Carte Macchi, 1742-1877 (bulk 1825-1860).


Carte Macchi, 1742-1877 (bulk 1825-1860).

Acquired by the ASV in 1919. Eight volumes transferred to the Archivio della Nunziatura Apostolica in Francia (ID VATV427-A) and are currently v. 1-8 in that series.

3.5 linear m. (21 boxes and buste)





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From the earliest days of the Church judicial problems and reserved cases were referred to Rome for solution. By the end of the twelfth century this continual and ever-increasing flood of requests became too burdensome for the Consistory of Cardinals. The popes, therefore, began to refer cases to members of the papal household who were called cappellani papae. This group, which was dependent on the Apostolic Chancery (ID VATV032-A), seems to be the antecedent, if not the origin of t...

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Vincenzo Macchi (1770-1860) was born at Capodimonte in the diocese of Montefiasconi and died at Rome. He was assigned to the nunciature for Lisbon when the French invaded Portugal in 1808, but Macchi, following the court, left for Brazil. Between 1808 and 1817 Macchi was internuncio and apostolic delegate in Portugal. In 1818 he was appointed nuncio to Switzerland and in 1819 transferred to Paris, where he remained until 1827. He was named a cardinal in 1826. When he returned from F...

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During much of Doctor JoseĢ Gaspar de Francia's dictatorship (1814-1840), Paraguay was without a bishop and the church was harrassed. From the description of Libro de providencias, ordenes, y autos : por Dn. Juan Antonio Riveras, cura rector de la parrequial de la Villeta : manuscript, 1804-1857. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 612746619 An antiphonary is a book containing sacred vocal music, both the antiphons of the breviary, and the musical notes. An antiphon it...

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This congregation was established by Sixtus V as the Congregatio pro Sacris Ritibus et Caeremoniis (constitution Immensa aeterni Dei, Jan. 22, 1588). According to some authors, it absorbed a cardinalatial commission formed by Gregory XIII, as early as 1572, to reform the ceremonies of the papal chapel. Although the principal task of the new congregation was to attend to the moderation of the Latin liturgy "in all the churches of Rome and throughout the world," the bulk of its work w...

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A permanent nunciature was established in 1514 by Leo X, following earlier legations. Conflict between the popes and Louis XIV left the post vacant or filled on an interim basis for most of the period from 1671 to 1690. The nuncio left France in 1791 after anticlerical legislation was passed. The office was then abolished. Several special envoys were sent to France during the revolutionary and Napoleonic eras, including a legate a latere who served from 1801 to 1810. The permanent n...

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