Frank Adams Papers, 1889-1962


Frank Adams Papers, 1889-1962

Frank Adams Papers, 1889-1962

The Frank Adams papers consist of files regarding his work in the subjects of irrigation, agriculture, and land settlement projects. The materials include the following formats: reports, reprints, correspondence, clippings, and notes, and historical and statistical data. The content includes materials from his projects in Palestine, the western United States with a particular focus on California. There is extensive information on University of California Irrigation Investigations in California.

16 linear feet; ca. 16 linear ft. (35 boxes), 12 online items, ead


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Mead, Elwood, 1858-1936 (person)

Elwood Mead (1858-1936) was territorial engineer and later, the first state engineer of Wyoming, 1888-1899, and author of its first water code. From 1899-1907, he was in charge of irrigation investigations for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He was chairman of the Rivers and Water Supply Commission in Victoria, Australia, 1907-1915, professor of Rural Institutions at the University of California, 1915-1924, and Commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation from 1924 until his death in 1936....

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Teele, R. P. (Ray Palmer), 1868-1927 (person)

Ray Palmer Teele (1868-1927) graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1899 and was an irrigation economist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture from 1899-1927. He was in charge of the irrigation and drainage census for the U.S. Census Bureau in 1910 and 1920 and was investigating economic conditions on water reclamation projects on Indian reservations at the time of his death in 1927. From the description of Papers, 1907-1937. (University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center). ...

Adams, Frank, 1875-1967 (person)

Edward F. Adams was a farmer and businessman who settled in California. In California, he farmed in Santa Cruz County, was an organizer of farm cooperatives, and eventually agricultural editor and writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. He was also instrumental in the founding of the Commonwealth Club of California. Frank Adams was a distinguished professor of irrigation at the University of California Berkeley and an international consultant on agriculture. He was key t...

California Irrigation and Reclamation District Bondholders Association. (corporateBody)

Hutchins, Wells A. (Wells Aleck), 1888-1970 (person)

Biography Wells A. Hutchins, a nationally recognized authority on Western water laws, had completed over 62 years of service with the Department of Agriculture at the time of his death in Berkeley, California, on September 19, 1970. As an employee of Natural Resource Economics Division, he was completing the final draft of his comprehensive, multi-volume work, State Water Rights Laws of the Nineteen Western States. Mr. Hutchins be...

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Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945 (person)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882, in Hyde Park, New York. He was the son of James (lawyer, financier) and Sara (Delano) Roosevelt. He married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt on March 17, 1905, and had six children: Anna, James, Franklin, Elliott, Franklin Jr., John. He received his B.A. from Harvard in 1904 and later attended Columbia University Law School. Roosevelt was admitted to the Bar in 1907 and worked for the Carter, Ledyard, and Milburn firm in New York City from 1907 to 19...

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The Colorado River Storage Project Act of 1956 provided for the construction of Glen Canyon Dam, forming the reservoir Lake Powell behind it. Several partner institutions, including the Museum of Northern Arizona, were involved with a major project to document archaeological, environmental, and biological conditions prior to the dam's construction. Many of the images in this collection refer to this reasearch, known as the Glen Canyon Project. From the guide to the Glen Canyon (US Bu...

A. H. Koebig, Sr. (person)

U.S. Geological Survey (corporateBody)

These photographs were tkaen at the time of the last great survey involving Indian territories in the West. Most surviving photographs depict scenery, but these are significant because they depict more than simply scenery. From the guide to the U.S.G.S. Ute Reservation Survey Collection, 1903, (Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department) ...

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The Alaska Public Works Program was authorized during the 81st Congress through the Alaska Public Works Act, Public Law 264. The Act authorized the General Services Administration to construct public works in Alaska, at a total cost of $70 million, then to sell them to the Territory of Alaska or other public bodies in Alaska at a purchase price that would recover approximately 50% of the total estimated cost. The authority, set to expire June 30, 1955, was extended to June 30, 1959. The program ...

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Agency History The first step toward State ownership and operation of toll bridges occurred in 1929, when the Legislature created the California Toll Bridge Authority. Comprising the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Director of the Department of Public Works, the Director of the Department of Finance, and the Chairman of the California Highway Commission, the Authority was empowered to determine the location of bridges, issue bonds, set toll ra...

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Haw, John Willard, 1889-.... (person)

John Willard Haw (1889- ) retired in 1959 as Director of the Department of Agricultural Development of the Northern Pacific Railway Company. From the description of Papers, 1934-1965. (University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center). WorldCat record id: 28082006 ...

