Ellington Field research collection 1917-2009


Ellington Field research collection 1917-2009

This collection contains ten boxes ofmaterial related to the history and operation of Ellington Field, also known asEllington Air Force Base, near Houston, Texas. The majority of the records date from1917-2007, and include historical research materials, photographs, books, microfilm,postcards, and memorabilia. The foundation of the collection was material assembledby historian Kathryn Black Morrow for the publication of a history of EllingtonField.


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Ellington Field was officially opened November 27, 1917, as the United States' largest pilot and navigator training base, and the nation's first aerial bombing school. By the end of World War I, Ellington Field had grown to the size of a small city which housed 20,0000 men and 250 aircraft. Like most bases, it was closed after World War I, but unlike most other military installations, it was reopened and saw at least partial use until World War II, when it was rebuilt as one of ten ...