Henry Vignaud papers, 1842-1912.


Vignaud, Henry, 1830-1922. Henry Vignaud papers, 1842-1912.

Henry Vignaud papers, 1842-1912.

Correspondence, including a letter from R. M. McLane to S. M. F. Carnot, critical essays, research notes and materials, his translations and corrected page proofs of the title-pages and front matter of his "Histoire critique ... de Christophe Colomb." Along with manuscripts of P. M. Bigot's "L'identification d'un fragment du plan de marbre de la curie de Pompee," G. L. Duvernoy's "Sur les dents des Musaraignes," C. Fernandez Duro's "Viajes del infante D. Pedro de Portugal," J. H. Van Evrie's "Negroes and negro slavery" (translation), an anonymous manuscript, "Notice sur l'epaisseur du crane humain," and an inscribed copy of E. De La Tour's "Chants du temps de la guerre."

70 items.

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Comité d'initiative de la Statue du Maréchal De Rochambeau.

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Fernández Duro, Cesáreo, 1830-1908

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Chaillé-Long, C. (Charles), 1842-1917

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American soldier, African explorer, and writer, born in Princess Anne, Md. Served in the Union Army during the Civil War, and in 1869 was commissioned in the Egyptian army under Gen. C.G. Gordon. In 1887₆89 served as consul general and secretary to the legation in Korea. From the description of Letters to S.S. McClure, 1891-1892. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 54859849 Soldier, explorer, diplomat, writer. From the description of Letters, to Henry V...

Duvernoy, G. L. (George Louis), 1777-1855

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Hanotaux, Gabriel, 1853-1944

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Carnot, Sadi, 1837-1894

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Hausen, Jules.

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Fernández, Ramón, active 1784-1788

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Bigot, Paul-Marie-Arsène (1870-1942).

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Wieder, F. C. (Frederik Caspar), 1874-1943

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Fling, Fred-Morrow 1860-1934

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Van Evrie, John H., 1814-1896

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Cordier, Henri, 1849-1925

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McLane, Robert M. (Robert Milligan), 1815-1898

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Duflot de Mofras, Eugène 1810-1884

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Delisle, Léopold, 1826-1910

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Bigelow, John, 1817-1911

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John Bigelow, diplomat, journalist, and author, was born on November 25, 1817, at Malden, New York. He was trained as a lawyer and admitted to the New York Bar in 1838. His law practice grew slowly, prompting Bigelow to begin writing for literary magazines and newspapers. This work introduced him to influential politicians and helped him receive an appointment as inspector of Sing Sing Prison, New York. Bigelow's life was punctuated with political appointments. He was Consul-General to Paris dur...

Stanton, Theodore, 1851-1925

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Son of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. From the description of Letter to F.A. Duneka, 1914 February 3. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 50201401 ...

Eustis, James B. (James Biddle), 1834-1899

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Senator, diplomat, from New Orleans, La. From the description of Papers, 1865-1886. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 19406204 James Biddle Eustis served on the staff of Cenfederate Generals J. Magruder and Joseph E. Johnston. He also served as a US Senator from Louisiana (1877-1879; 1885-1891). From the description of Eustis, J. B., letter, 1888. (University of Texas Libraries). WorldCat record id: 82144948 ...

La Trémoille, Louis, duc de, 1838-1911

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Vignaud, Henry, 1830-1922

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Henry Vignaud, born in New Orleans, La., was a newspaper editor before the Civil War. Commissioned a captain in the 6th Louisiana Regiment, he was taken prisoner when Union forces captured New Orleans in 1862 but escaped to Paris, where he assisted in John Slidell's Confederate mission. Vignaud contined to live in Paris, serving as secretary of the American legation from 1875 until his retirement in 1909. A scholar and book collector, Vignaud built an extensive library of Americana and gained an...

De la Tour, Ernest.

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Adams, Edward Dean, 1846-1931

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