Kurt Fisher Haitian collection, 1727-1958.


Kurt Fisher Haitian collection, 1727-1958.

Bulk of the collection consists of the archives of the General Prosecutor's office for the city of Jérémie and encompasses registers and notarized acts from public notaries of Jérémie, historical letters and documents from the pre-independence era, records of the Foreign Relations Ministry from the late 1870s to 1950s, administrative records, governmental decrees and regulations, and newspapers. Records of the General Prosecutor's office and registers of the public notaries of the district and municipality of Jérémie document the administration of justice, trade, various social relations, and patterns of life under colonial rule and during the formative years after independence. Records consist primarily of correspondence between the General Prosecutor's office and the Civil Court of Judges in the district of Jérémie, financial reports, minutes of proceedings, police reports, and deeds of property. Historical documents from Toussaint Louverture, André Rigaud, Charles Belair, Charles Leclerc, and others. General correspondence, 1835-1957, including administrative correspondence of Lysius Félicité Salomon, Duke of Saint Louis de Sud and Finance Minister during the reign of Emperor Faustin Soulouque, 1847-1849; and diplomatic correspondence between General Francois Manigat, Haitian Ambassador to France and the Haitian Foreign Relations Minister, 1898; and letters of Toussaint Louverture. Government papers include Senate register for 1883-1884, financial records of the city of Jacmel, 1890-1891, and various documents from the Soulouque administration. Records of the Foreign Relations Ministry consist of letters, reports, and fact sheets dipatched from the Haitian legations in Washington, Santo Domingo, Paris, Berlin, and Brussels to the Ministry in Haiti, correspondence between foreign legations in Port-au-Prince and the Haitian Foreign Relations Ministry, presidential memoranda to the Foreign Relations Ministry, and ceremonial greetings from foreign heads of state to various Haitian presidents, 1870s-1930s. Also, governmental decrees and regulations, and administrative records consisting of certificates of diplomatic and military appointments and promotions. Printed matter includes copies of "Feuille du commerce de Port-au-Prince," "Le Phare, journal commercial, politique et literaire," and "Le Telegraphe," journals published in Haiti in the 1830's which provide a glimpse of the early economic life of the country. Additional printed material includes newspapers and circulars from the time of the United States occupation of Haiti, 1915-1925 and 1950.

Originals: 8.2 lin. ft.Copies: 14 microfilm reels.

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Archaeologist, authority on Haitian history and culture. From the description of Kurt Fisher Haitian collection, 1727-1958. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 144652265 From the guide to the Kurt Fisher Haitian collection, 1727-1958, (The New York Public Library. Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Books Division.) ...

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