Jo Labadie papers, 1880-1931.


Jo Labadie papers, 1880-1931.

Chiefly includes correspondence with fellow workers in the labor movement, publishers and writers for anarchist, socialist, and labor journals, and a wide circle of friends ...

3,166 items.


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University of Michigan

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Morrison, Frank, 1859-1949 (person)

Mencken, H.L. (Henry Louis), 1880-1956 (person)

Henry Louis "H. L." Mencken (September 12, 1880 - January 29, 1956), was an American journalist, essayist, magazine editor, satirist, acerbic critic of American life and culture, and a student of American English. Mencken, known as the "Sage of Baltimore", is regarded as one of the most influential American writers and prose stylists of the first half of the 20th century. Mencken worked as a reporter and drama critic for the Baltimore Morning Herald from 1899 to 1906. From 190...

Mackay, John Henry, 1864-1933 (person)

German poet, anarchist. From the description of Correspondence, with George Schumm, 1891-1932. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34368887 ...

Stowe, Lyman E., 1843- (person)

Potter-Loomis, Hulda L. (person)

Spies, August Vincent Theodore, 1855-1887 (person)

Spencer, Mary Clare Wilson, 1842-1923 (person)

Mary Spencer was born in 1842 in Pontiac, Mich. Later she and her family moved to Ypsilanti, Mich. In 1864, she married Capt. Clinton Spencer and they had 6 children, 2 dying in infancy. In 1884, they moved to Lansing, where he worked at the Capitol and she worked for the Secretary of State and later became an assistant at the State Library. In 1893, she was appointed the State Librarian. She was State Librarian for 30 years. During that time, she made innovative changes and championed the cause...

Melander, Jenny. (person)

Parker, Prescott Alphonso, 1860- (person)

Nigohosian, John. (person)

Pratt, Anthony (Anthony James) (person)

Simpson, Robert L. (person)

Schilling, John, of Detroit. (person)

Smith, A. Laurence. (person)

Mason, Harry B. (Harry Beckwith), 1874- (person)

May, James D. (person)

Starr, Judson (person)

McLogan, J. J. (person)

Soreng, A. A. (person)

Stimson, O. B. (person)

Mitchell, John, 1870-1919 (person)

John Mitchell was born in Braidwood, Ill., on February 4, 1870. Between the ages of twelve and twenty he worked in the coal mines of Illinois, Colorado, and other states. Mitchell joined the United Mine Workers of America upon its founding in 1890, became an Illinois sub-district official in 1894, and was elected national vice-president in 1898. He assumed the presidency the following year. Mitchell's greatest success was the organizing of the Pennsylvania anthracite fie...

Monahan, Michael, 1865-1933 (person)

Michael Monahan was a poet and editor. Born in County Cork, Ireland, he moved to the United States and became a reporter and, later, editor. He wrote poetry and non-fiction, including works on Jean d'Arc and Heinrich Heine, and toured extensively as a lecturer. He founded the journals Papyrus and Phoenix. From the description of Michael Monahan correspondence with Geo. D. Barron, 1906-1907. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 61356032 ...

McCreery, Maud. (person)

Smits, Lee J. (person)

Nau, Henry, member, Knights of Labor. (person)

Palmer, John G., anarchist. (person)

Stocking, William, 1840-1930 (person)

Stocking served for many years as statistician and historian of the Detroit Chamber of Commerce. From the description of William R. Stocking papers, 1842-1926 (Detroit Public Library). WorldCat record id: 503460889 ...

Rosenberg, Louis J. (Louis James), 1876- (person)

Louis J. Rosenberg, son of Abraham and Zelda R. Rosenberg was born, Aug. 3, 1876; was admitted to the Michigan bar in 1900; married Mildred Simons, Nov. 17, 1924; was U.S. consul at Seville, Spain, 1906-1909; consul at Pernambuco, Brazil, 1909-10; served on various diplomatic missions; was honorary consul of Panama at Detroit, 1923. (from Who's Who in Am., 1940-41; 1944-45.) (blue index cards) From the description of Louis J. Rosenberg papers, 1906-1951 (Detroit Public Library). Worl...

Morris, J. H. (person)

Editor of The Firebrand. From the description of Letter, 1896 Jun. 21, Portland, Or., to Jos. A. Labadie, Detroit. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34368405 ...

