Grant products reports, 1988-2002.


Pew Charitable Trusts. Grant products reports, 1988-2002.

Grant products reports, 1988-2002.

This series consists of both published and unpublished documents that constituted the final report or product of grants made by The Pew Charitable Trusts, the copies being submitted by the grant recipients. They document the scope of Pew's grant-making activities from 1988 to 2002. All program areas are represented, including: conservation and the environment, culture, education, health and human services, public policy, and religion.

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League of Women Voters (U.S.) (corporateBody)

The League of WomenVoters is a non-partisan political organization that influences public policy through education and advocacy. It supports positions, but not individual candidates or political parties. The national league was established in 1920, primarily to help the 20 million newly enfranchised women exercise their constitutional rights. League members study issues of local, state and national significance. Once members agree on a position, the League may act by pro...

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (corporateBody)

The Department of General Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) did not officially exist until 1882. Courses in general studies were offered as early as 1865, when the MIT Catalog offered a curriculum option called the Course in Science and Literature. At that time, all regular MIT students were required to take “general studies” classes from the Course in Science and Literature, in addition to English, history, and modern languages. In 1882 the Course in Scienc...

Brooklyn Academy of Music (corporateBody)

The Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences was incorporated in 1859. The original Academy, located at 176-194 Montague Street, was destroyed by fire in 1903, and the new Academy was opened in 1908. From the description of Records, 1891-1984. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155456506 The Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences was incorporated in 1859. The original Academy, located at 176-194 Montague Street in Brooklyn, New York, was destroyed by fire in 1903, and the new Ac...

International Research and Exchanges Board (corporateBody)

The Inter-University Committee on Travel Grants (IUCTG) was established in the 1950s to administer academic exchanges between the US and the Soviet Union and East Europe. For a period in its early years, the IUCTG was headquartered at Indiana University and chaired by IU professor Robert Byrnes until 1968, when it was absorbed by the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) and moved to New York. From the description of International Research and Exchanges Board records, 195...

Pew National Veterinary Education Program (corporateBody)

Wilderness Society (U.S.) (corporateBody)

The Wilderness Society was formed in 1935 by a group of people concerned with preserving America's wilderness areas. Its mission is to "Deliver to future generations an unspoiled legacy of wild places with all the precious values they hold: Biological diversity, clean air and water, towering forests, rushing rivers, and sage-sweet, silent deserts." It accomplishes this mission through "Scientific expertise, analysis and bold advocacy at the highest levels to save, protect and restore America's w...

Committee of Seventy (corporateBody)

The Committee of Seventy was founded on December 7, 1904. The organization's goals were to prevent election fraud, improve municipal government, and to educate the public in civic and political matters. The organization actively participated in elections, registrations, the State Legislature as it affects Philadelphia, city finances, civil service, taxation, housing, and the city charter. From the description of Photographs, 1958-1971 (Inclusive Dates). (Temple University Libraries)....

American enterprise institute for public policy research (corporateBody)

Tides Foundation (corporateBody)

Conservation Law Foundation (corporateBody)

Freedom House (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Freedom House was established in 1941 as a non-profit, non-partisan democratic challenge to the Braunhaus in Munich, a center for Nazi propaganda. It physically merged several anti-isolationism organizations, including Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies and Fight for Freedom, while allowing them to remain administratively autonomous. Acting from its headquarters in the Willkie Memorial Building, Freedom House functioned as a clearinghouse, coordinator, radi...

National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) (corporateBody)

The National Academy of Sciences, founded in Washington, D. C., in 1863, grew out of a desire for a body of scientists to give advice on scientific matters to the federal government. Joseph Henry, first Secretary of the Smithsonian, was a force behind its creation. From the description of National Academy of Sciences, 1863-1887 Records. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 78403445 ...

Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation (corporateBody)

World Health Organization . Country Office in Pakistan (corporateBody)

Catholic Church. Archdiocese of Philadelphia (Pa.) (corporateBody)

The diocese of Philadelphia was created in 1808 with Michael Egan, OFM, pastor of St. Mary's Church, as the first bishop. A controversy over trusteeism had embroiled St. Mary's parish since 1796 and would continue to mar the episcopacies of Egan (1810-1814), Henry Conwell (1820-1830), and Francis Patrick Kenrick (1830-1851). Before it was raised to an archiepiscopal see, John Nepomucene Neumann served as its fourth (1852-1860) and James Frederick Wood as its fifth (1860-...

