all of its sectors, especially Third World peoples and women." The Alliance took over the Liberation School, renaming it the San Francisco Liberation School. From the description of Northern California Alliance records, 1974-1978. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 122333370 ...

VVAW/WSO (corporateBody)

Clarion Publishing Association (corporateBody)

National Organization Committee for the Young Workers League of America (corporateBody)

Line of March Publications (corporateBody)

Communist Party of Massachusetts (corporateBody)

Union of Democratic Filipinos (corporateBody)

Eat the State (corporateBody)

American friends service committee (corporateBody)

Quaker organization formed to promote peace and reconciliation through its social service and relief programs. From the description of American Friends Service Committee records, 1933-1988 (bulk 1933-1938). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70983753 The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) was organized in June 1917 as an outgrowth of and coordination point for the anti-war and relief activities of various bodies of the Religious Society of Friends in the United States. A ...

W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America (corporateBody)

Bridgeworks, Inc. (corporateBody)

ICWU (corporateBody)

MIT Alternative News Collective (corporateBody)

Marxist-Leninist Publications (corporateBody)

Harrisburg Independent Press, Inc. (corporateBody)

UC-Riverside (corporateBody)

Final Warning (corporateBody)

Puerterrian Rebel Socialist Party (corporateBody)

Radical Caucus of the Libertarian Party (corporateBody)

Puerto Rican Socialist Party (PSP) (corporateBody)

Mobilization for Survival (corporateBody)

ACTIVIST Collective (corporateBody)

Black star (corporateBody)

GI's United Against the War in Vietnam (corporateBody)

Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen (corporateBody)

The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen was founded in 1883 in Oneonta, New York as a protective and insurance organization. By the time of its merger with three other railroad labor unions to form the United Transportation Union in 1969, it had the greatest membership of any of the operating railroad brotherhoods. From the description of Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen series 6. General subject files, 1897-1968, bulk 1934-1968. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 6475550...

Philadelphia Solidarity (corporateBody)

A.I.T. (corporateBody)

Eulenspiegel-Verlagsgesellschaft (corporateBody)

UAW Amalgamated Local 400 (corporateBody)

Druid Free Press (corporateBody)

International Union, Allied Industrial Workers of America (corporateBody)

Metropolitan Council on Housing (New York, N.Y.) (corporateBody)

The Metropolitan Council on Housing was formed in 1959. Veteran housing activists associated with the left (notably the American Labor Party and the Communist Party) played a prominent role; these included Esther Rand and Jane Benedict, longtime MCH leaders. MCH has fought for increased public housing, the maintenance of rent control, and other housing priorities,using a range of tactics that included rent strikes and lobbying. The records contain subject and administrative files, and include cl...

Association of Vietnamese Patriots in Canada (corporateBody)

International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen (corporateBody)

Intercraft Association of Minnesota News (corporateBody)

Association for Economic Studies (corporateBody)

Manchester 21 (corporateBody)

UAW of America, Local 259 (corporateBody)

Black People of Newark (corporateBody)

Real Live People (corporateBody)

Graphic Communications International Union (corporateBody)

The GCIU was created in 1983 from the merger of the Graphic Arts International Union (GAIU) with the International Printing and Graphic Communications Union (IPGCU). In 2005, the GCIU merged with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), to establish the Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (GCC/IBT). From the description of Graphic Communications International Union records, 1946-1998. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). Worl...

Red Bass Productions (corporateBody)

Alianza Federal de Pueblos Libres (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Against the Grain Collective (corporateBody)

Revolutionary Youth League (corporateBody)

New Democratic Party (corporateBody)

ASUCLA Communications Board (corporateBody)

North American Libertarian Alliance (corporateBody)

Associated Musicians of Greater New York. (corporateBody)

California Prisoners Union (corporateBody)

Oil Workers' International Union (corporateBody)

An NLRB case involving the expansion of the area of compulsory bargainable issues. The company had unilaterally promulgated a Stock Purchase Plan and had refused to bargain with the union over it, claiming that is not encompassed by the terms "wages" or "other conditions of employment" within the meaning of the National Labor Relations Act, but is merely an incentive to employees voluntarily to invest in company stock. Upon charges of unfair labor practices filed by the ...

Movement for a Democratic Military (corporateBody)

Detroit Free Press Co. (corporateBody)

C.N.T/A.I.T (corporateBody)

By and for Marines from Camp Lejeune (corporateBody)

People's Party (corporateBody)

Lanka Samasamaja Party (corporateBody)

Prisoner's Progress Association (corporateBody)

Free People's Movement (corporateBody)

Bakery, Confectionery, and Tobacco Workers International Union (corporateBody)

Founded January 13, 1886 as National Union of Journeymen Bakers of North America. In 1902, the union was also given jurisdiction over confectionary workers. Merged with tobacco workers in 1980 to form Bakery, Confectionary and Tobacco Workers International Union of America. From the description of Archives of the Bakery, Confectionery and Tobacco Workers International Union, 1888-1982. (University of Maryland Libraries). WorldCat record id: 14449986 ...

Kick it Over Collective (corporateBody)

New York State AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

The New York State AFL-CIO is a statewide federation of trade unions that has its origins in the Workingmen's Assembly, founded in the mid-1860s, and the New York State Branch of the American federation of Labor, founded in 1888. The two organizations merged in 1898 to form the New York State Workingmen's Federation (whose name was changed in 1910 to the New York State Federation of Labor). Its primary aim was to lobby the state legislature in favor of legislation of concern to the labor movemen...

Committee of Returned Volunteers (corporateBody)

Civil Service Employees Association (N.Y.) (corporateBody)

Columbia University Students for a Democratic Society (corporateBody)

Organización Obrera Revolucionaria Puertorriqueña (corporateBody)

International Longshoremen's Association, AFL (corporateBody)

Triangle Free Press (corporateBody)

Canadian Brotherhood of Railway, Transport and General Workers (corporateBody)

Painters District Council 9 (corporateBody)

Liberated Barracks Coffeehouse (corporateBody)

Federación Regional de Sindicatos de la Enseñanza del Centro (corporateBody)

Revolutionary Workers Group (corporateBody)

Wisconsin Steelworkers (corporateBody)

Slavic-American Pub. Co. (corporateBody)

Free association (corporateBody)

Wisconsin Alliance (corporateBody)

New Leader Pub. Addociation (corporateBody)

New York Taxi Division Transport Workers Union (corporateBody)

Executive Committee of the Communist Young International (corporateBody)

Drunken Boat (corporateBody)

Black Workers Congress (corporateBody)

Teachers Union, Local 6, AFT, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Members of the International Longshoremen's Association (corporateBody)

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (corporateBody)

Founded in 1888 as the United Machinists and Mechanical Engineers of America, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers is one of the largest trade unions in North America. The organization has been known as the National Association of Machinists (1889-1891) and the International Association of Machinists (1891-1965). From the description of International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers artifact collection, 1888-ca. 2000. (Georgia State Univers...

Campaign for Economic Democracy (corporateBody)

Young Americans for freedom (corporateBody)

Biographical/Historical Note American conservative student and youth organization. From the guide to the Young Americans for Freedom records, 1960-2010, (Hoover Institution Archives) ...

Wooster College (corporateBody)

Rank and File Inter-Club Conference (corporateBody)

New England Prisoners Association (corporateBody)

Revolutionary Political Organization (corporateBody)

Hanksville Associates (corporateBody)

Gay Liberation Front of New York (corporateBody)

Union of the Kenya Civil Servants (corporateBody)

National Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (corporateBody)

CommPress-Verl. (corporateBody)

Medical Committee for Human Rights (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Purpose of organization was to recruit health care personnel and supplies for civil rights workers who participated in the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project and for local black residents. From the description of Medical Committee for Human Rights (U.S.) records, 1964-1966. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122532014 From the guide to the Medical Committee for Human Rights (U.S.) records, 1964-1966, (The New York Public Library. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, M...

Architects Renewal Committee in Harlem (corporateBody)

Independent Community Voice (corporateBody)

American Workers Organization (Marxist-Leninist) (corporateBody)

Shadow Press (corporateBody)

Americans for Democratic Action (corporateBody)

Central de trabajadores de Cuba (corporateBody)

American Workers' Communist Party (corporateBody)

VVAW/WSO National Prison Project (corporateBody)

Organizing Committee for a New African Liberation Support Committee (corporateBody)

NY ITU Local 6 (corporateBody)

Resource Center (Albuquerque, N.M.) (corporateBody)

United Magazines and Newspapers (corporateBody)

Independent Citizens Committee for the Arts, Sciences and Professions (corporateBody)

Newspaper Guild and Communications Reporter (corporateBody)

Newspaper PM, Inc. (corporateBody)

Bay Area Coordinating Committee (corporateBody)

National Resistance Committee (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Peace and Solidarity Project (corporateBody)

Las Sociedades Obreras (corporateBody)

Socialist Party (Max Delson) (corporateBody)

Newspaper Guild of Detroit (corporateBody)

Taxi Drivers Union Local 3036 (corporateBody)

U.S. China Friendship Association (corporateBody)

Peace and Freedom Party. (corporateBody)

Hotel Hospital Nursing Home and Allied Services (corporateBody)

Amnesty international USA (corporateBody)

Amnesty International (AI), a non-governmental organization (NGO), was founded in 1961 to campaign for internationally recognized human rights. In its early years, the main focus of AI's campaigns was to free prisoners of conscience. Within a short time, its mandate expanded to include campaigning for prompt and fair trails for all political prisoners, to end extrajudicial executions and disappearances, and to abolish the death penalty, torture and other cruel treatment or punishmen...

