Louis Zukofsky Collection, 1910-1985.


Zukofsky, Louis, 1904-1978. Louis Zukofsky Collection, 1910-1985.

Louis Zukofsky Collection, 1910-1985.

Holograph and typescript manuscripts and correspondence make up the bulk of the Louis Zukofsky Collection, 1910-1985. The Works Series covers Zukofsky's writing career thoroughly between 1921 and 1968, including the "A" series of poems from "A"-1 to "A"-21/Rudens, typescripts and galley proofs for all three versions of ALL: THE COLLECTED SHORT POEMS, and various individual poems, short stories, and radio scripts. Of particular interest are the working notebooks in which Zukofsky and his wife translated CATULLUS. The Letters Series is relatively small but does contain a large collection of letters from Zukofsky to fellow poets Cid Corman, Lorine Niedecker, and Carl Rakosi. Most of the letters in this series are personal, however, some communications with publishers and organziations are present. The Recipient Series is much larger and contains substantial numbers of letters to Zukofsky from Basil Bunting, Cid Corman, Guy Davenport, Hayden Carruth, Robert Creeley, Hugh Kenner, Marianne Moore, Samuel Newberry, Lorine Niedecker, Ezra Pound, Mary Ellen Solt, Jonathan Williams, William Carlos Williams, and many others. The Miscellaneous Series is composed largely of works by other authors and correspondence between other people. There are three theses on Zukofsky, several reviews of Zukofsky's publications, works by Lorine Niedecker, and a series of holograph poems by Whittaker Chambers in a travel diary. Also included are a few newspaper clippings, notes on the publication of his works, and an honorary degree from Bard College. The Subject File Series represents additional materials received after the first four series were cataloged. Interfiled manuscripts and correspondence were left in their original order rather than distributing them through the collection. Present are holographs and typescripts of Zukofsky's later works, including "A"-22 through "A"-24, LITTLE, FOR CAREENAGERS, AUTOBIOGRAPHY, and the French translation for FIRST HALF OF "A"-9. Material for "A"-24 is particularly complete, ranging from holograph notes in a spiral notebook to the typescript scores for individual characters, and including production notes. Celia Zukofsky's listing of Zukofsky's works, titled A BIBLIOGRAPHY, is also found here along with the correspondence which led to its publication. Correspondence regarding CATULLUS and ARISE! ARISE! is also included, as is the correspondence between Zukofsky and about a dozen institutions where he gave readings.

43 boxes (17.91 linear feet), 5 oversize boxes, 26 galley folders, and 2 oversize folders.

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In advance of Perspectives of New Music's forum on problems and discrepancies in conventional notation practice, American violinist and composer Paul Zukofsky sent a questionnaire using the organization's letterhead to 70 composers. He received 25 replies, but based his presentation on only 8 of them. From the description of Responses to questionnaire and drafts of summary for Perspectives of New Music forum on notation practice, 1966-1967. (New York Public Library). WorldCat record ...

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