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (corporateBody)

Cornell university (corporateBody)

The Cornell Campaign was a successful $1.507 billion campaign that concluded in 1996. From the description of Cornell Campaign records, 1992-1996. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 64045821 Solomon Cady Hollister was dean of the Cornell University College of Engineering from 1937-1959. Dale R. Corson was dean of the engineering college from 1959-1963, University provost from 1963 to 1969, and served as University president until his retirement in 1977. ...

Museum Loan Network (corporateBody)

Save the Bay (Organization) (corporateBody)

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International Rescue Committee (corporateBody)

Private international organization for aid to refugees. From the description of International Rescue Committee records, 1933-2009. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754871906 ...

Environmental Information Center (Washington, D.C.) (corporateBody)

Pew Center for Civic Journalism (corporateBody)

National Audubon Society. (corporateBody)

BIRD-LORE later became AUDUBON MAGAZINE. From the description of Account book for Bird-lore, 1901-1902. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155507194 Callison was Executive Vice President of the National Audubon Society, 1966-1970s. From the description of Charles H. Callison records, 1969-1980. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155507203 The Finley and Davis families, related through marriage, lived in Marshall County, Mississippi; in 1834, Mary Ja...

Population Reference Bureau. (corporateBody)

Environmental Action Foundation. (corporateBody)

Millions of Americans displayed concern about pollution and related environmental problems at the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970. The national staff coordinating the event realized that maintaining awareness required sustained support from both citizens and activists. To provide this support, the Earth Day staff formed two organizations: Environmental Action (EA) a non-profit political organization, and the Environmental Action Foundation (EAF), its educational tax-exempt affiliate. These two...

Rosenbach Museum & Library. (corporateBody)

John Carter Brown library (corporateBody)

John Carter Brown of Providence, Rhode Island, began to decisively collect books about America in 1848, although he had started collecting rare books, “the favorite pastime of wealthy noblemen” much earlier. An admirer of Old World traditions, Brown focused upon European voyages and travels, as well as books that provided a background for European expansion. Around 1846, he began an avid pursuit of Americana, an area of interest he termed “the Great Subject....

Alzheimer's association (corporateBody)

U.S. Committee for refugees (corporateBody)

Overseas Ministries Study Center. (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Dance Company (corporateBody)

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (corporateBody)

Brooklyn Museum. (corporateBody)

Art museum. From the description of Exhibition of water color paintings by American artists : November7th-December 18th, 1921. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122515478 The interview program at the Brooklyn Museum was begun by Arlene Jacobowitz in the spring of 1965 with artists whose works were on exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. In 1968, excerpts from the interviews were incorporated into an exhibition entitled "Listening to Pictures," in which visitors could access the s...

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Public Agenda Foundation (corporateBody)

Institute for educational leadership Washington, D.C. (corporateBody)

Urban institute (corporateBody)

Worldwatch institute (corporateBody)

Pew Charitable Trusts (corporateBody)

The Pew Charitable Trusts consists of seven individual trusts established by the children of Sun Oil Company founder Joseph Newton Pew (1886-1963) and his wife Mary Anderson Pew. It's predecessor, the Pew Memorial Foundation was founded by J . Howard Pew (1882-1971), Mary Ethel Pew (1884-1979), J. N. Pew, Jr. (1886-1963) and Mabel Pew Myrin (1889-1972) in 1948 to honor their parents. From the description of Pew Family and Trust History Records, 1912-1991 (bulk, 1932-1991). (Hagley Mu...

Physicians for Social Responsibility (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Founded in 1961 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by a group of physicians to provide the medical community and the general public the scientific data on which political decisions must in part be based; to alert physicians to the dangerous implications of the arms race; and to promote disarmament and peace. From the description of Records, 1962- (Swarthmore College, Peace Collection). WorldCat record id: 38583896 ...

Philadelphia area consortium of special collections libraries (corporateBody)

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (corporateBody)

American Association for the Advancement of Science (corporateBody)

Edmund W. Sinnott was president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science at the time of this correspondence. Walter G. Berl was an editor for the Association. From the description of Letters, 1948-1971, to Lewis Mumford. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155878457 ...