United Front of Cairo (corporateBody)

The United Front of Cairo, Illinois was an organization founded in 1969-1970, in response to racist attacks against the black population in Cairo, Illinois. The United Front was founded and led by Reverend Charles Koen. On March 31, 1969, white vigilante groups ("White Hats"), in cooperation with the local police, shot into an all-black housing project for two and a half hours. Although it was not the first attack on the black population in Cairo, it led the impetus to begin an economic boycott ...

Long Island Free Press (corporateBody)

New University Conference (corporateBody)

Teamsters Joint Council 64 (Connecticut) Bricklayers, Laborers, and Ironworkers (corporateBody)

Rand School of Social Science. Meyer London Memorial Library. (corporateBody)

United Garment Workers of America (corporateBody)

The United Garment Workers Union (UGW) was established in 1891. From the description of United Garment Workers of America records, [ca. 1915-1980]. (Georgia State University). WorldCat record id: 38477502 ...

Painters and Paperhangers Union (corporateBody)

International Chemical Workers Union (corporateBody)

Founded in 1944, the ICW Union is one of the youngest unions in the U.S. and Canada, with a membvership of about 90,000 as of 1990. The union was founded following the first organizational effort in April, 1940, when the American Federation of Labor (A.F.L.) charged one its members to establish a council of chemical worker unions throughout the U.S. From the description of Records, 1937-1990 1960-1980. (University of Toledo). WorldCat record id: 41936787 ...

The Militant (corporateBody)

Young Progressives of America. (corporateBody)

Brotherhood of Marine Engineers, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Teachers Action Caucus of the United Federation of Teachers (corporateBody)

WPN (corporateBody)

International Transport Workers' Federation. (corporateBody)

The International Transport Workers' Federation was founded in London in 1886 by European seafarers and dockers' union leaders who realised the need to organize internationally against strike breakers. In 2001 it is a Federation of 570 trade unions in 132 countries, representing around 5 million workers. The ITF represents transport workers at world level and promotes their interests through global campaigning and solidarity. It is dedicated to the advancement of independent and democratic trade...

News & Letters (corporateBody)

YS (corporateBody)

MIT Science Action Coordinating Committee (corporateBody)

Scherr, Max (corporateBody)

Local 1180 CWA (corporateBody)

Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition (corporateBody)

People's Revolutionary News Service (corporateBody)

Free Voice of Labor Association (corporateBody)

Anti-Racist Action Publishers (corporateBody)

Canadian Proletarian Party (corporateBody)

Afro-American Cultural Center (corporateBody)

G.I.'s at Fort Ord Military Complex (corporateBody)

Amalgamated Transit Union (corporateBody)

Fur Vogue Publishing Co. (corporateBody)

New York State Employees Council 50 (corporateBody)

National Caucus of SDS Labor Committees (corporateBody)

United Committee Against the War (corporateBody)

KPML(r) (corporateBody)

National Organization for Women-New York City, Inc (corporateBody)

In 1966, Betty Friedan founded the National Organization for Women in Washington, D.C., a group whose goal was to "bring women into the mainstream of American society." Three years earlier, her book The Feminine Mystique had hit a nerve with American women (largely white, upper class women), whose discontent with their economic and social opportunities would result in the feminist social activism of the 1960s and 1970s. Not long after the national organization was formed, the New York Chapter wa...

Pacific Publishing Co. (corporateBody)

All You Can Eat Collective (corporateBody)

Los Siete de la Raza (corporateBody)

Joint Council of Teamsters, No. 42 (corporateBody)

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (corporateBody)

Antinuclear movement begun in Great Britain in 1958; founders included Bertrand Russell, Josef Rotblat, Kingsley Martin, and J.B. Priestley; CND opposed all preparations, material or political, to engage in nuclear war or threaten it as a means of national policy. From the description of Collection, 1958- (Swarthmore College, Peace Collection). WorldCat record id: 40214943 The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), an organization formed in Great Britain in January 1958, in...

Coalition of New York Schoolworkers (corporateBody)

Labor Leadership Assembly for Peace. (corporateBody)

The Coalition (corporateBody)

National Organization for Women (corporateBody)

The National Organization for Women (NOW) was formed in Washington D.C. in 1966, and incorporated in 1967. The organization was formed to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of society, assuming all privileges and responsibilities in fully equal partnership with men. Local chapters were formed throughout the country and task forces were set up to deal with problems of women in areas such as employment, education, religion, poverty, law, politics, and image in the media....

Black Liberation Alliance (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Työmies Society (corporateBody)

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee of California (corporateBody)

Southern Education Reporting Service (corporateBody)

World Revolution (corporateBody)

American Civil Liberties Union (corporateBody)

Founded in 1920 in New York City by Roger Baldwin and others; the ACLU was an outgrowth of the American Union Against Militarism's National Civil Liberties Bureau, which in 1920 changed its name to the American Civil Liberties Union. From the description of Collection, 1917- (Swarthmore College, Peace Collection). WorldCat record id: 42740878 The Southern Women's Rights Project (SWRP) located in Richmond is affiliated with the American Civil Liberties Union. The project deal...

CPUSA (corporateBody)

International Longshoremen's Association, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Local 237, International Brotherhood of Teamsters (corporateBody)

Left wing Local 22, ILGWU (corporateBody)

Bloomington Independent Publishing Corp. (corporateBody)

Friendshipment (corporateBody)

Revolutionary Student Brigade (corporateBody)

Société Nouvelle de Presse et de Communication (SNPC) (corporateBody)

Teamster Rank and File Monthly (corporateBody)

Buffalo Youth against War and Fascism (corporateBody)

Educational Program of the New York Urban League (corporateBody)

New York Building Congress (corporateBody)

The New York Building Congress (NYBC) is an association representing the construction industry in New York City. Founded in 1921, it now represents 400 organizations totalling over 250,000 skilled workers and professionals. It focuses on supporting sound public policy, promoting productive capital spending, encouraging public/private partnerships, and evaluating the implementation of major government projects in the construction sector.Shortly after the First World War, elements of the American ...

New York Educators Association. (corporateBody)

The New York Education Association/New York (NYEA, later NEA/NY) was the product of the tensions between the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). Those tension at the national level were, in turn, a result of the merger of the NEA's New York State Teachers Association (NTSTA) and the AFT's United Teachers of New York (UTNY) to form the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) in 1972. Eventually, in 1976, NYUST disaffiliated from NEA, kee...

Student National Coordinating Committee (corporateBody)

New York Local of AFTRA (corporateBody)

Economica Giostrelli (corporateBody)

El Comite (corporateBody)

United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Casa El Salvador Farabundo Martí (corporateBody)

Progressive Citizens of America (corporateBody)

New Indicator Collective (corporateBody)

Citizens Party of Indiana (corporateBody)

Executive Board, Red Front (corporateBody)

O. Oni (corporateBody)

Hawaii Education for Social Progress (corporateBody)

Media Collective (corporateBody)

Local 9415, Communications Workers of America (corporateBody)

Committee to Support Middle East Liberation (corporateBody)

The National Organization for Women-NYS (corporateBody)

Jump Cut Associates (corporateBody)

Social Services Employees Union Local 371, District Council 37, AFSCME (corporateBody)

Labor Community Alliance (corporateBody)

Bay Area Radical Teachers Organ Committee (corporateBody)

Long View (corporateBody)

American Communist Workers Movement (Marxist-Leninist) (corporateBody)

Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) (corporateBody)

The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers' International Union (BCTGM) is a labor union in the United States and Canada primarily representing workers in the food processing industry. The union was established in 1886 as the Journeyman Bakers Union. The contemporary BCTGM was formed in January 1999 as a merger of the Bakery, Confectionery and Tobacco Workers' International Union and the American Federation of Grain Millers. The BCTGM is affiliated with the AFL–CIO, the Cana...

Chile Democratico (corporateBody)

Maine Independent Media Center (corporateBody)

Pioneer Press (corporateBody)

Spartacus Youth Publishing Co. (corporateBody)

Detroit Federation of Teachers (corporateBody)

Also known as American Federation of Teachers Local 231. From the description of Records, 1941-1957. (Wayne State University). WorldCat record id: 28414610 ...

Revolutionary Peoples' Communications Network (corporateBody)

NEA (corporateBody)

Palestine National Liberation Movement (corporateBody)

Ron Mix (corporateBody)

M. Bading (corporateBody)

Millar, J.A. (corporateBody)

Peoples Bicentennial Commission (corporateBody)

McGill University. Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (corporateBody)

New York Taxi Drivers Alliance (corporateBody)

New York State Service Employees Council AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Street Kids (corporateBody)

International Union of Socialist Youth (corporateBody)

San Francisco Socialist Coalition (corporateBody)

Local 371, SCME, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Grassroots People's Coalition (corporateBody)

NYU Revolutionary Women's Community (corporateBody)

Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center (corporateBody)

Labor-Farm Party (corporateBody)

NOW-New York City (corporateBody)

NYU Libertarian Studies Association (corporateBody)

Editrice A (corporateBody)

Anchorage Troop (corporateBody)

National Jobs with Justice Campaign (corporateBody)

Concerned Truckers for a Democratic Union (corporateBody)

New York Civil Liberties Union (corporateBody)

Office Workers International Union (corporateBody)

Bakery & Confectionary Workers Int'l Union of America, Local No. 1 (corporateBody)

G. Machado (corporateBody)

Local 3181, Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Socialist Party, Kings Co. (corporateBody)

N+1 (corporateBody)

Young Workers League (corporateBody)

German American, Inc. (corporateBody)

Peace News Ltd. (corporateBody)

May 2nd Movement (corporateBody)

People's Voice, Inc. (corporateBody)

Young Socialists (corporateBody)

New York Students for a Democratic Society (corporateBody)

Trotskyist Organizing Committee (corporateBody)

Trades Union Circle Check Association (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Newspapers Inc. (corporateBody)

Vietnam veterans against the war (corporateBody)

The founders were former servicemen and servicewomen who served in Vietnam and who opposed the United States government's policy during the Vietnamese Conflict, sometimes in the face of public apathy, indifference and even hostility and harassment. They testified in the 1971 Winter Soldier Investigation as to the extent of atrocities against Viet Cong prisoners, civilians, and illegal border incursions into noncombatant countries. From the description of Collection, 1967-[ongoing]. (...

