Leland Hickman Papers, 1950-1991


Leland Hickman Papers, 1950-1991

The papers of Leland Hickman, actor, American poet, and editor. The bulk of the material dates from 1979 to 1989 and is related to the publication of the literary magazines Bachy, Boxcar, and Temblor, including extensive correspondence, original submissions, paste-ups, and edited galleys. Also included are typescripts and manuscripts of Hickman's major verse work Tiresias; an audio recording of Hickman reading Great Slave Lake Suite; original plays; juvenilia; photographs; and audio and video recordings. The papers are arranged in eight series: 1)CORRESPONDENCE, 2) PUBLICATIONS, 3) THEATRE MATERIALS, 4) WRITINGS BY HICKMAN, 5) MISCELLANEOUS MATERIALS, 6) WRITINGS OF OTHERS, 7) AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDINGS and 8) ORIGINALS OF PRESERVATION PHOTOCOPIES. The accession processed in 1996 contains recent correspondence (1990-1991), photographs, writings and miscellaneous materials. The accession is arranged in four series: 1) CORRESPONDENCE, 2) PHOTOGRAPHS, 3) MISCELLANEOUS MATERIALS and 4) WRITINGS.

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