Records, 1900-1909.


Records, 1900-1909.

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Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company (corporateBody)

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O) was founded in 1827, and operated from the Great Lakes, Ohio, through the mid-Atlantic. The B&O's successor, CSX Corporation, was created in 1987 from interim holding companies. From the description of Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company personnel records, circa 1940-1979. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 760082029 ...

Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904 : St. Louis, Mo.) (corporateBody)

Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company Records have remained in the custody of the St. Louis Art Museum (formerly St. Louis Museum of Fine Arts) since their creation during the period 1901-1909. Although the World's Fair itself was in operation from April to Dec. 1904, years of preparation by the Art Department preceded the exhibition of American and foreign art works, and many months were required to conclude departmental affairs following the closing. The Art Dept. Chief, Halsey C. Ives, was al...

Washington Southern Railway Company. (corporateBody)

Baltimore, Chesapeake, and Atlantic Railway Company (corporateBody)

New York and Rockaway Beach Railway Company. (corporateBody)

West Jersey and Seashore Railroad Company (corporateBody)

Erie and Pittsburgh Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Office of First Vice President (Finance and Accounting). (corporateBody)

The office of First Vice President was created in 1863. The numerical prefix denoted seniority only, while duties were assigned to individuals on the basis of expertise. Functional designations for vice presidents replaced numerical designations in 1912. The First Vice President from 1897 to 1909 was John P. Green, who had the general supervision of the Accounting Department from 1888 and of the Treasury Department and the Employes Saving Fund from 1893. He had also hand...

New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Harrisburg, Portsmouth, Mountjoy and Lancaster Rail-Road Company. (corporateBody)

Elmira and Lake Ontario Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania Tunnel and Terminal Railroad Company (corporateBody)

Cresson Springs Company. (corporateBody)

St. Louis, Vandalia and Terre Haute Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad Company (corporateBody)

The collection holds documents related to early southern New England railroads, particularly those that were predecessor lines of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, the railroad predominant railroad in the region from 1872, when it was established through the merger of the New York and New Haven Railroad and the Hartford and New Haven Railroad, to 1969, when it was absorbed into Penn Central. From the description of New York , New Haven & Hartford Railroad Predecess...

Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Financial Dept. (corporateBody)

Western Maryland Railroad Company (corporateBody)

Keystone Coal and Coke Company. (corporateBody)

Central Elevator Company of Baltimore City. (corporateBody)

Tatnall, Henry, 1855-1939 (person)

Green, John P. (John Pugh), 1839-1924 (person)

Philadelphia Maritime Exchange (corporateBody)

The Philadelphia Maritime Exchange was formed in 1875 for the purpose of circulating marine intelligence relating to the port of Philadelphia. The organization was maintained by membership dues collected from merchants, importers, shipowners, tug and lighter operators, suppliers and others connected with the maritime trade of the lower Delaware River. The Exchange maintained a newsroom, collected and published maritime statistics and established a reporting station at the Delaware Breakwater to ...

Buffalo Coal Company. (corporateBody)

Summit Branch Coal Company. (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne, and Chicago Railway Company (corporateBody)

The Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne, and Chicago Railroad Company was formed in 1856 as a consolidation of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad, the Ohio and Indiana Railroad, and the Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad. Over the span of three years it made several expansions, primarily throughout Illinois. However, due to financial problems the company went bankrupt. It was reorganized on February 26, 1862 and renamed the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne, and Chicago Railway. The new railway leased lines throughout the...

York, Hanover and Frederick Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Terminal Warehouse Company of Baltimore City. (corporateBody)

Smyrna and Delaware Bay Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

West Jersey Express Company. (corporateBody)

United New Jersey Railroad and Canal Company (corporateBody)

Allegheny Valley Railway Company. (corporateBody)

South Chester Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Hocking Valley Railway Company. (corporateBody)

The Hocking Valley Railway was a railroad in Ohio, with a main line from Toledo to Athens and Pomeroy via Columbus. It also has several branches to the coal mines of the Hocking Valley near Athens. The company became part of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway system in 1910. From the guide to the Hocking Valley Railway Company records, 1894-1904, (Ohio University) ...