Rio Grande Compact Commission (corporateBody)

The Rio Grande Compact Commission apportions the water of the Rio Grande River among Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. The compact was signed in 1938, though a preliminary compact was in effect from 1929. It created a reservoir and a system of gauges. The commission consists of the state engineers of Colorado and New Mexico, a Texas representative appointed by the governor, and a nonvoting member appointed by the U.S. president. From the description of Rio Grande Compact Commission Re...

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A. M. Sowder (person)

E. J. Wickson. (person)

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Burch, A. N. (person)

United States Geological Survey (corporateBody)

The United States Geological Survey, a part of the Bureau of the Interior, was created by Congress in 1879 for the purpose of the classification of the public lands, and examination of the geological structure, mineral resources, and products of the national domain. As part of its survey, study and classification of the geology of the United States, the department has produced a vast photographic record, now housed in the U.S. Geological Survey Library in Lakewood, Colorado. The USGS photographi...

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Dean, H. K., L. R. Breithaupt, G. R. Hyslop, and W. L. Powers. (person)

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In 1860, the portion of Colorado east of the Continental Divide was divided into Nebraska Territory north of the 40th parallel (Baseline Road) and Kansas Territory south of this line. From the description of Nebraska Territory population schedule microfilm, 1860. (Boulder Public Library). WorldCat record id: 427348036 From the description of Nebraska Territory mortality census and agricultural schedule microfilm, 1860. (Boulder Public Library). WorldCat record id: 427348041 ...

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Private nonprofit organization for the study of public issues, based in San Francisco, California. From the description of Commonwealth Club of California records, 1903-2009. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754872782 Historical Note The Commonwealth Club of California is a private, nonprofit organization for the nonpartisan study of public issues based in San Francisco, California. It was founded on February 3, 1903, by Sa...

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Ely, Richard T. (Richard Theodore), 1854-1943 (person)

Epithet: American economist British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000980.0x000366 Richard T. Ely received his undergraduate degree from Columbia University and his doctorate in economics from the University of Heidelberg. He held the professorship of economics at Johns Hopkins University from 1881 to 1892, and was subsequently professor of economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ely took an active part in t...

Engle, Charles A. (Charles Albert), 1906-1983 (person)

Charles Engle was the head football coach at Pennsylvania State University, 1950-1965. From the description of Charles "Rip" Engle papers, 1892-1983 (bulk 1950- 1965) (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 32080467 ...

National Resources Board (corporateBody)

Orange County Gun Club (corporateBody)

C. E. Grunsky (person)

Association of Western State Engineers (corporateBody)

M. R. Benedict (person)

Schuyler, James D. (James Dix), 1848-1912 (person)

American author and poet; Button is an American artist. From the description of Letters to John Button : typescript ca.1956-ca.1959 (University of California, San Diego). WorldCat record id: 29896211 Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and member of the New York School circle of painters and writers, born 9 November 1923 in Chicago, Illinois. Served in the U.S. Navy during World War II; worked as W.H. Auden's secretary in Italy for two years in the late 1940...

Yolo Irrigation District. (corporateBody)

Western Irrigation and Drainage Research Association. (corporateBody)

California Economic Research Council. (corporateBody)

Payne, John Barton, 1855-1935 (person)

John Barton Payne, a lawyer, was born in Pruntytown, W. Va. 26 January 1855. He was admitted to the bar in 1876. He practiced law in Preston County, W. Va. before moving to Chicago where he practiced 1883-1893. He was judge of the Superior Court, Cook County, Ill. 1893-1898, Secretary of the Interior 1920-1921 and chairman of the American Red Cross. His paintings and monetary gift were the impetus behind the founding of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Barton died in 1935. From the ...

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The National Reclamation Association was organized in 1932 to represent interests of the seventeen western reclamation states. The association has worked with the Bureau of Reclamation in passing authorization for the Colorado River Storage Project, the Columbia River Basin development, and the Central Arizona Project, among others. From the guide to the National Reclamation Association records, 1945-1946, (J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah) The Association rep...

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United States. General Land Office (corporateBody)

Under regulations approved on March 20, 1915, tracts set aside as villa sites under the provisions of an act of April 12, 1910, within the former Flathead Indian Reservation, Montana, were offered for sale at public auction, beginning at Polson, Montana, on July 26, 1915. The sale was adjourned to Dayton, Montana, on August 6 and concluded at Kalispell, Montana, on August 7, 1915. There were 889 parcels of land, not less than 2 nor more than 5 acres in area, fronting on Flathead Lake, and under ...

