Correspondence, 1854-1914, "Burton" to "Chamberlain".


Hay, John, 1838-1905. Correspondence, 1854-1914, "Burton" to "Chamberlain".

Correspondence, 1854-1914, "Burton" to "Chamberlain".

Includes letters to Hay and to members of his family.

Approximately 6,000 items.

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Carter. (person)

Cassini, Arthur P., Count. (person)

Butler, Ellen. (person)

Cameron, J. D. (James Donald), 1833-1918 (person)

Senator from Penna. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Philadelphia, to Whitelaw Reid, 1878 Nov. 21. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270133624 James Donald Cameron was born in Middletown, Pennsylvania in 1833. He was president of the Northern Central Railroad from 1863 to 1874. Cameron served as Secretary of War in 1876 to 1877 and as Pennsylvania Senator from 1877 to 1897. He died in 1918. From the description of Letter to Henry J. Gensler, 1885, S...

Butterfield, Frederick William Louis, Sir, -1943. (person)

Carpenter, F.B. (Francis Bicknell), 1830-1900 (person)

Artist, best known for painting of Abraham Lincoln reading the Emancipation Proclamation to his cabinet. Also author of Six Months in the White House with Lincoln. From the description of Letter, February 5, 1867. (Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library). WorldCat record id: 86077030 From the description of Letters, 1865-1866, 1899. (Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library). WorldCat record id: 86077037 Artist. From the description of F.B. Carpenter correspon...

Carleton, George Washington, 1832-1901 (person)

Campbell, William S. (person)

Card, W. W. (person)

Cantacuzene, Prince. (person)

Catchings, T. C. (Thomas Clendinen), 1847-1927 (person)

Canisius, Theodor. (person)

German-born physician, newspaper editor, diplomat, Abraham Lincoln biographer; edited German language newspapers in Alton and Springfield, Illinois, 1858-1860; U.S. consul to Vienna, Austria, 1861-1865, Bristol, England, 1875-1881, Geestemunde, Germany, 1881-1882, Apia, Samoa, 1882-1885. From the description of Letter : Apia, Samoa, to [Charles] Hermann, 1884 Jan. 1. (Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library). WorldCat record id: 27989484 From the description of Document: Bristo...

Carter, Augusta. (person)

Carlisle, Calderon (person)

Carter, John R. (John Ridgely), 1862-1944 (person)

Century Company. (corporateBody)

The Century Company was founded in New York City in 1881. Century published magazines including the Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine and St. Nicholas and publications such as Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Roswell Smith formed the company and appointed Richard Watson Gilder as editor of the Century which was noted for its fiction, poetry, historical studies, and woodcut illustrations. In 1930 the Century was merged with The Forum magazine. From the description of Century C...

Campbell, Walter, Lord, 1848-1889. (person)

Chamberlain, Joseph, 1836-1914 (person)

Joseph Chamberlain was born in 1836; he was educated at University College School, and at the age of sixteen moved from London to Birmingham to join his uncle's screw manufacturing business, Nettlefold and Chamberlain; he became a member of the Birmingham Education Society, the National Education League, and was chairman of the Birmingham School Board [1868-1873]; he was a member of Birmingham Town Council [1872-1880], being Councillor for St Paul's Ward and Mayor [1873-1876]; he was MP for West...

Hay, John, 1838-1905 (person)

Brown class of 1858. Secretary to Abraham Lincoln; Ambassador to Court of St. James; Secretary of State; author. From the description of Papers, 1829-1916. (Brown University). WorldCat record id: 122598680 American diplomat and author. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Cleveland, to the editors of The Critic [Jeannette L. and Joseph B. Gilder], 1884 Aug. 15. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 644640373 Statesman, poet, Secretary of State. ...

Carlyle's House Memorial Trust (London) (corporateBody)

Caledon, James Alexander, Earl of, 1846-1898 (person)

Canby, Edward Richard Sprigg, 1817-1873 (person)

Soldier. From the description of Edward Richard Sprigg Canby Papers, 1837-1873. (Filson Historical Society, The). WorldCat record id: 46763999 From the description of Edward Richard Sprigg Canby : miscellaneous papers, 1844-1862. (Filson Historical Society, The). WorldCat record id: 46764006 American Army officer. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Newport, Kentucky, to Lieut. M.R. Patrick, 1846 Aug. 22. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 2701...