American Swedish Historical Museum (Philadelphia, Pa.) (corporateBody)

The first permanent European settlement in the Delaware Valley was New Sweden, a colony founded by Swedish emigrants in 1638. Swedish sovereignty over the colony lasted less than 20 years, although Swedes continued to settle in the area and exerted an influence over its cultural development. Swedish immigration to the United States rose sharply for the period from 1867 and 1914, when difficult economic conditions in Sweden and cheap land in the United States encouraged many to make ...

Nature Conservancy (U.S.) (corporateBody)

The Nature Conservancy began in 1917 as the Committee For the Protection of Natural Conditions under the Ecological Society of America. In 1946, the Committee organized itself as an independent group called the Ecological Union, and in 1950, under Richard Pough's direction, changed its name to the Nature Conservancy. The mission is to preserve plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life by protecting the lands and water they need to survive. From the ...

Conservation Foundation (corporateBody)

WNET (Television station : New York, N.Y.) (corporateBody)

WNET began broadcasting in 1948 in New York as WATV. It become WNET in 1970 and focused on educational and public television, working with PBS until 2003, when it merged with WLIW on Long Island. From the guide to the WNET transcripts for James Stewart : A Wonderful Life, 1986, (L. Tom Perry Special Collections) THIRTEEN WNET is a member of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) parent network, WNET.ORG, the public media provider for New York City. Covering the t...

Center for Civic Education (Calif.) (corporateBody)

Junior Achievement (corporateBody)

Junior Achievement, Inc. (JA) was founded in 1919 as the Boys' and Girls' Bureau of the Eastern States League. Embracing the concept of "learning by doing," the leaders of the Bureau dedicated themselves to teaching urban youth proper business practice and methods. They accomplished this through hands-on training in management and production. For much of its history, JA used one program to teach business to high school students. Beginning in the 1970s, JA started to expand its programs to includ...

Aspen institute (corporateBody)

Christianity Today, Inc. (corporateBody)

Brookings Institution. (corporateBody)

Center for Theology and Land (Dubuque, Iowa) (corporateBody)

Historical Society of Pennsylvania (corporateBody)

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania was established in 1824 by seven young Philadelphians who were inspired by the patriotic celebrations and renewed civic pride brought on by the Marquis d Lafayette's visit to the United States. The aim of their fledgling organization was to collect and preserve evidence related to history of the commonwealth, to encourage scholarly research, and to stimulate public interest in American history. This mission remains central to the wo...

Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts (corporateBody)

National Public Radio (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Born in Louisiana, blues guitarist and singer Johnny Copeland (1937-1997) was raised in Houston, Texas, where he formed the band Dukes of Rhythm. Although he recorded albums and performed with Sonny Boy Williamson and Bib Mama Thornton in Texas, Copeland only received recognition after moving to New York City in 1975. Six years later, he signed with Rounder Records and released his album with Arthur Blythe and Byard Lancaster, Copeland Special . In 1982, during a tour of West Africa...

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Advertising Council (corporateBody)

Advertising campaigns that supported the war effort were designed by the War Advertising Council and approved by appropriate U.S. government agencies during World War II. Actual advertisements were in turn sponsored by various businesses that would often add their company name to the ads. After the end of World War II, The War Advertising Council continued to produce public service campaigns. The name changed to the Advertising Council, more popularly known as the Ad Council. From th...

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (corporateBody)

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), founded in 1977 by American Indian scientists, engineers and educators, is a national, nonprofit organization that helps reconcile science and technology with traditional Native American and Native Alaskan values. From the description of American Indian Science and Engineering Society records, 1976-1996. (Denver Public Library). WorldCat record id: 54624880 ...

Opera America (corporateBody)

Macalester College (corporateBody)

National Environmental Trust (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Whitney Museum of American Art (corporateBody)

American art museum; New York, N.Y. Founded by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney and formally opened in 1931. Previous to its opening as a museum it was known as the Whitney Studio Club (1914-28) and Whitney Studio Galleries (1928-30). From the description of Whitney Museum of American Art artists' files and records, 1914-1966. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 86133455 The Friends of the Whitney Museum of American Art is an upper level membershi...

American national Red Cross (corporateBody)

American charitable organization. From the description of American National Red Cross records, 1906-1995. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754867267 Historical Note The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principals of the International Red Cross Movement. The Federal Charter states it is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, charitable organizat...