Peterson, William (person)

Epithet: Chamberlain of Lyme Regis British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000243.0x0000df Epithet: successively Dean of Carlisle and of Exeter British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000243.0x0000e0 ...

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Adams, Frank, 1931-.... (person)

Epithet: Major 28th Foot British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000410.0x00017d ...

Ott, H. J., E. L. Jackson, and F. L. Jewett. (person)

California. State Council of Defense (corporateBody)

Western Society of Soil Science (corporateBody)

The Western Society of Soil Science began in 1922 in Salt Lake City under the name "Western Society of Soil Management and Plant Nutrition." The objective of the WSSS, as stated in their bylaws, is to "promote research, teaching, and extension in soil science and plant nutrition in the geographic area of the Western Region of the United States and the western provinces of Canada, and to cooperate with other societies and organizations concerned with soil and plant nutrition problems in this area...

California. Legislature. Joint Legislative Water Committee. (corporateBody)

California Water Council. (corporateBody)

Youngblutt, F. C. (person)

Agricultural Section, Commonwealth Club. (corporateBody)

W. W. Johnston. (person)

Clarence N. Johnston. (person)

Orland Water Users Association (corporateBody)

National Resources Committee (corporateBody)

Laurence S. Lynch (person)

U.S. Reclamation Service (corporateBody)

R. W. Blackburn (person)

Deuel, J. J. (person)

J. W. Rickman. (person)

California. State Banking Dept. (corporateBody)

R. F. Walter (person)

California. Reclamation Board (corporateBody)

Gross, Joseph W. (person)

Hawley, R. W. (person)

Haskins, S. M. (person)

Platte Valley Public Power & Irrigation District (corporateBody)

California Committee on the Relation of Electricity to Agriculture. (corporateBody)

Oregon State University. Agricultural Experiment Station. (corporateBody)

The Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station was established under the provisions of the federal Hatch Act of 1887. Agricultural experimentation began at Oregon Agricultural College in 1888. In 1901 the first branch station was established at Union, in northeast Oregon, to address issues pertaining to the agriculture in that part of the state. Branch stations were subsequently established throughout Oregon. From the description of Agricultural Experiment Station records, 1889-2002 (bul...

California. Water and Forest Association. (corporateBody)

Walter, R. F. (person)

Eaton, E. Courtland (person)

Public Utilities Section, Commonwealth Club (corporateBody)

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (corporateBody)

Land Settlement Board (corporateBody)

J. L. Lytel. (person)

Marr, James C. (person)

Wolman, Abel, 1892- (person)

Engineer and educator. From the description of Papers of Abel Wolman, 1904-1975. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71131685 Sanitary engineer. From the description of Reminiscences of Abel Wolman : oral history, 1978. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309734659 Biographical Note: Trained as a civil engineer, Wolman spent his career merging engineering with hygiene and public health issues. His areas of expertise...

California Development Association (corporateBody)

L. M. Holt (person)

W. W. McLaughlin (person)

Hodges, R. E. (person)

W. J. Burke. (person)

Western Society of Soil Management and Plant Nutrition. (corporateBody)

Wilbur Fisk McClure (person)

Lampen, Dorothy, 1904- (person)

City of Oceanside (corporateBody)

Powers, W. L. (person)

Mitchell, L. H. (person)

Sacramento-San Joaquin River Problems Conference. (corporateBody)

Clyde, George D. (person)

George Dewey Clyde (1898-1972) born in Mapleton, Utah. USU alumnus. Worked as the of Chief of the Division of Irrigation Engineering and Water Conservation for the Soil Conservation Service, Research Branch under the USDA. Also served as governor of Utah. Dean of School of Engineering at USU (1936-1945). From the description of George D. Clyde speeches, 1957-1965. (Utah State University). WorldCat record id: 71645842 Born on July 21, 1898, in Mapleton, Utah County, Utah, Geo...

Sacramento River and Delta Water Association (corporateBody)

Agency History The California Central Valleys Flood Control Association (CCVFCA) began its existence as the Flood Control Association of Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers System (FCA) in 1926. Various private interests formed the FCA in order to promote Central Valley flood control issues with both the state and federal governments, as stated in Article II of the FCA's Articles of Association: This association is organized for the...

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W. L. Powers (person)

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