Papers of Warren Lee Rogers, 1912-1992.


Rogers, Warren Lee, 1912-1992. Papers of Warren Lee Rogers, 1912-1992.

Papers of Warren Lee Rogers, 1912-1992.

Correspondence and other papers of Warren Lee Rogers and Clinton Clarke dealing with the Pacific Crest Trail. Included are Clarke's publications, the Y-Relays correspondence, photographs, radio scripts, participants' surveys and transcribed portions of the log book; the PCT registers and hikers' correspondence, maps, visitor guides and brochures of national forests and parks in Washington, Oregon, California and elsewhere. Correspondents include Ansel Adams, Hanson W. Baldwin, Devereux Butcher, Oscar L. Chapman, Ernest A. Dench, Newton Bishop Drury, Roland C. Geist, Francis P. Farquar.

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Rogers, Warren Lee, 1912-1992. (person)

Warren Lee Rogers, a Pasadena, Calif. businessman and conservationist. A Harvard-educated businessman who helped found the Pasadena Playhouse, he found his passion in the Pacific Crest Trail. In 1935, while a secretary at the Alhambra YMCA, he was chosen to be the trail guide for the YMCA relay teams that first explored the proposed route for the Pacific Crest Trail, a projected extension of the John Muir Trail that would reach Canada and Mexico. Organized by Clinton Clarke of Pasadena, the 40 t...

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Epithet: LLD, Editor-in-Chief 'National Geographic Magazine' British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001150.0x000388 ...

Butcher, Devereux. (person)

California. Dept. of Parks and Recreation. (corporateBody)

Drury, Newton Bishop, 1889- (person)

Conservationist. From the description of Parks and Redwoods, 1919-1971 : oral history, 1972. With introductions by Horace M. Albright and DeWitt Nelson. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122445603 From the description of Reminiscences of Newton Bishop Drury : oral history, 1972. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309744063 Drury (1889-1978), served as director of the National Park Service from 1940 to 1950. From the descripti...

Humphrey, Hubert H., 1942- (person)

Show, S.B. (Stuart Bevier), 1886-1963 (person)

Farquhar, Francis Peloubet, 1887-1974 (person)

Farquhar was born on Dec. 31, 1887 in Newton, MA; AB, Harvard Univ., 1909; became public accountant in Boston and San Francisco, 1909-59; also served as an accountant with the US National Park Service, 1922-25; president of the California Academy of Sciences, and California Historical Society; president of the Sierra Club, and editor of the Bulletin, 1926-46; president, California State Board of Accountancy, 1953-54; recipient of the John Muir award for conservation, 1965; made expeditions to Mt...