Mount Sinai Medical Center (New York, N.Y.) (corporateBody)

Philadelphia museum of art (corporateBody)

In 1921, the Pennsylvania Museum of Art (later renamed the Philadelphia Museum of Art) held a special loan exhibition of colonial silver, mostly American pieces, with some European ones. A catalog of the exhibit was published as Bulletin number 68 in June 1921. There are no clues as to who assembled this special volume. From the description of Bulletin - Philadelphia Museum of Art. (Winterthur Library). WorldCat record id: 261233369 Art museum; Philadelphia, Pen...

Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development. (corporateBody)

World Vision International (corporateBody)

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America (corporateBody)

Alan Guttmacher Institute. (corporateBody)

Founded in 1968 and first known as the Center for Family Planning Program Development, the organization was initially part of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). The Center had as its champion Alan F. Guttmacher, the prestigious obstetrician/gynecologist/educator who served as PPFA president for more than ten years until his death in 1974. By 1977, the Center was renamed the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI) in Dr. Guttmacher's honor and incorporated as an independent non-profit o...

Enterprise Foundation (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Folklore Project (corporateBody)

Hudson Institute (corporateBody)

California Tomorrow (Organization) (corporateBody)

California Tomorrow, a nonprofit educational organization, was founded by Alfred E. Heller and Samuel E. Wood. The first meeting was held on June 24, 1961, with Alfred E. Heller named president, William M. Roth, vice-president, and Harold Berliner secretary; Samuel E. Wood became executive director. The founding members' intent was to link the objectives of conservationists, planners, and regulators and to urge the adoption of a widely integrated planning process to meet the needs of both conser...

Committee for economic development (corporateBody)

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (corporateBody)

Formed by the merger, as of Jan. 1, 1988, of the Lutheran Church in America, the American Lutheran Church (1961-1987), and the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches; includes 65 synods and ca. 11,000 congregations, with headquarters in Chicago, Ill. From the description of Minutes, 1987-[ongoing]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71123254 The goal of the American Lutheran Church Women in World Mission Oral History Project, and its continuation, the Evangelical Lutheran ...

Franklin Institute Philadelphia, Pa (corporateBody)

Wistar Institute for Anatomy and Biology. (corporateBody)

Center for Public Integrity (corporateBody)

United Negro College Fund (corporateBody)

Founded in 1944 to enhance the quality of education by providing financial assistance to deserving students, raising operating funds for member colleges and universities, and increasing access to technology for students and faculty at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). From the description of Statistical reports, 1986-1988. (Benedict College). WorldCat record id: 70967588 Research Dept. was established in 1968 to gather and disseminate information about Un...

Project Hope. (corporateBody)

Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis (corporateBody)

Minneapolis institute of arts (corporateBody)

Minnesota 1900: Art and Life on the Upper Mississippi, 1890-1915 was an exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in 1994. The exhibit displayed architectural drawings and elements, paintings, furniture, lighting devices, ceramics, metalwork and objects made by local Native Americans documenting life of residents along the upper Mississippi from 1890-1915. From the description of Minnesota 1900 exhibit collection 1994. (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis). WorldCat record id: 31...

University of Pennsylvania, Institute of Contemporary Art (corporateBody)

Academy of natural sciences of Philadelphia (corporateBody)

Brinton became a member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia in 1884. From the description of Correspondence to Daniel Garrison Brinton, 1894-1898. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 225608468 The oldest natural sciences institution in the Western Hemisphere, the Academy was founded when the United States hugged the Atlantic coastline, and Philadelphia was the cultural, commercial, and scientific center of the new nation. Cla...

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (corporateBody)

American academy of arts and sciences (corporateBody)

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences was chartered by the legislature of Massachusetts in 1780 and is the second oldest learned society in the U.S. Among its incorporators were James Bowdoin, John Adams, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock. Academy publications began with the first volume of its Memoirs in 1785, and from the first the Academy collected a library, which was augmented in 1791 by the donation of James Bowdoin's private collection of over 1200 volumes. Early papers presented before ...

Center for Assessment and Policy Development (Bala-Cynwyd, Pa.) (corporateBody)

Institute for Black Family Development (corporateBody)

United Church Board for World Ministries (corporateBody)

The United Church Board for World Ministries was established in 1961. From the description of Papers, 1817-1883, relating to North American Indian missions. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 122624431 From the guide to the Papers, 1817-1883, relating to North American Indian missions, 1817-1883, (American Philosophical Society) Formed in 1961 to continue the work of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, the Evangelical...

