The Geo. M. Greene Collection : the following letters addressed to Prof. S.S. Haldeman, sketches, illustrations of his scientific articles, pieces of manuscript, and the original plates of Thomas Say's "North American entomology" were presented by me (Prof. Haldeman's grandson) to Geo. M. Greene in


Haldeman, Samuel Stehman, 1812-1880. The Geo. M. Greene Collection : the following letters addressed to Prof. S.S. Haldeman, sketches, illustrations of his scientific articles, pieces of manuscript, and the original plates of Thomas Say's "North American entomology" were presented by me (Prof. Haldeman's grandson) to Geo. M. Greene in May 1920. [signed] Guy K. Haldeman.

The Geo. M. Greene Collection : the following letters addressed to Prof. S.S. Haldeman, sketches, illustrations of his scientific articles, pieces of manuscript, and the original plates of Thomas Say's "North American entomology" were presented by me (Prof. Haldeman's grandson) to Geo. M. Greene in May 1920. [signed] Guy K. Haldeman. 1823-1863.

Album containing engraved portraits of S.S. Haldeman by A.H. Ritchie ("Engd. for Biographical sketches of eminent Americans") and Samuel Sartain; letters from *Louis Agassiz (signed but not written by Agassiz), Spencer F. Baird, Amos Binney, W.G. Binney, Edw. Charlesworth, J. Hamilton Couper, James D. Dana, Charles Girard (in French), Augustus Gould, Asa Gray, Nicholas M. Hentz, Isaac Lea, John E. LeConte, John L. LeConte, F.E. Melsheimer, John G. Morris, Victor de Motschulsky (in French), Baron R. Osten-Sacken, Lucy Say, Herman R. Schaum (in German), Benjamin Silliman, Jr., George W. Tryon, Jr., William S. Vaux, and Daniel Ziegler; other manuscripts by S.S. Haldeman ("Description of a scarid", describing an insect, not a fish), Thaddeus W. Harris ("Specimens of Nomadae in the collection of Thaddeus William Harris lent to Profr. Haldeman to be described", 1849), and *C.S. Rafinesque ("On a new salamander and a new Stellio from Kentucky", with draft poem on the verso); printed documents by *Louis Agassiz (circular containing "Directions for collecting fishes") and *Jakob Sturm (4 offprints on species of Anophthalmus, 1844-1853, from his Deutschlands Fauna); original watercolors, with accompanying proof plates, from Say's American entomology (1824-1828); drawings by Joseph Leidy; watercolors of insects and arthropods by unidentified artist(s); and original watercolors of shells by Helen E. Lawson for Haldeman's A monograph of the Limniades (1840-1842), with some further watercolors that appear to be by Lawson. (Manuscript and printed items marked * have separate catalog records; there is also a separate collective record for the drawings and engravings.).

1 album ([58] leaves) : ill. ; 34 x 27 cm.

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