Major figures in American music [M-R] : [oral history].


Atkins, Irene Kahn, 1922-. Major figures in American music [M-R] : [oral history].

Major figures in American music [M-R] : [oral history].

Major Figures in American Music is the core unit of Oral History, American Music. The unit consists of interviews with approximately 320 composers, performers, and other significant musicians. Each interview covers a wide range of the subject's work and life experiences, and many subjects have been interviewed on more than one occasion, often over a number of years. In addition to interviews with the primary subjects, Major Figures in American Music also includes testimonies from secondary sources about Harry Lawrence Freeman, George Gershwin, Percy Grainger, Quincy Porter, and Arnold Schoenberg.

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Penderecki, Krzysztof (person)

Rands, Bernard (person)

Rochberg, George (person)

Composed in 1949; revised in 1957.--Cf. Fleisher Collection. From the description of Capriccio / George Rochberg. [1957?] (Franklin & Marshall College). WorldCat record id: 236485838 Originally part of Symphony no. 1. Composed as a separate work, 1949. First performance New York, 23 April 1953, New York Philharmonic, Dimitri Mitropoulos conductor. Winner of the 8th annual George Gershwin Memorial Award, 1952.--Cf. Fleisher Collection. From the description of ...

Rorem, Ned, 1923- (person)

Composer and author. From the description of Oral history conducted by Vivian Perlis, March 31, 1997. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155905487 Commissioned by Nikolai Sokoloff and the Musical Arts Society of La Jolla, California. Composed 1956. First performance La Jolla, California, 5 August 1956, Nikolai Sokoloff conductor. Dedicated to Nikolai Sokoloff and the Musical Arts Society of La Jolla, California.--Cf. Fleisher Collection. Fr...

Milhaud, Darius, 1892-1974 (person)

Milhaud was born in Aix-en-Provence on September 4, 1892. As a child he improvised melodies at the piano and soon took up the violin. He entered the Paris Conservatoire in 1909, studying the violin with Berthelier, ensemble with Lefèvre, harmony with Leroux, counterpoint with André Gédalge, composition and fugue with Charles-Marie Widor, and conducting with Vincent d'Indy. He received first "accessit" in violin and counterpoint, and second in fugue, winning the Prix Lepaulle for composition. Mil...

Moog, Bob (Robert), 1934-2005 (person)

Robert Arthur Moog (/moʊɡ/ MOHG; May 23, 1934 – August 21, 2005) was an American engineer and pioneer of electronic music. He was the founder of Moog Music and the inventor of the first commercial synthesizer, the Moog synthesizer, debuted in 1964. This was followed in 1970 by a more portable model, the Minimoog, described as the most famous and influential synthesizer in history....

Paul, Leslie, 1905-1985 (person)

Nygaard, Kaare K. (person)

Porter, Quincy, 1897-1966 (person)

Commissioned by the Little Symphony Society of St. Louis, 1937. Composed 1937. First performance St. Louis, 2 July 1937, St. Louis Little Symphony, Hans Lange conducting.--Cf. Fleisher Collection. From the description of Dance in 3 time / by Quincy Porter. c1937. (Franklin & Marshall College). WorldCat record id: 53342913 Commissioned by the Columbia Broadcasting System. Composed 1938. First performance over CBS Radio from New York, summer 1938, CBS Orchestra. For Dance ...

Carrington, Mark St. J. (person)

Vees, Jack (person)

Rzewski, Frederic (person)

Piston, Walter, 1894-1976 (person)

Walter Hamor Piston (1894-1976) was a noted 20th-century American composer. He earned his Harvard AB 1924 and served as Walter W. Naumberg Professor of Music at Harvard from 1948-1960. From the description of Letters from Walter Piston to Carl Miller, 1954, 1968. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 77063913 Composed 1957. First performance Boston, 7 March 1958, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Charles Munch conductor, Joseph de Pasquale soloist. Dedicated to Joseph de Pasqua...

Miller, Philip Lieson, 1906-1996 (person)

Epithet: Chief Music Division New York Public Library British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000560.0x00014c ...