Running Dog (corporateBody)

Youth International Party News Service (corporateBody)

Service Employee International Union (corporateBody)

Joint Committee (corporateBody)

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (corporateBody)

Avatar, Inc. (corporateBody)

National Conference for New Politics (corporateBody)

Revolt Publishing Association (corporateBody)

United Office and Professional Workers of America (UOPWA) (corporateBody)

Pandora. (corporateBody)

Indochina Peace Campaign. (corporateBody)

The Indochina Information Project was founded in the spring of 1972 by Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden. With the Democratic nomination of George McGovern for president in July 1972, the Project began to stress an electoral strategy and was renamed the Indochina Peace Campaign. After the election, the IPC continued its educational, political, and protest activities. From the description of Indochina Peace Campaign tapes, [ca. 1972]. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 64072596...

International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths. (corporateBody)

Left wing section of the socialist party. (corporateBody)

PACE International Union (corporateBody)

Socialist Organizer, the U.S. Fraternal Section of the Fourth International (corporateBody)

National Student League of Greater New York (corporateBody)

Irish-American Action Association (corporateBody)

Expose Inc. (corporateBody)

Parti communiste internationale. (corporateBody)

Independent Progressive Members of the Newspaper Guild of NYC (corporateBody)

Religious Task Force on El Salvador (corporateBody)

Vicksburg Citizen’s Appeal (corporateBody)

Editorial Collective (corporateBody)

CWA Local 3263 (corporateBody)

Anmesty International of the USA (corporateBody)

Independent Group of Working People (corporateBody)

Publications Collective, Iowa City WLF (corporateBody)

C.P.U.S.A. (M-L) (corporateBody)

Short Times Staff (corporateBody)

Vermont Commons (corporateBody)

International Woodworkers of America (corporateBody)

CIO-affiliated union founded in 1937 by woodworkers in the United States and Canada. In April, 1987, the International Woodworkers of America (IWA) split to form the IWA-U.S. and IWA-Canada unions. The IWA-U.S. is headquartered in Gladstone, Or. From the description of Records, 1936-1987. (University of Oregon Libraries). WorldCat record id: 19796382 ...

Joint Community Union and National Organizing Committee (corporateBody)

New York City Independent Media Center (corporateBody)

Irish Young Socialists (corporateBody)

The Murian Foundation for Criminal Justice, Inc. (corporateBody)

Rolling Log Collective (corporateBody)

White panther party (corporateBody)

Brotherhood of Maintenance Way Employees (corporateBody)

GI-Airmen Coalition (corporateBody)

Tierra y Libertad (corporateBody)

Miners' Right to Strike Committee (corporateBody)

Canadian Tribune Publishing Ass. (corporateBody)

Seafarers' International Union of North America (corporateBody)

The Historical Research Department of the Seafarers International Union (SIU) kept extensive files on Joseph Curran, president of the NMU from 1937 until his death in 1981. “Big Joe” Curran, then an inactive member of the conservative International Seaman’s Union, founded the Seaman’s Defense Committee during a wildcat strike in 1936 on the Panama Pacific Line's S.S. California. The Committee was renamed the National Maritime Union in 1937, and Curran became its first president. He ...

Editorial Prensa Sembradora (corporateBody)

American Labor Party of NY County (corporateBody)

Parti socialiste unifié (corporateBody)

Y.M.I. INC. (corporateBody)

Local 23-25 (corporateBody)

Sandinista National Liberation Front (corporateBody)

G.I.s at Travis Airforce Base (corporateBody)

August 29th Movement (corporateBody)

Community and Social Agency Employees Union. District Council 1707 (corporateBody)

Workers' Defense League (corporateBody)

In 1936, Norman Thomas proposed the formation of a national labor and socialist defense committee to coordinate the defense of striking unionists, sharecroppers and other workers caught up in the labor crisis of the Great Depression. An earlier (1918) organization, called the Workers Defense Union, was not related to it, though their goals were similar. From the description of Collection, 1936-1970, 1937-1949. (Swarthmore College, Peace Collection). WorldCat record id: 29546111 ...

Oregon Coalition of Alternative Human Services (corporateBody)

Inter-Local Conference of Progressive Painters (corporateBody)

National Administrative Committee, Mechanics Educational Society of America (corporateBody)

Wire Service Guild Local 222, American Newspaper Guild of New York (corporateBody)

District Council 1707, Community & Social Agency Employees Union (corporateBody)

Socialist Labor Party. (corporateBody)

Founded in 1877, the Socialist Labor Party (SLP) developed into the foremost socialist organization in the United States at the turn of the century and was the first American Marxist party to maintain its existence over a long span of years. From the guide to the Socialist Labor Party records, 1877-1907., (Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives, Cornell University Library) The Socialist Labor Party (SLP), founded in 1877, was the first significant Ameri...

BuRevPers (corporateBody)

National Union of Tailors and Garment Workers (corporateBody)

The National Union of Tailors and Garment Workers was formed in 1932. It consisted of various smaller unions, among them the Amalgamated Society of Tailors, the London Society of Tailors and Tailoresses, the United Clothing Workers Union and the National Unions of Tailors and Garment Workers. In 1991 it joined the General Municipal and Boilermakers (GMB). From the guide to the National Union of Tailors and Garment Workers, 1893-1953, (British Library of Political and Economic Science...

After the Fall Collective (corporateBody)

Entelechy Press Corp. (corporateBody)

District 1 -MEBA-NMU (corporateBody)

Sales Division 18, C.W.A. (corporateBody)

City Workers Committee of the League for the Revolutionary Party (corporateBody)

Coalition Opposed to Medical and Biological Attack (corporateBody)

Northern California Asian American Community (corporateBody)

Office Workers' Union. (corporateBody)

The United Office and Professional Workers of America (UOPWA), a union of clerical workers largely in the private sector, was formed in 1937 by the merger of fourteen American Federation of Labor (AFL) white collar unions (most prominently the New York City-based Bookkeepers, Stenographers, and Accountants Union Local 124646) and nine independent unions, totaling 8,600 members. It quickly secured a charter from the newly-organized Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO). UOPWA, whose membersh...

Central Committee of the Communist League (corporateBody)

The October League (M-L) (corporateBody)

National Educational Association (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Haiti Progres (corporateBody)

PFLP International Relations Committee (corporateBody)

Young MAPAM (corporateBody)

El Cuerpo (corporateBody)

Oxford University Labour Club (corporateBody)

Oxford University Labour Club. From the guide to the Minutes of the Oxford University Labour Club, 1921-31, 1921-31, (University of Oxford, Bodleian Library) From the guide to the Minute books of the Oxford University Labour Club, 1971-9, (University of Oxford, Bodleian Library) ...

International Committee for United Front International Labor Defense (corporateBody)

New Labour Press (corporateBody)

American Indian Historical Society (corporateBody)

Revolutionary Workers Movement (corporateBody)

International Printing and Graphic Communications' Union (corporateBody)

Organ de la Federation Anarchiste (corporateBody)

Getting Together Publications (corporateBody)

Southeastern Publishing Col. (corporateBody)

Committee for a Democratic Society, Rockefeller University (corporateBody)

ANJV (corporateBody)

AFL-CIO Public Employee Dept. (corporateBody)

Coming Together, Inc. (corporateBody)

AFSCME (corporateBody)

Charter granted 1936; full name: American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees. From the description of Office of the president collection, 1927-1962. (Wayne State University). WorldCat record id: 28419205 From the description of Office of the secretary-treasurer collection, 1926-1968. (Wayne State University). WorldCat record id: 28419214 ...

GI's Against Fascism (corporateBody)

Eastern Conference of Service Employees Unions (corporateBody)

Militant Action Caucus in CWA (corporateBody)

Taxi Rank and File Coalition. (corporateBody)

The Taxi Rank and File Coalition (TRFC), an organized group of disenchanted members of the New York City Taxi Drivers Union, Local 3036 was formed on April 15, 1971 in response to efforts by the leadership of the union and the taxi fleet owners to ratify a contract without a membership vote. For nearly seven years, the Coalition fought for a fair contract, better working conditions and a more democratic union. Members opposed what they saw as the autocracy of the founder of the unio...

