Tanya M. Melich papers, 1950-2000.


Tanya M. Melich papers, 1950-2000.

The Tanya Melich papers document the political scene in the 1960s and 1970s both nationally and within New York State. The Papers include extensive reports related to political candidates, voting statistics, and political and social issues. The vast amount of material comes from her work on campaigns, the ABC-News Election Unit, and the Ripon Society. The main focus of the collection is the Republican Party's policies, candidates, and strategies. The Papers also document Melich's concern and work regarding relevant social issues. Her work with the New York City Partnership, United States Commission on Civil Rights New York State Advisory Board, and International Women's Year are documented in the collection. Her interest in women's rights, equality, and reproductive freedom can be assessed through the numerous folders in the Subject Files, her writings, and the collection of publications regarding these issues.

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Young Republican National Federation (U.S.)

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United States. Commission on Civil Rights

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