Letters, 1756-1863.


Custis-Lee-Mason families. Letters, 1756-1863.

Letters, 1756-1863.

Forty-eight items in this collection are letters to Mrs. Custis of her daughter, Mrs. Lee, from relations and friends. They provide interesting vignettes of daily life in nineteenth century plantation society. The three letters to G.W. Custis Lee allude to an incident in which he was involved as a student at West Point. They are written by his mother and grandmother. The letter from Daniel Parke Custis to Robert Cary Esq. and Company, London, deals with shipment of his tobacco crop. The nine letters pertaining to the Mason family are concerned primarily with the dispute surrounding ownership of the Chew home, "Cliveden," Germantown, Pennsylvania, and legal matters involving the estate of Benjamin Cher, for whom Mason was an administrator. A biography, The Public Life and Diplomatic Corresponsdence of James M. Mason with some personal history by his daughter, was published in Roanoke, Va. by the Stone Printing and Mfg Co., 1903.

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Lewis, Nelly Custis, 1779-1852

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Eleanor Parke Custis Lewis (1779-1852): Eleanor was born on March 31, 1779. She was the youngest granddaughter of Martha Washington and the step-granddaughter of George Washington. After her father John Parke Custis’ death in 1781 and her mother, Eleanor Calvert Custis’ marriage to Dr. David Stuart, Eleanor and her brother George Washington Parke Custis began living with the Washingtons. In 1799, Eleanor married Washington’s nephew, Lawrence Lewis. Of their eight children, only one son and three...

Meade, William W.

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Lee, Mary Randolph Custis, 1807-1873

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Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee (b. Oct. 1, 1807, Boyce, VA–d. Nov. 5, 1873, Lexington, VA) was descended from several colonial and Southern families, including the Parke Custises, Fitzhughs, Dandriges, Randolphs, Rolfes, and Gerards. She is a descendant from Charles Calvert, 5th Baron Baltimore, making her a descendant of Charles II of England and Scotland and of William Fitzhugh. She was the only surviving child of George Washington Parke Custis, President George Washington's step-grandson and...

Powell, Marietta F.

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Lee, George Washington Custis, 1832-1913

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The central figures in this collection are Cuthbert Powell (1775-1849), his son, Charles Leven Powell (1804-1896), Charles Leven Powell's wife, Selina (Lloyd) Powell (d. 1871), and their children. Cuthbert Powell Cuthbert Powell (1775-1849) was born in Middleburg, Loudoun County, Virginia to parents Leven Powell (1737-1810) and Sarah (Harrison) Powell. He was one of eleven children. Cuthbert made his fortune alongside his brother, Leven Powell, Jr. (1772-1807), as a merc...

Lee, Mary C.

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Grayson, George W.

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Chew, William W.

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Goldsboro, Mary C.

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Custis, Mary Lee Fitzhugh, 1788-1853

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Daughter of William Fitzhugh of Chatham; married George Washington Parke Custis; mother of Mary Anne Custis, the wife of Robert E. Lee. From the description of Copybook of Mrs. Mary Lee Custis, of Arlington, Va. containing popular 19th century poems [manuscript] 19th century. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647956798 ...

Randolph, Lucy June.

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Hale, A. T.

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Custis, George Washington Parke, 1781-1857

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George Washington Parke Custis was the son of John Parke Custis who was the stepson of George Washington. Custis' mother was Eleanor Calvert. He grew up at Mount Vernon in Virginia after the death of his father. He married Mary Lee Fitzhugh and lived at "Arlington." His daughter Mary Anna Randolph Custis married Robert E. Lee. George Washington Parke Custis was a playwright and agricultural reformer. From the description of Papers, 1832-1856. (College of William & Mary). WorldCat re...

Grayson, Benjamin.

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Custis-Lee-Mason families.

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Mary Lee Fitzhugh Custis (1788-1853) a descendant of the Randolphs of Virginia, was married to George Washington Parke Custis (1781-1857), wealthy grandson of Martha Dandridge Custis Washington (1731-1802), who inherited extensive estates from his father John Parke Custis, and from George Washington (1732-1799). He built Arlington House and lived the life of a gentleman farmer. The Custis' daughter, Mary Anne Randolph Custis ( -1873), married Robert E. Lee (1807-1870). G.W. Custis L...

Randolph, Robert, 1612 or 1613-1671

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Huger, E. E.

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Carter, Mary B.

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Goldsboro, S. E.

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Rogers, Lloyd

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Meade, Mary.

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Fitzhugh, Anna Maria.

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Mason, Elizabeth M. Chew.

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Custis, Daniel Parke, 1711-1757

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Daniel Parke Custis was an American planter and politician who was the first husband of Martha Dandridge. After his death, Dandridge married George Washington, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and the nation's first president....

Grayson, John E.

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Mason, J. M. (James Murray), 1798-1871

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United States senator. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Washington, to C. Neale, Esq., 1849 Jan. 7. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270607846 From the description of Autograph letter signed : Selma, to Joseph C. Cabell, Esq., 1846 Nov. 23. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270607032 From the description of Autograph letter signed : to Messrs. Gales & Seaton, 1839 Feb. 6. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270607773 U.S. Congressman, and Confede...

James, T.

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Dimmock, Henrietta.

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Stuart, Julia C.

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Lee, Robert Edward, 1807-1870

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Robert Edward Lee (1807-1870) served as General of the Confederate Army in the U.S. Civil War and was president of Washington College in Lexington, Virginia from 1865 to 1870. Lee spent the first twenty-three years of his military career in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. From 1837 to 1841 he was superintending engineer for the harbor of St. Louis and the upper Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Robert E. Lee was a United States Army officer, 1829-1861; commander of Virginia forces in the ...

Chew, Benjamin, 1758-1844

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Benjamin Chew's son Benjamin Jr. (1758-1844) had become increasingly involved in his father's affairs, practicing law with him, and managing the elder Benjamin's land holdings, ultimately taking responsibility for the family's plantations and the purchase and sale of slaves. In many ways, Benjamin Chew Jr. followed firmly in his father's footsteps, studying law at the Middle Temple in London from 1784 to 1786, where he cultivated a relationship with the Penn family, before returning to practice ...