Stevens, Frederic Beckwith. (person)

Pathak, Mukand Lall. (person)

Smith, L. A., ed of American Sentinel. (person)

Rice, Wallace, 1859-1939 (person)

American humorous writer. From the description of Autograph quotation for Glen Walton Blodgett, 1929 February 4. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 51010455 Chicago author, anthologist and lecturer. A life-long Chicago resident and son of hotel owner John A. Rice, Wallace Rice was educated at Racine College and Harvard, and was admitted to the Illinois bar in 1884. Having little interest in the law, Rice soon began his literary career as a...

Schumm, Emma (Heller), 1856-1941. (person)

Sawyer, Charles B. (person)

Martel, Frank X. (person)

Peacock, J. J., Mrs. (person)

Stevenson, L. L. (person)

Scribner, E. A (person)

Sovereign, James R. (person)

Starkey, Harry C. (person)

Sherman, Arthur. (person)

Marshall, Edmund (person)

Prescott, William B., 1864-1916. (person)

Stern, Edward, of Philadelophia, fl. 1905. (person)

Senger, Arthur A. (person)

Seib, Charles F. (person)

Meyer, Edward J., Mrs. (person)

Reitzel, Robert, 1849-1898 (person)

Editor of Der Arme Teufel, Detroit. From the description of Letters, to George Schumm, 1888-1896. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34368846 ...

Swift, Charles M. (person)

Stirton, A. M. (person)

Parry, Carl Eugene, 1885- (person)

Smith, W. H., M.D. (person)

Graham, Marcus, 1893-1985 (person)

Marcus Graham is the common usage pseudonym of Shmuel Marcus. From the description of Correspondence with Theodore Dreiser, 1926. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155890124 ...

Smith, Norman, of Michigan. (person)

Spouse, J. J. (person)

Redfield, Thirza. (person)

Swift, Ivan (American painter and etcher, 1873-1945) (person)

Painter, poet; Michigan. From the description of Ivan Swift papers, 1910-1946. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122394354 ...

O'Reilly, Patrick J. (person)

Searby, R. C. M. (person)

Saunders, Henry Scholey, 1864-1951 (person)

Toronto cellist and collector of Walt Whitman material. From the description of Collection of Walt Whitman, 1877-1950. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122691947 BIOGHIST REQUIRED Henry Scholey Saunders was born in 1864 in London, Canada. He married Georgina Helen Taylor on October 10, 1887 and they settled in Toronto for the rest of their lives. They had two children, a son, Harry Ernest, and a daughter, Ruth Mercer, who died at the age of two. BIOGHI...

Priest, George E. (person)

Moreland, D. W. H. (person)

Southworth, Otis M. (person)

Reedy, William Marion, 1862-1920 (person)

American editor and critic. Born in St. Louis in 1862, Reedy served his apprenticeship as a writer on the Missouri Republican, then as a reporter for the Globe-Democrat, and in 1893 became the city editor of the St. Louis Mirror. He soon owned the Mirror and the publication changed from a gossip sheet to a sophisticated literary magazine. Reedy became one of the most successful literary entrepreneurs of his day and was influential in the development of American poetry in...

Newman, Jared T. (Jared Treman), 1855-1937 (person)

Jared Treman Newman was an Ithaca, New York attorney, 1893-1896, and mayor, 1907-1908; Cornell University Trustee, 1895-1903 and 1907-1933; and a bank official. Cornell University Class of 1875. From the description of Jared Treman Newman papers, 1803-1953, 1803-1937 (bulk). (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 64072855 ...

Parsons, Lucy E. (Lucy Eldine), 1853-1942 (person)

Epithet: wife of A R Parsons, the anarchist British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001300.0x00004b ...

Meyer, John, 1855- (person)

Pesotta, Rose, 1896- (person)

Rose Pesotta (1896-1965) was a labor union official. From the description of Rose Pesotta papers, 1922-1965. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122517425 From the guide to the Rose Pesotta papers, 1922-1965, (The New York Public Library. Manuscripts and Archives Division.) 1896 Born in Derazhnya, Russia, November 20 1909 ...

