Ralph Bunche papers, 1922-1988.


Ralph Bunche papers, 1922-1988.

Personal papers, family and general correspondence, writings, field notes and research materials, working papers, office files and printed matter documenting Ralph Bunche's personal life and professional career, from his enrollment at the University of California to his retirement in 1971. Family papers (1922-1988) comprise personal papers of Ralph Bunche and Ruth Harris Bunche. The Ralph Bunche subseries includes educational, medical and financial papers, passports, personal and family documents. The Ruth Harris Bunche subseries consists of general and professional correspondence, speeches and miscellaneous writings, certificates and awards, scrapbooks and printed matter. The Correspondence series (1929-1971) is divided into family and general correspondence. Family correspondence consists of letters exchanged between Ralph Bunche and his wife from 1929 to 1944, letters from his aunts Nelle and Ethel Johnson, his sister Grace Robinson, his mother Olive, correspondence with his children, and occasional correspondence with other relatives. General correspondence consists of three separate files: correspondence from his residency in London in 1937, correspondence relating to his retirement in 1971, and occasional correspondence between 1928 and 1971. Noted correspondents include Walter White, Alain Locke, George Padmore, T.R. Makonnen and Eric Williams. Writings are divided into two subseries: conferences and academic writings, and addresses and articles. The first subseries consists primarily of essays, articles and reviews written by Bunche, in addition to research notes and typescripts of his master's thesis "the Political Theory of Sir Robert Filmer" and his doctoral dissertation "French Administration in Togoland and Dahomey." The second subseries consists of files of Bunche's handwritten and typescript articles and speeches from 1951 to 1969. Addressed mainly to academic and university audiences and to civic and international gatherings, they deal mainly with issues of world peace and his role at the United Nations. Also included are eulogies, television interviews and acceptance speeches for prizes, awards and honorary degrees conferred on him. The South Africa Reearch Trip series (1937) consists of letters of recommendation, field notes and correspondence with the State Department, South African officials and the Rosenwald Fund. The Howard University series (1928-1941) is divided into correspondence and office files, and includes class syllabi, students' examinations and grades, lecture notes, reports and printed matter. Correspondents include Saul Bellow, Rupert Emerson, Melville Herskovits, Benjamin Azikiwe, and many of his colleagues: E.P. Davis, Emmett Dorsey, Mordecai Johnson, Charles H. Wesley, Frederick Wilinson and Eric Williams. The Carnegie-Myrdal series consists of correspondence, draft manuscripts and typescripts of research memoranda written by Bunche, as well as interviews, reports and field notes prepared by Bunche, Myrdal and a staff of assistants and collaborators. These materials are arranged into five subseries: research and administrative correspondence and memoranda; research memoranda prepared by Bunche; reports, field notes and research materials filed by the name of their creators; reports, field notes and research materials filed by city, by county or by state; and printed matter. Principal contributors to this series, in addition to Bunche, include George Stoney, Whilhelmina Jackson, Gunnar Myrdal and James Jackson. Major surveys were conducted in the states of Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Materials collected include voting charts, annotated city maps indicating segregated boundaries and campaign literature. The United Nations Trusteeship Council series (1946-1950) consists of working papers and mimeographed reports of the Fourth Committee of the United Nations' General Assembly, also known as the Trusteeship Council. A sub-committee of seventeen members was appointed in 1946 to examine and make recommendations to the Council on trusteeship agreements proposed for the mandated territories by the corresponding colonial governments. Working papers leading to the formation of the Sub-Committee, proceedings of its 26 meetings, the proposed agreements, in addition to amendments and modifications, statements and resolutions from the various delegations, are included in the files of the Sub-Committee. A major part of this series consists of the complete verbatim records of the 81 meetings of the Trusteeship Council at its sixth session in 1950. Also included are petitions from civic and political associations in the mandated territories challenging colonial rule on such issues as forced labor, abuse of authority and trade-union restrictions. The Awards, Membership and Tributes series (1927-1984) consists of correspondence, certificates, programs, invitations and souvenir journals of luncheons, testimonial dinners and banquets held in Bunche's honor, in addition to documents relating to various memorial tributes and commemorative events following his death. The Scrapbooks series (1930-1972) consists of: the Howard University Scrapbook of memorabilia and press clippings (1930-1939); the Ruth Bunche Art Student Scrapbook (1934-1935); the Voices ofAmerican Liberty Scrapbook presented to Ralph Bunche at Lord and Taylor's Nineteenth Annual Luncheon on March 18, 1956; the Ralph Bunche Hall Scrpabook of the University of California at Los Angeles; the Jane Bunche Pierce Memorial Scrapbook (1966); the Ralph Bunche Memorial Scrapbook (1971-1972), consisting of condolence letters, telegrams and sympathy cards, obituaries, memorial tributes and printed matter; and the Peace Form One Scrapbook marking the dedication ceremony of the Ralph Bunche Memorial Monument near the United Nations. The Printed Matter series (1931-1971) relates primarily to Ralph Bunche, his family life and his career at the United Nations.

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