O'Meara, Eva Judd. (person)

American music librarian. From the description of The Eva J. O'Meara papers, 1943-1980 (inclusive). (Yale University). WorldCat record id: 702121441 From the description of The Eva J. O'Meara papers, 1943-1980 (inclusive). (Yale University). WorldCat record id: 122555584 ...

Martino, Donald, 1931-2005 (person)

Rieti, Vittorio, 1898-1994 (person)

Commissioned by the Louisville Philharmonic Society under a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. Composed 1953. First performance Louisville, 16 October 1954, The Louisville Orchestra, Robert Whitney conductor. Dedicated to the Louisville Orchestra.--Cf. Fleisher Collection. From the description of Introduzione e gioco delle ore / Vittorio Rieti. [1953] (Franklin & Marshall College). WorldCat record id: 53472383 Originally composed as Chess Serenade, suite for two pian...

Hawkshaw, Susan. (person)

Moran, Robert, 1937- (person)

Rush, Loren, 1935- (person)

Moore, Robert L., 1949- (person)

Peters, Troy (person)

MacDowell, Marian, 1857-1956 (person)

Philanthropist, musician, and cofounder of the MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, N.H. Born Marian Griswold Nevins; married composer Edward MacDowell (1861-1908) in 1884. From the description of Marian MacDowell papers, 1876-1969 (bulk 1908-1938). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70979848 Biographical Note 1857, Nov. 22 Born, New York, N.Y. ...

McPartland, Jimmy. (person)

Perle, George, 1915-2009 (person)

Commissioned by Walter Trampler. Composed 1962. First performance Museum of Modern Art, New York, 10 May 1962, Composers Showcase concert, Arthur Weisberg conductor, Walter Trampler soloist. Dedicated to Walter Trampler.--Cf. Fleisher Collection. From the description of Serenade for viola and solo instruments / by George Perle. [19--] (Franklin & Marshall College). WorldCat record id: 53180840 An American composer and theorist, George Perle received his Ph.D. degree in 1...

McPartland, Marian (person)

Mamlok, Ursula, 1923- (person)

Moore, F. Richard (person)

Powell, Melanie (person)

American composer and jazz pianist. From the description of The Mel Powell papers, 1942-1991 (inclusive). (Yale University). WorldCat record id: 702152843 American composer and teacher. From the description of Typewritten letters signed (2), dated : [n.p.], 2 March 1984, and Sherman Oaks, Ca., 15 April 1996, to Joan Peyser, 1984 March 2. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270992658 ...

Fournier, Janice E. (person)

Mackey, Steven, 1956- (person)

Nancarrow, Conlon, 1912-1997 (person)

Epithet: composer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000787.0x0000e5 ...

Russell, George, 1923-2009 (person)

Grimes, Evie M. (person)

Monk, Meredith (person)

Meredith Monk (born New York, NY, November 20, 1942) is a composer, singer, director/choreographer and creator of new opera, music theater works, films, and installations. She pioneered what is now called "extended vocal technique" and "interdisciplinary performance." During a career that spans more than forty years she has been acclaimed by audiences and critics as a major creative force in the performing arts. In 1968, Monk founded the House Foundation for the Arts, a ...

Nono, Nuria Schoenberg, 1932- (person)

Includes 3 items co-sent by Luigi Nono. Nuria Schoenberg Nono was a daughter of Arnold Schoenberg. Luigi Nono was Nuria's husband. They were living in Italy at the time of the correspondence. From the description of Correspondence to Alma Mahler, 1955-1961. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155864069 ...

Atkins, Irene Kahn, 1922-1983 (person)

Rosen, Judith. (person)

Page, Tim, 1954-.... (person)

Moross, Jerome (person)

BIOGHIST REQUIRED American composer of film scores, concert works, and music for ballet and theater. He died in 1983. From the guide to the Jerome Moross Papers, 1924-2000, (Columbia University Rare Book and Manuscript Library, ) Commissioned by CBS, 1938. Composed 1938. First performance in a CBS broadcast, New York, 25 September, 1938, Howard Barlow conductor.--Cf. Fleisher Collection. From the description of A tall story for orchestra / Jerome Moross. [1938] (...

