Charles S. Venable papers, 1858-1934.


Venable, Charles S. (Charles Scott), 1827-1900. Charles S. Venable papers, 1858-1934.

Charles S. Venable papers, 1858-1934.

Letter, 12 June 1857, of C.S. Venable (St. Paul, Minnesota), to "Brown" concerns Venable's desire to secure a teaching position for the upcoming academic year at an unnamed institution. He cautions Brown to be discreet when mentioning his name in conjunction with the opening as another candidate "is brother to Frank and married to Cabell's niece and generally connected," and instructs him to first "talk with Bledsoe and see his temper about the matter." At the time, Albert Taylor Bledsoe (1809-1877) was Professor of Mathematics and James Lawrence Cabell (1813-1889) Professor of Anatomy, Physiology, and Surgery at the University of Virginia, where Venable studied in 1847-48. Venable closes his letter with comments regarding his activities in and the inhabitants of St. Paul. "I am out here prospecting... every body run mad to make money... I believe that many of these people would melt the golden hinges of the gates of Paradise and coin them in eagles fives and dollars." In November 1857, Venable was elected Professor of Mathematics at South Carolina College. This item written on letterhead stationery from the Fuller House (Saint Paul, Minn.) illustrated with corner view of the five-story hotel. Small memorandum book, [1858?-1862], listing roll of students and grades received at South Carolina College and diary, 25 June-6 July 1862, re military activities in Virginia during the Civil War; diary includes small sketched map of James River, Chickahominy River, in vicinity of Charles City County, Va., including pontoon bridges at [Weyenoke] and elsewhere, location of railroad, and [Williamsburg] [Road], [Charles] City Road, and other landmarks. Letter, 10 Apr. 1865, General Order 9, from Robert E. Lee, informing Venable of surrender and directing troops, officers, and soldiers to go home; typescript and transcribed copy of the 1862 diary and cover letter, 5 Sept. 1934, from Venable's granddaughter, Louise M. Venable, to Edward Caleb Coker, re Venable's diary, with introduction and notes prepared for newspaper publication by Coker.

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