Papers, 1905-1990 (bulk 1935-1986).


Dillon, Millicent. Papers, 1905-1990 (bulk 1935-1986).

Papers, 1905-1990 (bulk 1935-1986).

The collection consists of Millicent Dillon's notebooks, index cards, typescripts, correspondence, photographs, cassette tapes, and clippings, as well as materials by Paul and Jane Bowles she collected, including Jane Bowles's notebooks, typescripts, correspondence, photographs, and legal documents, and Paul Bowles's correspondence and clippings. The collection centers around Dillon's writings about Jane Bowles's life and works. While writing a biography about Jane Bowles, A Little Original Sin: The Life and Works of Jane Bowles, Dillon contacted Jane Bowles's husband, writer-composer Paul Bowles, as well as Jane's relatives, friends, and acquaintances. The resulting correspondence and interview notes are a highlight of the collection. Among the correspondence are 170 letters between Dillon and Paul Bowles from 1976-1990 and one or more letters by Brion Gysin, Patricia Highsmith, Dione Lewis, Miriam Levy, Gordon Sager, Virgil Thomson, and others. Dillon also obtained original letters and photocopies of letters written by Jane Bowles, some of Bowles's notebooks and typescripts, and numerous photographs. Dillon also gathered Jane Bowles's birth and death certificates, as well as other documents relating to Jane Bowles and her family, and was given some of Paul Bowles's correspondence.

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