Executive papers, 1859-1863.


Virginia. Governor (1860-1864 : Letcher). Executive papers, 1859-1863.

Executive papers, 1859-1863.

Governor Letcher's Executive papers are organized into two series. Series have been designated for Chronological files and Subject files. The bulk of the material can be found in the Chronological files' series which primarily consists of incoming correspondence between 1860 to 1863. Although Governor Letcher did not take office until 1860, there is correspondence addressed to Governor Letcher soon after he was elected between November and December 1859. Correspondence, court cases, telegrams, poll books, pardons, proceedings, receipts, clippings, reports, petitions, resignations, contracts, proclamations, requisitions, resolutions, and other items can be found in this series. Noteworthy correspondents include Jefferson Davis, Gen. Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Joseph R. Anderson (President Tredegar Iron Works), L.P. Walker & James A. Seddon (C.S.A. Secretaries of War), and James Mallory (C.S.A. Secretary of the Navy). The correspondence from Jefferson Davis involves Virginia troops (May 2, 1861), the reduction of service for some soldiers' companies (July 16, 1861), the enrollment of conscripts (Dec. 2, 1862), and the reduction of the number of slaves working on fortifications (Feb. 25, 1863 & March 5, 1863). As commander of all land and naval forces in Virginia, Gen. Robert E. Lee received correspondence referred from Governor Letcher. One such letter relates to the civil and military government alleged to have been established in Norfolk and Portsmouth (March 24, 1862). These letters include Lee's response written on the endorsement. Stonewall Jackson wrote Governor Letcher on several occasions. On October 12, 1861, Jackson wrote regarding Letcher's intended visit. On January 31, 1862, Jackson wrote Letcher complaining about an order from the Secretary of War to fall back from Romney. Jackson expresses his opposition to this order and requests a resignation and another order to be sent back to the Virginia Military Institute. Joseph R. Anderson wrote to Governor Letcher asking him to exempt workers at Tredegar from volunteer service (May 7, 1861) and for other purposes. Also included is a contract between Anderson and the Board of Commissioners to manufacture arms (Aug. 23, 1860). A letter from Secretary of the Navy, James Mallory, involves the transfer of the steamers Jamestown and Yorktown to the Confederate navy (July 15, 1861). Much of the correspondence to Governor Letcher consists of recommendations of Virginians for appointments. The governor appointed coroners; inspectors of salt, flour, tobacco, warehouses and vessels; commissioners; Bank of Virginia directors; and notaries, in addition to positions in the Provisional Army. Numerous petitions accompany these recommendations. Letters by individuals stating their desire to be considered for a particular position are also present. One such letter from Elizabeth L. Stuart asks the governor to reserve a position in the Virginia Provisional Army for her son, Jeb Stuart (April 23, 1861). Governor Letcher dealt with numerous such requests for commissions in the Provisional Army before the governor transferred all Virginia's forces to the Confederate States. Also common are letters and telegrams, mostly from April 1861, to the governor from individuals in support of secession and others who are tendering their service for the war effort. Letcher sent letters to the convention nominating colonels, calling volunteers into service, and issuing commissions (May 1-2, 1861). Letcher nominated Robert E. Lee as commander of all land and naval forces with the rank of Major General (April 22, 1861) and also Thomas J. Jackson as colonel of volunteers. Along these same lines are various requests for exemptions from military service. An ordinance of the convention exempted railroad officers and employees from service. A list of Central Railroad exemptions can be found in these papers (July 16, 1861). An important function of the governor was issuing reprieves and pardons. Copies of court cases, clippings, petitions, and correspondence supplement the pardons. All of the pardon papers are filed separately in the chronological series at the end of each month. One significant pardon involved the case of Notley P. Adams of Patrick County who was charged with arson. Letcher pardoned Adams in December 1863, after he served three years in the penitentiary. A map of the area in Patrick County where the crime was committed is included in the papers. The governor also received and issued proclamations and requisitions regarding escaped convicts and fugitives. Significant are the requisitions involving conspirators who assisted John Brown in his raid on Harper's Ferry (see