Stèpánek, Charles H. B. (person)

Smith, Franklin G. (person)

Rowland, George W. (person)

Simons, A. M. (Algie Martin), 1870-1950 (person)

Owen, Orville Ward, Mrs. (person)

Southerland, Myrtella. (person)

Spencer, Claudius Buchanan, 1856-1934. (person)

Martindale, Frederick C. (person)

Pokagon, Simon, 1830-1899 (person)

Pokagon (1830-1899) was a Potawatomi Indian, the son of Chief Leopold Pokagon. Educated at Oberlin College and Twinsburg Institute, he was a gifted orator and writer. He wrote a number of articles and books about Potawatomi legends, language, and culture, some of which were produced on birchbark. A collection of his books is in the Clarke Historical Library. (Information from the collection.). From the description of Collection, 1928,1958. (Clarke Historical Library). WorldCat record...

Penniman, Julia A. (person)

Pound, James Henry, 1852-1928. (person)

Detroit attorney. From the description of James H. Pound papers, 1904-1917 (Detroit Public Library). WorldCat record id: 607529413 ...

Pearson, James Larkin, 1879-1981 (person)

Sharp, Harry (person)

Pickett, F. S. (person)

Osborn, Chase S. (Chase Salmon), 1860-1949 (person)

Author and newspaper editor at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, University of Michigan regent and Republican governor of Michigan, 1911-1912. From the description of Chase Salmon Osborn papers, 1889-1949. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34423228 Chase S. Osborn was born in Huntington County, Indiana on January 22, 1860, the son of George A. and Margaret (Fannon) Osborn. He married Lillian G. Jones on May 7, 1881. Osborn was a newspaperman and author before becoming ...

Neill, Charles Patrick, 1865-1942 (person)

Charles Patrick Neill was born on 12 December 1865 at Rock Island, Illinois to James and Julia (Walsh) Neill, who had emigrated from Ireland in 1850. The family moved to Austin, Texas in 1871, where James practiced law. Charles was employed from age 10 in 1876 until 1885 as a bank messenger. He attended the University of Notre Dame from 1885 until 1888, the University of Texas at Austin from 1888 to 1889 and graduated from Georgetown University with a degree AB summa cum laude. He taught at Notr...

Rankin, E. W. (Edward W.) (person)

Schermerhorn, James, 1865-1941 (person)

Schumm, George, 1856 or 1857-1941 (person)

Radical writer, translator, and editor of Radical review and other journals. From the description of George Schumm papers, 1878-1940. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 66895328 From the description of Papers, 1878-1940. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34491668 Editor, writer, publisher. Cornell University Class of 1881. George Schumm graduated from Cornell in 1881. Born in Galena, Illinois, the son of German immigra...

Scannell, John (person)

Palmer, Thomas Witherell, 1830-1913 (person)

Born in Detroit, Jan. 25, 1830; Academy at Palmer (now St. Clair) & Mich. University; was manufacturer & farmer; served on Board of estimates, Detroit; State Senator, 1879-80; U.S. Senator, Republican, 1883-89; U.S. minister to Spain, 1889-91; president of World's Columbian Exposition,1690-93; died In Detroit, June 1, 1913. (Mich. Biogr. ; Farmer, Detroit, v. 2, p. 1069, with port.) From the description of Thomas Witherell Palmer papers, 1830-1913 (Detroit Public Libr...

Pfeiffer, Conrad 1555- (person)

Labadie, Jo, 1850-1933 (person)

Detroit anarchist printer, early labor leader, editor, writer on social and economic reform, and donor of the nucleus of the Labadie Collection. From the description of Jo Labadie papers, 1880-1931. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 68796432 From the description of Papers, 1880-1931. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34369754 Joseph Labadie (1850-1933) was an American labor organizer, anarchist, social activist, printer, publisher, essayist, ...

Maas, Paul J., journalist. (person)

Sullivan, J. Emmet. (person)

Sandburg, Carl, 1878-1967 (person)

Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) was an American author, editor and poet. He won three Pulitzer prizes, two for his poetry and the third for his biography of Abraham Lincoln. From the guide to the Carl Sandburg Collection, 1924-1954, (Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Libraries) American poet, novelist and historian, Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) won two Pulitzer Prizes, one for Abraham Lincoln: the War Years and the other for The Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg ...

Small, Elden, 1876- (person)

Major, Abby W. (person)

Sexauer, H. F. (person)

McKenzie, E. B., jr. (person)

Skeffington, H. J. (person)

Sherman, Gertrude E. (person)

Schott, Winfield Lionel, 1847-1928. (person)