Catlin, George L. (George Lynde), 1840-1896 (person)

Carroll, Henry K. (Henry King), 1848-1931 (person)

Carroll, Charles, 1832-1889. (person)

Carnegie, Mary Crowninshield (Endicott), 1864-1957. (person)

Cambon, Jules, 1845-1935 (person)

Butterfield, Daniel, 1831-1901 (person)

Ambler was Judge of Probate at Pentwater (Mich.). Gen. Butterfield (Oct. 31, 1831-July 17, 1901) was the son of John and Malinda H.B. Butterfield. He was born in Utica (N.Y.) and graduated from Union College (1849) with a B.A. Butterfield enrolled as a Capt in the N.Y. militia, 1st regiment, later serving as Col. of the 12th Regiment. In 1861 he was appointed 1st Srgt. of the Clay Guards. He was promoted to Brig. Gen., Sept. 7, 1861, andd Maj. Gen., Dec. 13, 1862. In Jan. 1863 Butterfield became...

Camporiale. (person)

Carter, Charles H. (Charles Henry) (person)

Button, W. J. (person)

Carroll, John Lee, 1830-1911 (person)

Butler, Benjamin F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1818-1893 (person)

Union Army general; Republican Congressman; governor of Massachusetts. From the description of Letters of Benjamin Butler [manuscript], 1869-1890. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647975649 Union general in the Civil War; Congressman; Governor of Massachusetts (1883-84) From the description of ALS : Bay View, to [President Grant], 1871 July 29. (Boston Public Library). WorldCat record id: 37939179 Benjamin Franklin Butler was a United States...

Butler, Nicholas Murray, 1862-1947 (person)

Epithet: President of Columbia University British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000696.0x000180 Butler was a philosopher, diplomat, and educator; president of Columbia University from 1901-1942. From the description of Nicholas Murray Butler letter, 1942 Mar. 16. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 777002021 President of Columbia University. From the description of Letters to F.W. Wile and...

Camporeale, Prince. (person)

Burton, Theodore E. (Theodore Elijah), 1851-1929 (person)

U.S. Representative (1889-91, 1895-1909, and 1921-28) and Senator (1909-15 and 1928-29) from Cleveland, Ohio. While in Congress, Burton was involved in a number of important issues of the day, and was also a prominent figure in Republican Party politics. He maintained a lifelong involvement in the international peace movement. Burton was a candidate in the 1907 Cleveland mayoral election, losing to Democrat Tom L. Johnson. A bachelor, he was close to his niece, Grace Burton, who became a politic...

Buxton, Sydney Charles Buxton, Earl, 1853-1934. (person)

Case, J. S. (person)

Carneigie, Andrew, 1835-1919. (person)


Carson, James Wood (person)

Cameron, Rachel. (person)

Cadwalader, John L. (John Lambert), 1836-1914 (person)

Chamberlain, Beatrice. (person)

Carnegie, Louise Whitefield, 1857- (person)

Cautley, Lucy R. (person)

Butler, Charles, 1802-1897 (person)

Charles Butler was a New York lawyer whose activities included New York politics; anti-Masonry; western state bond issues and speculation; New York Life Insurance and Trust Company loans; canal, road and railroad construction; and philanthropy. From the description of Charles Butler Papers, 1817-1908. (New York University, Group Batchload). WorldCat record id: 58788229 Entrepreneur, lawyer, and philanthropist. From the description of Charles Butler papers, 1819-1...

Campbell, Belle W. (person)

Chadwick, French Ensor, 1844-1919 (person)

Rear Admiral Chadwick served on various naval vessels, taught at the Naval Academy, and served as naval attache of the American legation in London, and as Chief of the Naval Intelligence Service and of the Naval Bureau of Equipment. He was among the officers appointed to investigate the destruction of the Maine, which action precipitated the Spanish-American War in 1898. In 1900, he was named President of the Naval War College at Newport and in 1903 Commander in Chief of the South Atlantic Fleet...

Cartwright, Mary E. (Lawrence). (person)

Castelar, Emilio, 1832-1899 (person)

Statesman and author who was one of the most powerful champions of Spanish Republicanism in the latter half of the 19th century and would serve as president of the first Spanish republic from September 1873 to January 1874. From the description of Letters : Madrid, to Rojas, 1877-1880. (Boston Athenaeum). WorldCat record id: 39534242 Emilio Castelar was a university professor and politician, who wrote and fought for democracy against the Spanish monarchy. After the revolutio...

Cannon, Joseph Gurney, 1836-1926 (person)

Cannon was an Illinois lawyer and politician, who served in the United States Congress. From the description of Autograph, ca. 1890. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 82084221 U.S. Representative (Republican) from Illinois' eighteenth district (1873-1891, 1893-1913 and 1915-1923). Speaker of the House in the 58th, 59th, 60th and 61st Congresses. From the description of Papers, 1890-1926. (Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library). WorldCat record id: 22913269 ...