below). Other noteworthy documents within the chronological series include: a rough copy of the ordinance of the Virginia Convention defining the duties of the Advisory Council (April 23, 1861); a letter from the Virginia Convention to Jefferson Davis inviting him to make Richmond the seat of government of the Confederacy (April 27, 1861); an anonymous letter to Letcher warning of the U.S. government's intention to take Arlington Heights (May 6, 1861); a letter from Letcher to Sam Houston, Governor of Texas, enclosing a copy of the resolution in response to the request of South Carolina and Mississippi for a Conference of the Southern States (May 24, 1860); a resolution of the state of Tennessee on state's rights (May 24, 1860); telegrams from the states of Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi announcing their secession from the Union (Jan. 10-12, 1861); a proclamation by Letcher to the people of northwestern Virginia regarding secession (June 17, 1861); deed of the state of Virginia to the Confederate States of America transferring property including all the machinery and stores at Harper's Ferry and the armory in Richmond (Oct. 3, 1861). A drawing of a "steam gun" designed by Philip Strickler (Oct. 29, 1861); a message from Letcher to the General Assembly announcing the death of former President John Tyler (Jan. 18, 1862); a 15-page report by Jeb Stuart to Gen. Lee on the Pamunkey expedition (June 23, 1862); lists of negro convicts employed by Joseph R. Anderson & Co. (Sept. 3, 1862); a list of prisoners taken by Maj. Gen. Floyd confined in the State Armory (Dec. 29-30, 1862); report of S. Bassett French calculating the slave population in those counties where requisitions were made for slaves to work on fortifications (March 20, 1863); deed of the Hollywood Cemetery Company to the Commonwealth of Virginia for a section to bury President Tyler (March 17, 1863); a telegram from James P. Smith, Guineas Station, to Letcher regarding the condition of Gen. Jackson (May 5, 1863); and a message from Letcher to the House of Delegates transmitting a statement of the number of troops furnished the Confederate States by Virginia (Oct. 8, 1863). The second series of Governor Letcher's Executive papers contains subject files. There are three subjects represented in this series: the Advisory Council, John Brown's Raid, and Railroads. The materials related to the Advisory Council include correspondence, proceedings, and reports of committees between April and June of 1861. Governor Letcher often referred correspondence to the Advisory Council and the endorsement on the letter details the Council's action with regard to the letter. One letter, in particular, from Robert E. Lee is relevant to the preparations for the defense of Virginia (June 15, 1861). The majority of the correspondence, however, concerns appointments in the Provisional Army and other military matters. The proceedings contain reports of the Committee for Courts of Justice, the Committee of Propositions and Grievances, the Committee on Finance, and the Committee on Military Affairs. The John Brown's Raid documents include correspondence related to the request for pardon of conspirators, Aaron D. Stevens and Albert Hazlett, and information concerning fugitive conspirators Barclay Cappoc, Owen Brown, and Francis Merriam. Particularly interesting is a printed protest by the Democratic members of the Iowa General Assembly condemning Governor Kirkwood's refusal to extradite Barclay Cappoc. There are copies of the indictments for Francis Merriam, Jeremiah Anderson, Owen Brown, and Charles P. Tidd. Military expenses incurred by militia, yet unpaid, are also documented here. Lastly, material concerning railroads include correspondence with regard to railroad connections and the ordinance of the convention relieving railroad workers from military duty and arming them for the defense of the railroads. A roll of the Richmond & Danville Railroad Guard is included. Accession 19736 has been included in Governor Letcher's Executive Papers. This accession consists of a letter from Susan E. Wash to Governor Letcher asking that her husband be relieved from military service. Endorsement of Gov. Letcher, dated May 7, 1861, grants the request. Accession 19923 has been included in Governor Letcher's Executive Papers. This accession consists of a letter from Major Gen. T.J. Jackson, Winchester, to Governor Letcher. In this letter, Jackson comments on the military situation and requests reinforcements and arms to be sent to Winchester, Nov. 30, 1861. Accession 33651 has been included in Governor Letcher's Executive Papers. This accession consists of a letter from John H. Winder to Governor Letcher regarding the sentence of J.C. Northwood, April 6, 1863.

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