Neither East nor West (corporateBody)

Local 1500, Retail Food Clerks Union (corporateBody)

Communications Workers of America Local 1111 (corporateBody)

Parti socialiste SFIO. (corporateBody)

West Bronx Tenants Union (corporateBody)

Coalition (corporateBody)

Jewish Student Association (corporateBody)

Central Trades and Labor Council (corporateBody)

National Lawyers Guild, University of Chicago Chapter (corporateBody)

Rhode Island Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (corporateBody)

Christian Crusade (corporateBody)

Socialist Equality Party (Australia) (corporateBody)

Patriotic Majority (corporateBody)

National Lawyers Guild. Southern California Chapter (corporateBody)

Independent Skilled Trades Council (UAW) (corporateBody)

Communist Labor Party of Ohio (corporateBody)

Grand Jury Project (corporateBody)

Spartacist Publications (corporateBody)

Morrisania Community Corporation (corporateBody)

Johnny Appleseed Patriotic Publications (corporateBody)

Motor City Labor League (corporateBody)

Ricardo Chavez-Ortiz Defense Committee (corporateBody)

National Strike Information Committee, Brandeis University (corporateBody)

Black Unity (corporateBody)

Labor Party (corporateBody)

International Association of Fire Fighters (corporateBody)

Brooklyn Heights Press (corporateBody)

Red Flag Union (corporateBody)

Education Committee of 8560, CWA (corporateBody)

Public Relations Dept. of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (corporateBody)

American Communist Workers Movement (corporateBody)

National Council of Senior Citizens (corporateBody)

Tompkins-Cortland Labor Coalition (corporateBody)

New York Media Project (corporateBody)

Bay Area Teamster United Rank and File (corporateBody)

California Communist League (corporateBody)

Mt. Pleasant Anarchist Group (corporateBody)

Workers Power Group (corporateBody)

Radical Pub. Co. of Ind., Inc. (corporateBody)

NY Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (corporateBody)

University of Buffalo BSU and Third World Veterans Alliance (corporateBody)

Tamiment Library (corporateBody)

The Tamiment Library Web Archive (Labor and the Left): Education and Student Movements, was created with the Web Archiving Service from the California Digital Library. This service employs open source web archiving utilities developed by Internet Archive with the support of the The International Internet Preservation Consortium. The Web Archiving Service was made possible with support from the National Digital Information and Infrastructure Preservation Program and the University of California, ...

L'Union Pacifiste de France (corporateBody)

Citizens Energy Council (corporateBody)

Instituto de Estudos da Religião (corporateBody)

Groupes de Travail Communistes et l'Union des Jeunesses Communistes (corporateBody)

Andromeda International, Inc. (corporateBody)

Vietnam Veterans Against the War and Winter Soldier Organization (corporateBody)

Donald L. West (corporateBody)

Onondaga Publishing Co. (corporateBody)

Workers' Revolutionary Party (corporateBody)

Members for a Democratic Union (corporateBody)

Communications Workers of America (corporateBody)

The National Typographical Union was organized in 1852 and in 1869 changed its name to the International Typographical Union (ITU). In 1987, the ITU merged into the Communication Workers of America (CWA). The Women's International Auxiliary, a division of the ITU, disbanded in 1990. From the description of Women's International Auxiliary records, [ca. 1940-1990]. (Georgia State University). WorldCat record id: 38477528 The Communications Workers of America (CWA) which was fo...

Workers Press (corporateBody)

Coordinating Committee for Women's Rights Groups (corporateBody)

Telephone Workers Organizing Committee (C.I.O.) (corporateBody)

United Textile Workers of America (corporateBody)

The United Textile Workers of America (UTWA) was chartered in 1901 and became a founding union of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) in 1937. As part of the CIO, the UTWA was renamed the Textile Workers Organizing Committee (TWOC) then the Textile Workers Union of America (TWUA). In 1939, a dissident faction of the TWUA sought for and was allowed to re-affiliate with the American Federation of Labor (AFL) under its original name the United Textile Workers of America. From...

Progressive Labor Party (corporateBody)

Vietnam Summer (corporateBody)

San Diego Feminist Communications (corporateBody)

Bette Dravis (corporateBody)

V.R. Leviathan Publications, Inc. (corporateBody)

Freethought Society of America, Inc. (corporateBody)

Substitutes United for Better Schools (corporateBody)

United Housing Foundation (corporateBody)

Naperville Central High School (corporateBody)

Mexican American Cultural Corporation (corporateBody)

Red Mountain Tribe (corporateBody)

Berger-Levrault et Georges Cres and Co. (corporateBody)

United Federation of Teachers (corporateBody)

The Teachers' Union (TU) of New York City was organized in 1916 and chartered as Local 5 of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). Although constrained by the AFT's no-strike pledge, laws against strikes by public employees, the authoritarian and paternalistic policies of the Board of Education, and the resistance of many teachers to trade-union appeals, the Teacher' Union soon won a reputation for militancy. The Teachers' Union not only addressed the bread and butter issues of salaries, pen...

Union Reporter Association (corporateBody)

Times Are Changin’ (corporateBody)

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (corporateBody)

Katipunan Publications (corporateBody)

Locals 3112-3111, Communications Workers of America (A.F.L.-C.I.O.) (corporateBody)

Trade Union Service (corporateBody)

Y.I.P. (corporateBody)

Comite Vietnam National (corporateBody)

State University of New York College at New Paltz. Art Gallery (corporateBody)

Formerly called the Teachers' College at New Paltz. From the description of Photograph collection, 1950-1957. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155504504 State University of New York College at New Paltz (SUC New Paltz) developed from the State Normal School (1885) which had its origins in the New Paltz Academy, established in 1833. From the description of Miscellaneous records, 1872-1971. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155503941 ...

United Telephone Publications, Inc. (corporateBody)

National Health and Human Service Employees Union, SEIU, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Federation of Long Lines Telephone Workers. (corporateBody)

American Federation of Teachers (corporateBody)

Joyce Wheeler was a member of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), a national teachers' labor union founded in 1900. She was particularly active in the United Action Caucus (UAC), a rank and file organization within the AFT. The UAC took stands on various issues within the American educational system, supported progressive politics in general, and campaigned for internal democracy within the AFT. Members of the Communist Party USA are thought to have played an important role in the UAC. Wh...

Pansy Press (corporateBody)

Washington Free Press Association (corporateBody)

Critical Mass Energy Project (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Aboveground (corporateBody)

Transport Workers Union, Local 156, CIO (corporateBody)

Upholsterers' International Union of North America (corporateBody)

The Upholsterers International Union (UIU) was formed in 1882, reorganized in 1892, and was chartered by the American Federation of Labor (AFL) in 1900. The UIU represents workers in the furniture, mattress and bedding and casket industries, as well as window trimmers, and display installers. In 1937, due to internal disputes, several UIU locals and an estimated 7500 members split from the union to form the rival United Furniture workers of America. Despite the split the union continued to thriv...

Citywide Coordinating Committee of Welfare Groups (corporateBody)

MDS Collective (corporateBody)

American Postal Workers Union (APWU) (corporateBody)

Steering Wheel Corp/ (corporateBody)

Metropolitan Transit Authority (corporateBody)

National Coordinating Committee for Trade Union Action and Democracy (corporateBody)

Labor Party League (corporateBody)

S.C. (corporateBody)

D-Day (corporateBody)

Chicago Journal of Street, Railway, Rapid Transit, and Bus Workers (corporateBody)

Catalyst Collective (corporateBody)

Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (corporateBody)

Workers Action Movement (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Confédération française démocratique du travail. (corporateBody)

Int'l Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen & Helpers, Local 560 (corporateBody)

Bakery and Confectionery Workers' International Union of America Local 2 (corporateBody)

The United Taxi Owners Guild (corporateBody)

Independent Media Center of Philadelphia (corporateBody)

Consumers' League of New York. (corporateBody)

International Socialists (corporateBody)

MIchigan Bell (corporateBody)

GI's from Fort Ord (corporateBody)

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions. (corporateBody)

Freedom News (corporateBody)

Local 32B-32J, Service Employees International Union (corporateBody)

Through the Looking Glass (corporateBody)

Frosinone (corporateBody)

New Dawn Party (corporateBody)

Labor Action Committee (corporateBody)

Movement for a New Society (corporateBody)

Began in 1971 in Philadelphia, Pa.; superseded A Quaker Action Group; a national network of activists committed to building a nonviolent revolution; provided training in nonviolent direct action; committed to decentralized organization and decision-making. For the first ten years, collectives in Philadelphia encouraged the formation of regional groups, including collectives in the Boston/Northeast Region, the Mid-Atlantic Region, Tucson, Seattle, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Chicago, etc.; after 1981 e...

Comité Antifascista Español de los Estados Unidos (corporateBody)

West Side Organization (corporateBody)

Transport Workers Union Utility Division (corporateBody)

North Carolina Independent Publishing Co. (corporateBody)

Trotskyist Organization, USA (corporateBody)

Arthur T. Gore (corporateBody)

National Congress of Neighborhood Women (corporateBody)

Neighborhood scene in Brooklyn, New York, circa 1980. Photograph by Janie Eisenberg. The National Congress of Neighborhood Women (NCNW) is a support network for grassroots women's organizations and community leaders dedicated to empowering, and providing a voice for, poor and working-class women working to improve their communities and their own status in low-income urban and rural areas on local, national, and international levels. The history of NCNW begins with the r...

New Directions Caucus of the UFT (corporateBody)

Jewish Liberation Project. (corporateBody)

Local 3108, Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

United Automobile Workers of America. (corporateBody)

Partito Comunista Internazionale (corporateBody)

Peace and Freedom Council of Los Angeles (corporateBody)

Vermont Alternative Media Project (VAMP) (corporateBody)

Libertarian Party (corporateBody)

United States political party. From the description of Papers of the Libertarian Party [manuscript], 1977-1993. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647841887 From the description of Papers of the Libertarian Party, 1972-1984. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 32959443 From the description of Papers of the Libertarian Party, 1976-1991. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 85823244 From the description of Papers of the Libertari...

