Photographs, [ca.1937]-[ca.1970].


Alabama. State Chamber of Commerce. Directors. Photographs, [ca.1937]-[ca.1970].

Photographs, [ca.1937]-[ca.1970].

Photographs, ca. 1937 - ca. 1970, of directors of the Ala. Chamber of Commerce. In many folders are biographical sketches as well. There are a few photographs of some prominent Ala. politicians as well, including John H. Bankhead (1872-1946), Frank M. Dixon, Gordon Persons, and George C. Wallace.

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Wallace, George C. (George Corley), 1919-1998 (person)

George Corley Wallace Jr. (August 25, 1919 – September 13, 1998) was an American politician who served as the 45th Governor of Alabama for four terms. He is best remembered for his staunch segregationist and populist views. During his tenure, he promoted "low-grade industrial development, low taxes, and trade schools". He sought the United States presidency as a Democrat three times, and once as an American Independent Party candidate, unsuccessfully each time. Wallace notoriously opposed deseg...

Bouldin, Walter, b.1905. (person)

Starnes, Joe, 1895-1962. (person)

Martin, Thomas W. (Thomas Wesley), 1881-1964 (person)

Thomas W. Martin attended the University of Alabama and eventually became General Counsel for the Alabama Power Company in 1912. In 1920 he was made President of the company, a post which he held until 1949. Thomas Martin was also involved in other organizations including the Southern Research Institute of Birmingham, the Alabama State Chamber of Commerce and the Southern Association of Science and Industry. From the description of Printed materials, 1931-196...

Bunnell, Theodore R. (person)

Hanson, Clarence B. 1907- . (person)

Head, Holman. (person)

Gregg, Robert. (person)

Holt, Le Roy. (person)

Cole, Richard E. (person)

Ward, John Millington (person)

Vann, James Allen, 1939-.... (person)

Converse, J. B. (person)

Bradley, Glenn F. (person)

Shelton, Walter Wyatt, b.1932. (person)

Lay, William E. (person)

Puryear, Richard A. (person)

King, James F., 1926- (person)

Lanier, Joseph L., 1932- . (person)

Wittichen, Carl F. (person)

Warner, Jack W. (person)

Adams, Roland b.1895. (person)

Dean, L. Y., [ca.1905]- . (person)

Jennings, Joe L. b.1901. (person)

Newton, Frank. (person)

Terrell, Harvey, b.1905. (person)

Smith, J. Craig (James Craig), 1905-1977 (person)

Bear, Carl W., b.1913. (person)

Merkle, James C., [ca.1928]- . (person)

Russell, Thomas D., 1903- . (person)

Youngblood, Sam. (person)

Bursell, Elmer. (person)

Blount, Winton M., 1921-2002 (person)

Winton Malcolm Blount was born February 1, 1921 in Union Springs, Alabama. Educated in the Union Springs public schools, he later attended Staunton Military Academy, Staunton, Virginia, and the University of Alabama, 1939-1941. He served in the U.S. Army Air Corps as a B-29 pilot, 1942-1945. After his release from service, he founded Blount Brothers Corporation in 1946, serving as President and Chairman of the Board until December 1968. In 1968 he also served as President, Chamber of Commerce of...

McGowin, Earl M. (person)

Duffee, Cecil. (person)

Dial, B. Roper. (person)

Britton, James J., b.1913. (person)

Russell, Benjamin, 1761-1845 (person)

Hodges, W. Cosby. (person)

Jordon, Mortimer. (person)

Garrett, R. E. (person)

Word, Cecil B. (person)

Agricola, Hugh. (person)

Henry, Robert Harlan, 1953- (person)

Samford, Frank P. (Frank Park), 1921- (person)

Dixon, Frank M. (Frank Murray), 1892-1965 (person)

Dixon was born 1892 July 25 to Frank and Launa Murray Dixon in Oakland, Cal. In 1906 he entered Phillips Academy in Exeter, N.H.; then attended Columbia University for one term. He graduated from the University of Virginia in 1916 with an LL.B., and was admitted to the Ala. bar in 1917. That same year he entered the U.S. Army and fought overseas in World War I. He was attached to the French Army as an aerial observer. On 1918 July 21 he was wounded, which caused the amputation of hi...

Elmore, Stanhope E., b. 1891. (person)

Bankhead, John Hollis, 1872-1946 (person)

U.S. senator from Alabama. From the description of Letter, 1932 Jan. 4. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70974791 Bankhead was born 1872 July 2 to John H. and Tallulah Brockman Bankhead at Moscow, Lamar Co., Ala. He graduated from the University of Ala. with a B.A. in 1891 as president of his class. He graduated from Georgetown University in 1893 with a Bachelor of Laws, again as president of his class. That same year he began practicing law in Jasper,...

McGowin, Julian. (person)

Palmer, Gordon D. (person)

Mallick, Earl W. (person)

Kill, Mathias C. (person)

Simmons, A. R. (person)

Persons, Gordon, 1902-1965 (person)

Gordon Persons was elected Governor of Alabama in 1951. From the description of Letter, 1951. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122438476 ...

Stockham, Douglas. (person)

Garner, W. B. (person)

Pritchett, H. H. (person)

Faulkner, James H. (person)

Major in Virginia militia. From the description of Letter, 1814 April 20. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122582861 ...

McGraw, Charles F., 1918- . (person)

Maumenee, James R., [ca.1914]- . (person)

Crow, James H. (person)

Alabama. State Chamber of Commerce. Directors. (corporateBody)

The Alabama State Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1937. From the description of Photographs, [ca.1937]-[ca.1970]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122562495 ...

McGowin, N. Floyd, 1900- (person)

Smith, E. K. (person)

Walton, J. Richard, 1931- . (person)

Gentry, G. Milton. (person)