Delaware River Railroad and Bridge Company. (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

American Railway Association (corporateBody)

Arcade Real Estate Company. (corporateBody)

Western Pennsylvania Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Norfolk and Western Railway Company (corporateBody)

Reorganized in 1896 from Norfolk and Western Railroad Company. From the description of Records, 1896-1969. (Virginia Tech). WorldCat record id: 28420979 The Norfolk and Western Railroad was created and organized in 1881 when Clarence H. Clark and his associates purchased property and franchises belonging to the Atlantic, Mississippi and Ohio Railroad Company. As a result of the purchase, the combined track length owned by Clark and associates was just over 400 miles. By 1900...

Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac Railroad (corporateBody)

Richmond, Va. railroad company. From the description of Papers, 1863-1864. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 36437730 ...

Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia Railway Company (corporateBody)

Long Island Rail Road Company. (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania & North Western Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Fairmount Coal and Coke Company. (corporateBody)

Monongahela Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Cambria Steel Company. (corporateBody)

Bedford and Bridgeport Railway Company. (corporateBody)

Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Rail Road Company (corporateBody)

The Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Rail Road Company was organized in 1836. It operated in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. In 1902, it became a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Rail Road. From the description of Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Rail Road Company landscaping account book, 1885-1891. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 317496691 ...

Bald Eagle Valley Railroad Company (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania Canal Company (corporateBody)

Little Kanawha Syndicate. (corporateBody)

Watkins, J. Elfreth (John Elfreth), 1852-1903 (person)

Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company (corporateBody)

Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, originally named Louisa Railroad in Louisa County, Virginia, was founded in 1836 and reached the foot of the Appalachian Mountains at what is now Clifton Forge by 1850. For more information, please see the W.L. Eury Appalachian Collections' Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad web page. From the description of George Washington's railroad Chesapeake and Ohio Lines correspondence, 1935. (Western North Carolina Library Network). WorldCat record id: 213416394 ...

Northern Central Railway Company (corporateBody)

Handled freight and passenger traffic from Baltimore, Md., to York, Pa; also called North Central Railway. From the description of Records, 1838-1839. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70974117 ...

New York Connecting Railroad Company (corporateBody)

Kuhn, Loeb & Company (corporateBody)

Otto Kahn was a partner at the investment firm Kuhn, Loeb & Co. and an active patron of the arts and music; he was on the board of the Metropolitan Opera, New York City. At the time that Gustav Mahler signed his contract with the Metropolitan Opera it was still called the Conried Metropolitan Opera Company. The latter company was formed in 1903 under the direction of Heinrich Conried (1855-1909); when Conried retired in 1908 the name was changed to the Metropolitan Opera Company. ...

South-West Pennsylvania Railway Company. (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh and Eastern Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Accounting Dept. (corporateBody)

Union Terminal Railroad Company of the City of Buffalo. (corporateBody)

Philadelphia, Baltimore & Washington Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Belvidere Delaware Railroad Company (corporateBody)

Western Union Telegraph Company (corporateBody)

The bark Golden Gate and clipper ship Nightingale were both involved in the Western Union Telegraph Expedition to British Columbia, Alaska and Russia to survey areas where the Western Union Telegraph Company planned to construct a telegraph line linking America and Europe. The line was never completed. Charles S. Bulkley was Engineer-in-Chief and Charles M. Scammon was Chief of Marine. The bark Golden Gate was the flagship of the expedition from June 1865 to March 1866, after which the clipper s...

Trenton-Delaware Bridge Company. (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Insurance Dept. (corporateBody)

Freehold & Jamesburg Agricultural Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania Steel Company (corporateBody)

Associates of the Jersey Company. (corporateBody)

Postal Telegraph-Cable Company (corporateBody)

Cassatt, A. J. (Alexander Johnston), 1839-1906 (person)

Alexander Johnston Cassatt was a civil engineer and president of the Pennsylvania Railroad (1899-1906). He was the brother of artist Mary Cassatt. From the description of Letterbook index, 1894-1896; 1898-1903. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 122523418 ...

Delaware Railroad Company (corporateBody)

Philadelphia and Trenton Rail Road Company. (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania, New York and Long Island Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh Joint Stock Yards Company. (corporateBody)

Philadelphia and Erie Railroad Company (corporateBody)

Union Railroad Company of Baltimore. (corporateBody)

Cambria and Clearfield Railway Company. (corporateBody)

Merchants Warehouse Company. (corporateBody)

Southern Pennsylvania Railway and Mining Company. (corporateBody)

Girard Point Storage Company. (corporateBody)

New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company (corporateBody)

Born 1 Feb. 1885 in Johnstown, Pa. Moved with family to Buffalo shortly after the Johnstown flood of 1889. When his parents died, he became the ward of his brother-in-law, C. George Hyde, who apprenticed him to the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad in 1902. From the description of Apprenticeship papers of John P. Loewer, 1902 May 5. (Buffalo History Museum). WorldCat record id: 44271315 Railroad company formed from a consolidation of the New York Central Railroad ...