National Academy for State Health Policy (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Institute for Behavior and Health (corporateBody)

Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia (corporateBody)

Educational Broadcasting Corporation (corporateBody)

Institute of Medicine (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Historic Preservation Corporation (corporateBody)

California Higher Education Policy Center (corporateBody)

Center for Community Change (corporateBody)

Environmental Defense Fund (corporateBody)

A public-membership, non-profit, tax-exempt environmental and legal action organization of scientists, lawyers and concerned citizens. Its primary purpose is to provide a link between law and environmental science. Established in 1967, its earliest official headquarters were located in Stony Brook and East Setauket, N.Y. From the description of Records, 1967-1988. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 156794725 ...

Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence (Seattle, Wash.) (corporateBody)

Institute for Global Ethics (corporateBody)

Woodrow Wilson international center for scholars (corporateBody)

The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (WWICS) was established by Act of Congress on October 24, 1968, to be a "living memorial expressing the ideals and concerns of Woodrow Wilson...symbolizing and strengthening the fruitful relations between the world of learning and the world of public affairs." The Center was placed within the Smithsonian Institution under the independent administration of a fifteen-member Board of Trustees appointed by the President, eight chosen ...

Brandywine River Museum (corporateBody)

Walker Art Center. (corporateBody)

Located in Minneapolis, Minn. From the description of Exhibition records, 1940-1960. (Walker Art Center Library). WorldCat record id: 70958328 ...

Refugee policy group (corporateBody)

Billy Graham Evangelical Association. (corporateBody)

Brandywine Conservancy (corporateBody)

Rock the Vote (corporateBody)

National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States (corporateBody)

New School for Social Research (New York, N.Y. : 1919-1997) (corporateBody)

American philosophical society (corporateBody)

Benjamin Franklin founded the American Philosophical Society in 1743 in Philadelphia, patterning it after the Royal Society of London. It's purpose was the promotion of the study of science and the practical arts of agriculture, engineering trades, and manufactures. Subjects of today's "philosophy" were generally excluded from the societies of the 17th and 18th centuries and the word "philosophy" meant to them "love of knowledge," and was essentially the equivalent of today's "science." Interest...

Save the Children (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Commission on AIDS (corporateBody)

Philadelphia Social Science Association (corporateBody)

Correspondence to Lewis Mumford from Ernest Minor Patterson, President, American Academy of Political and Social Science. From the description of Letter, 1937, to Lewis Mumford. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155878300 The American Academy of Political and Social Science was organized in 1869. From the description of Subscription book, 1891-1911. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 63615256 ...

Pacific Rivers Council (corporateBody)

Pew Health Professions Commission (corporateBody)

World Wildlife Fund (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania academy of the fine arts (corporateBody)

Art school; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From the description of Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts exhibition catalog, 1921 and 1923. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122553237 The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) is an art academy and museum, founded in 1805 in Philadelphia, Pa. Exhibitions and classes began in 1811. Notable academy instructors and students have included Thomas Eakins, Cecilia Beaux, William Merritt Chase, Violet Oakley, Henry O. Tanner, Rembra...

World resources institute (corporateBody)

Corporation for Public/Private Ventures (corporateBody)

National Community Reinvestment Network (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Developmental Studies Center (Oakland, Calif.) (corporateBody)

National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America (corporateBody)

Official name, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America; informally known as National Council of Churches USA or variants; earlier name, Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America. The Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America was organized in 1908; it was one of eight organizations which merged to form the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America on November 29, 1950. From t...

American association of museums (corporateBody)

Brigham Young University. (corporateBody)

Plans for the David O. McKay building began in 1952 after an evaluation by the Brigham Young University College of Education concluded that the existing building for the College of Education were no longer meeting the growing needs of the program. Plans were officially announced in February of 1954 with the completion deadline being set for December of the same year. The building was officially dedicated on December 14, 1954 by President and Sister McKay along with members of the First Presidenc...

National Research Council (U.S.) (corporateBody)

The National Research Council was organized by the National Academy of Sciences in 1916 to associate the broad community of science and technology with the Academy's purposes of further knowledge and advising the federal government. The Council has become the principal operating agency of both the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering in providing services to the government, the public, and the scientific and engineering communities. From the descriptio...

