Feinstone, Sol, 1888-1980

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Sol Feinstone (1888-1980), of Washington Crossing, Pa., assembled over a forty year period one thousand eight hundred autograph letters and documents pertaining mostly to the American Revolution. In 1959, Feinstone established the David Library of the American Revolution to house his collection.

From the description of Collection, 1716-1840. (American Antiquarian Society). WorldCat record id: 191259332

From the description of Collection, 1716-1840. (American Antiquarian Society). WorldCat record id: 191316603

Sol Feinstone (1888-1980) immigrated to American from Lithuania as a child. He studied chemistry and forestry at the New York State College of Forestry at Syracuse University, graduating in 1916. A strong supporter of scholarship and education for all, and of the rights of minorities, he gave generously to related philanthropic activities. Named in his honor are a school, a library, a lecture series, and several scholarships and awards.

From the guide to the Sol Feinstone Manuscript Collection, 1473-1965, 1850-1950, (Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Libraries)

Archival Resources
Role Title Holding Repository
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referencedIn R. Buckminster Fuller Papers Stanford University. Department of Special Collections and University Archives
creatorOf Feinstone, Sol, 1888-1980. Collection, 1716-1840. Gadsden Public Library
creatorOf Feinstone, Sol, 1888-1980,. The Sol Feinstone Collection of the American Revolution, ca. 1760s-1850s. American Philosophical Society Library
Role Title Holding Repository
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Birth 1888

Death 1980


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