Princess Marthe Bibesco Papers 1768-1976 (bulk 1904-1973).


Princess Marthe Bibesco Papers 1768-1976 (bulk 1904-1973).

The Princess Marthe Bibesco Papers document her life, writings, and associations with notable European authors, artists, and heads of state. The bulk of the papers include correspondence, handwritten and typed manuscripts, galleys and page proofs, notes, photographs, and clippings. Series I. Correspondence comprises the bulk of the Bibesco collection. Among the Princess' correspondence are large groups of personal letters between Bibesco and her paramours Charles-Louis Beauvau-Craön, James Ramsay MacDonald, Lord Thomson of Cardington, with her cousins Antoine and Emmanuel Bibesco, her daughter, Princess Valentine Ghika-Comanesti, her husband, Prince Georges Bibesco, and with other friends and members of the Lahovary and Bibesco families. Authors she corresponded with include Paul Claudel, Jean Cocteau, Reynaldo Hahn, André Malraux, Paul Valéry, Max Jacob, Henri de Jouvenel, Enid Bagnold, Anna de Noailles, Anatole France, Sonia Cahen d'Anvers, Lady Maie Casey, Prince Felix Youssoupof, and Maurice Chevalier. Also present are business letters between the Princess and various agents and publishers such as Plon, Knopf, Bernard Grasset, and others. Bibesco also corresponded with a number of royals of the era, including Marie of Romania, and nuns, priests, and other Catholic figures, especially her confidant l'Abbé Arthur Mugnier. Series II. Works contains manuscripts, galleys, and research notes of her major works, including Catherine-Paris, Le perroquet vert, Katia, Au bal avec Marcel Proust, Échanges avec Paul Claudel, La vie d'une amitié, and La Nymphe Europe. Also covered here are various articles and essays Bibesco wrote for publication in periodicals such as the Saturday Evening Post, and unpublished materials. Series III. Personal Papers consists of items produced by or for Princess Bibesco but which are not categorized as works or correspondence. These items include drawings, financial records, legal papers, postcards, photographs, receipts, contracts, a registry of Romanian births, blueprints, and souvenirs of her trip to the United States. Series IV. is divided into three subseries: A. Correspondence, 1823-1974; B. Works by Others, 1877-1960; and C. Rapetti Collection, 1768-1866. Third-party correspondence in Subseries A. includes numerous letters between Valentine Ghika-Comanesti and others honoring the Princess after her death in 1973. Also included here are letters between members of the Lahovary family and correspondence to and from l'Abbé Arthur Mugnier. The subseries B. Works by Others contains manuscripts and galleys written by Bibesco's friends and family, including her father, Jean Lahovary, her uncle, Leon Lahovary, Christopher Birdwood Thompson (Lord Thomson of Cardington) and Charles-Louis Beauvau-Craön. It also contains a scrapbook with clippings of articles used for research or to document reviews of the Princess' various books. Subseries C., the Rapetti Collection of Historical Papers, consists of Napoleonic-era historical documents belonging to Count Pierre-Nicolas Rapetti, Secretary of the Commission Charged with the Publication of the Letters of Napoleon I. These papers were inherited by Princess Bibesco from her mother-in-law, the Princess Valentine de Caraman Chimay The Rapetti Collection contains hundreds of certified copies of documents in the French National Archives (Le centre historique des Archives nationales). The existence of the originals is now in some doubt, since they were removed from Paris during the German occupation and are believed to have been destroyed.

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