Philadelphia and Camden Ferry Company (corporateBody)

Chartiers Railway Company. (corporateBody)

Adams Express Company (corporateBody)

The Adams Express Company was founded in Boston in 1839. Originally called Burke and Company, its name was changed to Adams and Company after only two weeks when Alvin Adams agreed to buy out his partner. By 1850, the company had spread throughout the south, southwest, and north. Much additional capital was invested at that time and the company's name was again changed to the Adams Express Company. During the Civil War, the company made a substantial amount of money shipping packages to and from...

Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Ashtabula Railway Company. (corporateBody)

Shamokin Valley and Pottsville Railroad Company (corporateBody)

Baltimore and Potomac Rail Road Company. (corporateBody)

Wabash Railroad (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Treasury Dept. (corporateBody)

Trenton and New Brunswick Turnpike Co. (corporateBody)

Richmond-Washington Company. (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Company. (corporateBody)

Broad Street Station (Philadelphia, Pa.) (corporateBody)

Pullman Company (corporateBody)

York County, Pa., plant, which produced automobiles, also known as Pullman Motor Car Company. From the description of Records, 1903-1999. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70974944 Manufacturer of railroad sleeping and passenger cars founded by George M. Pullman; incorporated in 1867 as Pullman's Palace Car Company; name changed to Pullman Company in 1899; Pullman Incorporated formed 1927 with Pullman Company and Pullman Car & Manufacturing Corp., becoming its principal sub...

Vandalia Railroad Company (corporateBody)

Cherry Tree and Dixonville Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Schuylkill and Juniata Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Washington Terminal Company (corporateBody)

Mineral Railroad and Mining Company. (corporateBody)

New Jersey Warehouse and Guaranty Company. (corporateBody)

Susquehanna Coal Company. (corporateBody)

Baltimore and Delaware Bay Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

New York Stock Exchange (corporateBody)

Andrew Mott Cahoone was a Brooklyn resident, stock broker, member of the New York Stock Exchange, and a member of its Governing Committee from 1870 to 1912. From the guide to the The New York Stock Exchange Governing Committee resolutions, 1912, (Brooklyn Historical Society) ...

New York Bay Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Connecting Railway Company. (corporateBody)

Philadelphia and Reading Railway Company (corporateBody)

Delaware, Maryland and Virginia Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

McCrea, James, 1848-1913 (person)

Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Pension Dept. (corporateBody)

Cleveland and Pittsburgh Rail Road Company. (corporateBody)

American Steamship Company of Philadelphia. (corporateBody)

Cumberland Valley Railroad Company (corporateBody)

Erie and Western Transportation Company. (corporateBody)

Manor Real Estate and Trust Company. (corporateBody)

Columbia and Port Deposit Railway Company. (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh Union Stock Yards Company. (corporateBody)

Philadelphia and Baltimore Central Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania Company. (corporateBody)

Association of Railway Accounting Officers. (corporateBody)

Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Employes Saving Fund. (corporateBody)

Terre Haute & Indianapolis Railroad Company (corporateBody)

The Terre Haute & Indianapolis Railroad Company was originally chartered the Terre Haute & Richmond Railroad Company in 1847. By the end of the Civil War the TH&R became an important east-west trunk line and in March 1865, to better reflect reality, the Indiana legislature changed the name of the TH&R to the Terre Haute & Indianapolis Railroad. In 1867 William Riley McKeen became its president. He renamed the system the Vandalia line in 1868, and to keep the railroad independ...

Summit Branch Mining Company. (corporateBody)

Western New York and Pennsylvania Railway Company. (corporateBody)

Pomeroy and Newark Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Chester Creek Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Keokuk and Hamilton Bridge Company. (corporateBody)

Grand Rapids and Indiana Railway Company (corporateBody)

The Grand Rapids and Indiana Railway Company was incorporated under the laws of Indiana and Michigan on July 11, 1896, as a reorganization of the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad Company. The company operated a railroad between Fort Wayne, Ind., and Mackinaw City, Mich., that was built by predecessor companies between 1867 and 1886. The company was operated by its own organization, although a de facto element of the PRR's Lines West, until January 1, 1921, when it was leased by the Pennsylvania...