Mershon, Wm. B. (William Butts), 1856-1943

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Mershon was a Saginaw (Mich.) lumberman and businesman and served as State Taxc Commissioner in 1912. He was also an internationally recognized hunter, fisher, sportsman, and wildlife conservationist. (This information is from the catalog record for the Mershon collection, in the Bentley Historical Library.)

From the description of Photograph albums, 1923-1926. (Clarke Historical Library). WorldCat record id: 60804643

Saginaw, Michigan, lumberman and businessman, and Michigan State Tax Commissioner, 1912.

From the description of William Butts Mershon papers, 1848-1943. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34418610

William Butts Mershon was the third generation of his family to engage in lumbering in and around Saginaw, Michigan. When he first became active in the family business in 1866 the firm was already large and diversified. In addition to lumbering and the operation of a planing mill, the firm was one of the nation's largest manufacturers of knock-down wooden boxes, the standard form of storage and shipping box prior to the development of cardboard cartons.

After spending several years working within the family concern, Mershon founded his own company, William B. Mershon and Company. He also formed several other partnerships including one formed by himself, S.L. Eastman, William Schuette, and Parker, Sheldon & Co. While he divided his time among many interests, after 1905 he generally concentrated on William B. Mershon and Co., rather than his other business interests. This firm manufactured bandsaws designed by his brother Edward. In 1926 William Mershon sold the business and retired.

Mershon also had financial interests outside the state of Michigan. In 1900 he became a stockholder (later he was elected president) of the Saginaw & Manistee Lumber Company, headquartered at Williams, Arizona. He also invested in copper mining in Arizona and lumbering operations in Montana.

Privately, Mershon was a well known conservationist and sportsman. He published two volumes, one regarding the passenger pigeon and the other relating his hunting and fishing experiences over fifty years. He also was active in Saginaw political life, serving as mayor of Saginaw (1894-1895), city alderman, member of both the parks and the cemetery commissions, and the citizen's water committee.

From the guide to the William B. Mershon Papers, 1848-1943, (Bentley Historical Library University of Michigan)

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Birth 1856

Death 1943



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