Rudolph Schevill papers : mss, typescript, ca. 1920-1985.


Rudolph Schevill papers : mss, typescript, ca. 1920-1985.

Letters to Schevill from scholars in Romance languages and others from: A. Alonso, D. Barrows, R. Beer, H.A. Beers, J.C. Cebrian, G. Chinard, G. Cirot, W.L. Cross, W. Entwistle, A. Farinelli, J. Fitzmaurice-Kelly, J. Ford, L. Hanke, W.M. Hart, P. Hazard, F. Kruger, A. Kuersteiner, E. Merimee, G. Morley, H. Oertch, K. Pietsch, K. Rand, H.E. Smith, J. Steinbreicher, H.M. Stephens, G. Stimming, G.A. Thayer, H.P. Wright, and others. Correspondence between Monroe Deutsch, Stephen Duggan and Alexander Weddell addresses the lack of paper in Spain as an impediment to the publication of Schevill's works of Cervantes. Copies of letters from Schevill to Miguel de Unamuno also present. Notes and drafts made by Schevill for publications and a course taught at Mills College, invitations to join academic societies, and a contract signed by Phoebe Hearst, Schevill, and Bonilla for the works of Cervantes are also present. Condolences to Isabel Schevill after the death of R. Schevill contain letters from friends and colleagues, including Erico Verissimo. Drafts of Schevill's autobiography "Recollections of a golden age" and material gathered for it (presumably by Isabel Schevill).

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