George Y. Shevelov Papers, 1922-2001.


George Y. Shevelov Papers, 1922-2001.

The papers comprise correspondence, writings, memoirs, personal documents, research notes, printed materials, photographs of Iurii Shevel'ov, prominent scholar, Slavic linguist, philologist, literary historian, and literary critic, longtime professor of Slavic philology at Columbia University.

15 linear ft. (30 document boxes).

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Szell, George (person)

American conductor of Austro-Hungarian birth. From the description of Autograph letter signed, dated : [n.p., 1944], to Mr. Little, [1944]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270873790 Epithet: conductor British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000208.0x000213 ...

Hamm, Josip (person)

Lawrynenko, Jurij (person)

Kuzeli︠a︡, Zenon, 1882-1952 (person)

Kundera, Milan (person)

Boiko, Iurii. (person)

Koshelivets', Ivan (person)

Luckyj, George Stephen Nestor, 1919-2001 (person)

Chubatyĭ, M. (Mykola), 1889-1975 (person)

Senn, Alfred (person)

Keis, Vitalii. (person)

Izars'kyi, Oleksa. (person)

Koneski, Blaze. (person)

Baley, Virko (person)

Frantsuzhenko, Mykola. (person)

Simovych, Vasylʹ, 1880-1944 (person)

Wynar, Lubomyr Roman, 1932-.... (person)

Polanski, Kazimierz, 1929- (person)

Vovk, Vira, 1926- (person)

Nakonechna, Hanna (person)

Moroz, Valentyn, 1936- (person)

Andiievs'ka, Emma. (person)

Carynnyk, Marco (person)

Andrukhovych, IUrii, 1960- (person)

Demkovych-Dobrians'kyi, Mykhailo. (person)

Mihajlov, Mihajlo, 1934-2010 (person)

Yugoslav dissident author and political prisoner; subsequently literary scholar, journalist and Radio Free Europe analyst in the United States. From the description of Mihajlo Mihajlov papers, 1921-2010. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754872357 Biographical Note September 26, 1934 Born in Pančevo, Yugoslavia 1959 ...

Hryshko, Vasyl' I., 1914- (person)

Rymaruk, Ihor (person)

Giedroyc, Jerzy (person)

Bilet︠s︡ʹkyĭ, Leonid, 1882-1955 (person)

Lyman, Leonid, 1922- (person)

Kravtsiv, Bohdan, 1904- (person)

Nytchenko, Dmytro (person)

Boichuk, Bohdan. (person)

Pavlychko, S. D. (Solomiia Dmytrivna). (person)

Cholhan, Ilarion (person)

Bohachevsky-Chomiak, Martha (person)

Obolenskii, Dmitrii Dmitrievich, kniaz'. (person)

Kubiiovych, Volodymyr, 1900- (person)

Korotych, Vitalii Oleksiiovych. (person)

Palii, Lida. (person)

Struk, Danylo Husar, 1940-1999 (person)

Kachurovs'kyi, Ihor. (person)

Tarnavs'kyi, Iurii. (person)

Rubchak, Bohdan (person)

Bondar-Tereshchenko, Ihor (person)

Mykhalevych, Mykhailo. (person)

Kosach, Iurii. (person)

Stefanovych, Oleksa, 1900-1970 (person)

Zuievs'kyi, Oleh, 1920-1996 (person)

Grigorenko, P. G., (Petr Grigorevich), 1907- (person)

Zabuzhko, O. S. (Oksana Stefanivna). (person)

Klynovyi, IUrii, 1909- (person)

Drach, Ivan (person)

Arumaa, Peeter, 1900- (person)

Garde, Paul (person)

Simmons, Ernest J. (Ernest Joseph), 1903-1972 (person)

Raeff, Marc. (person)

Kysilevs'kyi, K. (Kost'). (person)

Humenna, Dokiia. (person)

Karpovich, Michael, 1888-1959 (person)

Karpovich worked in the Russian embassy in Washington in 1917-1922, and later spent many years as a history professor at Harvard University. From the description of Papers, ca. 1920-1939. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309749109 Karpovich taught history and Slavic languages and literatures at Harvard. From the description of Papers of Michael Karpovich, 1943. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76973084 Michael K...

Smal-Stocki, Roman, 1893-1969 (person)

Ukrainian linguist, political leader, president of the Shevchenko Scientific Society, professor of history and director of Slavic Institute at Marquette University. From the description of Papers, 1925-1936. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155507842 ...

Sverstiuk, IEvhen. (person)

Zhuravlev, V. K. (Vladimir Konstantinovich) (person)

Pevnyi, Bohdan. (person)

Vetukhiv, Mykhailo Oleksiievych, 1902-1959 (person)

Unbegaun, Boris-Ottokar (1898-1973). (person)

Rudnytsky, Ivan L. (Ivan Lysiak), 1919-1984 (person)

Ivan L. Rudnytsky (1919-1984) was born in Vienna, completed his schooling Lviv (then a city in Poland) and subsequently studied history, law and international relations. After teaching at a number of American institutions, Dr. Rudnytsky came to the University of Alberta in 1971 to teach Ukrainian and east-central European history. He was one of the founders of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies at the University. From the description of Papers, 1940-1984. (University of Albe...