Painters, Tapers, and Paperhangers of Northern California (corporateBody)

International Communist Current in the U.S. (corporateBody)

International Committee Against Racism. (corporateBody)

Shopmen's Local Union (corporateBody)

Revolutionary Communist League (corporateBody)

All Ready on the Left (corporateBody)

Masada (Musical group) (corporateBody)

Southern Local 3290, Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Our Times Cooperative (corporateBody)

Jerry Gambill (corporateBody)

Hunter Envoy (corporateBody)

Impresos Alfa (corporateBody)

Democratic Workers Party (corporateBody)

American Postal Workers' Union (corporateBody)

Morris "Moe" Biller was born in New York City on November 15, 1915. He attended Brooklyn College and City College and began working in the Postal Service in 1937 as a substitute clerk. Except for wartime service in the military, Biller spent the rest of his life in the Postal Service and as a postal union leader. He held almost every position within his local union (National Federation of Postal Clerks, Local 10) before the local broke away to become the Manhattan-Bronx Postal Worke...

Fight Back! (corporateBody)

Attica Now (corporateBody)

Focus (Musical group) (corporateBody)

Black Allied Student Association, NYU (corporateBody)

Local 485 IUE-AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Atlanta Cooperative News Project (corporateBody)

Coalition Opposing Registration and the Draft (CORD) (corporateBody)

White Lightning Section of the Spirit of Logos (corporateBody)

Capitalist Reporter INC. (corporateBody)

Convention Center (corporateBody)

National Postal Union (corporateBody)

Uniformed Firefighters Association (corporateBody)

Association générale des étudiants guadeloupéens (corporateBody)

Newspaper Guild of New York, Local 3, American Newspaper Guild, CIO (corporateBody)

CWA New Jersey State Worker Locals (corporateBody)

TWU (corporateBody)

Pacific Tribune Publishing Association/Canadian Tribune Publishing Association (corporateBody)

Chico Community Pub., Inc. (corporateBody)

Union de Mujeres (corporateBody)

National Wallace for President Committee (corporateBody)

Potomac Alliance (corporateBody)

Plain Talk Publishing Association (corporateBody)

Sherman A. Patterson (corporateBody)

Communist Party of the United States of America (Marxist-Leninist) (corporateBody)

M. Sullivan (corporateBody)

Citizens Party, San Francisco Chapter (corporateBody)

New York Metro Area Postal Union (corporateBody)

The New York Metro Area Postal Union (American Postal Workers Union, Local 10) represents clerks, motor vehicle staff, maintenance workers and mail-handlers in the greater New York City area. (Some mail-handlers, however, are represented by other unions.) By the 1980s the union enrolled more than 25,000 members. The local originated as Local 10 of the National Federation of Post Office Clerks. Officers and most of the members of this local seceded in 1958 to become the Postal Union of Manhattan-...

Progressive Student Network. (corporateBody)

New York Civil Service Employees Pub. Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Prisoners Rights Union (corporateBody)

National Strike Information Center. (corporateBody)

American association of school administrators (corporateBody)

NOSCAM-Chicago (corporateBody)

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. (corporateBody)

Chicago Teachers Union, Local 1-AFT, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Organization of Executive Committee of Fourth International (corporateBody)

Peace Courier (corporateBody)

Camden Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations (corporateBody)

Young Workers Liberation League (corporateBody)

Northwest Passage, Inc. (corporateBody)

Teachers Union (corporateBody)

CUNY Revolutionary Reconstruction and Internationalist Clubs (corporateBody)

Alliance for Workers' Liberty (corporateBody)

Lavender and Red Union (corporateBody)

Infact (corporateBody)

United Storeworkers (corporateBody)

New Women's Times (corporateBody)

Distributive Workers of America (corporateBody)

Amalgamated Meatcutters and Retail Food Store Employees Union (corporateBody)

National Provisional Committee for a Socialist Youth League (U.S.) (corporateBody)

New University Conference-Modern Language Caucus (corporateBody)

Youth in Action (corporateBody)

Civil Rights Congress of Michigan (corporateBody)

Communications Workers of America, Local 2101 (corporateBody)

GI's of Fort Dix (corporateBody)

Boston Area Teaching Project, Inc. (corporateBody)

New Directions for Women (corporateBody)

Genesis 2 (corporateBody)

René-Boulanger (corporateBody)

The Wood, Wire and Metal Lathers International Union (corporateBody)

Agency for Public Information (corporateBody)

Socialist Labor Committee (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Pagos al Centre d'Archives et de Documentation Politiques et Sociales (corporateBody)

United Food and Commercial Workers Union. (corporateBody)

Asheville Global Report (corporateBody)

Red Balloon Collective (corporateBody)

Campus Press (corporateBody)

Youth Liberation Front (corporateBody)

Bay Area Regional Office, National Lawyers Guild (corporateBody)

Theatre Project, Antioch College (corporateBody)

NYU Liberation Front (corporateBody)

New York City Central Labor Council. (corporateBody)

Brewery Workers Local 3 & Local 46, International Brotherhood of Teamsters (corporateBody)

United Transport Union (corporateBody)

Clergy and Laity Concerned (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Clergy and Laity Concerned (CALC) is a nationwide, multi-racial network of people of faith and conscience who believe that moral/ethical/religious values must be brought to bear on problems of political, economic, and social injustice. The organization was founded in 1965 for the purpose of opposing American involvement in Vietnam. Until 1972, the organization was called Clergy and Laymen Concerned about Vietnam. From the description of Records, 1966-1981. (Swarthmore College, Peace ...

Underground Press Syndicate (corporateBody)

Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (corporateBody)

GIs at MCAS Iwakuni (corporateBody)

Grass Roots Publishing Co. (corporateBody)

Weekly Guardian Associates (corporateBody)

Young Lords (Organization) (corporateBody)

In the 1950's, a variety of ethnic groups resided in the Lincoln Park area and by the early 1960's a substantial Puerto Rican community was established around the south-western borders of the neighborhood. At this time Orlando Davila formed the Young Lords to counter the mounting antagonism against Puerto Ricans by other youth gangs. In 1964, Jose (Cha-Cha) Jimenez assumed the leadership of the Young Lords. In the late 1960's the Young Lords directed their activities to the social and economic c...

'Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo (corporateBody)

Bell Workers Action Committee, Local 1101 (corporateBody)

Dream World Dragon Press (corporateBody)

Aquarian Publishing Co. (corporateBody)

SSEU-371 Committee for New Leadership (corporateBody)

Communications Workers of America, Local 6360 (corporateBody)

National Welfare Rights Organization (U.S.) (corporateBody)

This organization and its serial publications were known by various names and incorporated various groups, including the Poverty/Rights Action Center, The National Welfare Leaders Newsletter, NOW!, WRO's in Action, and The Welfare Fighter. From the description of Newsletters, 1967-1972. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122571802 ...

Labor Network on Central America (corporateBody)

Radical Student Union (University of California, Berkeley) (corporateBody)

Class Struggle League (corporateBody)

Labor Record, Inc. (corporateBody)

Teachers for a Democratic Society (corporateBody)

Thomas Merton Center (corporateBody)

Labor Cooperative Educational and Publishing Society (corporateBody)

Association of Civilian Technicians (corporateBody)

Palo Alto Resistance (corporateBody)

The Lower East Side News (corporateBody)

Farm Labor Organizing Committee (corporateBody)

District 2, Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Montreal Joint Board of the ACWA (corporateBody)

CFC: A Collective of Liberation Centers (corporateBody)

Friends of the Universe (corporateBody)

Revolutionary Lesbians (corporateBody)

United Federation of Teachers, Local 2 (corporateBody)

Andrew Schulman (corporateBody)

Orange County People's Press (corporateBody)

Long Island American Federation of Teachers Council (corporateBody)

International Union of Petroleum & Industrial Workers, SIUNA, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Occupy Wall Street Media (corporateBody)

Student Mobilization Committee (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Black Liberation Newspaper (corporateBody)

Pacific Coast Marine Firemen, Oilers, Watertenders and Wipers Association (corporateBody)

Communications Workers of America, Local 1101, AFL/CIO (corporateBody)

Tribune Pub. Co. (corporateBody)

Poverty/Rights Action Center (corporateBody)

Citizens Action League (corporateBody)

Inner City Press (corporateBody)

Performing Artists for Nuclear Disarmament. (corporateBody)

Red Clover Collective (corporateBody)

Upper Mazaruni Development Project (corporateBody)

B.H. Shearer (corporateBody)

May Picqueray (corporateBody)

Bond voor Dienstplichtigen (corporateBody)

Bond voor Dienstweigeraars (BVD) opgericht in 1967 als vakbond voor tewerkgestelde dienstweigeraars; vanaf 1969 ontwikkeling naar politieke actiegroep voor democratisering van het leger; in mei 1970 besluit actief in het leger te gaan werken, naam gewijzigd in Bond voor Dienstplichtigen; dit leidde tot splitsing en oprichting van de Vereniging Dienstweigeraars (VD); de BVD werd eind 1983 opgeheven. From the description of Archief 1967-1983 (-1986) (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 80456...

Gruppi Comunisti Revoluzionari Sezione Italiana della IV Internazionale (corporateBody)

Partido Comunista de España. (corporateBody)

Marine Engineers Beneficial Association, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Social Democrats, U.S.A. (corporateBody)

Social Democrats, USA, is a descendant organization of the Socialist Pary of America. From the description of Records, 1937-1993 (bulk 1970-1984). (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 46719281 ...

