Michael Flürscheim papers, [ca. 1888-1903].


Flürscheim, Michael, 1844-1912. Michael Flürscheim papers, [ca. 1888-1903].

Michael Flürscheim papers, [ca. 1888-1903].

Letters from Karl Du Prel, Theodor Herzl, Theodor Hertzka, Henry George, George J. Holyoake, George von Gizycki, Friedrich Naumann, Helene Raff, Werner Sombart, Bertha Suttner and Alfred R. Wallace, reflecting their mutual interests in land and monetary reform, and utopian colonies in various parts of the world. Included also are copies of a few letters by Flürscheim, a one page holograph MS, and clippings and reprints of his articles.

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