Morton, Lawrence, 1904-1987 (person)

Morton was born in 1904; he played the organ for silent movies and studied in NY before moving to Los Angeles, CA, in 1940; wrote music criticism for Script magazine; executive director, Evenings on the Roof (later renamed Monday Evening Concerts), 1952-71; director of the Ojai Music Festival; as curator of music at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, he staged several Bing Concerts each year; died in 1987. From the description of Papers, 1908-1987. (University of California, Los A...

Pisk, Paul Amadeus (person)

Epithet: writer on music British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000977.0x00007e ...

Hailey, Christopher. (person)

Richter, Marga (person)

Pinkham, Daniel (person)

Pinkham (1923- ) is an American composer. From the description of Scores, 1949-1972. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 79458343 From the description of Additional scores, 1969-1972. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 84276168 From the description of Additional scores, 1970. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 82211169 From the guide to the Daniel Pinkham additional scores, 1970., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard Unive...

Okoomian, Janice Dzovinar (person)

Maccombie, Bruce (person)

Roach, Max, 1924-2007 (person)

Reich, Steve, 1936-.... (person)

Moore, Douglas, 1893-1969 (person)

Douglas Moore was a composer and teacher; Ethan Ayer wrote song lyrics which were set by Moore for the 1961 theatrical production of The wings of the dove, based on the novel by Henry James. From the guide to the Letters to Ethan Ayer, 1960 and undated., (Harvard Theatre Collection, Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) Composed 1931. First performance under original title, Overture Babbit, New York, 11 December 1932, Manhattan Symphony Orchestra, th...

Oliveros, Pauline, 1932-.... (person)

Music has been at the center of the lives of Edith Gutierrez and her daughter, Pauline Oliveros. Gutierrez has taught piano for much of her life, played professionally, and was active in the Houston music scene. Oliveros, whom Gutierrez had with her first husband, J.B. Oliveros III, is an internationally known composer and accordionist. In 1952, at the age of 20, Pauline moved from Houston to San Francisco. She and her mother wrote to one another for the next 20 years. They discussed many topics...

Moore, Carman Leroy (person)

Plush, Vincent, 1950- (person)

First performance January 18, 1983, Flederman Ensemble, Las Vegas Festival of Contemporary Music, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.--Cf. Fleisher Collection. From the description of Facing the danger / Vincent Plush. c1982. (Franklin & Marshall College). WorldCat record id: 190553971 ...

Bolster, Caitriona. (person)

Parisot, Aldo (person)

Machover, Tod (person)

American composer. From the description of Autograph letters signed (3), dated : Paris, 1 Sepetmber 1983, and [Paris], 7 December 1983 and 6 January 1984, to Joan [Peyser], 1983 Sept. 1. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270992615 ...

Marshall, Ingram, 1942-.... (person)

Soltes, Eva (person)

Ruff, Willie (person)

Oneppo, Martha. (person)

Rodríguez, Robert Xavier (person)

Reis, Claire R. (Claire Raphael) (person)

Co-founder of the Walden School and later president of the League of Composers. From the description of Correspondence with Margaret Naumburg, n.d. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 63585614 Claire Raphael Reis (1888-1978) was a music promoter, teacher, and author of works on American composers. Born in Brownsville, Texas, on August 4, 1888, Claire Raphael was educated in New York, France, and Germany. She married Arthur Reis in 1915. From 1912 to 192...

Partch, Harry, 1901-1974 (person)

Biography Harry Partch was born in Oakland, CA on June 24, 1901; both his parents had been Presbyterian missionaries in China who endured the Boxer Rebellion. By the age of 20, he had moved through parts of the Midwest and East Coast, then back through Northern and Southern California before settling in San Diego in 1964. He began his early musical training playing clarinet, harmonium, viola, piano, and guitar and composing music using a temp...