Project to De-mystify the Established Standardized Tests (corporateBody)

Refuse & Resist! (corporateBody)

League for Proletarian Revolution (corporateBody)

Youth Organization for Black Unity (corporateBody)

Transport Workers' Union of America (corporateBody)

Much of the Transport Workers Union (TWU) history centers around the fiery figure of Michael Quill, President of the TWU from 1935 to 1966. Quill, born in Kilgarven, Ireland in 1905, started with the IRT subway as a ticket taker. It was only with the financial support of the Communist Party that Quill, together with Maurice Forge, Austin Hogan and Harry Sacher, was able to lead a successful organizing drive among New York City transit workers beginning in 1934. With Quill as President, the TWU o...

American arbitration association (corporateBody)

In January 1949 when the parties could not agree upon the terms of a new contract the union struck. When the strike was settled, it was agreed to submit to arbitration the following issues which the parties could not agree upon: payment of a 12% wage increase, retroactive to January 1, 1949; in lieu of overtime charges, a flat sum of $28 per month on non-propelled barges; when required to go on dock or aboard to make hose connections, a $2 payment per voyage made on self propelled vessels; and t...

GIs & Vietnam Vets Against the War (corporateBody)

Chicago SDS (corporateBody)

Cleveland Women's Counsel (corporateBody)

White Panther Community News Service (corporateBody)

South Asia Students Association, UC-Berkeley (corporateBody)

Labor Action Coalition (corporateBody)

Revolutionary Union/Revolutionary Communist Party (corporateBody)

Teachers Union of New York (corporateBody)

Victoria C. Woodhull & Tennie C. Claflin (corporateBody)

Painters' Free Press (corporateBody)

Partido Obrero Revolucionario (Bolivia) (corporateBody)

Baltimore School (corporateBody)

University of Michigan. (corporateBody)

Outside of museum holdings, no comprehensive survey and inventory of campus artwork had been attempted since 1937. With support from the Michigan Commission on Art in Public Places, 1,076 items were inventoried during 1988-1990. Additional inventory work was undertaken in 1997-1998 for risk management purposed, but generated little new information. From the description of Inventory of University of Michigan-owned art, 1988-1990, 1997-1998. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id...

Local 200, General Service Employees Union, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Workers Party, U.S.A. (corporateBody)

Professional Staff Congress CUNY (corporateBody)

Task Force (corporateBody)

Socialist Party of America (corporateBody)

Laundry Workers Joint Board of Greater New York (corporateBody)

People's Herald (corporateBody)

International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Tradesmen (corporateBody)

Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Attica Defense Committee (corporateBody)

Minnesota Prisoners Union (corporateBody)

National Executive Committee of the American League for Peace and Democracy (corporateBody)

Independent Progressive Politics Network (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Phase IV (corporateBody)

Sacramento Community for Peace & Justice (corporateBody)

National Association of Letter Carriers (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Eastern Farm Workers Association. (corporateBody)

Eastern Farm Workers Association is a free and voluntary unincorporated association compromised of migrant and seasonal workers, other low income workers, concerned citizens, clergy, and students. The association's goal is to develop permanent solutions to the problems involving farm workers and workers in small factories and shops who move in and out of the ranks of farm workers in Central New York. The association has operated in Central New York since 1974. The association offers emergency fo...

Foundation for the Community of Artists (corporateBody)

Tobacco Workers International Union, Local 185 (corporateBody)

New York Taxi Workers Alliance (corporateBody)

The New York Taxi Workers' Alliance was founded in 1998 by members of the Lease Drivers Coalition (LDC), an advocacy project of the Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence (CAAAV). The union, led by Executive Director Bhairavi Desai since its inception, fights for structural change in the taxi driving industry, regularly ranked by the Department of Labor as one of the most dangerous job in the country. The NYTWA supports drivers through legal advocacy, health education, and numerous campaigns figh...

Published by and for the Employees of the Gulf Oil Corp. (corporateBody)

An Phoblacht (corporateBody)

I Wor Kuen (corporateBody)

Screen Actors Guild (corporateBody)

Broadside Publications (corporateBody)

International Socialist Organization (corporateBody)

Boilermakers' Publications (corporateBody)

People's Christian Coalition (corporateBody)

Local 840, Teamsters (corporateBody)

Radical Zionist Alliance (corporateBody)

C.P. Unit of the New York Times (corporateBody)

United Front Committee to Build the Nationwide Unemployed League (corporateBody)

Mujeres an Accion Pro Reivindicaciones Economicas y Sociales (corporateBody)

Motion Picture Laboratory Technicians, Local 702, IATSE (corporateBody)

World-Telegram and Sun Unit of Newspaper Guild of New York (corporateBody)

Muddy Tribe and Friends (corporateBody)

Great Lakes District Local 101, MEBA, MTO, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

IWA-U.S., AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

ECOS (corporateBody)

Industrial Workers of the World (corporateBody)

The IWW is a labor organization dedicated to uniting laborers around the world into a single large union. From the description of Collection 1916-1939. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 778701431 Established in Chicago in 1905 by sponsors of socialism and the remnants of previous labor unions, including the Knights of Labor, Western Federation of Miners and the American Labor Union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), or "Wobblies", evolved into a radical industrial unio...

Socialist Party of the United States of America. National Headquarters (corporateBody)

G.I. Anti-war (corporateBody)

Las Organizaciones de Puerto Rico Afilidades al C.I.O. (corporateBody)

Alive production collective (corporateBody)

Workers Democracy Network (corporateBody)

Student Liberation Action Movement (corporateBody)

Tobacco Workers International Union (corporateBody)

Founded in 1895 as the National Tobacco Workers Union of America. Became the Tobacco Workers International Union in 1899 and merged with the Bakery and Confectionary Workers in 1979 to form the Balary, Confectionary and Tobacco Workers International Union. From the description of Archives of the Tobacco Workers International Union, 1896-1979 [microform]. (University of Maryland Libraries). WorldCat record id: 29688376 Founded in 1895 as ...

Campus Crusade for Christ (corporateBody)

National VVAW Collective (corporateBody)

International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 102 (corporateBody)

Canadian Party of Labour (corporateBody)

Administrative history unavailable. From the description of Canadian Party of Labour fonds. 1961-1972. (University of British Columbia Library). WorldCat record id: 606460764 ...

Greens/Green Party USA (corporateBody)

Public Citizen, inc. (corporateBody)

People's News Service. (corporateBody)

Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America United (corporateBody)

Synthesis Publications (corporateBody)

The Women's Detachment (corporateBody)

National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians (corporateBody)

The predecessor union of NABET, the Association of Technical Employees (ATE), was founded in 1934. The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) formed the ATE as a company union, in an effort to prevent their employees from being organized by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). The ATE would not stay under NBC control for long. It began an energetic organizing campaign, and in 1940 changed its name to the National Association of Broadcast Engineers and Technicians...

Cincinnati, Ohio (corporateBody)

La Raza (corporateBody)

N.Y.-N.J. United Workers Organization Food Industry Committee (corporateBody)

Bakery Confectionery and Tobacco Union (corporateBody)

Central Committee of the Marxist-Leninist Party (corporateBody)

Utility Union Workers of America (corporateBody)

American Revolutionary Movement (corporateBody)

Bakery and Confectionery Workers' International Union of America. (corporateBody)

International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers (corporateBody)

The International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers (IUMMSW) emerged in 1916 from the more radical Western Federation of Miners (WFM) which organized mine and copper industry workers. IUMMSW reasserted its presence in the western mines, most successfully during the five-month strike in Butte and Anaconda (Montana) in 1934. A founding member of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), the IUMMSW was expelled in 1950 because of the Union's perceived Communist ties. In 1967, the IUMMS...

Detroit Organizing Committee (corporateBody)

National Steelworkers Rank and File Committee (corporateBody)

Hospital Workers United (corporateBody)

Center for Campus Organizing (corporateBody)

Alliance des Jeunes pour le Socialisme (corporateBody)

El GAllo News (corporateBody)

Gray Panther Network (corporateBody)

New York Teachers Guild (corporateBody)

The Teacher's Union, Local 5, was organized in 1916 as an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers (AF of L), by Henry R. Linville, Abraham Lefkowitz and a few other pioneering teachers in New York City. Perhaps the most significant contribution of the T.U. during those early years was its fight on behalf of civil liberties, an area in which it would later become a formidable combatant. Its principal target was the repeal of the Lusk laws, statutes which allowed ...

Long View Pub. Co. (corporateBody)

Clamshell Alliance (corporateBody)

Sierra Club Nuclear Waste Campaign (corporateBody)

Executive Council of the International Typographical Union (corporateBody)

People's Information Center Collective and White Panther Tribe (corporateBody)

San Francisco Women's Liberation (corporateBody)

Twin Cities Northern Sun Alliance (corporateBody)

Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice (corporateBody)

C.N.T. d'Espagne en exil (corporateBody)

Black Panther Party. Ministry of Information (corporateBody)

Common Woman Collective (corporateBody)

Rand School of Social Science (corporateBody)

The Rand School of Social Science, a school for workers and socialists, was estalished in 1906 with funds from the will of Mrs. Carrie Rand under the leadership of George D. Herron. Until its closing in 1956, the Rand School offered a variety of courses on contemporary topics, traditional subjects and socialist theory taught by intellectual leaders of the socialist movement, distinguished academicians and trade union leaders. In a climate of anti-radical feeling after World War I, the Rand Schoo...

