Louis Bouché papers, 1860-1997.


Bouché, Louis, 1896-1969. Louis Bouché papers, 1860-1997.

Louis Bouché papers, 1860-1997.

Correspondence, photographs, writings, ledgers, scrapbooks, and printed material documenting the career of Louise Bouché as a mural painter and interior designer. A letter from Louis Eilshemius and one from Marcel Duchamp; exhibition catalogs, including some from the Wanamaker Gallery of Modern Decorative Art which Bouché managed, and the Penguin Club; and 6 photographs. Two scrapbooks, 1915-1962, containing catalogs, clippings, photographs, and miscellaneous printed material on Bouché and the American art scene. Included is material on the Penguin Club and the People's Art Guild. Ca. 400 photographs of Bouché, his wife Marion Wright Bouché, friends, paintings, murals, and interiors, including many done before 1920. Noted photographers include Carl Van Vechten, Hal Phyfe, Herbert Gehr, and Drix Duryea. Typescript of an autobiography (original microfilmed reel 3957); eight diaries kept by Marian Wright Bouché during their travels, 1933-1973; reminiscences on Bouché by Alexander Brook, Peter Blume, Robert Coates, and Cyril Wright; and exhibition catalogs. 60 letters (in French), 1889-1908, from Bouché's father, Henri to his wife; 13 letters, 1933-1977, including 2 illustrated letters and a poem by Peggy Bacon, and 2 letters from Katherine Schmidt to Jane Bouché and Hal Strong with information on Bouché; two ledgers, 1930-1969; listing date, title, dimensions, and buyers of art works; a handwritten autobiography by Bouché (typescript on reel 688), mentioning his early years, the Penguin Club, camouflage work during WWI, friends, the Whitney Studio Club, galleries, Washington Square South, travels, Woodstock and many other topics; a party invitation made by Jules Pascin; exhibition announcements and catalogs; and printed material. A resumé, family photographs, a family photograph album, ca. 1860, and memorabilia relating to Bouché and his family; Penguin Club material, undated and 1917 and 1923, including an exhibition poster designed by Alfred Frueh, a clipping, a menu, and announcement for a stag dinner in honor of Horace Brodzky; an exhibition catalog, 1970; art works, including a drawing by Peggy Bacon of Louis and Marion Bouché, a drawing by Alexander Brook of Peggy Bacon, and watercolor paintings and sketches by Henri Bouché associated with his work for Tiffany Studios. Personal correspondence is with family. Professional correspondence regards The Panels, 5 glass panels at the Newark Museum painted by Bouché. Writings include vignettes and memoirs of Bouché compiled by his daughter Jane Bouché Strong. Artwork consists of drawings, sketches and sketchbooks by Peggy Bacon, Louis Bouché, Jane Bouché, Reginald Marsh, and others. Photographs are of family and friends, artwork, and places. A scrapbook contains printed material, photographs, and drawings, 1880-1932. Printed material consists of exhibition catalogs and newspaper clippings mentioning Bouché and books about French expositions.

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