Records, 1880-1970.


Records, 1880-1970.

The manuscript records include Helen Parrish's diaries dealing with her original experimental work renting out properties to black tenants in Philadelphia in 1888; the Association's annual reports form 1896 to 1970; and a list of Association properties from 1897 to 1924. A group of letters to Helen Parrish (1898-1941) deal with the management of the Association, child care and housing problems. A separate group of letters (1899-1927) are from women Parrish met in England, including Octavia Hill, her sister Miranda, and others involved in philanthropy. The letters concern housing, the labor movement and the First World War. Helen Parrish's notes and speeches cover the years 1899-1927. These papers include correspondence with Lawrence Veiller of the National Housing Association on conferences, publications and housing issues. Subject files include material on the Housing Conference (1913-1916) and a series of legislative files (1905, 1907, 1911 and 1913) which deal with Pennsylvania state housing ordinances, codes, water supply regulations and tenement laws. There are also materials on the Octavia Hill exhibition in London (1931), the work of Octavia Hill, an unpublished 1916 report on the Association and various publications of the Association (1902-1928), including brochures, prospectuses and special reports. The collection includes about fifty pamphlets dating from 1872 to 1939. Among them are works on housing management and social work in Britain and America around the turn of the century, and Octavia Hill's published "Letters," and descriptions of housing and social conditions in Philadelphia and Washington. The Association's materials also include a photograph collection dealing with housing, social conditions and building renovations. There is an album of seventy photographs taken by Helen Jenks, of people and housing conditions in Southwark between 1898 and 1906. Other albums show projects completed by 1912 and document projects in Kensington (1924) and Manayunk (1926-1929). About one hundred loose prints deal with the Southwark area (1900-1920). Another one hundred large glass negatives and fifty lantern slides document the work of the Association up to 1917. A complete set of Board minutes since 1896 is located at the Association's headquarters in Philadelphia.

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The Octavia Hill Association was incorporated in 1896 to improve working class housing conditions through the sympathetic management of dwellings which it purchased and renovated. The Association's activities were modeled after the work in London of Octavia Hill, with whom one of its founders, Helen Parrish, had studied. The founders wished to demonstrate that the housing business and charitable works could be successfully combined. They wanted to manage clean, sanitary, safe houses...

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Eliza Butler Kirkbride was active in educational and social welfare organizations. Her husband was director of the Department of Mental Diseases at the Pennsylvania Hospital from 1840 until his death in 1883. An elementary school at Seventh and Dickinson Street in South Philadelphia is named after Mrs. Kirkbride. From the description of Papers 1862-1903. (Temple University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 122365280 ...

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