Joseph W. Parker Memoirs [manuscript]/ Joseph Whiting Parker, Sr., circa 1880.


Parker, Joseph Whiting, 1805-1887. Joseph W. Parker Memoirs [manuscript]/ Joseph Whiting Parker, Sr., circa 1880.

Joseph W. Parker Memoirs [manuscript]/ Joseph Whiting Parker, Sr., circa 1880.

Topics include working as a tutor in Charlotte County, Va., 1828-1832, for the family of Nicholas Edmunds, particularly incidents and dilemnas in regard to slavery; a pastorate in Cambridge, Mass.; travel through Canada; travel by river and rail to Pittsburg, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Chicago and Detroit; adoption and education of a former slave "Beverly"; a Baptist mission sponsored trip to France, Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark with stops at Ireland during the potato famine and Baden during the Revolution of 1848; role as secretary of the Northern Baptist Educational Society; Secretary of the New England Educational Commission for the Freedmen; accusation of fraud against Franklin W. Smith, a member of his congregation furnishing supplies to the Navy, including Parker's interview with President Lincoln on behalf of Smith and religious conversation with Amos Kendall; charitable and educational work in post war Richmond, Va. and Beaufort, S. C.; American Baptist Home Mission Society; Calvary Baptist Church, Washington, D. C.; European trip, 1875; and East Street and Metropolitan Baptist Churches, Washington, D.C. Parker also mentions the neglected state of Monticello and a monument to Mary Washington; the Baptist missionaries Erastus Willard, J. G. Oncken, G. W. Lehman; German professor August Tholuck; the European cholera epicemic, 1848; Francis Wayland of Brown; Dr. Barnas Sears; Shawmut Avenue Baptist Church; Baron Stow; Lucy A. Flagg; Benjamin Butler; Union occupied Norfolk; Tiberius Gracchus Jones; inspection tours to the Union occupied Sea Islands and African American Baptist churches in the Reconstruction South; storm at sea; George Henry Gordon; J. Lansing Burrows; interview with Robert E. Lee; William H. Trescott; Jeremiah Bell Jeter; Nathaniel Colver; Solomon Peck; John Jasper; W. T. Brantly; Benjamin H. Hill; John E. Bryant; the Duke of Westminster; and Garibaldi. Of interest is his section titled "A few opinions concerning the South and Reconstruction."

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