Special Weapon (corporateBody)

Public Employee Department (corporateBody)

Veterans for Peace, Inc. (corporateBody)

Veterans For Peace, Inc. (VFP); incorporated in Portland, Maine in 1985 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational and humanitarian organization dedicated to the abolishment of war; located in Portland, Maine (1985-1996), Washington D.C. (1997-2003) and St. Louis, Missouri (2004- ); comprised primarily of veterans of the United States military; non-veterans may also join as associate members. VFP's statement of purpose (2010) includes: To increase public awareness of the costs of war; to restrain the...

U.S. Servicemen's Fund (corporateBody)

The Defense Committee-Tidewater (corporateBody)

Committee for GI Rights (corporateBody)

Western Voice Collective (corporateBody)

Veterans Club at the University of Buffalo (corporateBody)

New Jersey Teamsters Joint Council No. 73 (corporateBody)

Freedom Socialist Party (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Parti communiste internationaliste (corporateBody)

Great Britain. Ministry of Information (corporateBody)

In 1917 the Prime Minister David Lloyd George (1863-1945) set up a Ministry of Information. The newspaper magnate Lord Beaverbrook (1879-1964) was put in overall charge of the organisation as Minister of Information. Other appointments included the Managing Director of United Newspapers Ltd, Robert Donald (1860-1933), who became Director of Propaganda in Neutral Countries) and Lord Northcliffe, (1865-1922), another newspaper magnate, who became Director of Propaganda in Enemy Countries. The Mini...

Hundred Flowers (corporateBody)

National Caucus of Labor Committees in Coalition w/ Independent Student Groups (corporateBody)

Worker-Student Alliance (SDS) (corporateBody)

Partido comunista de Cuba (corporateBody)

Young Lords Party (corporateBody)

Retail, Wholesale, Chain Store Food Employee Union (corporateBody)

Union Label and Service Trades Department of the State of New York. (corporateBody)

United National Caucus, UAW (corporateBody)

National Executive Committee of the American League Against War and Fascism (corporateBody)

Jabhah al-Dīmuqrāṭīyah li-Taḥrīr Filasṭīn (corporateBody)

Local 365, U.A.W.-C.I.O. (corporateBody)

Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (corporateBody)

Liberation News Service. (corporateBody)

Socialist Organiser (corporateBody)

War Tax Resistance (corporateBody)

Consumers League of New Jersey (corporateBody)

The Consumers League of New Jersey was founded in 1900. In that era, children worked in factories, and many of the protections of modern life which we take for granted were nonexistent. Consumers League struggled for 35 years before its original agenda: safe food, safe working conditions, prohibitions on child labor, promotion of minimum wages laws, and union protections, was enacted into law as the New Deal. It is the oldest continuing state-wide consumer organization in the United States. ...

Florida Free Press (corporateBody)

International Worker's Party (corporateBody)

National Organization of Masters, Mates, and Pilots of America AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

War Times (corporateBody)

Friends of Free Palestine (corporateBody)

Juventud Rebelde (corporateBody)

NALGO Action Group (corporateBody)

Military Action Committee (corporateBody)

Jesus People International (corporateBody)

United Tenants Action Committee (corporateBody)

International Union of Operating Engineers (corporateBody)

New York State United Teachers (corporateBody)

New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) was created in 1972 by the merger of the New York State Teachers Association (NYSTA) and the United Teachers of New York (UTNY). NYSTA had been affiliated with the National Education Association (NEA), and UTNY with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). UTNY was the statewide organization whose United Federation of Teachers (UFT), led by Albert Shanker, was the predominant teachers’ union in New York City. In joining with United Teachers a...

Moist International Movement (MIM) (corporateBody)

Party for Workers Power (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Southerners for Economic Justice (corporateBody)

Southerners for Economic Justice (SEJ) was founded in 1976 during a successful campaign to help J. P. Stevens textile workers unionize. Since then, SEJ has focused on empowering the unemployed and working poor to develop community-based strategies to solve social problems associated with economic crisis. From the description of Southerners for Economic Justice records, 1977-2001. WorldCat record id: 476227659 Southerners for Economic Justice (SEJ) was founded in...

New Jersey-New York Teamsters for a Democratic Union (corporateBody)

UOPWA-Local 16 (corporateBody)

Chicago Federation of Labor and Industrial Union Council (corporateBody)

Shelterforce Collective (corporateBody)

CWA Local 4000 (corporateBody)

Hard Times Conference (corporateBody)

Labor Militant Collective (corporateBody)

Servicio Sanitario Internacional (Spain) (corporateBody)

Labor Community for Change (corporateBody)

California Federation of Teachers (corporateBody)

Alliance for Cultural Democracy (corporateBody)

Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now (corporateBody)

Committee for Prisoner Support in Birmingham (corporateBody)

Florida United Service Association (corporateBody)

Iraqi Democratic Union (corporateBody)

Wildcat Press (corporateBody)

Coast Seamen’s Union of the Pacific Coast (corporateBody)

Feminist Publications of Ottawa (corporateBody)

Communist Labor Party of the U.S.N.A. (corporateBody)

New American Movement (corporateBody)

Free Ranger Tribe and Underground Press Syndicate (corporateBody)

People's Press (corporateBody)

L'Agitazione del Sud (corporateBody)

Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (corporateBody)

The Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) was founded in 1975 as the successor to the Revolutionary Union (founded in 1968). It was the first explicitly Maoist organization in the United States. The Party has been led by Bob Avakian since it's founding. The RCP has supported the domestic and foreign policies of The People's Republic of China until Mao's death in 1976 and opposed what they saw as revisionist, social imperialist policies of the Soviet Union. Two years after ...

The Feminist Voice (corporateBody)

Humanitarian Order of Kosmic Awareness (corporateBody)

RCP Publications (corporateBody)

Anti-Dictatorial Committee of Greeks and Americans for Democracy (corporateBody)

MOMMA (corporateBody)

Majority Report Co. (corporateBody)

Socialist Tribune, Inc. (corporateBody)

National Committees to Combat Fascism in America (corporateBody)

Australian Industrial Workers of the World (corporateBody)

TWU-Local 100 (corporateBody)

Concerned Rank and File Teamsters (CRAFT) (corporateBody)

Republican Movement (corporateBody)

Esso Tanker-Men's Association (corporateBody)

Pacific Pub. Foundation (corporateBody)

San Diego Area Servicemen (corporateBody)

Pentagon Peace Papers (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Workers' Organizing Committee (corporateBody)

Eunice West (corporateBody)

Act (corporateBody)

Revolutionary Socialist League (corporateBody)

The Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL) was a Trotskyist group in the United States established circa 1972 and disbanded 1989. The RSL originated in the Revolutionary Tendency within the International Socialists (U.S.) (IS) led by Sy Landy and Ron Tabor. They had three principal differences with the IS: they believed that the IS had abandoned strict adherence to Trotskyism; they felt that the emphasis on the day-to-day work within the trade unions diminished propagating the revolutionary obj...

Sección Bolchevique-Leninista de España (por la IV Internacional) (corporateBody)

Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society (corporateBody)

Long Beach Free Press (corporateBody)

Militant Publishing Co. (corporateBody)

AFL-CIO Public Affairs Dept. (corporateBody)

Peninsula Intercommunal News Service (corporateBody)

Mama Bears (corporateBody)

Trade Union Action League (corporateBody)

The Insurgent (corporateBody)

Hunter college (corporateBody)

The Hunter College Dance Therapy Program was begun in 1971 with the support of the National Institute of Mental Health. Forming part of the Department of Health and Physical Education of Hunter College of the City University of New York it offered the first Master of Science degree in dance therapy in the United States. The program was developed by Claire Schmais, Elissa White, and Martha Davis. In 1982 a three-year dual degree program combining social work and dance therapy was started, grantin...

National Prisoners' Reform Association (corporateBody)

Black Workers Council (corporateBody)

SPARK (corporateBody)

The Young Lords (corporateBody)

West Virginia Union of Telephone Workers, TWOC-CIO (corporateBody)

Unions Regionales de la C.N.T.F. (corporateBody)

FAI (corporateBody)

Trinity Temple (corporateBody)

Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

Department Store Workers Union (corporateBody)

Fag Rag Inc. (corporateBody)

Citizens Party (corporateBody)

New York Transport Workers' Union (corporateBody)

Center for Information on Latin America (corporateBody)

Plain View Press (corporateBody)

Pacific Publishing Foundation, Inc. (corporateBody)

Southern Summer School for Women Workers in Industry (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Washington Park Spirit, Inc. (corporateBody)

Committee for Miners' Rights (corporateBody)

Community News Publishers (corporateBody)

Empire State Federation of Teachers, AFT (corporateBody)

Homogeneous Party of the Working Class in the U.S.A. (corporateBody)

D.C. Independent Media Center (corporateBody)

Davison Art Center. (corporateBody)

Women's Focus/Womanews (corporateBody)

Students for a Democratic Society in West Berlin (corporateBody)

Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild, Local 35 TNG, AFL-CIO, CLC (corporateBody)

Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (Great Britain) (corporateBody)

Civil Service Technical Guild Local 375 (corporateBody)

Service des Comités d'Action (corporateBody)

Penn State College (corporateBody)

Outlaw Collective (corporateBody)

United Community Centers, Inc. (corporateBody)

Trystero Co. (corporateBody)

Movement for a Democratic Philippines (corporateBody)

Military Studies Center (corporateBody)

Local 101, Utility Division, Transport Workers Union (corporateBody)

John Brown Party (corporateBody)

Chicago Peace Council (corporateBody)

Friends of Durruti (corporateBody)

Center of Writers and Journalists of the Exploited World (corporateBody)

Art Kunkin (corporateBody)

Democratic Union Organizing Committee Local 777 (corporateBody)

GROW Project of the Southern Conference Educational Fund, Inc. (corporateBody)

Brotherhood of Pulp, Sulphite and Paper Mill Workers (corporateBody)

Sozialistische Arbeiterpartei (Germany). Auslandzentral (corporateBody)

Jewish Teachers Association (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Washington Peace Center (corporateBody)

The School of Living (corporateBody)

Baltimore GIs United (corporateBody)

Pensacola Co-op News Service c/o Universal Life Church (corporateBody)

Jewish Museum (corporateBody)

Youth Against War & Fascism (corporateBody)

National Federation of Housestaff Organization (corporateBody)

Pasternack, A. (corporateBody)

Scoop Progressive Media, LLC (corporateBody)

Local 595, UAW (corporateBody)

Times of America Pub. Co. (corporateBody)

Commonwoman (corporateBody)

CGT-FO (corporateBody)

Lumpen Times Inc. (corporateBody)

ASUC sponsored (corporateBody)

Southern Christian Leadership Conference (corporateBody)

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) is a national organization organized in chapters and affiliates that works for human rights across the world. It played a prominent role in the civil rights movement during the 1950s and 1960s. SCLC was closely associated with its first president, Martin Luther King, Jr. Origins of the SCLC can be traced back to the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 5 December 1955 after which leaders of civil rights groups met in Atlanta on 10-11 January 1957 to form ...