PORTER, LOIS. (person)

Raymond, Jenny. (person)

Mathews, Max V. (person)

Biographical Note Max V. Mathews, often cited as "the father of computer music," was born in Columbus, NE on November 13, 1926. After training as a radio technician in the Navy, he attended the California Institute of Technology, where he received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in 1950. He received a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1954. Mathews joined the Bell Labs acoustical and behavioral ...

Olmstead, Andrea (person)

Sherman, Robert, 1932- (person)

Son of pianist Nadia Reisenberg, Robert Sherman (b. 1932) began his career in broadcasting as the Music Director and Program Manager for radio station WQXR in New York. In 1969, he began hosting the popular folk music program, "Woody's Children," on WQXR, followed in 1970 by the nationally broadcast program, "The Listening Room." He then expanded to television, hosting "Vibrations" on PBS in 1972 and appearing as a commentator for CBS's "Camera Three." He continued his work at WQXR,...

Ornstein, Leo (person)

Russian-born composer. From the description of The Leo Ornstein papers, 1892-1989 (inclusive). (Yale University). WorldCat record id: 86117693 From the description of The Leo Ornstein papers, 1892-1989 (inclusive). (Yale University). WorldCat record id: 702191292 Nocturne and dance commissioned as one complete work by the League of Composers, 1935. Composed 1936. First performance St. Louis, 12 February 1937, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Golschmann conduct...

Mingus, Charles, 1922-1979 (person)

Charles Mingus, African-American jazz bassist, was born April 22, 1922, in Nogales, Arizona. He began to study the cello in 1934, switching to the bass in 1937. In 1939 he began studying composition with Lloyd Reese and composed What love and Half mast inhibitions. He began his professional career in 1940, playing bass with Lee Young, and he toured with Louis Armstromg's big band the following year. In 1942 he played bass with Barney Bigard's ensemble which featured retired trombonist Kid Ory. T...

Rudhyar, Dane, 1895-1985 (person)

Dane Rudhyar (1895-1985), born Daniel Chennevière in Paris, was an author, composer and humanistic astrologer. Rudhyar studied at the Sorbonne, moved to New York in 1916, and became an American citizen in 1926. Although respected in astrological and New Age circles, he did not become generally well-known until the 1970s, when mainstream publisher Penguin Books published his The Practice of Astrology . Over the course of his life he wrote more than forty books and hundreds of articles on astrolog...

Mellits, Marc (person)

Reynolds, Roger, 1934-.... (person)

A large collection of music manuscripts and related material documenting the work of American composer Roger Reynolds. Reynolds is one of the early important composers to include electroacoustic elements in live performances, and he pioneered the use of several innovative compositional techniques. A biography and interview with the composer is available at the Library of Congress web site: Some reformatted digital sound materi...

Read, Gardner, 1913-2005 (person)

Originally composed for French horn and piano, 1934, as op. 31. Transcribed for viola and piano, 1940, as op. 31a. This transcription 1946.--Cf. Fleisher Collection. From the description of Poem : for horn in F, or viola, with string orchestra accompaniment, op. 31b / Gardner Read. [19--] (Franklin & Marshall College). WorldCat record id: 53334385 Composed 1940-42. Awarded first prize in the Paderewski Fund Prize Competition, 1943. First performance Boston, 26 November 1...

Menotti, Gian Carlo, 1911-2007 (person)

Composer. From the description of Papers, 1982-1989. (Ohio State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 21072004 Orlando Cole, American, cellist of the Curtis String Quartet, and educator (cello faculty, The Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia, Pa.), was a classmate of Menotti's and Barber's at the Curtis Institute. From the description of [Letter, 1936, summer, St. Wolfgang, Austria, to] Landy [Orlando Cole, Rockport, Me.] / Gian-Carlo ; Sam [Samuel Barb...

