Spogli Mario Mattei, ca. 1820-1870.


Spogli Mario Mattei, ca. 1820-1870.

Records in the four buste pertain to the Congregatio de Buon Governo, the Tesoreria Generale, the Segretario di Stato per gli Affari Interni, the Censo, the Datary, the Concilio, and the administration of the Capitolo di S. Pietro.

4 buste.


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Papal States. Congregazione del buon governo

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Established in 1592 by Clement VIII to regulate economic activity and public administration in the Papal States. Its responsibilities paralleled those of the Sacra Consulta (ID VATV672-A) which was responsible for administrative and judicial affairs. The congregation was given extensive authority over many aspects of public life, including control over the budget, apportionment of taxes, liquidation of public debts, the census, local elections, and criminal and civil actions. It was...

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As early as the fourteenth century, the precise date on which the pope granted a particular favor was often a matter of crucial importance. The dating of the supplication, which could be also antedated, signaled the moment from which the grant of the grace had juridical validity. This became important if the same benefice was granted to two persons, because the earliest dated concession generally carried priority. There were other instances where a date might be important, for examp...

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From the early fourteenth century the Apostolic Camera was both the financial and juridical bureau for the Papal States as well as for the church itself. Moreover, its financial policy and that of the Papal States were always closely related. During the second half of the fifteenth century, however, a great change occurred in ecclesiastical finance. Income from total ecclesiastical sources of revenue amounted to only a third of what it had been in the fourteenth century, but that fr...

Mattei, Mario, 1792-1870

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Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano. Capitolo

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Papal States. Segretaria per gli affari di Stato interni.

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Papal States. Tesorierato generale della camera apostolica.

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The office of secretarius intimus (private secretary) was entrusted by Leo X (1513-1521) to Pietro Ardighello, an assistant to Cardinal Giulio de' Medici (the future Clement VII [1523-1534] and a cousin of Leo X), who took over the direction of foreign affairs dealing with all correspondence in the vernacular, especially with the apostolic nuncios who were entrusted by that time with diplomatic missions of a permanent character. The correspondence was carried on in the name but no longer under t...

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Shortly after the closing of the Council of Trent on December 4, 1563, Pius IV (1559-1565) appointed a commission of cardinals (Dec. 30, 1563) to ensure the application of the council's disciplinary decrees. With the motu proprio Alias Nos nonnullas (Aug. 2, 1564), he formally recognized this commission and established it as a permanent congregation called Congregatio super Executione et Observantia Sacri Concilii Tridentini et Aliarum Reformationum. From the beginning it was common...