National NOW Action Center (corporateBody)

Regina Community Media Project (corporateBody)

Norman Bethune Institute (corporateBody)

Quad Cities Community News Service (corporateBody)

Booktab, Inc. (corporateBody)

Challenge Press (corporateBody)

American Independent Movement (Conn.) (corporateBody)

Agencia Prensa Latina (corporateBody)

New York State Committee of Communist Party (corporateBody)

African People's Socialist Party (corporateBody)

American Worker's Party (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Columbia Free Press Corp. (corporateBody)

Labor Record (corporateBody)

Draft Resisters (corporateBody)

Seed Publishing Co, Inc. Underground (corporateBody)

United Workers of America (corporateBody)

Legislative Conference of CUNY (corporateBody)

Outside Office of the Minnesota Prisoners Union (corporateBody)

The Union (corporateBody)

Young Communist League of the U.S.A. (corporateBody)

Breakthrough Publishing Co. (corporateBody)

New Jersey Solidarity-Activists for the Liberation of Palestine (corporateBody)

N.F.C. Publications (corporateBody)

GCN (corporateBody)

National Federation of Housestaff Organizations (corporateBody)

Beacon Journal Co. (corporateBody)

Alaska Common Ground Collective (corporateBody)

Groupe Nationale des Aciens du Parti Socialiste, SFIO (corporateBody)

International Organization of Masters, Mates, and Pilots (corporateBody)

The Masters, Mates & Pilots (MM&P) had its beginnings in the tragic burning of the steamboat Seawanhaka in New York Harbor on June 28, 1880. The 612-ton, 230-foot side paddle wheeler, under the command of Capt. Charles P. Smith, suffered an explosion in the boiler room; an event not uncommon in the early days of steam-powered vessels. As flames spread rapidly through the wooden-hulled boat, Capt. Smith was faced with few options in the narrow Hell Gate channel. He stayed at the helm and ...

International Longshore and Warehousemen's Union (corporateBody)

Omaha Military Project (corporateBody)

Local 100, Transport Workers Union of Greater New York (corporateBody)

Love and Rage (corporateBody)

Inkululeko Media and Marketing Co-operative (corporateBody)

National Continuing Committee for an Independent Peoples Tribunal (corporateBody)

Midpeninsula Free University (corporateBody)

United Telephone Organizations (corporateBody)

Alliance Marxiste Révolutionnaire (corporateBody)

U.S. Marxist-Leninist Organization. (corporateBody)

Students of Michigan State University (corporateBody)

Feminist Art Journal, Inc. (corporateBody)

Feminist Communications (corporateBody)

Georgia Straight Pub. (corporateBody)

Communist Party (US) Chicago (corporateBody)

Civil Service Publications (corporateBody)

Union for National Draft Opposition (corporateBody)

Congreso, UCSB (corporateBody)

Robert Steed (corporateBody)

TWU-Local 182 CIO (corporateBody)

Women's Liberation (corporateBody)

Southern Student Organizing Committee. (corporateBody)

Friday, Inc. (corporateBody)

Ministry of Information, Republic of New Africa (corporateBody)

Hard Rain, Inc. (corporateBody)

Lancaster Independent Press, Inc. (corporateBody)

National Caucus of Labor Committees (U.S.) (corporateBody)

The National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC) was a political organization founded in 1968 by supporters of Lyndon LaRouche. The membership initially consisted of LaRouche's students in New York City, but soon expanded to other parts of the country, and later, the world. The NCLC was dedicated to a radical socialist agenda, advocating the complete restructuring of the American economic system. LaRouche, under his own name and his pseudonym of "Lyn Marcus," was a propone...

Non-Intervention in Chile (corporateBody)

Bronx Coalition (corporateBody)

A.E. Melton (corporateBody)

Central Committee Spartacist League (corporateBody)

Marines at Cherry Point, NC (corporateBody)

Freedom Reader Publications (corporateBody)

La Delegacion Del FORDC de Nueva York (corporateBody)

Building Service Employees, Local 32-E (corporateBody)

Communist Workers Party. (corporateBody)

New York Letter Carriers, Branch 36, National Association of Letter Carriers (corporateBody)

Long View Publishing Company (corporateBody)

National Lawyers Guild (corporateBody)

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) was founded in 1937 as an association of progressive lawyers and jurists who believed that lawyers had a major role to play in reconstructing legal values by emphasizing human rights over property rights. From its inception, the Guild welcomed into its ranks all members of the profession without regard to race, gender or ethnic identity; it was the first national legal professional association to do so. Since its founding, the Guild has been instrumental in leadi...

Fred Swartz (corporateBody)

Casa Maria Community (corporateBody)

National Organization Department, CPUSA (corporateBody)

Inter-union Coordinating Committee (corporateBody)

Farm Workers Organizing Committee (corporateBody)

NYU Inc. (corporateBody)

Labor's Voice Publishing Company (corporateBody)

Comite Central de la Ligue Trotskyste de France (corporateBody)

New Directions for Women (corporateBody)

Jewish Defense League (corporateBody)

Des Moines Catholic Worker Community (corporateBody)

Feminist Bulletin, Inc. (corporateBody)

SOA Watch (corporateBody)

Save Our Union Coalition (corporateBody)

South African Congress of Trade Unions (corporateBody)

International Longshoremen's Association, AFL-CIO, Local 1814 (corporateBody)

Pressgang Publishers (corporateBody)

Youth Against War & Fascism (corporateBody)

The Brother Collective (corporateBody)

TWU-Local 156, CIO (corporateBody)

Socialist Labor League (corporateBody)

Atlantis Pub. Co. (corporateBody)

People's Community Organization (corporateBody)

Southern Poverty Law Center (corporateBody)

Committee for Social Justice in the Middle East (corporateBody)

Michigan Federation of Teachers, AFT, AFL-CIO (corporateBody)

RT, Inc. (corporateBody)

Ft. Dix G.I.s (corporateBody)

Revolutionary Youth Movement. (corporateBody)

Citizens United for Responsible Energy (corporateBody)

The Citizens United for Responsible Energy (CURE) was formed in 1973. As stated in its by-laws, the purpose of CURE are to "support a national moratorium for nuclear energy, to support the conservational and efficient use of energy, to seek funding for unconventional energy sources, to enact legislation which will promote safe, clean, and renewable energy and to work for responsible energy decisions which will meet immediate needs and consider long-range consequences." From the descr...

Labor News (corporateBody)

Thomas H. Watkins (corporateBody)

Gold Coast Free Press, Inc. (corporateBody)

Union of Jewish Students (corporateBody)

MLN-29-11 (corporateBody)

New York State Public Employees (corporateBody)

Now Associates INC. (corporateBody)

Women United for Action (corporateBody)

District Council 37, American Federation of State and Municipal Employees (corporateBody)

United Steelworkers of America, Local Union 1397 (corporateBody)

Revolutionary Workers Headquarters (corporateBody)

Neahtawanta Research adn Education Center (corporateBody)

NMU Militant-Solidarity Caucus (corporateBody)

RAnk and File Mailhandler Committee (corporateBody)

UAW (corporateBody)

CCNY Chorus (corporateBody)

Up Against the Bulkhead (corporateBody)

United Federation of Teachers, New Coalition Caucus (corporateBody)

Gidra, Inc. (corporateBody)

Communications Workers of America. Local 11510 (corporateBody)

Hera, Inc. (corporateBody)

Toronto Libertarian School (corporateBody)

Women's Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice. (corporateBody)

U.S. Committee for Democracy in Greece (corporateBody)

Red Eye Media (corporateBody)

Women's Strike Coalition. (corporateBody)

Ft. Hood GI's (corporateBody)

Ideographics INC. (corporateBody)

Social Service Employee Union Local 371 (corporateBody)

National Executive Board of Workmen's Circle (corporateBody)

Rainbow Peoples Party (corporateBody)

Paine Pub. and Print. Co. (corporateBody)

People's Anti-War Mobilization (corporateBody)

Detroit Metro TDU (corporateBody)

Journeyman Tailor's Union of America (corporateBody)

Publicity and Newsletter Committee of the Rank and File Labor Coalition (corporateBody)