Spoglio del Federico Tedeschini, 1914-1959.


Spoglio del Federico Tedeschini, 1914-1959.

Material in the buste reflects Tedeschini's ecclesiastical career. Some items pertain to the office of sostituto of the secretary of state, the apostolic nunciature for Spain, the Congregazione dei Seminari ed Universita degli Studi, the Riti, the Concilio, the Datary, the Congregazione per gli Affari Ecclesiastici Straordinari, the Rota, the Amministrazione dei Beni della S. Sede, the Segnatura, the revision of the Code of Canon Law, the basilicas of S. Pietro and S. Paolo, and various religious institutes including the Oeuvre de St. Paul Apostolat par la presse.

25 buste.


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Catholic Church. Congregatio Concilii

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Shortly after the closing of the Council of Trent on December 4, 1563, Pius IV (1559-1565) appointed a commission of cardinals (Dec. 30, 1563) to ensure the application of the council's disciplinary decrees. With the motu proprio Alias Nos nonnullas (Aug. 2, 1564), he formally recognized this commission and established it as a permanent congregation called Congregatio super Executione et Observantia Sacri Concilii Tridentini et Aliarum Reformationum. From the beginning it was common...

Catholic Church. Commissio ad Codicis Canones Authentice Interpretandos

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After the publication of the 1917 Code of Canon Law, Benedict XV replaced the Pontificia Commissio pro Ecclesiae Legibus in Unum Redigendis (established by Pius X) with a new commission to interpret authentically the norms of the code. To see a general agency history for the Commissioni permanenti, enter "FIN ID VATV217-A" From the description of Agency history record. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 145567244 ...

Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano. Arcipretura.

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Catholic Church. Congregatio pro Negotiis Ecclesiasticis Extraordinariis.

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Catholic Church. Diocese of Frascati (Italy)

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Catholic Church. Secretariatus Status

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The office of secretarius intimus (private secretary) was entrusted by Leo X (1513-1521) to Pietro Ardighello, an assistant to Cardinal Giulio de' Medici (the future Clement VII [1523-1534] and a cousin of Leo X), who took over the direction of foreign affairs dealing with all correspondence in the vernacular, especially with the apostolic nuncios who were entrusted by that time with diplomatic missions of a permanent character. The correspondence was carried on in the name but no longer under t...

Catholic Church. Rota Romana

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From the earliest days of the Church judicial problems and reserved cases were referred to Rome for solution. By the end of the twelfth century this continual and ever-increasing flood of requests became too burdensome for the Consistory of Cardinals. The popes, therefore, began to refer cases to members of the papal household who were called cappellani papae. This group, which was dependent on the Apostolic Chancery (ID VATV032-A), seems to be the antecedent, if not the origin of t...

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Catholic Church. Congregatio Sacrorum Rituum

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This congregation was established by Sixtus V as the Congregatio pro Sacris Ritibus et Caeremoniis (constitution Immensa aeterni Dei, Jan. 22, 1588). According to some authors, it absorbed a cardinalatial commission formed by Gregory XIII, as early as 1572, to reform the ceremonies of the papal chapel. Although the principal task of the new congregation was to attend to the moderation of the Latin liturgy "in all the churches of Rome and throughout the world," the bulk of its work w...

Tedeschini, Federico, b. 1873

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Catholic Church. Dataria Apostolica

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As early as the fourteenth century, the precise date on which the pope granted a particular favor was often a matter of crucial importance. The dating of the supplication, which could be also antedated, signaled the moment from which the grant of the grace had juridical validity. This became important if the same benefice was granted to two persons, because the earliest dated concession generally carried priority. There were other instances where a date might be important, for examp...

Catholic Church. Signatura Apostolica

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In the mid-thirteenth century the popes used the services of referendarii apostolici (official reporters) to prepare petitions for the signature (signatura) of the pope, or his delegate, or to refer questions involving favors or matters of justice to the cardinal or chaplain auditors. With the passage of time and the increase in requests, the number of referendarii increased considerably. Eugene IV (1431-1447) made the Signatura a permanent office and gave to the referen...

Catholic Church. Amministrazione dei beni della Santa Sede

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Established in 1926 by the merger of the Administrative Offices of the Prefecture of the Sacred Apostolic Palaces (ID VATV130-A) and of the Section for Ecclesiastical Dicasteries (ID VATV131-A). To see a general agency history for the Uffici e amministrazioni palatine, enter "FIN ID VATV220-A" From the description of Agency history record. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 145568872 ...

Oeuvre de St. Paul Apostolat par la presse (Fribourg, Switzerland)

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Società di S. Girolamo per la diffusione dei Vangeli.

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Catholic Church. Congregatio de Seminariis et Studiorum Universitatibus

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Benedict XV (1914-1922), having reviewed the history of seminaries, concluded that the task of overseeing them was too burdensome for the Consistorial Congregation (ID VATV003-A). With his motu proprio Seminaria clericorum (4 Nov 1915) he instituted the Congregation of Seminaries, joined to it the Congregation of Studies (ID VATV024-A), defined its functions, and gave it the new title of Congregatio de Seminariis et Studiorum Universitatibus. All seminaries were to depend on this co...

Catholic Church. Apostolic Nunciature (Spain)

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Sources differ as to when the office of the papal representatives in Spain became a permanent nunciature, with the dates 1484, 1492, and 1506 being mentioned. During the reign of Emperor Charles V (1519-1558) the affairs of the nuncios to Spain and to the Holy Roman Empire were intermingled. For most of the period from 1522 to 1544 the nuncio to Spain also served as nuncio to the empire. During the period from 1709 to 1720, which corresponded to the latter part of the War of the Spa...