Oral history interview with Gerald Edward Kron, 1978 May 20.


Oral history interview with Gerald Edward Kron, 1978 May 20.

Family origins; early life in Milwaukee; interest in mechanical things; development of interest in astronomy; engineering at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee campus; interest in photoelectric photometry; graduate study at Madison and work with Charles Huffer and Joel Stebbins; Stebbins and Alfred E. Whitford's work; graduate study at Lick Observatory and University of California at Berkeley; photoelectric instrumentation; Lick in the pre-war years; World War II at MIT and Caltech; return to Lick and use of 1P21 photomultipliers; Walter Baade; origin of 120-inch telescope; Australia; Lick during the 1950s and Charles D. Shane's retirement; the electronic camera; contacts and association with Harold Johnson, Merle Walker and André Lallemand; move to Flagstaff and the Naval Observatory; recollections of Lick staff in 1930s; Henry N. Russell; Katherine Kron's work at Harvard University and astronomical interests. Also prominently mentioned are: Horace W. Babcock, Bart Jan Bok, William W. Campbell, Olin Eggen, George Herbig, Hamilton M. Jeffers, Harold Johnson, Alfred H. Joy, Armin O. Leuschner, Nicholas Ulrich Mayall, J.H. Moore, G. Neugebauer, George Paddock, Roger Revelle, Franklin Roach, Robert Gordon Sproul, Robert Julius Trumpler, Olin Chaddock Wilson, Carl Wirtanen, William Hammond Wright, Arthur B. Wyse; Commonwealth Observatory, Inyokern Project, Kitt Peak National Observatory, Mount Wilson Observatory, National. Science Foundation (U.S.), Radcliffe College, Rocket Project, 120-inch Telescope, 200-inch Telescope, and University of California at Santa Cruz.

Transcript, 85 p.


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