Papers, 1925-1993.


Hoebel, E. Adamson (Edward Adamson), 1906-. Papers, 1925-1993.

Papers, 1925-1993.

Series I (4.25 linear ft.) contains correspondence with anthropologists, students, some Native Americans, and publishers. The bulk of this series covers the 1950s to the 1970s. Among the topics covered in this series are: Hoebel's affiliations with the American Anthropological Association and the Science Museum of Minnesota; his career at the University of Minnesota; his involvement in the War relocation Authority; and conferences that he attended. Major correspondents include: Richard E.W. Adams, Ralph L. Beals, Herbert Blumer, Masaji Chiba, Cora Du Bois, Fred Eggan, William N. Fenton, Everett Frost, Max Gluckman, Esther S. Goldfrank, Francis L.K. Hsu, Karl N. Llewellyn, Margaret Mead, M.E.R. Nicholson, Douglas L. Oliver, Morris E. Opler, John Paddock, Karen Daniels Petersen, Geert van den Steenhoven, Maurice B. Visscher, and Ruth Wallis. Series II (2 linear ft.) includes reports, clippings, programs, transcripts, awards, and reviews and publishers' promotional materials for Hoebel's books. Seven of the files contain case reports from the archives of the United Pueblos Agency, which Hoebel and Llewellyn used to supplement their research on the law-ways of the Keresan Pueblo Indians. Series II also includes materials documenting Hoebel's career at the Universities of Utah and Minnesota, as well as his involvement in the War Relocation Authority, the World Law Project, and the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. A file with biographical information is included in this series. Series III (2 linear ft.) contains handwritten and typed notes, outlines, and drafts of lectures, articles, books, and reviews; in some instances published works are also included. The series contains several papers Hoebel wrote as a student, including his thesis, "Home Conditions and Delinquency among Adolescent Boys." Manuscript versions of "A Cheyenne Sketchbook" and "The Cheyennes: Indians of the Great Plains" are included in this series, as well as unpublished legal codes written for the use of the Keresan Pueblo Indians. Series IV (.5 linear ft.) contains papers written by students of Hoebel for courses that he taught, as well as articles and papers written by colleagues such as Max Gluckman. O Meredith Wilson's lecture about Hoebel's contribution to anthropology is in this series. Also included is a review written by Pierre Bettez Gravel of Hoebel's book, "Anthropology: The Study of Man," and Hoebel's response to the review. Series V (4.75 linear ft.) contains notes on the subjects of the Mandans; Pueblos; Sioux; and the "General Phonetic Scheme." There are also notes on interviews with Zia Pueblos; Shoshone tales, including Coyote Tales; and notes and collected materials on the Plains Indians. Also in this series are seven card files: "Comanche Field Notes"; "Ethnographic Notes from Library Sources" (2 boxes); "Hopi Notes"; "Northern Cheyenne Field Notes"; "Northern Shoshone Notes, Seedeater Shoshone Folktales, Unidentified Notes"; and "Pueblo Notes." Series VI (.25 linear ft.) contains course notes and outlines for lectures that Hoebel gave for anthropology courses at the University of Minnesota in the 1960s and 1970s; a legal anthropology course at the University of Arizona, 1974-1975; and an anthropology and law seminar at Lehigh University in 1980. Also included in this series are notes that Hoebel took as a student at Columbia University in the classes of Franz Boas and Ruth Benedict, among others. Series VII (.25 linear ft.) contains prints, slides, and one negative. Subjects and people depicted are often identified by Hoebel on the back of the photograph, and Hoebel himself appears in most of the pictures. Several of the photographs are attached to passports, which range in date from 1928 to 1975. One interesting photograph shows Hoebel talking to two of his Shoshone informants.

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