Natural Resources Defense Council (corporateBody)

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) was founded in 1970 as an environmental action organization by a group of American attorneys and law students. Several New York City lawyers, who sought to block construction of a Consolidated Edison power plant at Storm King Mountain on the Hudson River, established the Natural Resources Defense League and hired John H. Adams as its first executive director. The organization soon changed its name to the Natural Resources Defense Council,...

Greater Yellowstone Coalition (corporateBody)

Overseas Development Council (corporateBody)

American Council of Learned Societies. Meeting (corporateBody)

Founded in 1919 to promote advancement of the humanities, the American Council of Learned Societies represents about 30 societies and association. Serves as the spokesgroup for the International Union of Academics. The Council publishes "Speculum" and "The Journal of the History of Ideas", and also helps administer the Fulbright Program. From the description of Collection, 1956-1964. (Texas Tech University). WorldCat record id: 23196764 ...

Planned parenthood federation of America (corporateBody)

In 1921 Margaret Sanger founded the national lobbying organization, American Birth Control League (ABCL) which in 1942 became Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). Between 1921 and 1942 the organization underwent two transformations. In 1923 Sanger opened the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau (BCCRB) for the purposes of dispensing contraceptives under the supervision of licensed physicians and studying their effectiveness. The ABCL provided institutional backing for ...

Union of Concerned Scientists (corporateBody)

American council on education (corporateBody)

Founded in 1918, the American Council on Education is a coordinating body for American institutions of higher education. From the guide to the American Council on Education Latin American Slide Collection N/A., 1945, (Benson Latin American Collection, The University of Texas at Austin) Founded in 1918, the American Council on Education (ACE) is the nation's unifying voice for higher education. ACE serves as a consensus leader on key higher education issues and seeks to influ...

WHYY (Television station : Philadelphia, Pa.) (corporateBody)

WHYY first began radio broadcasting in 1954 and soon expanded to include entertainment, educational, cultural,and news television broacasts. WHYY offices in Philadelphia, Pa. and Wilmington, Delaware provide programming for southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and South Jersey. From the description of WHYY War Letters collection , 1861-1972. (Historical Society of Pennsylvania). WorldCat record id: 214330910 ...

Philadelphia Health Management Corporation (corporateBody)

National Endowment for the Humanities (corporateBody)

Atlantic council of the United States (corporateBody)

Private American organization to promote American participation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and other international ties. From the description of Atlantic Council of the United States records, 1950-1986. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754871939 Historical Note: The Atlantic Council of the United States was established in 1961 in Washington, D.C. It is a private American organization which encourages U.S. par...

WETA-TV (Television station : Washington, D.C.) (corporateBody)

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (U.S.) (corporateBody)

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (U.S.) (corporateBody)

The Kennedy Center, located on the banks of the Potomac River near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, opened to the public in September 1971. But its roots date back to 1958, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed bipartisan legislation creating a National Cultural Center. In honor of Eisenhower's vision for such a facility, one of the Kennedy Center's theaters was named for him. The National Cultural Center Act included four basic components: it authorized the Center's construction, sp...

West Philadelphia Corporation (Philadelphia, Pa.) (corporateBody)

Inter-varsity Christian fellowship (corporateBody)

Evangelical organization working among college students in the United States; founded in 1940; headquarters in Chicago (1940-1969) and Madison, Wisc. (1969-present); lead by C. Stacey Woods (1940-1960), Charles Hummel (1960-1961), Charles Troutman (1961-1965), John Alexander (1965- 1981), James McLeish (1981-1984), Gordon McDonald (1984-1987), Tom Dunkerton (1987-1988), Steve Hayner (1988- ); emphasizes evangelism and discipleship of students and participation in world missions; campus groups ar...

Energy Foundation (corporateBody)

In January 1991, the staff and boards of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts, and the Rockefeller Foundation created the Energy Foundation. Its mission is to assist in the nation's transition to a sustainable energy future by promoting energy efficiency & renewable energy. From the description of [Annual reports], 1991- (Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis). WorldCat record id: 43535263 ...

Opera Company of Philadelphia (corporateBody)

Social Science Research Council (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Chester County Historical Society (West Chester, Pa.) (corporateBody)