Papers, 1947-1991.


Papers, 1947-1991.

These are Dunlop's personal papers dating from his tenure as president of the Sun Oil Company. His business correspondence may be found in the Sun Company Records. The small body of Sun Oil Company papers includes some materials on the American Petroleum Institute, of which Dunlop was elected chairman in 1965, and Dunlop's service on the board of directors and tax committee. There are also letters used to compile a tribute book to Dunlop and correspondence with Sun executives from Japan and Puerto Rico.

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The Pew Charitable Trusts consists of seven individual trusts established by the children of Sun Oil Company founder Joseph Newton Pew (1886-1963) and his wife Mary Anderson Pew. It's predecessor, the Pew Memorial Foundation was founded by J . Howard Pew (1882-1971), Mary Ethel Pew (1884-1979), J. N. Pew, Jr. (1886-1963) and Mabel Pew Myrin (1889-1972) in 1948 to honor their parents. From the description of Pew Family and Trust History Records, 1912-1991 (bulk, 1932-1991). (Hagley Mu...

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