Oral history interview with John R. Woodyard, 1974 October 18 to 17 December 1975.


Woodyard, John R., 1904-1981. Oral history interview with John R. Woodyard, 1974 October 18 to 17 December 1975.

Oral history interview with John R. Woodyard, 1974 October 18 to 17 December 1975.

Family history and early schooling; electricity, amateur radio and auto repairs; decision to study engineering, undergraduate study of engineering at University of Washington alternating with work as radio operator on cannery ships in Alaska. Graduate study at University of Washington; faculty who influenced Woodyard; lab assistantship, instructorship under Carl E. Magnusson; science curriculum. First paper on sidebands in frequency modulation with Earl D. Scott; history of publications in FM, 1933-1941. Studies at Stanford University, beginning 1936, for electrical engineering degree and Ph.D. in physics. Coursework and fellow students; proofreading electronics texts written by Frederick Terman; thesis on the Dougherty grid-modulated amplifier with Frederick Terman; teaching assistantship; trip with Felix Bloch to 60-inch cyclotron. Research associate in physics department on grant from Sperry Gyroscope; graduate student funding for work on the klystron with David Webster and William Hansen, first klystron built by Varian brothers and Hansen, Woodyard's contributions to development of the klystron, Webster's contribution; Woodyard's doctoral thesis, modifications and improvements on the klystron, testing it at Wright Field, 1940. Effect of war on funding by Sperry, Hansen and other Stanford staff: Charles Litton, Edward M. Purcell, Edward L. Ginzton, Bloch; Sperry-Texas Instruments Patent Suit, patents on klystron limited by Otto Heyl's resonotron and work at General Electric. Stages in the development of the electron accelerator before and after the war, David Sloan's work, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard at Stanford, their relationship with Terman. Other developments in microwave technology; contacts with other scientists at University of California, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Stanford Physics Department, 1939-1940; war work on the klystron at the Sperry/New York facility; use of klystron for radar. Work with Hansen on separation problems in the Calutron at Berkeley Radiation Laboratory at request of Ernest Lawrence; return to Sperry New York facility.

Transcript, 117 pp.

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