Bilokin', Serhii. (person)

Poltava, Leonìd (1921-1990). (person)

Fedenko, Panas (person)

Halle, Morris (person)

Slavutych, Iar, 1918- (person)

An author and educator, Yar Slavutych (1918- ) was born in Blahodatne, Ukraine. He came to the United States following WWII, and completed his education at the University of Pennsylvania. He then taught college, contributed to many publications, wrote poetry and other works, and was active in Ukrainian American and Ukrainian-Canadian organizations. From the description of Papers, 1965-1975. (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis). WorldCat record id: 62435351 ...

Pocheptsov, G. G. (Georgii Georgievich). (person)

Bahrianyi, Ivan. (person)

Bilinsky, Yaroslav (person)

Weintraub, Wiktor (person)

Sevcenko, Ihor (person)

Belotserkovskii, Vadim, 1928- (person)

Fizer, John (person)

Chaplenko, Vasyl'. (person)

Huuttl-Folter, Gerta. (person)

Odarchenko, Petro, 1903- (person)

Pritsak, Omeljan (person)

Ohloblyn, Oleksander, 1899-1992 (person)

Hnativ, Mykola. (person)

Livyts'ka-Kholodna, Natalia (person)

Mosely, Philip E. (Philip Edward), 1905-1972 (person)

Professor of International Relations at Columbia University in 1946-55 and 1963-72 (in 1955-63 he was adjunct professor at Columbia and Director of Studies of the Council of Foreign Relations). He was director of Columbia's Russian Institute, and one of the founders of the Bakhmeteff Archive. He was the holder of many academic and governmental posts, the author of many articles, and the author of "Russian Diplomacy and the Opening of the Eastern Question in 1838-1839" (1934). From th...

Mazon, Andre, 1881-1967 (person)

Lunt, Horace G. (Horace Gray), 1918-2010 (person)

Lunt earned his Harvard AB in 1941. From the description of Boris Aleksandreevic Pilnjak / Horace G. Lunt. April 15, 1940. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 228512360 ...

Alsop, Joseph, 1910-1989 (person)

Journalist. From the description of Reminiscences of Joseph Wright Alsop : oral history, 1972. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122308198 Authors and journalists. Full names: Joseph Wright Alsop and Stewart Johonnot Oliver Alsop (1914-1974). From the description of Papers of Joseph and Stewart Alsop, 1699-1989 (bulk 1937-1989). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71061964 ...

Fishbein, Moisei, 1946- (person)

Vasmer, Max, 1886-1962 (person)

Barka, Vasyl' (person)

Os'machka, Todos', 1895-1962 (person)

Pavlyshyn, Marko. (person)

Vernadsky, George, 1887-1973 (person)

Historian. From the description of George Vernadsky Papers, 16th-20th centuries. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 320410638 Russian-American historian. From the description of George Vernadsky miscellaneous papers, 1935. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754868162 George Vernadsky was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, on August 20, 1887. He studied at Moscow University and received a Magister degree in Russian history from th...

Hordyns'kyi, Sviatoslav, 1906- (person)

Pavlychko, Dmytro Vasyl'ovych. (person)

Zales'ka Onyshkevych, Larysa M. L. (person)

Borman, Arkadii, 1891- (person)

Hnizdovsky, Jacques, 1915-1985 (person)

Born in Ukraine in 1915, Jacques Hnizdovsky studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Zagreb. Mainly known for his woodcuts, Hnizdovsky was also an illustrator, painter, and art historian. He emigrated to the United States in 1949 and by the early 1960s, Hnizdovsky was participating in exhibits from Boston to Japan to the Soviet Union. He was widely exhibited and won numerous awards. His work is held by the National Museum of American Art, Cleveland Museum of Art, Boston Museum of Fine A...

Jakobson, Roman, 1896-1982 (person)

Linguist and literary historian. Cross Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Harvard University. Visiting Professor at Brown University, 1969-1970. Died in 1982. From the description of Notes distributed at a lecture, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, [1969 or 1970]. (Brown University). WorldCat record id: 122529746 ...

Ianiv, Volodymyr. (person)

Pyziur, Eugene, 1917- (person)

Solovii, IUrii. (person)

Shlemkevych, Mykola, 1894-1966 (person)

Shevel'ov, IUrii Volodymyrovych (person)

BIOGHIST REQUIRED Iurii Shevel'ov (aka George Y.Shevelov, pseudonyms Iurii Sherekh, Hryhorii Shevchuk, and others), Slavic linguist, philologist, essayist, literary historian, and literary critic; full member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society since 1949 and of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1945, was born 17 December 1908 in Kharkiv (some sources, however, indicate Łomża, Poland, then part of the Russian Empire). He studied under Leonid Bulakhovsky at Kharkiv Un...

Liaturyns'ka, Oksana. (person)

Samchuk, Ulas (person)

Grabowicz, George G. (person)

Hirniak, Iosyp, 1895- (person)

Tschižewskij, Dmitrij, 1894-1977. (person)

Dziuba, Ivan, 1931- (person)