Panetti, Joan (person)

Raksin, David (person)

Robert Russell Bennett was an American composer, orchestrator and conductor. From the guide to the Robert Russell Bennett papers, 1911-1981, (Music Library) American film composer. From the description of David Raksin: an oral history interview with Peggy Mayer Sherry for the Kurt Weill Foundation for Music, Weill-Lenya Research Center, Van Nuys, CA, 1991 Oct. 2. (Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison). WorldCat record id: 152674950 ...

Thomson, Joan, 1927-1996 (person)

Paulus, Stephen (person)

Russell, Bill, 1905-1992 (person)

First performance Seattle, 19 May 1939, John Cage conductor.--Cf. Fleisher Collection. From the description of Percussion studies : in Cuban rhythms / William Russell. [19--] (Franklin & Marshall College). WorldCat record id: 53932399 ...

Harbison, John R. (person)

American composer. From the description of Autograph letter signed, dated Deforest, Wisc., [1981], to Joan Peyser, [1981]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270992404 The American composer, John Harbison, was born in Orange, New Jersey in 1938. He was commissioned to write a full-scale opera in 1995 by the Metropolitan Opera. He chose to compose an opera based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The great Gatsby. From the description of Great Gatsby archive 1995-2000. (U...

Rosenboom, David (person)

Persichetti, Vincent, 1915-1987 (person)

Texts are six of Aesop's fables. Composed 1943. First performance Philadelphia, 20 April 1945, Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy conductor, Robert Grooters narrator.--Cf. Fleisher Collection. From the description of Fables : for narrator and orchestra, 1943 / Vincent Persichetti. 1943. (Franklin & Marshall College). WorldCat record id: 53180868 Commissioned by Anthony di Bonaventura. Composed 1962. First performance Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, 2 Augus...

Perlis, Vivian. (person)

Aaron Copland (1900-1990) ranks among the most widely respected of all American composers. Born in Brooklyn to a Russian Jewish family, Copland studied with Rubin Goldmark in New York and Nadia Boulanger in France. His music, which drew upon sources as disparate as jazz, neoclassicism, folk music, and serialism, helped establish an American musical vocabulary, and his most popular works, such as Appalachian Spring and Fanfare for the Common Man, have reached audiences far beyond the...

Riley, Terry, 1935-.... (person)

Musgrave, Thea (person)

Epithet: composer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000350.0x000287 Scottish composer. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Santa Barbara, Ca., [n.d., 1981], to Francis [S. Mason, Jr.], [n.d., 1981]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270582796 ...

McKinley, William Thomas (person)

Nee, Thomas (person)

American conductor and UCSD professor emeritus of music, Nee received a master of arts from Hamline University where he studied with Ernst Krenek. He was music director of the Civic Orchestra of Minneapolis (1954-1967, 1972-1973), joined the UCSD Music Department in 1967, and conducted the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus until his retirement. From the description of Thomas Nee papers, 1946-2001. (University of California, San Diego). WorldCat record id: 51874126 ...

Mumma, Gordon, 1935- (person)

Marx, Josef (person)

Rouse, Christopher, 1949- (person)

American composer. From the description of Seeing : autograph manuscript, 1998 Oct. 31. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 655380484 ...

Van Cleve, Libby. (person)

Robb, J. D. (John Donald), 1892-1989 (person)

Born in Minneapolis, Minn.; died in Albuquerque, N.M. in 1989. Educator, composer of stage, classical and electronic music, collector of folk music, lawyer, and writer. In 1941 became a professor of music and head of the Department of Music at the University of New Mexico; later became Dean of the College of Fine Arts. He was instrumental in the establishment of a folk music archive at the University of New Mexico. From the description of Compositions of J.D. Robb. (University of New...

Mennin, Peter (person)

Composer, educator. From the description of Reminiscences of Peter Mennin : oral history, 1976. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309733307 Commissioned by the Dallas Symphony League. Composed 1949-50. First performance Dallas, 2 April 1950, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Walter Hendl conductor.--Cf. Fleisher Collection. From the description of Fifth symphony / Peter Mennin. [19--] (Franklin & Marshall College). WorldCat record id...